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Saturday, 02/22/2014, 09:04 pm

UFC 170 Results: Rousey TKOs McMann With Liver Shot in Round 1

In a bout between an olympic-level judo player and an olympic-level wrestler, this bout surprisingly never went to the ground.

Sarah McMann went straight to the middle of the octagon and landed a couple punches to the surprise of Ronda Rousey. Rousey did not back up, however, and she landed some shots of her own. They stayed close and traded shots in the clinch, but Rousey pressed McMann against the fence and that’s where the fight would eventually end.

McMann ate multiple knees to the body and did block them. Rousey saw this and landed a left knee to the liver of McMann. McMann dropped and she turtled up for a short second before trying to make it up to her feet. Herb Dean saw she turtled up for a quick second and called an end to the fight. The crowd booed, but McMann did not protest for long.

Do you think the fight ended too early? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Ronda Rousey def. Sarah McMann by way of TKO (Knee) 1:06 of Round 1

By Jon Kirschner | Twitter: MMAKirschner


13 Responses to “UFC 170 Results: Rousey TKOs McMann With Liver Shot in Round 1”

  1. Twit Media Critic says:

    Amazing how people see Ronda as a ‘bad-guy’ in this. This is a fighting sport, she is a fighter, unemotional fighters are boo’d and yet she comes in without fear and she catches hell. Grow up. If you don’t appreciate her as a fighter then you probably have no clue about the sport, or any other competitive athletic activity.

    • Steven Thurman says:

      i dont like her personality. I appreciate every bit of skill she has though. Her judo is freaking crazy, i was in awe watching her throw Tate when Tate was low going for a double leg. I still thought this fight was stopped too early, its obvious Mcmann was working on getting back up and couldve kept fighting. But in Herbs defense, he was running to stop it when he saw her collapse.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    magoo, et al. your girlfriend won….

    • scott k says:

      Early stop. If no rematch I quit watching ufc
      A liver will stop a fight but damn…… she was not through, by far.
      This fight would have been real if not for herb. Mcmann canon beat Ronda, I have trained with mcmann and she is the biggest threat for rowdy in the UTC and that early herb brain fart screwed that up. I am a huge Ronda fan and thought she would win anyway but this is shit. Plain and simple unless u are a retard.. mcmann was getting up, and just trying to get up.

  3. JOHNNYcinco says:

    cyborg is trash

  4. DocLekas says:

    Unless you have EXPERIENCED a liver, spleen, or bladder shot your opinion is NOT WARRANTED. Your body shuts down, regardless of what your mind is thinking or who is refereeing. It is incapacitating….it might be brief…..or last for minutes, it just plain sucks. Rousey is evolving and delivered an accurate, legit strike that dropped her opponent leaving her unable to protect herself. Peace.

    • Jake Rodo says:

      I’m sure if McMann was as hurt as you think she should be, she wouldn’t have got up straight away

      • zack says:

        its the adrenaline. i got side kicked and actually broke my rib in sparring. I didn’t even know i got kicked that hard until the next day. If herb would’ve let it go mcmann would’ve got hit again and again in the liver and potentially ruptured it. Always better safe than sorry mcmann would’ve never fully recovered from that it was a matter of time.

    • Chris Young says:

      You often don’t remember the shot that knocks you out… You NEVER FORGET the liver shot that drops you

    • cmacbrown says:

      I’ve taken a hard kick to the liver In My Mma fight, it hurt like a bitch And My brain Was Telling My Body To Give Up And Just fall down but I didn’t I hung in there and kept fighting and coming forward even tho I couldn’t breathe.but I can tell u if he kicked me there again I would of been done, She was definitely hurt, but was not out, she was completely fine 20 seconds later, it was a bad stoppage, 5-10 more seconds and she would of been up and fighting again.

  5. T.Daddy says:

    Where the Mcmann fans now? Talking all that trash and Rousey disposed of her in 66 seconds… lmao bring on Manborg so Rousey can rag doll him

  6. Xaninho says:

    Herb Dean has always been the best ref out there. After the shit he got for the legit stoppage of the Barao-Faber fight it kinda looks like he lost his cool though. Pyle-Waldburger could have been stopped sooner and the Rousey-McMann stoppage was borderline.

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