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Saturday, 02/02/2013, 09:04 pm

UFC 156 Results | Bigfoot TKO’s Overeem

The UFC has consistently put together great fight cards for super-bowl weekend, and tonight was no different. The co-main event at UFC 156 Aldo vs Edgar featured a battle between the behemoth’s as former Strikeforce, Dream, and K-1 heavyweight champion Alistair “The Reem” Overeem was pitted against Strikeforce stand-out turned UFC contender, Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. The bout aired live on Pay-Per View, at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the winner was expected to be next in line for a shot at newly crowned champion Cain Velasquez.

Each man entered the octagon with a hulking frame, and a clear desire to advance toward the championship. Antonio Silva was coming off a big TKO win over Travis Browne this past October at UFC on FX, while Overeem returned to the cage after a nearly year-long suspension in result of a drug test revealing an elevated testosterone level. The failed test came as Overeem was scheduled to face the champion at that present time in Junior Dos Santos, and he now was one win away from taking another step towards his quest for gold. Bruce Buffer brought the crowd to its feet, Herb Dean laid the law, and the giants clashed.

The fight began with a little feeling out and a lot of feints from Overeem. Overeem darted in with a left, and then a left hook to the body that left them in the clinch. The men break and Overeem pressed forward with a combo and back to the clinch. Battling for position, Bigfoot threw a right on the break and Overeem returned with a combo. Pummeling for position with each man landing peppering shots. They break and Overeem claps with his hands at his waist as to taunt for a take-down  Bigfoot throws a head-kick that misses. Alistair clearly confident with his hands down, seemed to land at will, and kept landing knees to the body. Overeem with a big leg kick and Bigfoot returned with his own. The giants clinch back up and The Reem maintained the dominant position. After the break Overeem attempted a spinning back kick, and counters Silva’s return punches with a clean right. The round ends at distance.

Round two began with a few awkward combos, Overeem’s hands still low. The men exchange, each man landing, and Overeem lands a nice throw to side control. Silva lands big elbows and gets back to guard. The men battled for position and Overeem worked the body, while Silva looked to setup a submission. More body work, Overeem stands up, and jumps back into Bigfoot’s guard with a right hand. More big shots from the Reem. Bigfoot tried to tie him up as they continued the chess game for position and wrist control. Big elbow from Overeem, and then he began to swarm. After more ground and pound, Overeem stood up and they began to exchange. Silva landed a big knee from the double collar, and stuned Overeem. After another quick exchange the round ends.

The open to round three the men clinched and Bigfoot began to land some huge combinations, including a head kick. Alistair is rocked and begins to stumble to the cage as Bigfoot swarmed the K-1 champ and finished with a barrage reminiscent of Phil Baroni. Huge TKO victory for Silva, as he began to scream over an unconscious Overeem.

In the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Bigfoot thanked his homeland, and all his trainers. He went on to say that Overeem talked “a lot of shit,” and that he has a belief in his abilities. The Brazilian also remarked on the lack of respect Overeem showed for his striking, and that he worked a lot of uppercuts to get the win.

Both men came prepared for battle, and the cage shook as they went to war, but it was the will to win and the power of Bigfoot combined with the lack of respect from Overeem that was the deciding factor in this fight. Silva looks forward to a hopeful shot at the heavyweight crown, while Overeem will look to get back in the gym, and back in the win column.

For all the official results from UFC 156 click here.

Stay tuned to to see if Bigfoot will get the title shot, and all the latest on UFC 156

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22 Responses to “UFC 156 Results | Bigfoot TKO’s Overeem”


    Holy crap. Overeems time of being cocky is over. Wecome to the big leagues reem job.

    • Magoo says:

      That knockout was beautiful! Respect you certainly earned it Bigfoot wow!

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      +1, he got KTFO. He was out and still standing. Way too cocky especially when you are fighting a mountain like Bigfoot. I didn’t like Overoids style, he’s with the Blackzillians now and it was like he was copying Rashad Evans style with the extra low hands and the massive head swaying. He needs to learn from this and earn his way back to a title shot.

    • some guy says:

      I don’t really like either one of those guys, but Overeem should have had that fight in the bag… needless to say that’s what he gets for not respecting another fighter and looking past him! i still think they should make the JDS vs Overeem fight I would love to see JDS knock his head off. DW said that with the way Bigfoot looked that night that Cain vs Silva 2 is a possibility. I personally think that it is not a good match up for Silva and it would probably go down about the same way when they first met, but it is MMA and i guess anything can happen! Bigfoot Silva did earn a little bit of respect from me tho.

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        Agreed on both points, Reem should have won that but he got what he deserved for disrespecting his opponent. I didn’t see anything with Bigfoot that would suggest a different outcome if he fought Cain again. He took a brutal beating in the first fight. Maybe a JDS fight makes more sense.

  2. Blood Lotus says:

    Overeem. Overconfident. You have to always be alert. Keep your hands up and your god damn chin down. Leave that shit to A. Silva and even he got rocked by Sonnen. A good wake up call for Reem and hopefully he doesn’t fade into the shadows. He looked impressive against Bigfoot and he was “playing” with him. Just hope he doesn’t make the same mistake again and I know he won’t.

  3. GRT 3000 says:

    2 rounds to 1 and Overeem loses…dude should’ve stuck to a gameplan instead of getting cocky.






    The only word that can describe this!

    He got KTFOeout!

    BIG FOOT is a great man, he is such a humble guy,I
    ve met him in VANCOUVER Canada once and he was so nice with me. He is a awesome kid bro!

  6. confucius says:

    If you want to know what Silva said to overeem after the fight while herb dizzle was holding him back i can translate….HEY REEM, i just saved a ton of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. obrigado!

  7. 123 says:

    didn’t expect that at all, imagine what cain velasquez & junior dos santos would do to him.

    • Thom says:

      You do realise Overeem beat himself here? I think he’s a great test especially to Cain but his arrogance cost him. Thats what happens when you fight hands down chin up against a man with frozen canned hams attached to his arms.

      • Quazzi says:

        True reem was outstriking him no doubt. Big props to bigfoot though. Dude hung tough and then went for it when the opportunity came. wat i want to know is how they called that a tko? Reem was out cold. Vicious ko

  8. REEM got KTFO! says:

    TIMMMMBER! Good for you Reem…. Who’s the “statistic” now hmmmmm?

  9. Zack says:

    That was karma at its finest. Use steroids and lie about it. Then talk shit how your the best fighter to walk the earth.

  10. punchkick says:

    haha, i wonder what would silva do to overeem if herb dean failed to control him after the fight.

  11. Sasquatch says:

    That was epic!.. the room exploded with cheers and high fives when Overeem hit the mat!

  12. Lawman says:

    Someone get the GIF in here!

  13. still laughing says:

    TKO huh? i must have been watching a different fight because the guy clearly got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT, and i laughed my ass off

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