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Saturday, 02/01/2014, 07:01 pm

UFC 169 Results: Patrick Picks Up Controversial Decision Win over Makdessi

John Makdessi and Alan Patrick tried their hardest to bring the New Jersey crowd back to life, but none of their exciting shot-attempts landed and the ‘boo-birds’ in attendance voiced their opinion.

Patrick threw spinning back kicks and other fun shots, but they whiffed as Makdessi respected his opponent’s strength and stood far enough away to avoid every kick. Whenever they stood within striking distance of each other, they would exchange shots and nobody would come out on top.

Patrick would land a takedown here and there, but he did nothing with them and failed so many takedown attempts it should not have mattered in the eyes of the judges. Makdessi did a good job throughout the fight standing in the center of the octagon and forcing Patrick to move around which means he dictated where the action went in the octagon.

Makdessi landed the most significant strike in the bout with a right cross, and that was pretty much the only highlight in this fight.

Alan Patrick def. John Makdessi by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


5 Responses to “UFC 169 Results: Patrick Picks Up Controversial Decision Win over Makdessi”

  1. john says:

    Controversial? How so? Patrick won every round. He was the only one landing any shots. I thought it was a pretty easy win for him.

    • Nick says:

      Obviously you weren’t seeing the same fight everyone else was. Patrick was winging punches. Barely hit Makdessi. Mak was landing the cleaner shots to him. No way Patrick won that fight at all. He did nothing at all with the two takedowns he had as Mak got right back up. Mak was using his boxing very good throwing the jab. Maybe he won round 2, Should of been 29-28 Makdessi

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        You’re right…Patrick won using the “Leonard Garcia Rule” – just throw shit out there as hard as you can and make the judges think you’re winning. Dumb judging.

  2. Fxbe says:

    Neither did much in my opinion… close call either way

  3. Phlthy Rich says:

    He won clean. 2 takedowns and being the more agreasive fighter in a lame fight is what won him that. Controvercial would be makdessi winning after being taken down twice and only landing one significant strike…

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