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Saturday, 07/06/2013, 10:20 am


By Evan Stoumbelis – @MMAEvan

UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman takes place tonight from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the main event Chris Weidman will attempt to make history by trying to be the first man to put a notch in Anderson Silva’s UFC record.

If you didn’t make the trip to Vegas or can’t get the PPV, tune in below for all your round-by-round and blow-by-blow action:


Round 1 – Swanson takes the center as they trade leg kicks, Siver misses high and they trade more leg kicks, Siver goes high and then punches with an overhand right that connects. Swanson looks to shoot but changes his mind as Siver connects with a combination. They break and Siver connects with another combination. Swanson throws a spinning heel kick but Siver catches it and takes him down, Siver in his half guard as he tries to pass. Swanson doing a good job of keeping him in half guard as he throws strikes from the bottom. Midway through the round now and Siver can’t advance position. Siver passes and looks like he’s going to go for a mounted crucifix. Swanson eats a few shots but sends Siver back to half guard, Siver passes again and he’s back in side control. Siver connects with some elbows to the head and body. Swanson tries to escape but Siver mounts him, but not before Swanson scrambles and puts him back in half guard. Siver looks to pass as Swanson goes to get up, Swanson has a guillotine but let’s it go as they standup. Swanson gets backed up by a high kick and then Siver misses a combination. 10 seconds left as Siver connects with a 1, 2 body kick combo. I give it 10-8 Siver.

Round 2 – Round two starts as Swanson takes center octagon again, Siver throws a quick front kick and then Swanson steps in as Siver connects with a punch. They trade in the middle as Siver connects with a spinning back kick to the body. Siver misses a left as he moves forward and takes the center. Swanson steps in with a body punch as Siver backs up. They gauge distance and Swanson throws a kick that’s caught, Siver goes for the takedown but changes his mind. They fake punches and Swanson throws a cartwheel kick a la Anthony Pettis. Siver takes center octagon and connects with a 1, 2 as he comes forward. Siver thinks for a high kick, changes his mind then throws it. Swanson with a spinning heel kick that misses and then they trade. Swanson connects with a leg kick. Swanson with a head body inside leg kick combo. Siver circles with 1:30 left in round 2 as Swanson looks for a big punch, he connects with a body kick. Siver with an inside leg kick, Siver looks for a takedown and Swanson with a beautiful judo hip toss right into the mount. Swanson looks at the clock as Siver holds him. Siver covers up as Swanson postures up. Swanson almost loses position and goes for an omoplata, Siver has back control to finish the round.
I give it to Swanson 10-9

Round 3 – Siver takes the center as Swanson goes for a head punch but Siver slips and goes for a takedown, Swanson stuff as they trade, Siver looking slower as he throws a front kick and a jab, neither connects, but a body kick does. Swanson still moving forward as he connects with a right hand, he lands a body punch as he fakes an uppercut with a left kick. Swanson looking good this round as he lands a stiff jab. Siver throws a spinning back kick that misses, Swanson lands a body punch. Swanson in the middle as Siver misses a jab, Swanson lands a right punch. Siver steps in with a jab but gets caught by a right hand, then another, and another, then a head kick. Siver rocked by a right hook as Swanson lands another 4 very accurate punches, Siver goes down as Swanson swarms in, Swanson lands several punches and Siver doesn’t recover, Swanson looks up at Herb while Siver is limp, Herb calls the bout, and that makes it 5 in a row for Cub Swanson.

Official Decision: Cub Swanson wins via TKO (punches) 2:24 (Rd 3)


Round 1 – Boetsch takes the center and pushes Munoz on the cage as he gets a takedown as Munoz reverses it and ends up on top. They stand as Boetsch pushes Munoz against the cage and then with a slam, Munoz eats some shots as he gets up and is pushed against the cage again. Munoz slips away and circles to the center. Tim throws a 1, 2, 3 combo and connects with the 3rd. Munoz backs away and is pushed against the cage. Munoz with a takedown as Boetsch get’s up. Boetsch pushed against the cage as Munoz looks for a trip, He doesn’t get it and Boetsch rolls out and now in north/south from the top. Boetsch against the cage as Munoz takes him down. Boetsch looks like he might have a guillotine from bottom side control, Munoz rolls out and Boetsch in north/south from the top as they sprawl and are back up. Munoz steps in and connects with a hook uppercut combination. Boetsch is pressed against the cage with a minute left. Munoz with a knee to the leg and then a thigh punch. Boetsch circles off the cage and eats a knee to the body but presses Munoz against the cage. Munoz circles and presses Boetsch against the cage as he connects with a combo that looks like staggers Boetsch.
I give it 10-9 – Munoz

