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Monday, 01/07/2013, 07:57 am

UFC 157 headliners Rousey and Carmouche get ‘UFC Primetime’ treatment | UFC News

Next month’s UFC 157 event in Anahiem will showcase the first-ever UFC women’s bout and it was recently announced that the title fight contestants will recieve “UFC Primetime” treatment, which will air on FX and FUEL TV.

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey (6-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC) and title challenger Liz Carmouche (7-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC) will be the focus of the three-part “UFC Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche” series which debuts Friday, February 8th at midnight ET (9 p.m. PT) on FUEL TV. The final two episodes of the three-part series are set to air in the same timeslot each week.

Following the Friday-night debuts (which also include Feb. 15 and Feb. 22), FX re-airs “UFC Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche” the following Saturdays at 11 a.m. ET and Sunday at 2 a.m. ET.

UFC 157 takes place February 23rd live from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.


17 Responses to “UFC 157 headliners Rousey and Carmouche get ‘UFC Primetime’ treatment | UFC News”

  1. magoo says:

    aint purchasing the fights or watching primetime,but i do hope this attention whore gets smoked….shes getting old already!

  2. danielrchargers says:

    Magoo’s dad spent little time with him. now he has trouble accepting girls.

    • magoo says:

      haha her face looks like the back of my sack! U keep wackin off to rondabuddy cause thats probably as good as it gits for u mr charger….lmao

      • Thom says:

        whats up magoo you crazy canadian mofo

        • Magoo says:

          Things are good, how’s the Dutch touch?…lol. We still on for the Aldo/Edgar fight? U happen to know how everyone else in the community is doing, if so pass along a shout out for me I know a lot of the OGs are fed up wit da bullshit on the site….too bad they made this site what it is,along with u as well thom. While I got ur attention what’s ur take on wmma and Rousey headlining?

        • Thom says:

          dont know much about whats happening other than what scott told us. and yeah that bet is still on. Rousey is the UFC is a joke and i bet it wont even last til 2015. UFC is setting the women up for failure by putting them on this stage when there’s clearly not enough talent yet. If carmouche actually beats rousey then im pretty sure the division will be scrapped before the years over.

        • Sasquatch says:

          Sounds like Thom knows what the f**ks going on!. Too bad Machida and Hendo are on that card cause I’d sure like to see that tilt but I’m not willing to pay for that card… which also sucks for them because I’m positive I’m not the only one with those feelings and thier pay will reflect on that (PPV % cut).
          BTW I’ve got Machida FTW, who do you guys have?

  3. danielrchargers says:

    i am a wmma fan. not a solid Rousy fan.
    By you not buying this ppv becuase of Ronda, you are fucking over alot of other potential women who can get the call to come over to the UFC. those females can freaking romp.

  4. magoo says:

    Uh… Yea I’m not a fan of wmma! I could give a rats ass about other potential woman fights in the UFC that’s the whole fukn point! I’m hoping its a one time main event, put them on the undercard, cause I personally will not spend 60 bucks to watch them fight…. That’s my opinion like it or not.

  5. The natural says:

    Yea they can do all they want there’s nothing worth watching wen chicks fight like who cares this will prolly be last headliner after worse ppv buys ever in UFC history but power too them it’s just not interesting nor worth watching on show time let alone adding $55 to my cable bill Dana really needs to do better job putting together cards

  6. BJPennslittlebrother says:

    Said it before, women have no place in the UFC, stay in wmma, Dana needs to either sort his head out or his dick signing Rousey, i’ll repeat ‘she’s a one trick pony’, hopefully she gets 10 bells of shit kicked out of her by Carmouche and Dana see’s the light, wont be purchasing 157 or reading the results… Oh and i don’t have women issues before anyone jumps on the bandwagon, i’m just a fan of UFC.

  7. joe says:

    I’ll start watching only when they are allowed to pull their hair off of each other LOL

  8. Isabella says:

    He decisioned jemery horn, tim sylvia and tito ortiz. Chuck came back to whip his azz twice. Randy was constantly gifted title shots including one to Tim Syliva after Randy was coming off of 2 loses. Give me a break.

  9. danielrchargers says:

    I bet all of you cheese heads havent even watched a Womens mma fight, let alone train in any aspect of mma for over one week.
    You are all so disrespectful.
    Watch a fight, by two women in invicta, and see that these women are tough as nails and have talent. no just talent but actual skill.
    These women can Knock any of you ugly fucks out.
    these women can fight fight fight.
    i cannot believe there are still stupid me who try to stop women from doing what they want to do.

    • Thom says:

      wow you sound upset lol. actually ive watched 2 invicta events live and was a pretty big carano fan back in the SF days. What i said was a fact though, them being in the UFC right now is a joke because it can never last. No one is stopping women from doing anything but that doesnt change the fact that the so called ”rousey show” is gonna fail.

  10. Sasquatch says:

    Invicta is a great orginization and I’m glad women have it because I’m afraid there’s no future for them in the UFC… the PPV numbers will show that. I’ve got nothing against WMMA but I’m not willing to spend my hard earned $$ on watching them fight… unless of course there’s an inflatable pool and oil involved.

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