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Saturday, 02/22/2014, 11:09 pm

UFC 170 Bonus Report: Rousey, Thompson, MacDonald and Maia Get Extra $50,000

Fight of the Night: Demian Maia vs. Rory MacDonald
Demian Maia surprised a lot of people with his performance in the opening round of his bout with Rory MacDonald. Some thought his dominant and controlling offense should have rewarded him a 10-8 round, which meant MacDonald would have to fight twice as strong in rounds two and three to make a comeback. MacDonald utilized body kicks to chop the gas-tank of Maia in half and that gave him a lot of momentum throughout the remainder of the fight. Despite being exhausted, Maia continued to press forward and attempt takedowns which made for a very exciting fight.

Performance of the Night: Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson may be a human highlight-reel machine, but he proved to be an intelligent fighter tonight as well. His striking was on point and he was patient in waiting for his opponent to open up so he could counter. Thompson landed a total of 39 strikes and one knockdown in under four minutes of action. Not only that, but he made Uncle Dana happy by opening up the pay-per-view portion of the card with a knockout. Thompson truly deserves this ‘Performance of the Night’ bonus.

Performance of the Night: Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey hushed the naysayers tonight by proving to them that she is not a one-dimensional fighter. In the videos leading up to the fight, her trainers were praising her striking skills by saying that she has dropped men in the gym with liver shots and she will do the same against McMann. Rousey took some serious shots from the get-go but did not back down. As a matter of fact, she continued to press forward and throw punches of her own. The fight ended in one minute and six seconds of the first round after Rousey dropped McMann with a brutal knee to the liver. Fans were protesting the stoppage, but they never felt the force of a knee to the liver. Your body shuts down; It is not a good feeling.

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By Jon Kirschner | Twitter: MMAKirschner


9 Responses to “UFC 170 Bonus Report: Rousey, Thompson, MacDonald and Maia Get Extra $50,000”

  1. Bill Aldwin says:

    First card I skipped in a long time. Didn’t care for the match ups. Don’t care about watching girls fight as the main event.

  2. Cerial Killer says:

    Jon Kirscher— say what?!

    Maia vs Rory a “very exciting fight” – I don’t think we watched the same fight. I saw a guy completely gas after 1 round and a guy who everyone class a serial killer that was super conservative and never even attempted to put him away. Jab jab sprawl stick to the game plan, tristar snoozefest. That fight was horrendous.

    and Herb Dean defeated McMann, I think you had a typo there. Anyone who has ever watched MMA should have about 1000 examples of men taking exponentially more abuse after being knocked down but being allowed to recover. That stoppage was BS, but no mention of the stoppage at all? Are you on the UFC payroll or are you a member of the media?

    Can’t take a thing away from Wonderboy, but it is time for him to face some big dogs (and enough of the TUF nations guys being taken seriously…)

    • David says:

      You are absolutely right, especially considering Herb Dean was also the ref of Pyle vs. Waldburger in which Pyle dropped countless unanswered and undefended shots. But I think Herb Dean saw that McMann got dropped and that was what made him jump in. McMann was fine and got up to her feet RIGHT after the stoppage, and Herb should have allowed her time to recover, just like he allowed time for Waldburger to eat a bunch of elbows and ground and pound. Maia had a great first round but that body kick Rory landed did a lot more damage than it seemed at first. The sad thing for Rory is the fact he will have to fight Carlos Condit again and lose once more, and even if he wins that fight he has to face Hendricks who… well you know.

  3. JT says:

    What about Cormier? He was a total beast last night. He was above and beyond what he has ever done in the cage. Made the guy look like a novice fighter in general.

  4. magoo says:

    Really Ronda? McMann hit her just as many times….. Dana your such a douche!
    Thompson,Pyle, McDonald hell even Makovsky could have won POTN.

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