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Friday, 02/21/2014, 12:52 pm

UFC 170: Rogan Say’s He’s Seen Pat Cummins Dominate UFC Headliners In The Gym

We don’t really know much about UFC 170 co-headliner, Patrick Cummins.

The Team Reign fighter comes into his UFC debut against Daniel Cormier as a last-minute replacement on just nine-days notice.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan, recently told film crews that this man is the man though and he’s seen him taking out top competition in the training room.

Hit play below and see for yourself.


0 Responses to “UFC 170: Rogan Say’s He’s Seen Pat Cummins Dominate UFC Headliners In The Gym”

  1. The natural says:

    If u put all cromiers highlights together it will last 5 secs this coming from Someone who used to think Cormier would b a ufc champ one day but seeing his last couple fights I hope not now

  2. Keep it Real says:

    Keeping an open mind in this, I will say that Rogan has been known for being the conductor on the hype train….

  3. Saint James Matamoros says:

    Hyperbole Joe can be forgiven for his gross exaggerations, he’s a company man.

    Cummins opponents have a combined record of 4 and 14, not very impressive.

  4. confucius says:

    when will the UFC just accept they have a SHIT card? Man up, realize nobody will buy this PPV and move on

  5. The Guesterizer says:

    People love Joe Rogan, but if he continues unnecessary hype at the expense of his own credibility then he will soon be in the same boat as Dana White. And if he does that people will be even less interested when they can’t tell a hype sell from a honest guys experience filled opinion.

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