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Saturday, 07/06/2013, 10:52 pm

UFC 162 Fight Night Bonuses: Chirs Weidman, Edgar vs. Oliveira, Siver vs. Swanson All Earn $50,000 Awards


UFC 162 took place tonight (July 6th) in Las Vegas, Nevada and the fans were treated to an amazing night of fights. There were huge performances from many of the fighters as we saw Chris Weidman dethrone the long-time champ, Anderson Silva, with a brilliant KO in the second round to claim his spot atop the UFC middleweight division.

Frankie Edgar also put together a nice performance to get a hard fought decision over Charles Oliveira, Mark Munoz had an impressive night as he ran through Tim Boetsch in their middleweight fight, and Dennis Siver and Cub Swanson put on a great showing for the fans in their exciting featherweight bout.

The 4th of July weekend couldn’t have ended with more of a bang as this is easily one of the most explosive cards we’ve seen this year. With Weidman’s huge victory over Silva this is definitely a turning of the pages in the MMA world. It’ll be exciting to see what’s next for all of the fighters from tonight’s card.

The UFC 162 post-fight press conference took place following the huge event on Saturday night and three fight night award bonuses were announced by UFC President Dana White. Here are the lucky money winners from UFC 162:

Each bonus winner is believed to be receiving $50,000 in extra earnings for their impressive performances:

Chris Weidman earned “Knock-Out of the Night” honors for dethroning Silva by KO to earn himself the middleweight title.

Dennis Siver vs. Cub Swanson earned “Fight of the Night” honors for their hard fought bout in which Swanson pulled out a third round TKO victory.

Frankie Edgar vs. Charles Oliveira ALSO earned “Fight of the Night” honors for their exciting scrap in which Edgar earned a unanimous decision victory. 

There were no submissions at UFC 162 so the company decided to hand out two FOTN bonuses in the place of the “Submission of the Night” award.

Congrats to all the lucky winners.

Stay posted to for more UFC 162 post-fight press conference highlights and announcements.

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  1. Bob'O says:

    Thom, what happened to your boy Anderson! LMAO!!! = Best wishes though bro. Told yuh. 😉 ~Bob’O

  2. Chris says:

    Another f*cking typo in the story headline. I can’t stand how many typos I see in MMA articles and the amount I see from the writers of this site is terrible. It’s like you guys are allergic to proofreading. Honestly, it’s actually so bad that it almost looks like you’re trying to look unprofessional. These aren’t obscure typos either. Frikken headlines?

  3. magoo says:

    The sweetest KO in UFC history!! Better then Hendo on Bisping, the clowns antics finally caught up with him, forget about any super fights now u arrogant pompous ass clown…

    • phil manatz says:

      yeah he got owned big time. im a silva fan and he got it coming. well deserved win for weidman, and a well deserved loss for silva!

    • zzzzz says:

      h-bomb dropped on bisping still ranked 1 for me…i think weidman deserved the win but its not even a highlight reel KO if it wasn’t AS getting dropped. i’m not really that of a die hard AS fan but weidman didn’t beat the champ at his best…

  4. ChampionTeam says:

    That what happened when you tried Dancing with the Rising Star!!

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