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Saturday, 09/21/2013, 08:09 pm

UFC 165 Results: Francis Carmont Defeats Costa Philippou By Way of Unanimous Decision

Carmont opened up the fight with a surprising takedown, which caught Philippou off guard. Carmont used his size and momentum to keep Philippou as he worked his way into various potential submission holds. No significent strikes were landed except for those that Carmont landed when Philippou was blocking a rear naked choke from happening. Carmont did a good job early on forcing Philippou to carry his weight, tiring him out in the process.

The second round began with another takedown from Carmont after he ducked under Philippou’s punch. Nothing came of the takedown, however, as Big John stood them up and reset the action. This gave Philippou some hope, but Carmont took him down no more than twenty seconds later.

Philippou walked into the third round knowing he was two down, and under the instruction of his coaches he was told to let his jabs go. Philippou looked to be loosening up a bit while throwing some leg kicks and hooks, but Carmont took him down early in the round. Carmont was preventing Big John from standing it up by throwing punches every couple of seconds.

Carmont had over twelve minutes of top position time.


6 Responses to “UFC 165 Results: Francis Carmont Defeats Costa Philippou By Way of Unanimous Decision”

  1. blah says:

    another exciting, excellent gameplan developed by the great minds @ tristar

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Coward ass dry humping.I’m shocked Big John let it go for that long with out activity.If The fight wasn’t in Canada, the boos for Carmont would’ve been epic. Fag ass Tri Star gym at its finest. And GSP was cornering him, what a shock…
    Its amazing how you can see MMA evolve and set back in one night. On one hand you have Barao pull off the first spinning back kick KO in UFC history, and on the other hand you see Carmont dry hump and stall and possibly lose potential new MMA fans, done for many years by Jon Fitch. We’re Rid of Fitch,but not rid of “Fitching.” And then the icing on the cake was the garbage decision in the Jones Gus fight, giving new viewers that MMA is turning into boxing.

    • squid says:

      i agree. that fight (if you could call it that) was painful to watch. i actually started doing chores after the 1st round, waiting for it to be over. Tri Star is getting that reputation of athletes fighting not to lose. they dont engage or look for the finish. they play the safe route just to win on points. we saw that last night with two of their fighters: Ricci and Carmont. they’re like the Greg Jackson’s of Canada. GSP, Rory, Ricci, and now Carmont. what three things do they all have in common? Tri Star, boring fights, and one more fan that could care less when their next “fight” is.

    • squid says:

      correction: except for makdessi. he’s still exciting. he’s like Tri Star’s Leonard Garcia lol. except he doesn’t lose as much.

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    It’s was an amazing night of fights, despite Carmont and Myles Jury best attempt to stink it up.

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    That fight was horrible!

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