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Saturday, 11/16/2013, 09:51 am


UFC 167 Salaries: GSP Making $400k Base Tonight, Evans A Cool $125k

Whether the champion George St-Pierre is able to stop the force that is Johnny Hendrix is the question on everyone’s mind for UFC 167 tonight on Pay Per View. But if the champ stays the champ or not George St-Pierre still stands on making $400,000 for this bout. Number one contender Johnny Hendrix stands to make a cool $100,000 if he is able to strip the champ of his title.
Former Light Heavyweight Champion Rashad Evans is set to face off against the three time number one contender Chael Sonnen. If victorious, Evans’ is looking to pull in the second largest payout of the night at $250,000. Sonnen is looking to walk away with $100,000 win or lose.
UFC 167 its being held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada with the main-card fights on pay-per-view and the prelims on FOX Sports 1. This event marks the 20th anniversary of the UFC and tickets are said to be the most expensive tickets on record in the last four years of the organization.
Here is the list of the initial payout:
Georges St-Pierre: $400,000 (no win bonus)

 vs. Johnny Hendricks: $50,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $50,000)
Rashad Evans: $125,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $125,000) 

vs. Chael Sonnen: $100,000 (no win bonus)
Robbie Lawler: $83,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $83,000)

vs Rory MacDonald: $50,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $50,000)
Josh Koscheck: $78,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $78,000)

vs. Tyrone Woodley: $50,000 (plus a potential win bonus of $50,000)
Make sure to tune in and watch UFC 167 as George St-Pierre defends his title against one of the most threatening opponents of his career. 



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    Sounds pretty damn good to me

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