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Saturday, 02/23/2013, 08:59 pm

UFC 157 Results: Lyoto Machida wins split decision over Dan Henderson | UFC NEWS

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Lyoto Machida’s elusiveness and accuracy may have led him to another shot at the UFC light heavyweight title.

Machida snapped Dan Henderson’s four-fight win streak in the co-main event of UFC 157 on Saturday with a split decision victory.

Henderson’s best chance to win came at the 3:35 mark in the third round when he took Machida to the ground and was in dominate position for nearly two minutes but Machida’s guard kept the damage to a minimum.

In the second round, Machida was effective landing several kicks and knees to the body every time Henderson would charge forward.

In the first round, after a three minute feeling out phase, Machida landed some nice body kicks and an effective right hand.
Henderson did land a nice right. But Machida ended the round with a nice trip and on top of Henderson.

Boos rained down from the crowd for the lack of action in the fight as Machida played it safe and smart for the entire fight, always respectful of Henderson’s dangerous right hand.

The victory improved the 34-year-old Machida to 19-3. Henderson, 42, fell to 29-9.

Final Result:

Lyoto Machida def. Dan Henderson via split decision.


19 Responses to “UFC 157 Results: Lyoto Machida wins split decision over Dan Henderson | UFC NEWS”

  1. BringFitchBack says:

    I call BS on this one. Hendo beat him UD 29-28. How do you give a fight to a guy who runs away the whole fight. Machida sucks!

    • stevo the great says:

      Amen…..Machida runs away the whole fight. Hendo brought the pressure….full octagon control the whole first round….and brought pressure everyh round after. Whil Machida ran and got caught quite a few times.


    B===D ~~~~~ {(0)} Oh yeah

  3. Oyston says:

    Machida won clearly 29-28 give the last round to Henderson. People are just hating Henderson is done time to hang em up old man.

    • Machida should NEVER fight a FIVE ROUND fight ever says:

      because I would HATE to watch him run away for five rounds! I thought I was watching a bigger Frankie Edgar!

      And Rogan, with his BS holier than thou “people that hate Machida’s style are unable to appreciate him”. Dude, it was boring as crack! Machida sucked the big one against Hendo.

      One more loss and Machida should be cut, like Fitch. And then Edgar after that. Boring non fighting runaways! LOL

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    I like both of these guys, but I think Machida shit the bed on this one. fucker ran the WHOLE fight. a couple of strikes here and there and a meaningless td at the end of round 1. wtf was that?! Hendo at least came to fight, his opponent didn’t. Boooooo

  5. 123 says:

    it was boring but it was expected.. lyoto machida won, & the “meaningless” takedown won him the round.. i think dan henderson should fight jimi manuwa & i guarantee jimi manuwa knocks him out.

  6. DBKlein69 says:

    why should hendo fight manuwa? manuwa is coming off a win. lyoto should be next to be cut after this dreadful performance. by far the most boring fight in ufc history. machida ran away from hendo the entire time they were standing. it was pathetic. my family all fell asleep watching this “fight” and missed the main event. i wish i wasn’t awake during this fight.

    • Rodriguez says:

      He landed way more shots to the head, and significant strikes, incase you didn’t notice that. You can’t just be mad at Machida for not wanting to get H-Bombed…you should be mad at Hendo too for letting him run and nit being faster. I’m pretty sure Hendo’s swolen eye will say that Lyoto did more than enough to win.

  7. 123 says:

    @DBKlein69.. hes coming off a win but a fight with sum1 like dan henderson will be good for jimi manuwa because they will both probably strike & if he knocks him out he wont be far from jon jones.. or he could do a TUF smashes with james te huna which would be sick.. jimi manuwa will be the next light heavyweight champion.

  8. Jhonny Blaze says:

    Machida clearly won 2 rounds out of 3.Only Hendo fan boys are crying about this.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      what if your a fan of both and you still think Machida was RUNNING the ENTIRE “fight”?! C’man guy – Machida played the point game and shit the bed, it’s that simple.

  9. Inyoface says:

    Co-main events need to be 5 rounders too. I thought hendo brought the pressure and all machida did was counter.

  10. magoo says:

    And this for the #1 contenders spot against Jones??? Forget about Bones would finish you both all in one night!

