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Saturday, 02/01/2014, 11:57 pm

UFC 169 Breaks Record for Most Decisions in One Night

UFC 169 stood out in at least one way, breaking the record for most decisions on a single UFC card, with a total of 10 decisions. This breaks the previous record of 9, which was held by both UFC 161 and UFC on Fuel TV 7. Dana White wasn’t exactly thrilled with the outcome, saying: “We broke a record tonight that I’m not very proud of, the most decisions ever in UFC history. That’s not one you’re going to hear me bragging about at press conferences.”

However, White was quick to give praise to the Jamie Varner vs Abel Trujillo fight, which, in addition to being fight of the night, had one of the two finishes that took place on the card. “I was pumped with the first [main card] fight of the night,” White said. “It was awesome,those two went out there and…it was just such a great fight… I wasn’t pumped about our record tonight, but that fight was awesome.”


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  1. StaalOntwerp says:

    50 or 60 bucks for 1 good fight is a little much.

    • Matthew Barski says:

      ya and the fact that you have to pay ten extra bucks for high definition. dana stop robbing your fans you got enough money. stop ruining the best sport!

  2. magoo says:


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