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Saturday, 12/29/2012, 02:18 pm

UFC 155 Live Results and Play by Play, Discussion

Sean McClure will be providing live results and play by play for tonight’s UFC 155 event.

Main Card On Pay-Per-View (PPV):

265 lbs. Champion Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez

Round 1

The crowd is very in to this fight. Cain comes out aggressively and locks in a waist lock and scores a takedown. Junior up quickly. Cain is really forcing the action. Junior slips out of a few takedowns and Cain is still coming forward landing shots of his own. Velasquez landing many more punches than Junior. Dos Santos is fighting off the fence and his face is red from Cain’s onslaught. Cain has JDS up against the cage and as soon as they separate he is stalking Junior again. Junior is wearing down and Cain rocks Junior very badly and and follows him down with ground and pound. Junior gets up, but he is taken back down and he is getting pummeled by Velasquez. Junior looks absolutely dazed as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Cain Velasquez

Round 2

Cain comes out swinging and takes Junior down easily and hard to the mat. Cain smothering Junior and takes his back. Junior up, and back down again. Junior is up and holding on to Cain. Cain swarms him again and takes him down again after landing a few shots. Dos Santos tries to stand and he is taken down again. Junior is up and pressing Cain against the fence and gets taken down again. Junior tries to roll out and gets caught in an armbar. They are up again and Cain is all over Junior. Dos Santos looks absolutely confused and one eye is almost swollen shut. Cain is dominating like no one has done before. scores the round 10-8 for Cain Velasquez

Round 3

Junior looks like he might have recovered some. Velasquez takes him down again and they end up standing up against the cage. Junior avoids another takedown and creates some space to try and strike. Cain closes the distance and drops two bombs and continues to punish him against the cage. They separate and once again Cain has him against the cage. Cain unloads again with big shots and Junior is defenseless for the most part. Junior presses Cain against the cage and stuffs a Cain takedown. Cain teeing off again and Junior looks like he has nothing left in the gas tank. As the round ends Junior lands some more shots and they look like they have some more pop to them. scores the round 10-9 for Cain Velasquez

Round 4

Leg kicks from Cain and Dos Santos lands a left hand. Cain closing the distance and scores a takedown, but Junior is up again. Cain lands a big right hand and is all over Junior again. Dos Santos tries to take Cain down and presses him against the fence. Cain dumps Junior down to the mat and tries to take his back. Dos Santos is back up again. Cain is absolutely punishing Dos Santos with lefts and rights. Junior’s hands are down and he looks exhausted. Cain presses JDS against the cage and is punishing him with short punches. Junior lands a hard right elbow and right hand. Junior stuffs a takedown and Cain lands a right hook. scores the round 10-9 for Cain Velasquez

Round 5

Junior gets a warning for holding the fence. Junior tries a takedown, but it’s not there. Cain stalking again. Junior’s head movement seems to be back somewhat. Cain can’t get the takedown and Dos Santos swings away. Cain tries a running takedown and it gets stuffed, too. Cain is pressing the champion against the fence as the crowd chants “Cigano”. Three minutes to go. Velasquez gets the takedown and looks to mount. Cain is in half guard dropping short shots. Dos Santos frantically looking for a way up. Junior is up and Cain has him against the fence. Junior lands a solid shot. Cain presses him against the cage again. Cain lands a big head kick flush and Junior wobbles to the fence. Velasquez finishes the round with Junior against the fence. scores the round 10-9 for Cain Velasquez

BJPENN.COM scores the fight 50-44 for Cain Velasquez


155 lbs.: Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller

Round 1

Miller tags Lauzon right off the bat and is on the attack. Lauzon defending and taking his time. Joe looks like he slipped and Jim swarms him trying to finish. Miller landing some big shots and forcing Lauzon against the cage. Third inadvertent headbutt between the two and Jim is throwing some vicious standing uppercuts. Lauzon is very bloody and it would be a shame for this bout to be stopped. Restart and they start throwing bombs immediately. Lauzon lands a knee of his own and fighting back against Miller’s onslaught. Both fighters slip at the exact same time amd bounce back up. There is a lot of blood and Joe Lauzon is so bloody that he looks like a newborn. The round ends with the two extremely bloody fighters trading against the cage. scores the round 10-9 for Jim Miller

