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Thursday, 02/14/2013, 10:40 am

UFC 156 Drug Test Results: All Fighters Pass, Overeem Results Not Yet Back | UFC NEWS

Nevada State Athletic Commission official, Keith Kizer, told last night that all fighters from this month’s UFC 156.  Rumors had been circulating that one fighter may have failed, but Kizer explained that all the results have been confirmed; the only pending result is the additional blood test conducted on Alistair Overeem.  This supplementary test will check his testosterone levels, among other things.  Kizer said he expects the results to come back some time next week.


This extra test comes as little surprise, as Overeem tested positive for elevated testosterone levels last year resulting in his removal from a title fight against then champion, Junior Dos Santos, as well as a suspension from competition.  Many fans, and even Mirko Cro Cop, credit Overeem’s KO loss to Antonio “Big Foot” Silva at UFC 156 to the termination of his use of performance enhancing supplements. also reported that the additional test conducted is not a Carbon Isotope Ratio test.  Such a test determines if the testosterone in the drawn blood is natural or synthetic.  It is among the rigorous tests used by the World Anti-Doping Agency for international competitions.


7 Responses to “UFC 156 Drug Test Results: All Fighters Pass, Overeem Results Not Yet Back | UFC NEWS”

  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    lol I think it was clear that Overeem was toying with him. It’s not that he was overpowered by Bigfoot. He got careless and thus got caught by a fist as large as a volkswagen from a 265 lbs. giant. That has nothing to do with PED’s…It has everything to do with stupid arrogance.

    • quazzi says:

      agreed. Reem beat himself. Credit to bigfoot though for hangin tough and blasting him when to chance came. Too bad his prize is another ass beatin from cain lol

    • Dafak says:

      What ? Big Foot knocked out and dominated into the next year the former K-1 champion ! He dominated him in the STANDUP game. This once again proves that currently the MMA guys are not only better overall fighters but better strikers as well. Imagine what would have happened to Overeem if this was a K-1 fight ? Where he would have to eat this much punishment the ENTIRE time. He’d get KOed in the 2nd.

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        Umm… are you trolling? Because I can only assume you’re trolling with that across-the-board backward statement. Don’t feed the troll folks!

        btw Dutchman I couldn’t agree more with you. Well said.

  2. wtf says:

    @dafak I dont know what fight you watched but I watched overeem destroy that deformed fuk till he got cocky. He should have respected him no matter what and did what he did best. Prior to this fight overeem defeated brock who pretty much laid down for him then he took a really big break in which he changed camps. Now the camp he is at may not be at the level he was currently at who knows all i know is that he was cocky for a reason becuase he is good just that good but the lack of respect caused him the fight. I hope in future figths that he does way better. I am an overeem fan becuase of his work ethic more than his achievements.

  3. Devilock says:

    Not sure that Overeem dominated Bigfoot in the first 2 rounds. I’ll try to rewatch. I think Bigfoot’s strategy was to draw Overeem into the later rounds. Those big muscles need big O2 and if you can’t over power the guy off the bat, absorbing some punishment and capitalizing when he’s tired sounds like a good plan.

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