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Thursday, 01/09/2014, 08:40 pm

UFC 170’s Sarah McMann Fires Back, Tells Brown To Fight In His Speedo

“I want to make it absolutely clear … I do not care if somebody wants to be a fan or not. Don’t pay $60 then. Nobody’s taking their top off.  I don’t even know him. Why would I give a crap what he thinks about my fight? You know what, Matt Brown, fight in a Speedo.”

After hearing of the deplorable comments coming out of Columbus, Ohio’s Matt Brown’s mouth, top UFC bantamweight fighter, Sarah McMann fired off on ESPN Radio with a suggestion of her own.


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  1. Boydestroy says:

    I think the moral of his story was that these ladies fights are obnoxiously boring and they aren’t on any kind of real level of combat. They just want to do it to say they can do it too and the reality is that there are very few who can truly fight AND make it entertaining! That being said bring on cyborg and rousey so we can finally watch rousey fight a real fight! One more thing to hell with Anderson silva! If he and st Pierre want to claim to be so great they should get out of there comfy weight classes where they keep fighting nobodies. It’s like a senior in high school kicking the shite out of a fifth grader most of the time, anyone will look like the greatest fighter taking fights like those two bums! Jon bones jones lb for lb best fighter hands down!

    • Daniel Lostinmymind Kimble says:

      Have you watched the women fight?? Just as much, if not more action than the men, and they have tons of skill. Silva and Gsp get out of their weight classes?? Why? That is where they choose to fight, and it should not be subject to the whim of the fans. Fight at the weight you want and take on all comers. THAT is the way it should be.

    • Nick says:

      Silva had 3 fights a LHW one against a former champion. Also he beat Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort 2 fighters that are considered top ter guys

    • Don Gwinn says:

      You learn something new every day. Today I learned that weight classes make a combat sport illegitimate, which is why boxing, wrestling and judo champions cannot be great and the greatest American MMA fighters of all time will always be the guys from the first couple of UFC events, before the purity of the sport was corrupted with weight classes and time limits.
      Wait . . . you don’t think . . . it can’t be?
      Rorion Gracie, is that you?

  2. Steve Jakobs says:

    If mat brown just simply said, “Hey, I don’t think it’s worth paying $60 to watch women fight.” then nobody would have said anything. He was merely giving his opinion. But, when he added the “fight topless” that is what they are taking offense with. I personally think it’s insanely obvious, Brown was just joking and didn’t mean anything bad. No man alive would disagree with his comments. Do I want to pay $60 to watch women fight, hell no. We now live in a country that is so sensitive about anything little thing we say. With the reaction from some, you would think brown advocated rape or something. All the guy said was, he wanted to see them fight topless. It is far from an overly rude comment. But, overly sensitive country, and this is what happens.

    • Scorpiontrip says:

      Great point…people are always looking for something to create contravercy…our country needs chill out and have a sense of humor

    • Don Gwinn says:

      Except that I do disagree with you, and that means your assumption that all men must agree with you is clearly not true. When you think about it, did that ever really make sense? Just declaring that everyone feels the same way, so the people who claim to disagree must be either lying or mistaken–not about the issue, but mistakenly thinking they disagree? It makes a conversation impossible.

      Denigrating the women who fight in MMA was wrong. Telling people who fight in MMA that being good at MMA is not enough to make their bouts interesting to watch doesn’t make sense. Going on to explain that they should instead just focus on sexual titillation to sell MMA tickets–in the face of all evidence to the contrary, when female MMA fighters are putting butts in seats right now–was thoughtless at best, but more likely dumb. And yes, that offends some people. No one has a right not to be offended, but they certainly have the right to explain to people who say dumb, offensive things exactly what’s wrong with that.

      Talking shit about things you don’t know much about is almost always going to turn out badly, and that’s what really bit Matt Brown here, not some political correctness conspiracy.

  3. Miguel de la Pena says:

    …and nobody cared.

  4. Boydestroy says:

    I don’t dislike them for staying in their weight classes I dislike them cause they take bum fights look at silva and who he has defended against! It’s a joke compared to Jon Jones same with Pierre but not as bad as silva! Also never took anything away from rousey she is a favorite of mine but it is what it is if a dude fighter won by arm bar every time people would complain and bitch not only about him but about the level of competition he was facing! No arm bar D = shit fighters!Who’s the fn hypocrites lmao! A couple of you are a joke stand up for women’s lib all you want but Matt brown is absolutely right!

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