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Saturday, 09/21/2013, 09:44 pm

UFC 165 Results: Jon Jones Retains Title, Defeating Alexander Gustafsson By Unanimous Decision

This fight was an instant classic and may be the best championship bout in light heavyweight history. Each fighter had their ups, and each had their downs. Gustafsson connected repeatedly with jabs and hooks while Jones’ bread and butter were his head kicks, leg kicks and elbow attacks.

The biggest surprise throughout the whole fight is that Gustafsson was able to stuff Jones’ takedowns attempts until the fifth round. It took Jones ten tries to finally get Gustafsson on his back, only to have him stand right back up seconds later. As a matter of fact, Jones got taken down early on in the fight.

Both fighters were busted open when all was said and done, but Jones was the only one walking out with a belt slung over his shoulder.


0 Responses to “UFC 165 Results: Jon Jones Retains Title, Defeating Alexander Gustafsson By Unanimous Decision”

  1. Fck You says:

    Jones lost, plain and simple. He got beat 3 of the 5 rounds. The ufc is so fake it gave me cancer.

  2. REMATCH says:

    Gover is a trash can compared to jones and gus. If there isnt a rematch im going to piss on dana shoes.

  3. CheeseBread says:

    Good fight…Even though I’m not a judge, I think Gus won that fight. Jones did not look like Jones, and they both looked like slow heavy weights.

  4. Mattias says:

    Amazing fight!
    But once again the judges only look at the titleholder, not on the fight. The takedowns should have been the tiebreaker.

  5. Seb says:

    3 – 2 Gust, UFC refs are crazy.

  6. santiago says:

    That was a b.s. call. Jones lost that fight. Jones didn’t have in him after the 3rd round. Once again stupid judges.

  7. squid says:

    congrats to both fighters! great fight! what a war! gustafsson brought it. i thought jones had this in the bag easy … man i’ve been wrong my last 3 or 4 predictions! i still think gustafsson took it 3 rounds to 2, though.

  8. Yoyo says:

    Everybody seems to have the same opinion. I do believe Gus won three out of two. I’m seriously starting to think that the ufc is more set up than real. It’s starting to lose its credibility. And it really goes to show that reach did matter all along. Because not many thought that Gustaffson actually had a chance. And man did he prove wrong. Jones could not get close to him and execute his game. It really proves that jones is way far from being the best in the world. It’s like the bully taking on the little guys.

  9. Yoyo says:

    So yo! Everyone in case you’re not informed. Dana said there will be a rematch!

  10. Pass me the TRT says:

    It was a bs decision, Gustafsson won for sure rounds 1,2,3 and I need to rewatch 4 because that was iffy. But Jone won 5 for sure. You have to give it, this was almost like watching Rocky, Gustaffson was underdog and well Jones was straight up dogging him for the past 2 years and gets his ass whooped by him. Funny thing is the champ had to get helped out of the octagon and was transported to the hospital via ambulance, while Gustaffson simply walks out and walks into the hospital. I think Winklejohn put on twitter last night that bones f*ck up his foot that he might of shattered a bone in it. But I believe Gustaffson should of been crowned the new champion. Then what jerks me the wrong way is that Jones gets on twitter this morning claiming he had an off night last night that he didnt fight like he usually does. Makin excuses, just admit you got own fool!

  11. Master mind says:

    JBJ got the UNANIMOUS decision. It was clear he won. For every jab Gus landed, jones had 2 head kicks. Plus he about sent Gus into early Alzheimer’s. Yeah, Gus is “showed up” we ALL underestimated him and that’s why all the jones haters are trolling and saying he won. But give me a break, there’s no way Gus pulled out a win. Quit crying.

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