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Saturday, 11/17/2012, 03:29 pm

UFC 154: GSP vs. Condit Quick Results | UFC NEWS

UFC 154 is going down tonight from Montreal, QC.

In the main event two champions square off to unify the UFC’s welterweight titles and determine who really holds the UFC crown.


Champ Georges St-Pierre def. interim champ Carlos Condit via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45)
Johny Hendricks def. Martin Kampmann via knockout (punch) – Round 1, 0:46
Francis Carmont def. Tom Lawlor via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Rafael dos Anjos def. Mark Bocek via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Pablo Garza def. Mark Hominick via unanimous decision (29-27, 30-26, 29-28)
Patrick Cote def. Alessio Sakara via disqualification (illegal strikes) – Round 1, 1:26
Cyrille Diabate def. Chad Griggs via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:24
John Makdessi def. Sam Stout via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
Antonio Carvalho def. Rodrigo Damm via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
Matt Riddle def. John Maguire via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Ivan Menjivar def. Azamat Gashimov via submission (armbar) – Round 1, 2:44
Darren Elkins def. Steven Siler via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


20 Responses to “UFC 154: GSP vs. Condit Quick Results | UFC NEWS”

  1. Rob says:

    Bullshit call on cote fight should’ve been no contest ref didn’t say shit about the back of the head even though he did land 3 to back of head looks like more but the others were on ear on right behind it

  2. snoozefest says:

    Cote needs to be cut…AGAIN,and lawlor cured my insomnia.homnick fight was pretty good,and the bocheck fight was decent.Lets hope the co and the main event delivers.

    • snoozefest says:

      Ok! I guess the co main event did deliver!Damn!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Bocek got his a’ss handed to him real bad. Lawlor kicked Carmont butt and was robbed on the decision. Almost all Canada fighters were given gifts except GSP, Madessi were legit wins. Rodrigo Damm got screwed IMO he was the agrressor and landed all the best face an d head shots and easily won 2 out 3 wins.

      Did anyone else notice how flabby looking Sakara midsection looked. He looks like he use to weigh 270 lbs and has massive loose skin or something. I was surprised how much size Sakara had on Cote. Cote looks like he is smaller than alot of welterweights. I agree even though Sakara won by CHEAP ILLEGAL shots it should have been NO Decision or Dequal without giving Cote win

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Actually there were 7 blatant punches to back of Cote’s head one after another. I think its funny how in the middle of an exchage Vitor Belfort lands a shot to side or back of Franklin’s head when Franklin turned his head after punch was thrown and now he’s known as a cheapshot artist by half of you but then Sakara blatanly in front of millions people lands punch after punch to back of Cote’s head and somehow you guys don’t think those were cheap shots. Sakara hands down is the dirtiest fighter i have seen since last time I saw JOnes trying to stomp the side of Shoguns knee and every other fighter he gets in cage with. Dana White made it quite clear he wasn’t too happy with Sakara’s blatant cheap shots. However Bisping landed the cheap shot knee of the century on Jorge Rivera in Austraila when he was clearly down on a knee and Dana said he was going to fine him and never did squat. Whats ok for some is not ok for others. Vitor never intentionally landed cheap shots but now has a bad wrap for it

  4. Me says:

    Nice that Carlos lost, thats for running away from diaz. Also i believe diaz got alot more to come with from his back than carlos. One lucky kick hit GSP cuz of his eye was hurt and didnt see it coming. Except that he got dominated, now all u condit fans can step back in line, way back over there behind Diaz. Yesss

  5. Josiah says:

    sup bitcheees!!!!! GSP has done it again, money in the bag…..thanks george.

  6. Jujitsu Player says:

    GSP was awesome, impressed the sh!t out of me, to come back after 18 months and dominate Condit like that, wow, he’s head and shoulders the best WW of all time and deserved of at least a top 3 p4p spot. Bring on the super fight.

    Hendricks – I really thought he got lucky against Kosh, who in my opinion won that fight, but jesus he can bang! he’s jumped up a few spaces after putting away a usually very resilient Kampmann.

    Lawlor – he was unlucky I thought he did enough with take downs and top position to take this fight.

    Rafael dos Anjos – damn he was impressive, totally dominated Bocek.

    Cote – looked out of shape and was super lucky to get a DQ, he was already out of that fight before the back of the head shots, the ref fuc$ed up big time and so did the judges. Cote hang up your gloves before you get hurt bad.

  7. Congrats to GSP, but.... says:

    he failed to being even CLOSE to finishing. He looked aggressive from the opening of the fight up until he got hit by the headkick. At that point, he reverted back to his grind ’em out smothering style with no intention of finishing the guy. I never seen GSP throw so many high head kicks/front kicks from the beginning! Congrats to Condit for being the warrior that he is. Looking at their faces afterwards, you would’ve thought GSP had lost, his face was so busted up.
    Great first 3 rounds. Last 2 rounds typical GSP gnp (no finish).
    Congrats again though to GSP. Not bad after 19 months. Bring on Anderson.

  8. 757 says:

    No buts he beat Carlos ass period! Winner and still champ. He was trying to finish the entire fight. Anyone knows that in that caliber fight it’s easier said than done……back off condit fans and everyone else who hates on George. They keep putting them up and he keeps setting them down. Great fight champ glad your back.

  9. Irie Nation says:

    I thought gsp looked like he fought with intentions to finish, until that head kick….once that landed, he went to his old ways of just winning the round…I thought championship rounds were straight snoozers…co main event good but the UFC should not let Hendricks wait for shot if super fight happens…fighters that wait deserve to lose…your a fighter and claim to be the best…so if you are then prove it…last thing ill say is that carmont lost that fight…such bs that because they’re in Canada they prob gave it to him…fuck Tri star

  10. 757 says:

    ^^^ I think your right about clarmont but I think Lawlor needs to leave the UFC too. He is a total clown. His antics are dumb and make everyone look bad and his fights are booring. I wish he wold just go. I do think GSP fought great for having the injury he had and the layoff. He is a super talented dude and his athletic skills are off the chart. He was gone all that time and recovering from injury and he smoked Condit four out of the five rounds. Condit trained for about 9 months for that fight. GSP is a dominant champion at that weight. I did think it was a good main event.

  11. slacker says:

    GSP was awesome. Condit showed his warrior spirit and moments of great stand – up. GSP’s take – downs are just too unstoppable. Condit threatened well from the ground with submissions. It was nice to see someone actually threaten to finish GSP, and force him to come back from some real adversity, as Rogan mentioned. GSP threw some stiff jabs and a couple great, hard right’s. His ground and pound was awesome and ground defense too. The guy is just so talented!

  12. 757 says:

    You are very correct ….I agree

  13. Mike b says:

    Look,I’m not the biggest gsp fan but I was very impressed by his performance.Anybody that thinks otherwise is just arrogant.He looked great and seemed more aggressive than usual until that head kick landed,that changed the pace of the whole fight.The last two rounds he grinded it out on the ground to get the W.My respect for gsp just went up 100 notches.He showed that he can come back from adversity and prove that he has a warrior spirit.And respect to condit I knew he was gonna give gsp a tough fight.As far as Hendricks goes he definitely should be next for a title shot.No way in hell I thought he was gonna run thru kampmann like that!I was wrong on that fight,my jaw damn near hit the floor.Respect to All four guys they brought it.

  14. Mike b says:

    I meant ingnorant,by bad!

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