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Wednesday, 11/27/2013, 09:42 am

UFC 167 Ratings report: GSP sets PPV record in Quebec

According to a report from MMAFighting’s Dave Meltzer, UFC 167 was a major hit in Georges St. Pierre’s home province of Quebec.

Indigo, which handles the pay-per-view in the province, sent out a release stating that UFC 167 had broke the record for the most buys, since it was bought by ‘Videotron’ in 2009.

Which means that ‘UFC 167: Hendricks vs. St. Pierre’ pulled better numbers than March’s ‘UFC 158: Diaz vs. St. Pierre’ event, which was one of the strongest North American pay-per-views in UFC history.

The release also mentioned that attendance in sports bars and restaurants in Quebec for the fight were also at record levels.

No pay-per-view numbers on a ‘National’ or ‘North American’ basis are available at this time for UFC 167, however, these early indications point toward UFC 167 as being a VERY successful event for the UFC.

Stay tuned to to see if UFC 167 set record pay-per-view numbers in the United States of America as well.


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  1. lee stott says:

    Rekon that the gsp hendricks fight will do about 800 000 i tghink diaz has a bigger fanbase than any welter in the world apart from gsp plus it was a good undercard as well a sonnen evans bout wud do about 300 000 on its own wiv lawler n rory so the ppv buyrate shud do big ,,,,,never no tho 165 n 166 done 700 000 combined so it cud do 5000 000 ,,,,hope hendricks gets to fight lawler 4 the interim next fight as gsp will be gone 4 at least a yr if not retire ,,,,,wud luv to see condit n jonny again ,,,,

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