Round 2 – Boetsch takes the middle and backs up Munoz with a hard body kick, Munoz circles and responds with his own kick as they trade, lead left from Munoz as Boetsch is pressed against the cage, Munoz lands a few punches from over/under clinch, he lands a few knees to Boetsch as Tim circles away and presses Munoz against the cage. Munoz breaks away and Boetsch takes the center as Munoz circles. Boetsch lands with a right hand and then another as he moves forward and presses Munoz to the cage. Munoz with a takedown and mounts Boetsch, Tim scrambles and ends up with side control from the back. Munoz looks to step over into back control but changes his mind and connects with a hammerfist and then several body shots. Boetsch stands up and presses Munoz against the cage. He looks for a takedown but it’s countered by Munoz and Munoz ends up in side control as he postures up and lands shots. Boetsch scrambles and Munoz ends up in north/south from the back. Boetsch gets up and pushes Munoz against the cage, Boetsch looks to drag Munoz down with a double leg but Munoz collapses Tim down and lands solid body/head shots from north/south. Boetsch eats more shots, Munoz knees him in the body and lands big punches as the round ends.
I give it 10-8 – Munoz

Round 3 – Munoz lands a big right hand and then throws a head kick, Munoz with a takedown that’s countered by Boetsch who almost has a guillotine, Boetsch rolls again and almost has a guillotine, Munoz drags him down and is in Tim’s half guard. Very awkward position as Tim tries to roll out, they sit in this position for a bit, Munoz gets out and gets Boetsch’s back in side control as he rains down hammerfists. Munoz with more hammerfists and punches as Boetsch just appears to try to survive. More shots as Boetsch tries to roll out. Ground and pound 101 from Munoz as Boetsch looks like he’s thinking about a knee bar, he lets it go and Munoz looks for a kimura from half guard. Boetsch slips out and Munoz ends up in side control with 90 seconds left. Munoz with solid kidney shots from top position. Boetsch gets flattened out as Munoz sinks in a rear naked choke but Boetsch slips out as Munoz rains down more punches from the top. Boetsch looks for a knee bar but Munoz is too slippery with 20 seconds left. Munoz tries a flying punch and then another, Boetsch survives an unbelievable performance by Mark Munoz.
I give it 10-8 – Munoz

Official Decision – 30-26, 30-27, and 30-27 for the winner by UD – Mark Munoz


Round 1 – Gracie takes the center as they gauge distance, Kenndey eats a jab as he steps in and then he lands 2 leg kicks. He lands another as they gauge more distance, Tim is circling around the taller Gracie as he misses an overhand right and gets takendown. Roger has his back as Tim tries to stand up. Gracie drags him back down and Tim gets back up. Gracie is being pushed against the cage. Gracie gets away as Kennedy throws a high front kick. Tim lands a hard leg kick, and then his second is caught but Gracie lets it go. THey clinch and Gracie is pushed against the cage, Gracie circles and Tim is being pressed against the cage, Roger drags him down as he takes Tim’s back. Gracie looks like he’s going for a body triangle and he gets it, he’s looking for the rear naked but Tim rolls into the ankle nicely and stops it from sinking in more, Gracie rolls and gets the body triangle again, Tim spins and ends up in Gracie’s guard, he tries to advance as the round comes to a close and he lands a few shots.
I give it 10-9 – Gracie

Round 2 – They touch gloves and Gracie takes the center, they circle a bit as Kennedy misses a combination. They clinch and Kennedy presses Gracie against the cage, he looks for the trip and gets it. Tim lands huge punches from Gracie’s back. Tim stands up as Gracie looks for an up kick. Kennedy lands more huge shots from the top, Gracie sprawls and gets up but Kennedy presses him against the cage again. They stay pressed against the cage, as Kennedy lands some shots. Gracie circles and presses Kennedy against the cage but Kennedy circles and presses Gracie against the cage. Kennedy drags Gracie down and ends up in his half guard. Kenendy lands some shots from half guard and Roger sends him back to full guard. Kim Winslow stands them up, and Kennedy lands a left hook, Roger clinches with Kennedy but ends up pressed against the cage. 15 seconds left and Kennedy lands some more shots from the clinch.
I give it 10-8 – Kennedy

