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Monday, 08/05/2013, 09:25 am

UFC 163 Post-Fight: Machida Wants A Rematch, Davis Thinks He Deserved Victory

Following last weekend’s UFC 163 co-main event talks of controversy filled the airwaves.

With a very close fight, many thought Machida had done enough to earn victory over Phil Davis and retain his number one contender slot.

Lyoto wants a rematch to prove he can beat Davis and Davis is looking on towards a title shot.

Check out their comments below:


11 Responses to “UFC 163 Post-Fight: Machida Wants A Rematch, Davis Thinks He Deserved Victory”

  1. Dee says:

    Davis does not want a title shot. He is an incomplete fighter. Jones would kill him. His stand up sucks

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Phil is just Top 5 now. He needs better boxing and if he can’t run the ground game like Askren, he needs work there too. The herky jerky unbalance back up Machida has tons of openings for dumping his ass. Davis should have put him down early in each round and gnp’s him up. Don’t think Phil can beat Jones. I’d like to see Phil fight another wrestler.

  3. kageron says:

    Machida owned Davis and Davis could not explain how he won LOL! I don’t want UFC to be WWE

  4. Jenuel says:

    A title shot?? Lmaooo!! You’re lucky the judges gifted you this win. Lyoto easily won this fight. Fighters need to start getting points for takedown defense.

    Davis is nowhere near a title shot IMO.

  5. Title Shot?? says:

    Davis is trash. He lost that fight, judges robbed Machida! He only got 2 takedown’s out of like 12! Hes such an incomplete fighter only wrestling, which Jones is soo much better at. Such a boring fighter also. He thinks this is the WWE! Lmao Wrestlers are a joke!

  6. Machida WON ! says:

    Even his own corner thought that he LOST the 1st 2 rounds ???

    They should count take down defense just as much as they count take downs !

    Defending a takedown is fucking hard to do and Lyoto stuffed like 10 takedowns.

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Bullshit! Davis himself knew he lost. You could see his bodylanguage told us he knew he lost before the scorecards were read and after Buffer announced Davis won he looked shocked.

  8. BX81 says:

    Davis won because machida didn’t want to win. Machida’s biggest thing was a 4 combo flurry and all didn’t land. The biggest thing davis did was a take down followed by 3 or 4 knees to the body. This fight sucked dick because phil’s hands still aren’t that good and machida rather duck and strike vs. come in an strike. When you step in the cage to win a match not a fight STFU and deal with the results.

    • kageron says:

      you know about game plans and strategy? It’s not easy to counter an attack while avoiding at the same time unleashing your attack to hurt your enemy. It requires technique it requires perfect timing and focus.

      Davis didn’t even hurt Machida and was on urgency in taking down lyoto in round 3. He kept attempting a take down but he just failed because lyoto’s defense was getting better. Davis Kimura submission even failed.

      In return machida landed a straight fist on davis face, made knee to the chest he was even aggressive in round 3 trying to finish the fight. And what Davis had done? Failed take downs again and again. He made 2 successful take downs but could not do damage.

  9. 757 says:

    Machida did nothing to win that fight. Good thing he was fighting a guy trying to get in the top 5. A top contender would smash Machida. Lazy and now a cry baby. Fuck him and congrats to Phil Davis for out hustling him.

  10. Ddddddddd says:

    Whoever can convincingly win the fight learned what they needed in the first fight. Let him have it. He has done a lot for the UFC. Besides the devision is as bound up as an 85 year old lactose intolerant Amish man living in the middle of Wiconsin. Give him the fight.

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