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Saturday, 08/03/2013, 09:44 pm

UFC 163 Results: Aldo Retains Featherweight Championship; Defeats Jung in Four

The main event of UFC 163 was a featherweight title fight as Jose Aldo defended his belt against Chan Sung Jung. After a night of exciting fights, this fight would be hard-pressed to fail in the eyes of viewers.

Respect was the name of the game in round one as both men spent the majority of the round waiting for the other to strike. Aldo looked good early as he stayed patient and shot in with a jab to both the head and body of Jung. Jung answered Aldo when he could but couldn’t land anything of worth.

The second round was one dictated by the champion as Aldo landed when he felt and snapped in all of his jabs. A combination to the body of Jung and a set of brutal takedowns highlighted the round. Aldo worked a diligent striking game and seemed to take two rounds from Jung.

Aldo took the fight down in the third after catching Jung during a flying knee attempt. Aldo held Jung down but was stood up after a lack of activity. Aldo was hit with several good shots once they were back on their feet, although Aldo locked up another clinch and held on to it, working an improved wrestling game. They were broken apart again with ten seconds left to let Jung open up with another knee. Aldo avoided real danger and flipped Jung over his back. The round concluded with Aldo on his own back, throwing up-kicks to Jung.

Jung turned up the desperation in the fourth round. They both traded as Aldo seemed to fade slightly. A bad shoulder injury seemed to bother Jung. Aldo saw it and started to throw kicks at the shoulder. Jung defended his shoulder as Aldo was relentless. Aldo jumped on Jung on the ground and threw punches until Herb Dean saved Jung from further and potentially permanent damage.

Official Decision: Jose Aldo defeats Chan Sung Jung via TKO at 2:00 of Round 4.


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16 Responses to “UFC 163 Results: Aldo Retains Featherweight Championship; Defeats Jung in Four”

  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Weird fight. Aldo looked out of sorts. Sucks for Jung to have his shoulder go out like that. As gassed as Aldo looked, Jung might have beat the shit outta him those last 2 rounds. I wonder if Aldo broke his foot in the first? Aldo got lucky.

    • Steven Thurman says:

      One could say KZ got lucky that Aldo broke his foot in the first round. Like seriously, look at his foot throughout the fight, the pictures are pretty gross lol Honestly, i just want Chad Mendes to come back and take the belt, with some strike coaching now, i think he could take it.

  2. KIDD433 says:

    I thought it was a really scumbag move on Aldos’ part to pounce on The Zombie as soon as he seen his shoulder dislocate. The fight should have been stopped there and then. I’m glad Stann called Aldo on it first thing, rather than kiss his ass and tell ’em “Congradulations on a dominate victory.” Good job Stann.

  3. krafty11 says:

    Whats he supposed to do?? Wait and make sure Jung was ok? Its a fight.. You cant just stop in the middle of the fight and call for a timeout..If you want to blame someone, blame the ref for not stopping it sooner..

  4. Steven Thurman says:

    Yeah, if i were Jung, i wouldve felt it was more of a bitch move if Aldo called him out to the ref on the shoulder. Im sure if KZ knew Aldos foot was busted, he wouldve capitalized on it.

  5. maddkillah says:

    @Steven Thurman…i never really noticed that foot injury until now that you mentioned it, that was a pretty bad swell. now i know why aldo’s movements look odd.
    not a very dominant defense by the champ but works for me considering how he handled his injury that occurred early in the fight.

    • Steven Thurman says:

      yeah usually if there is an apparent injury the commentators are pretty good at spotting it, and pointing it out for everyone, but that really wasnt the case, of course they questioned why he wasnt throwing his kicks so they probably didnt exactly know either.

  6. muaythai17-1 says:

    he broke his foot and still was able to control the fight…where was the threat? KZ’s stand up, not even, KZ grappling, apparnetly not cuz Aldo took him down twice and KZ did absolutely nothing. Aldo fought 3 rounds with a broken foot, fought well, and bobbed a punch causing KZ’s shoulder to dislocate! had Aldo been hit with that punch KZ’s shoulder wouldn’t have dislocated! ALL CREDIT TO ALDO FOR DILOCATING KZ’s ARM cheeeeeeeeeeeee Aldo BEAT THAT ASS!

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