Round 3 – Kennedy throws a front kick that misses as Roger responds with one of his own, They circle and Kennedy is in the middle, Kennedy connects with a punch and they circle, Kennedy with some body kicks as Gracie backs him up, Gracie not throwing anything as he eats a leg kick, Kennedy goes for a trip but it doesn’t go. He gets a back clinch as Gracie spins away, Kennedy with a front kick that doesn’t land. Kennedy with a side kick to the body as Gracie rushes in for a clinch, Roger presses Kennedy against the cage and drags Kennedy down, but Kennedy back up and being pressed against the cage now. Kennedy circles and connects with a punch as he presses Gracie against the cage. Gracie eats another right hand and then a knee to the body. Kennedy looks for a trip but doesn’t get it. Gracie eats an elbow as Kim Winslow separates them. 90 seconds left as Kennedy throws a superman punch. Kennedy lands a leg kick and throws a hook uppercut combo. Gracie eats a hook and backs up. Kennedy presses Gracie against the cage and he lands several punches. Gracie eats more punches with 10 seconds left. Kennedy goes for the last second KO from the clinch but the clock runs out.
I give it 10-8 – Kennedy

Official Decision – 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for the winner by UD – Tim Kennedy


Round 1 – Both men look extremely energetic as Yves Lavigne starts it off, Oliviera takes the center and he throws a kick that Frankie catches, Frankie coming after Oliveira as he takes him down, Frankie in his half guard as he presses Oliveira against the cage, Oliveira circles out and they exchange punches. Frankie moving forward with a few quick jabs. Oliveira throws a front kick that’s caught and Frankie takes him down. Oliveira has Frankie in his guard as he connects with a few elbows from the bottom. Oliveira sinks in a body triangle as he pulls on the head of Frankie, he goes for an armbar as Frankie breaks and they stand up. Oliveira in the center as he lands a leg kick. Frankie connects with a left hook. Oliveira throws front kicks as Edgar closes in with a body punch. Edgar steps in with a few jabs and connects with a left hook. Right hand by Oliveira as Edgar slides away. Edgar tries for a trip and gets it as Oliveira tries a leg lock but lets go and they stand up. They trade and Edgar lands an uppercut from the clinch. Edgar standing as Oliveira tries to bait him into his guard, Oliveira gets up and Frankie trades with him, Edgar lands a nice combo. Oliveira backing up Edgar as Edgar takes him down. Oliveira lands elbows from the bottom as the round ends.
I give it 10-9 Edgar

Round 2 – They touch gloves and Edgar lands a punch but Oliveira lands a head kick. They circle and fake, Frankie circling and he catches a body kick. Edar lands a left to the body as he clinches, they clinch and separate as they circle, solid head kick as Edgar catches a leg kick and trips Oliveira, Edgar standing above Oliveira and he gets up. Oliveira throws a few jabs as they close, Edgar with a takedown as Oliveira lands more elbows from the bottom. Edgar with some hammerfists and some punches. Oliveira gets up using the cage and Edgar almost connects with a knee. Edgar presses forward with a counter as he eats a 1, 2. Oliveira presses forward and lands a left hook. Step in elbow by Oliveira. Charles throws a front kick to the body and then the face. Frankie with a 1, 2, 3 combo that lands, Oliveira with a superman punch that misses as Edgar catches a kick. Edgar lands a body head combo and Oliveira backs him up. They trade punches and clinch as Edgar presses Oliveira against the cage. Edgar slams Oliveira and he sinks in a guillotine, round ends and Edgar is saved.
I give it 10-9 – Edgar – but it was VERY close