Round 2

The crowd is electric as we start this round. Leg kicks from Lauzon and punches from Miller. Jim Miller football tackles Lauzon to the ground. Neither fighter can hold on to the other on the ground but Miller manages to get halfguard and lock in an arm triangle. I cannot stress how much blood is on Joe Lauzon’s face enough. Miller is trying his best to land some ground and pound and Joe is defending well. Miller attempts a D’arce choke and Lauzon reverses the position. Temporary stop in the action as the ref calls for some scissors to remove some loose tape on Lauzon’s wrist. Rubber guard by Miller. Joe lifts Miller up and mini powerbombs him but Jim holds the rubber guard. Joe is in half guard now and working for the mount. Lauzon locks in a kneebar but there is way too much blood there to hold on to anything. scores the round 10-9 for Joe Lauzon

Round 3

Miller gets wobbled with a leg kick. Lauzon comfortable in the pocket now. Joe slips on the bloody floor and he is on his back. Jim lets him stand up. They tie up and Miller lands a knee to the body. Both fighters are leaving it all out there. Knee to the body from Lauzon staggers Miller and backs him up. Lauzon is moving forward relentlessly in this New Jersey vs. Boston bout. Lauzon lands a good right hand and Miller is looking to tie up. Matching knees from the fighters and they look spent. Lauzon dives on Miller out of nowhere and almost secures an ankle lock. He loses it and locks in a guillotine just before the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Joe Lauzon

BJPENN.COM scores the fight 29-28 for Joe Lauzon


185 lbs.: Tim Boetsch vs. Constantinos Philippou

Round 1

Tim throws a front kick to start us off. Philippou gets pressed against the cage and Tim is looking for the takedown. – and gets it. Philppou gets up but is still against the fence and still in danger of the takedown. Center of the cage and a push kick from Tim. Philippou trying to avoid the heavy hands of Boetsch. After a small exchange Tim rushes in but nothing comes of it. Shortly after Tim secures a takedown. The referee stands the pair up after inaction. Constantinos unloads on Boetsch and it looked like Tim was in trouble. Just before the round ended Tim knocked Philippou down. scores the round 10-9 for Tim Boetsch

Round 2

Tim lands a pair of punches to start the round and has Philippou against the cage again. Tim can’t find his range and a shot from Constantinos opens a cut on Tim’s head. Boetsch has a takedown stuffed and they separate. Another front kick by Tim. Simultaneously Constantinos loses his mouthpiece and Tim gets poked in the eye. The doctor enters the Octagon to examine his eye. They restart. Philippou looks fresher and less hesitant to exchange. Tim is the aggressor for the most part. Tim pulls guard and keeps him in full guard until Philippou gets side control / half guard. Tim is looking bloodier as the time ticks on. Philppou is punishing Tim with ground and pound. The round ends with Tim on his back and Constantinos walking confidently back to his corner. scores the round 10-9 for Constantinos Philippou

Round 3

Philippou stuffs a takedown and is punishing Boetsch with brutal ground and pound. Tim looks exhausted and he has not been the same since the eye poke. He is scooting across the ground and seems unwilling to stand up. Boetsch is having a hard time seeing and standing it seems. After a missed takedown Tim gets punished some more until the referee steps in to save a battered and bloody Tim Boetsch.


