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Friday, 05/18/2012, 02:46 pm

A Depressed Mark Hunt Releases Statement on Injury | UFC NEWS

“I am so gutted about this. I never pulled out of any fight, this is the first time ever in my whole career that I actually pulled out of a fight because of an injury. I’ve never been injured before. I put so much work into this fight, you know? I trained hard, it’s just so disappointing for me now. I was going to go and do the fight anyway, I was still trying to tell my mind not to do it. When a fighter goes into the Octagon, the ring, they go in one hundred percent. They go in bazookas, guns and everything. You don’t go in there to a fight with a butter knife. If you go in there you’re supposed to go a hundred percent. If one fighter goes in there fifty percent, he is giving the other fighter the other fifty percent. So the other fighter is coming in a hundred and fifty percent and you only got fifty percent. So, it doesn’t make sense to go in there. I don’t think Stefan Struve would have liked to beat me the way I am injured anyway. So, I might as well would have just said, ‘Here, take the fight, I don’t want it.’ It was disappointing to me, I wanted to do the fight, I still want to do the fight but my brain says it’s not good. You’ll have one kick on the leg and then it will just be a waste of time anyways. So be smart about it and come back a different day and fight. I’m more depressed than anybody. You know, I put so much time, despite of what I was talking about before, I never really trained (like this), I put so much hard work into this and a lot of people put some time into me. I wanted to gout there and prove that I’m a better fighter, but, the Lord has a plan for everyone and I’m just disappointed it happened. It’s just the way it is, it’s the first time pulling out of a fight with an injury. I could go in there and fight but you won’t see much of a fight. Your probably see me get a hurting for three rounds and that’s about it. I don’t think you want that.”

Riding a surge of momentum, fan favorite UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt was forced to pull out of his scheduled appearance against Stefan Struve at UFC 146.

The hard hitting heavyweight is now expressing his remorse for being forced to pull out with an injury to “The MMA Hour”.


22 Responses to “A Depressed Mark Hunt Releases Statement on Injury | UFC NEWS”

  1. Kryptboy says:

    I have no sympathy! I respected this man, loved his style, his heart, his attitude etc, then I asked him a question one day on Twitter. Not really expecting a reply, but he did reply to me in all fairness, but it was the most arrogant and stuck up message I have ever had off anyone on there, he acted like a douche bag in reply to my message! I wrote to him as a fan! He asked for peoples questions I asked him and he gave me a b/s reply, filled with bad attitude! I was gutted!

  2. Benjamin lestenkof says:

    Mark Hunt has great spirit. To know he wishes he could fight a healthy fight is true warrior mindset.

  3. Fedor says:

    What was your question and what was his answer?

  4. maurice says:


  5. CMz28 says:

    He asked him if he ever threw a fight and how much he would have to get paid to throw one and Hunt told him to fuck off.

    lol nah I dont know.

  6. jbeamazing says:

    Hate to say this but he wasn’t going to win any way

  7. Leo From New Jersey says:

    I also asked him a question once @ufcfanatic67 and he gave me a weird answer i asked him if he would come to the fan expo in vegas in july and he said only if i was a hot blonde with tits….i was a lil annoyed but its kind of funny he seems like a real guy and i respect that ! bummed and at @jbeanamazing in all fairness i think struve would have gotten k,o not saying struve didnt have a chance doe

  8. monkey juice says:

    Fat fuck

  9. Theo says:

    aww i don’t like him cause he wasn’t super sweet to me when i was on twitter! For real? Don’t be so sensitive ffs.

  10. nick diaz says:

    I also asked him a question if he would like to get stockton slapped but he never replied what a shame.

  11. Bjj BB says:

    Im preety sure people who run his twitter account write dumb shit like that all the time, besides your a fan of his fighting style not his personal sence of humor if that really was him.

  12. Bjj BB says:

    @ nick diaz, lmmfao @ stockton slapped.

  13. aa says:

    i loved nates dominance of jim miller t’other day

  14. Michael hamlin says:

    Has been !!!!

  15. Bjj BB says:

    People wont agree with me, but i think the only guy who can stand with jds is mark hunt, his ground sucks but is getting alot better, but hands down he is the only guy that can stand with jds.. Mark my words!!

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