Round 3 – Oliveira takes the center as they trade, Oliveira lands a jab and eats a 1, 2. Edgar lands a flurry but Oliveira throws back. Oliveira is tripped and is on his back, Edgar standing but Oliveira is stood up by Yves. Oliveira in the center as Frankie circles. Edgar closes and tries to clinch then Oliveira does, Oliveira throws a nice right hand that staggers Frankie, Oliveira lands a flurry and a knee. Frankie takes some damage but it okay. Oliveira eats a combo and gets tripped and they both go down but they’re up. Frankie with a good right hand but Oliveira answers back. Spinning heel kick by Oliveira and he trips Edgar, Edgar up and he connects with a right hand that has Oliveira staggered but he’s okay, Oliveira still up but Frankie connects with another right and another, Oliveira looks to be dazed but he’s okay. Oliveira goes for a half hearted takedown but ends up on bottom. Oliveira has him in guard as he eats some shots. Oliviera lands some elbows and gets the body lock. Frankie is up and lands a good punch as he comes into Oliveira’s guard. Oliveira eats some shots as the fight ends.
I give it 10-9 – Edgar

Official Decision – 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 for the winner by UD – Frankie Edgar


Round 1 – They start as Weidman takes the center, Silva fakes and Weidman backs up, Weidman shoots and gets Anderson down, Silva eats some shots and thinks about a triangle but lets it go. Weidman is in his half guard, Weidman connects with some strong punches but Silva lands a few from the bottom. Weidman postures up and misses shots. Weidman connects with a few, Silva defends Weidman’s pass to side control and he sends him back to guard. Weidman standing but Silva throws upkicks. Weidman lands punches but Silva does from the bottom. Weidman goes for a heel hook but Anderson spins and gets up. Silva backs up, his hands down. Weidman stalks him and throws a jab that Silva sways away from. Silva taunting Weidman but Weidman clinches up. They break and Silva taunts again. Silva dodges a punch and then eats one. Weidman eats a punch and a high kick, Silva throws a leg kick and a jab, Weidman getting suckered into Silva’s taunts as Silva dodges them, Silva lands a leg kick, Weidman eats a leg kick and then dodges a knee. Silva taunting again as the round ends and they shake hands.
I give it 10-8 Weidman

Round 2 – Silva talking to Weidman and taunting again, Weidman eats a side kick and they circle, Weidman shoots and clinches up with Silva. Silva talking to him and taunting. Silva putting on a show and he dodges a head kick. Silva eats a few and then gets clipped, Silva is down and the ref calls it!

Official Decision: Chris Weidman wins via KO Rd 2 (1:08) Chris Weidman is the new UFC middleweight champion



  1. doc says:

    It is what happens when a man gets complacent. So bored of the same old ass whippings he puts on people, that he has to plant himself in front of a man with wrecking-ball fists to get a rush.

    Well he got it alright. He got rushed straight to the canvas in a humiliating K.O.

    I bet he feels relieved. Now he can just fight super fights and make big bank and not have the pressure. Besides, I think he was afraid to get Sonnen’d with a Sonnen who can do nasty damage on the ground.

    I lol’ed

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    RIP…A.Silva – longtime champ. His day is Up.

  3. 123 says:

    cant believe it, all them brazilian fans travel all that way for him to act like a clown & get knocked out.

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Great, GAYgoyle Wrestling is back.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Hey KIDD…I missed you too…..Hey Bro…it’s just a fight man…back off the ledge…Besides I would miss all your warm and inspiring thoughts.

  5. Ddddddd says:

    He did it..

  6. Vai says:

    Anderson Silva – What can be said. It looked as if he didn’t come to fight but pass the belt on to someone who has been called the one who could beat Silva. Silva did his typical routine of clowning around and got knocked out. I think it was kind of intentional as he never put his hands up. He said he is tired, wants to focus on his family and his students. He has 10 fights left and doesn’t want a rematch. Hmm….

  7. CheeseBread says:

    Hey the ref. stopped it way to early, he was only doing a Overeem impression. how could u not see that..terrible call ref. just terrible…lol

  8. KIDD433 says:

    It’s obvious, Anderson Silva defeat himself. It was Weidman’s punch,but it was Anderson’s arrogance that brought his demise.

    • gladii the tenken says:

      I hate the fact everyone says that Silva beat him self? Silva fights everyone with that same stupidity, but no one says a word when he wins. But now jus cause he lost, he beat him self? The real funny thing is that when he drops the hands the whole stadium cheers, but then boo him when he looses? Lol they condone it when he wins, but boo it when he looses? MMA fans are weird. If he would had won, it would had been vintage Silva.