185 lbs.: Alan Belcher vs. Yushin Okami

Round 1

Both men are displaying good head work. Belcher unloads with a head kick and Okami moves away easily. Neither man looks afraid to engage. Belcher slips and pops right back up. Okami has Belcher agaisnt the cage and lands a few knees to the side of Alan’s face. Belcher gets a trip takedown and locks in a guillotine choke ending up on his back. Okami is doing a good job working for position. Yushin gets side control, but Alan is doing a good job defending and gets to his knees as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Yushin Okami

Round 2

Round starts with a head kick from Belcher and Okami quickly presses him against the cage. Alan manages to lock in a guillotine temporarily and lets it go. Okami landing very small ground and pound strikes and smothering Belcher. The referee stands them up and shortly after Alan rocks Yushin for a moment. Okami once again presses Belcher against the fence gets the takedown. More of the same short ground and pound strikes. The referee stands them up again and Belcher is looking tired and wary of a potential takedown. The crowd boos as they approach their corners. scores the round 10-9 for Yushin Okami

Round 3

Belcher drops Okami with a right and now it’s Okami looking tentative. Belcher gets a takedown of his own and gets mount. Yushin stands and Belcher is still on his side. Alan has a guillotine locked in and shortly after they hit the ground Alan releases the choke. Yushin works his way in to the mount and Belcher looks helpless and very aware that Okami is looking for a submission. One minute left and it does not look like Alan is going to get back up before the bell. Okami is landing punches and Alan rolls over as Tushin sinks his hooks in. Ten seconds left and Okami finishes the fight on Belcher’s back. scores the round 10-9 for Yushin Okami

BJPENN.COM scores the fight 30-27 for Yushin Okami


185 lbs.: Chris Leben vs. Derek Brunson

Round 1

Herb Dean at the helm. Brunson in an unorthodox stance to start. They tie up and Leben ends up on his back and looking for submissions. Leben has an armbar for a second, but Berek is all over him, smothering him. Every time Chris tries to get up he gets taken back down. Brunson gets the full mount and nearly locks in an arm triangle. Brunson looks like a great wrestler with a weak submission game. Leben pulls half guard. Derek creating some space and dropping punches and Leben covers up well. Leben is up and Brunson has his back momentarily and as they separate off of the fence Leben lands a good knee. scores the round 10-9 for Derek Brunson

Round 2

Leben brushes off a takedown and this round he is creating more space between them. Brunson shoots in and presses Chris against the cage. Leben does a very good job brushing off another takedown. After another brief pause Brunson gets the takedown and lands in Chris’s guard. Chris fights his way up and Brunson is getting the better of the exchanges on the feet. Chris is eating a lot of punches but still moving forward. Derek has Leben against the cage again and Chris pushes his face and makes an escape route. Derek is looking tired and Chris is pushing forward and gets forced against the cage. The round ends with both fighters looking exhausted. scores the round 10-9 for Derek Brunson

Round 3

Chris comes out the aggressor, but Brunson seems content to counter. Derek forces a takedown and Chris pushes his knees away trying to make space. Leben gets up and eats a knee to the body on the way up. It appears that Derek has just enough energy to elude Chris’s offense. Leben lands a big shot and Derek shrugs as if to say “Is that it”. Leben is pushing the pace and landing some good punches and even better leg kicks. Out of desperation Brunson lands a double leg that puts Chris on his back. Leben is up with 18 seconds left and throwing haymakers. scores the round 10-9 for Derek Brunson

BJPENN.COM scores the fight 30-27 for Derek Brunson


“Prelims” On FX:

135 lbs.: Brad Pickett vs. Eddie Wineland

Round 1

Wineland in the center posturing. Pickett lands a good right. Big right hand from Wineland but Brad looks okay. Lots of near misses from the two. Wineland gets tagged with his hands down. Wineland wobbles Pickett who recovers. Wineland looking for the big shot, no question about it. Pickett tagged again and he looks rocked for a moment, but we are reset back to the center of the Octagon. Wineland avoids a takedown. Pickett finding his range slowly. Wineland is slipping out of range and moving his head well. Wineland lands a solid blow again as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Eddie Wineland