    • BringFitchBack says:

      Machida reversed to his old boring runaway style to avoid a fight. It would be ok if he would engage more often, but he got tagged slightly by Hendo a few times and he wanted none of that. I don’t see how you can give a SD to a fighter who looks to avoid a fight for 3 rounds. These are the type of fighters that are ruining the UFC. But hey, I say give him to Bones and let him get beat up again and then we don’t have to deal with Magain at 05.

      • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

        You hate fighters who avoid a fight for 3 rounds? And yet you want Fitch back? Fitch is the epitomy of fight avoiding.

        I agree Machida could have done more than just enough to win, but your comment doesn’t make sense if you like Fitch that much.

        • BringFitchBack says:

          Your assertion is not logical or factual. Fitch never ran from an opponent. If anything he is the epitome of constant pressure and engagement in a fight. The only 2 fighters to ever nullify that pressure was GSP and Maia and by your evaluation criteria of Fitch, Maia should be cut next. I just don’t think you have grappled much to see the difference between a Machida who runs away from pressure and someone who actually creates pressure. In fact, your comments don’t make much sense. Machida created a boring fight by running away. If you are factual and logical in your arguments then Machida should be cut? Do you agree.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          You keep calling it pressure and engaging, but this is not the case with Fitch. He takes his opponent down and from that moment on he is just holding him down. Not going for submissions, no substantial GnP. Just a few pitter patter slaps now and then to keep the ref from standing them up for total inactivity.

          I didn’t defend the way Machida chalked up this win by the way. I said he should have done more than just enough and I was disappointed as well. Machida won his last fight and Fitch didn’t, so no he shouldn’t be cut.

        • BringFitchBack says:

          Getting kind of old, not sure you will be back but I’ll respond anyways. How do you see somebody coming forward grabbing an opponent that is in retreat then throwing him to the ground and holding him there, NOT engaging and controlling and dictating the fight??? It seems completely apparent to me!!
          But I’ll move on, Did you not think Fitch completely dismantled and controlled Erick Silva in that fight? Did he just hold him down and pitter-patter Silva? That 3rd round was a 10-8 bro.
          Lastly, Machida lost to Hendo. He did not win R1. Therefore, Fitch had a FTN with Silva, then gets controlled completely by Maia(do you NOT consider Maia in full control domination in that fight?) then Fitch is cut. Therefore, you must believe that Machida had a boring ass gifted win against Hendo and if he loses his next fight, then he should be cut? Machida is the type of fighter that is ruining the UFC.

        • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

          I agree the fight with Erick Silva was a good one. I’ve said that before and I still think that was an exciting fight. And why was that? because Fitch did his usual LnP? or was it because he actually fought for the victory? I say it was a good fight because he actually fought and went for submissions instead of avoiding the fight and waiting for the bell.

    • korean jesus says:

      lol for real…

  11. T.DADDY says:

    boring ass fight… Machidas style is trash unless he fights someone real agressive and sometimes it will still be trash…. Hendo tried to make it a fight

  12. drew says:

    just watched the fight, hendo won that no doubt in my eyes

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      I think Machida won it, but I wouldn’t have been that surprised if they’d given it to Hendo via the split decision as it was really close. Hendo was more aggressive but Machida landed the most meaningful shots and controlled the distance. Either way it was horrible to watch. Machida is pretty fuc%ing boring to watch man….I’d much rather see a Jones V Hendo barnstormer than a rematch of Jones beating Machida….

  13. BringFitchBack says:

    At the end of the day, does anybody really think Machida will ever be champion again?? He should be cut soon.

  14. 123 says:

    yh.. when jon jones goes to heavyweight which is very soon, either.. lyoto machida, jimi manuwa or glover texiera will be the champion.

  15. Jhonny Blaze says:

    @grt 3000 So your angry that Machida chose not to get into a slugfest with a guy who has the most devastating right hand in all of mma.Oh Macihida is just terrible he should of brawled with Hendo so Hendo could ko him i suppose.I agree with Magoo.Neither one would beat Jones anyway.

  16. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Some people need to quit acting like this is a side of Machida never seen before. Seriously, how could one be surprised? Not only is he mainly a counter striker, but he is also considered one of the UFC’s most elusive strikers. On top of that, he was facing one of the most feared overhand rights in the UFC. Not that I enjoyed it, but it’s exactly what I expected to see. No surprises here

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