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Saturday, 02/02/2013, 11:07 pm

UFC 156 Results: Bigfoot, Green, Aldo and Edgar take home $50k bonuses | UFC NEWS

UFC 156 is in the books, the night brought some great fights with many of them going the distance, but the night also had a couple submissions and a couple of knockouts, including the shocking KO of the highly touted Alistair Overeem.

At the end of the night two championship dreams were dashed, and we may have more questions than answers coming out of the event. All in all four fighters walked away with $50,000 bonuses.

Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva won “Knockout of the night” for his shocking and devastating KO of Alistair Overeem, Overeem was in control of the fight for the first 2 rounds, but that all changed at the beginning of the 3rd when Bigfoot caught “The Reem” and connected on consecutive punches until Overeem was out on his feet at the 25 second mark. The win puts him in the mix in the heavyweight division, and the upset loss knocks Overeem out of title contention.

Bobby Green, a Strikforce import won “Submission of the night” when he upset the very tough Jacob Volkmann on the preliminary card. Volkmann seemed to run out of gas early, Green then took control, and locked in a rear naked choke late in the fight to earn the submission victory, and a great way to start his UFC career.

The “Fight of the Night” went to the main event between Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo. The fight was by far the best of the main card as it was a back and forth five round thriller. Aldo started off hot winning the first two rounds clearly before Edgar made a furious comeback, as he seems like he always does, but just like in his last two title fights he fell just a little short. It was a great effort for Edgar, who was making his featherweight debut, however Jose Aldo proved once again that 145 lb. division is his for the time being.


7 Responses to “UFC 156 Results: Bigfoot, Green, Aldo and Edgar take home $50k bonuses | UFC NEWS”

  1. David says:

    Personally i felt like mcall benavidez shoulda won fight of the night

    • Husky says:

      Seriously? That was boring at shit. Both fighters did not want to engage to finish. They were just hoping for a one punch knock down or something. It was like rashad and lil nogs fight just at a higher pace.

  2. 123 says:

    i loved it when jon fitch was getting annoyed at being held down.. he must of spent like 5 hours lying on his opponents in his ufc career..

  3. KIDD433 says:

    Husky ur a troll!I agree with David,McCall n Benavidez definetly brought it and deserved FOTN.and Was hilarious to see bitch Fitch get a taste of his own medicine

  4. jdog says:

    I think all the haters are about to come out on Alister, but he got caught. He has always been prone to being knocked out and yet he was stupid and let it happen. The first round he was sticking his chin out and dropping his hands just like the second round. He didn’t take big foot seriously, that doesn’t mean he is over rated, it just means he was stupid. I bet when he comes back he doesn’t do that crap again. I was hoping to see him win, I am a fan of his but after this fight I am disappointed in how he didn’t respect his opponent.

  5. dvae says:

    reem looked less ripped for this fight then brock an werdum..looks like the lack of steroids played a part in his beating

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