  9. 757 says:

    I for one thought AS would win. Weidman won. He was in awesome form and knocked out AS no excuses it was his punch and his punch only. Congratulations Chris Weidman !! awesome effort and you deserve it good job you get all the credit in the world!!

  10. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Just face it all you Silva zombie’s. He was a mediocre champ that had good timing with his counter-striking AND THAT’S ALL. His one trick pony show can’t compete in today’s mma world. So just back off form the ledge zombie’s your guru is not worth the delusional leaps you fools are taking. Lemmings.

  11. Mikey Ubatz says:

    silva a 1 trick pony? Im no Silva Fan, but you are the dumbest motherfkr I’ve ever seen post on here. And mediocre? What a joke

  12. Kazy808 says:

    I think weidman will go the way of his coach, Matt Serra . Serra got his chance for the strap by winning the ultimate fighter . He tko’ed the then champ GSP. Nobody expected that. In the rematch GSP, kicked his ass, in the second round(I think). I think serra retired after that loss soon after. I think GSP was partying too much and not keeping his eyes on prize. I think weidman got lucky and ko’ed the Spider. If they have a rematch, weidman will get ko’ed. Weidman will be one and done!

  13. Jordon says:

    Yeah that is moronic. He is one of the greatest of all time, not a one trick pony. He can still beat anybody, he just wasn’t the better man in this fight. I know I have been against Silva at times, but it is because a lot of his fans are deluded. He ddidn’t want to lose, he trained his ass off, did what he always does, and got knocked out. He didn’t beat himself, that Iis the same style he always employs. It wasn’t a fix, and those who say that are absolutely living on a different planet. I love Anderson, and I love watching him fight,I ordered every fight since Franklin 2, it’s just that the facts are the facts guys. Man up, and accept defeat graciously like your hero did.

  14. jdog says:

    I am a Silva fan and if you think he didn’t beat himself you are not thinking clearly. Yes he HAS been fighting that way, but he did NOT fight that way before he won the belt, look at the Fanklin and Leban fights. He has gotten cocky as everyone kept telling him that he was the greatest, kinda like BJ Pen did.

    Now before everyone tries to rag me, I am NOT saying he tried to lose or that Wiedman didn’t beat him. I don’t care how lazy or complacent you get or how cocky you get. Point is he got beat, and beaten undeniably and emphatically. I will not say coulda woulda and shoulda. Point is if he was fighting differently the outcome would have been different. Wiedman might still have eventually beaten him but ALL of you have to admit that IF he had been holding his hands up and not being cocky like he has been for the last 5 or 6 or 7 fights Wiedman would not have landed the shot he did at that exact time. Maybe it would have been 5 punches later, maybe 20 punches later. But the fight WOULD have gone on longer.

    That being said Silva clearly lost and Wiedman was the better man in the fight. I think Silva is relieved that he is no longer the champ but in no way did he want to simply lose to Wiedman. Silva wants to have fun fights and make money, I wish him the best as I do the same for Wiedman, good luck and hopefully he will have a long run with the belt.

  15. Bob'O says:

    Anderson’s taunting finally back fired on him. He is still one of the greatest fighters ever to step into the octagon though and I respect him, but he’s no BJ Penn cause he never took on the champs in two different weight classes. He never even fought Lyoto like BJ did! Lyoto would have clowned Anderson with his own game, and Silva knew it. He just picked on bums like Bonnar (who I love, but who was not on a championship level at that point when they fought) Nor Sandman or any of the other hand picked set ups. Let Anderson fight Bones, Machida or even Rashad Evans and then he can be crowned the GOAT. Silva will never beat Lyoto Machida, NEVER! and Silva already understands that. So does most MMA fans that actually can watch and think for themselves. ~Bob’O

  16. sidekix says:

    Bob o… You are a retard Silva and machida train together why would they fight? Everyone should understand in fighting there is always a tougher guy. Everyone could lose and Anderson silva would probably be the first to tell you that. This is not the first time he has lost

  17. me says:

    Why should training partners fight? Erm coz thats what they are paid for maybe! Didnt Donald Cerrone knock Melvin Guillard out cold!

  18. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Just thought about throwing this in here. But now I know why Silva has always worn pink shirts and earrings and then kissing Weidman at the weigh ins…he’s a fukcing faggot. I wonder if he is a transgender???

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