Round 2

Touch of gloves. Wineland doubling up with strikes on Pickett. Brad is starting to look beat up in the face. This fight is turning in to a boxing match and one kick could end it via surprise. Pickett lands several shots and Wineland is still swinging for the fences. We are at the mid point of the fight. Pickett is having issues getting inside. Brad’s leg kicks are have little on them and Wineland basically ignores them. Neither cam really find the pocket so to speak. Pickett gets a good left hook in and Wineland is now starting to check Pickett’s leg kicks. Eddie is bleeding under his left eye now. Both fighters land bombs as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Eddie Wineland

Round 3

Both fighters are looking for an opening. Wineland looks very fresh and his cardio is evident. Pickett lands a bug right hand and backs Eddie up. Pickett lands a solid leg kick and Wineland looks like he is favoring it. Brad pressing the action and landing a few good shots. Pickett shrugs off a Wineland takedown and we are in the center again. Left hook to the body lands for Pickett. One minute left. Pickett wading in and he lands two significant combinations. Pickett looks frustrated as the round ends with the lack of engagement from Wineland. scores the round 10-9 for Brad Pickett

BJPENN.COM scores the fight 29-28 for Eddie Wineland


135 lbs.: Byron Bloodworth vs. Erik Perez

Round 1

Kim Winslow the referee. Touch of gloves. Bloodworth opening up early. Perez backs Byron up to the cage and leans on him. Perez lands a brutal knee to the body and Bloodworth drops. Perez is hammering Byron who is now trying to survive. Perez continues to land short shots to the body and head. Erik picks up the intensity and power in his strikes – and the referee has to pull him off to save Bloodworth.


155 lbs.: Melvin Guillard vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1

Touch of gloves and we’re off. Guillard starts it off with a big leg kick and later another. Melvin lands another and Varner throws a body kick that misses. Varner looking to close the distance but Guillard is elusive. Melvin content to lands leg kicks. Varner explodes and lands a hard right. Melvin crashes inside Jamie’s defenses, but nothing comes out of it. Melvin’s leg kicks are hard and loud. Varner lands a good combo and briefly attempts a takedown. Varner wading in and countering Melvin’s kicks. Melvin drops his hands and Varner rocks him big sending Guillard face first to the canvas. Melvin pops right back up and survives a submission attempt as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Jamie Varner

Round 2

Touch of gloves. Varner ducks under a big shot from Guillard. Melvin lands a big leg kick, but gets taken down by Varner. Jamie almost lands a knee bar. Melvin reverses the position and flips Varner over his shoulder. Varner escapes but eats a knee. The story of this fight is Melvin’s kicking. He lands a head kick that Jamie shakes off. Great combination by Jamie and Guillard eats some good shots. Varner gets the takedown and looks to get the mount up against the cage. Melvin unloading with power but it’s Varner who lands a big right hand. Guillard and Jamie kick at the same time. Guillard connects to Varner’s stomach and Jamie blasts him in the cup. Both men look to land a haymaker. With 10 seconds left in the round, Varner finally checks a leg kick. scores the round 10-9 for Jamie Varner

Round 3

Touch of gloves. Guillard comes out like a man on fire. Guillard throwing hard. Varner breaks his defenses and takes Melvin down looking for a guillotine, but Melvin is slippery and reverses in to Jamie’s guard. Varner’s leg is bleeding and it might have come from a checked kick. Jamie gets up but eats a knee and shortly after Guillard is taken down again. With two minutes to go in the last round Varner gets another takedown just after Guillard managed to get back to his fight. Varner is 6 of 8 takedowns. Out of nowhere Melvin goes for an armbar and reverses postions in to Jamie’s side control. Not to be outdone, Jamie hits a reversal of his own. Melvin up to his feet and has to be thinking he needs a knockout to win. Near the end of the round Jamie eats a knee and goes for a takedown. Melvin takes his back with his head at Jamie’s waist. Varner stands with Melvin, head down and arms around his waist for a moment and then drops down like a pro wrestling piledriver. Jamie’s head is caught in Melvin’s legs as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Jamie Varner scores the fight 30-27 for Jamie Varner


