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Saturday, 02/23/2013, 07:27 pm

UFC 157 Results: Robbie Lawler Stops Koscheck In Round 1 Via TKO | UFC NEWS

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In the opening bout of tonight’s UFC 157 pay-per-view card, former top 10 middleweight, Robbie Lawler made a triumphant return as a UFC welterweight against Josh Koscheck.

The fight was short and after two-succesful takedowns by Koscheck, Lawler was able to use his power punching successfully while sprawling out of a third takedown attempt to stun Koscheck and put him on his back. Herb Dean quickly jumped in as a fired up Lawler continued to rain down shots to force the stoppage.

The final result:

Robbie Lawler def. Josh Koscheck via TKO Round 1.


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