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Saturday, 06/15/2013, 07:24 pm

UFC 161 RESULTS: Shawn Jordan Defeates Pat Barry via TKO in Opening Minute of the Fight

By Jake Chastain

The main card bout started with an exciting heavyweight bout between UFC vet Pat Barry and the athletic Shawn Jordan. The fight started with the two men touching gloves and feeling each other for a couple of seconds. Barry opened the striking battle with his signature wicked kicks. Jordan stayed in front of Barry and held his ground.

About 40 seconds into the fight Jordan threw an upper-cut combination that connected and stunned Barry. As Barry covered and retreated Jordan swarmed him and landed another 5 or 6 shots that dropped Barry against the cage. Jordan pounced on him and landed a barrage of punches. Barry remained covered up but was not trying to move out to a better position and the fight was stopped at just :59 seconds into the first round.

This was a very impressive win for Shawn Jordan and it will be interesting to see what the company decides will be next for the heavyweight powerhouse.

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Jake Chastain



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