155 lbs.: Michael Johnson vs. Myles Jury

Round 1

Johnson trying to go 4-0 in 2012. Pawing jabs and missed kicks to start. Johnson looking crisp and he almost knocks Myles down after catching his kick. Jury is unloading with kick attempts. Crowd is booing as both men circle warily. No one has established control yet. Myles Jury takes Johnson down and lands in half guard. Jury almost gets full mount but the slippery Johnson escapes and eats two hard left hands for his trouble. Jury gets his back and he is pummeling him, but Johnson covers up well. Lots of attempts by Jury to better his position. Michael is doing a good job fending them off but eats some ground and pound. Myles is attempting a kimura with a double wrist lock position. Nothing there. Jury in side control and now full mount. Johnson rolls to his back and Jury capitalizes by almost securing a rear naked choke as the buzzer sounds. scores the round 10-9 for Myles Jury

Round 2

Johnson comes out aggressive and looking to counter. A lot of what looks like shadow boxing going on and the crowd boos. Nothing landing from Johnson. Jury lands a head kick but Michael shakes it off. Johnson tags Jury confidently with a strong left hand. Lots of pawing from a hesitant Johnson who can’t find his range. Jury catches Michael’s kick and takes him down to full guard. Nothing happening from either fighter. Jury trying to get something going but lands only a glancing elbow. Myles content to try and strike from full guard as the round ends. scores the round 10-9 for Myles Jury

Round 3

Johnson shakes off a takedown. Jury presses Michael against the cage and gets a takedown via trip. Jury in half guard and Johnson looking desperate now. Myles manages to get side control and looks for a kimura. Once again Jury trying to get out of half guard and he decides to stand and ground and pound. Myles is dominating and is now looking to take Michael’s back. This is a completely one sided beating. Jury just passing and attempting submissions with ease. Johnson has not once tried to explode and get back to his feet. Johnson gets back to his feet as the round ends. scores the round 10-8 for Myles Jury

BJPENN.COM scores the fight 30-26 for Myles Jury


“Prelims” On Facebook:

265 lbs.: Philip De Fries vs. Todd Duffee

Todd Duffee def. Phil DeFries by TKO at 2:04, R1

145 lbs.: Leonard Garcia vs. Max Holloway

Max Holloway def. Leonard Garcia by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

125 lbs.: Chris Cariaso vs. John Moraga

John Moraga def. Chris Cariaso by submission (guillotine choke) at 1:11, R3


7 Responses to “UFC 155 Live Results and Play by Play, Discussion”

  1. Charticus.. says:

    Cain is the man .. Told you it was a lucky punch in the first fight!! BUHAHAHAHA ..

  2. Charticus.. says:

    Was that jds or big nog fighting Cain.. I couldn’t tell the difference!

  3. husky says:

    First fight was not a “lucky” punch. Cain went in injured and it landed. It was more like a handicapped Cain vs Dos santos, so to say that the punch or any successful punch is lucky is foolish.

    Aside from that Cains gonna rule the heavy weight division for awhile. Only threat at this point of Alistair Overeem, but I predict Cain will outwork him.

  4. krafty11 says:

    Cain was 11 for 33 on td attempts.. Cain was out boxing JDS as well. Cain wanted it more and it showed. But JDS does have a serious chin. He got tagged multiple times and still made it 5 rounds. When is the trilogy fight?? lolz!

  5. em says:

    Cain pressured JDS the whole fight.

    I thought JDS would start to put pressure on Cain after stuffing Cain’s takedowns in the first round, but he definitely seemed off his game. Cain landed some heavy shots in the first and almost put him away. Props to JDS for hanging 5 rounds when he could have easily quit.

    I wonder if changing camps and training elsewhere had any effect on JDS. Anxious to see who these guys will face next.

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