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Saturday, 02/22/2014, 08:26 pm

UFC 170 Results: MacDonald Survives tough Round 1, Earns Decision Win Against Maia

Demian Maia surprised the world after such a dominant first round. He secured a takedown early on and eventually made it to full mount where he landed shots at will. A bloodied MacDonald finally made it back to his feet but he ate a couple punches from Maia that forced him to think twice. The round was so one sided, it could be argued that it was a 10-8.

MacDonald knew he would have to do some damage throughout the rest of the fight, and he turned his volume of attack up tenfold in the second round.

Maia absorbed too many body kicks and it showed in his sluggish punch attempts. Maia’s gas tank decreased by more than half and all of his takedown attempts were stuffed by MacDonald. MacDonald’s attack was very methodical and he forced Maia to stumble back multiple times in the second.

Round three was more even than the first two, but MacDonald really sealed up his victory by outstriking Maia. After being awarded the decision win, MacDonald told the world, “The animal is back.”

Rory MacDonald def. Demian Maia by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

By Jon Kirschner | Twitter: MMAKirschner


2 Responses to “UFC 170 Results: MacDonald Survives tough Round 1, Earns Decision Win Against Maia”

  1. rory says:

    thought this fight might not be entertaining but Maia completly dominated Rory 10-8 in first round & completley the opposite in 2nd round …..Rory gave a 10-8 round back IMO……..Maia was on a mission all the way!!! Rory made the decision decisive in the last minute …congrats on a great fight and a superb 170!

  2. Don Bongo says:

    Exellent matchups!!!!! with Brown vs Rory – and Winner of Lawler V Hendricks fights the Victor But got confused when you also said “let the winner get title shot after Condit and Hendricks rematch”Also!!!! ?? !!! Think you musta ment Lawler again not Conduct against Hendricks Aswell!!!!!!!!!

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