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Wednesday, 11/14/2012, 01:36 pm

UFC 154 Betting Odds; Do You Agree?

Just a friendly disclaimer – In no way is this intended to be an educational piece on betting or encouragement to bet your hard earned cash on my stupid opinions.

BetUS has released the betting odds for UFC 154 and for the most part it is what you might expect. There are a few fights you could make some money on if you wanted to risk the moolah.

Johny Hendricks coming in at -150 over a ridiculously resilient Martin Kampmann could prove to be a big win for someone willing to fork over the dough. Kampmann wins big fights, however lately Hendricks is looking unbeatable.

Also on the card is Mark Hominick versus Pablo Garza. Hominick, a favorite at -350, is known to choke on occasion, but he is still a great fighter. That being said, Garza just fought Dennis Bermudez and Dustin Poirier back to back. Granted they were losses, but they are arguably tougher than Hominick. Mark is coming off a three fight losing streak and that could mean one of two things. Hominick may come out hungry and aggressive looking for the decisive win to keep him in the UFC’s good graces, or he could play it safe and possibly lose on points. Garza would be another good bet in my opinion.

Counting Tom Lawlor out is insane. At +220 Lawlor looks great and it is surprising that he is such an underdog to me. I look for Lawlor to potentially open some eyes and fatten some wallets during this event.

Carlos Condit may shock the world, but I doubt it. It’s GSP. Enough said.

Below are the full betting odds thanks to BetUS.

Pablo Garza +250
Mark Hominick -350

Nick Ring +180
Constantinos Philippou -230

Tom Lawlor +220
Francis Carmont -300

Martin Kampmann +120
Johny Hendricks -150

Carlos Condit +250
Georges St-Pierre -350

Do you agree?


15 Responses to “UFC 154 Betting Odds; Do You Agree?”

  1. Jackson says:

    It’s funny how underrated Condit is… GSP is amazing.. but counting Condit out is a BIG mistake! I think Condit takes this.. and when he does, i’ma make a SHIT LOAD of money!

    • Me says:

      No GSP will not get knocked out, geez fighters are the worst at predicting fights for real.

      Just because all of you forgot about how good GSP really is doesnt make him bad. Condit wont knock out GSP, no way, ill stop writing here if he does for real! Condit will lose, just remember that on sunday morning.

      And all of you saying that GSP is smaller, so fckin what?? Anderson is smaller than jones, and jones is smaller than JDS. Let AS get GSP ( like planned for many years now, remember?! ) , and let Jones get JDS, same size difference as with GSP and AS. Problem solved plus those fights are seat fillers anywhere u go.

  2. Joon says:

    GSP takes Condit EASILY, and this is coming from a GSP hater. I find him pretty boring actually, but he will take Condit down at will and smother him the entire fight and win a UD. No way he finishes him though. If GSP wants you on your back, you WILL end up there. I just wish he had a killer instinct to finish and not be a blanket.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      NO REASON for anyone to “HATE” GSP. The man is a legend of the sport and without any shadow of doubt 100% UFC HALL OF FAME shoe in. GSP is gentleman and a first rate person who treats people same way now as he did when he use to mop floors at the gym whe he was a kid at the karate club.
      YES I am a bigtime CRITIC of GSP because he rarely fights anywhere close to his ability and I believe we can all thank Greg “NO ACTION” Jackson for doing that to GSP. I really want Condit to win and I don’t want to see GSP get hurt ro Condit either but i do think its time for a new champ in the UFC weltweight division as it has been over 570 + days since GSP has fought and its time for fans to see the new generation of HUNGRY REAL FIGHTERS who go out there each and everytime and fight like someone is trying to kill their mothers. GSP does not use but maybe (ONE PERCENT) of his skill fighting to not lose and point fighting with a jabberfest. I think If same Condit we saw against KIm, Hardy and many otehr of his killer performances shows up and lets it hang out he will beat GSP. If he lets GSP take him down and Fitch him like GSP did to Dan Hardy for 25 minutes there is going to be alot of smashed T.V.s across teh U.S. and around the world (EXCEPT CANADA) They would be just as happy to see GSP walk in cage and fall asleep on top of Condit as longa s he wins. Like I said no matter how much of a critic I am NOONE has any reason to HATE GSP he is a first rate ambassador to the world for UFC and MMA. YES I se to be a huge GSP fan until after about the 4th fight in a row where he refused to fight. I was also a huge Condit fan until he rana way from Nick Diaz. I never thougt I would ever be a Nick Diaz fan but he showed he was a much mcuh better fighter than Condit and Condit was scared to death of him. IN a REAL fight NICK DIAZ is the best WW fighter in world hands down

  3. jsmith says:

    I enjoy that disclaimer


    Yeah after a YEAR AND A HALF layoff expect GSP to rely on his wrestling a little. Wouldn’t you if you were already champion and wanted to keep that prime position, prime money and prime box coming in? This fight will be a little boring but GSP will win, then who’s next to really CHALLENGE AND TAKE the belt from the champ, EH? All you haters can talk shit but ain’t no one TAKEN the belt from him recently. Dana already banking on superfight with AS so he has seen GSP train and know’s what’s up. Nick Diaz boxed up a dozen doughnuts for me at Krispy Kreme last night and I gave him a little tip…for the chronic he sold me!!! It was $2.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I needed a good laugh thanks,

      “koschecks Bleached Taint” as much as I really don’t care for Koscheck attitude and him not willig to beat up Fitch at least Koscheck always comes to fight and put on a awesome show for fans which is far more than anyone can say for GSP. YES I hope GSP proves me wrong against Condit but come on we already know there is no way possible GSP will ever go toe to toe with Condit and or put himself in any kind of harms way. GSP will spend 25 minutes attemting and probably succeeding in either holding Condit against fence or flat on his back while checking clock every few minutes and watching ref very very closely to make sure he does just enough patented “FITCHING” ie: lay n pray and pitter patter every minute or so to keep from getting stood up. If Condit hasn’t improved his takedown defense by about 98% this fight will be an exact REPLAY of GSP VS Dan Hardy. My prediction GSP via 5 round (25 minutes) pure (RAPE) ie: LEGHUMPING. Condit may open up a bigtime cut via elbow from bottom and or catch GSP with a knee coming in will be Condits only chance of winning this fight. Regardless I as much as anyone pray for a barnburner title fight that is worth every penny. Like i said before I hope neither fighter gets hurt or sustains any serious injuries. IF old warrior GSP shows up I’ll be first one to congradulate him but nomatter how much he wants to do that we all know he wants to win so for GSP to go out and try to prove something with Condit for our entertainment would be 100% FOOLISH on his part. Condit has far far too much power for GSP whereas GSP would have to land the most perfect punch of the milleneium to hurt Condit. One glancing shot from an elbow, fist, back hand or knee would be lights out for GSP. we will not see any exchanges by GSP other than maybe a few jabs while retreating

  5. Jim Wilson says:

    Im going to vote for the underdog and say Condit will win

  6. JustAFan says:

    GSP by humpfest that Condit cannot stop. Condits lead leg, and eye will be dotted up from repeated low kicks and jabs. Id love to see Condit win, but its not gonna happen.

  7. rory says:

    For all the Condit fans this fight will prove his skill level as a fighter. This match will truly decide how great Condit really is. Be prepared for the truth to be revealed.

  8. Shadleigh says:

    The truth that will be revealed is that GSP can take down at will whoever he wants and dry hump them all the way to a UD!!!!! Carlos Condit will NOT be any different.

  9. Jujitsu Player says:

    This card is garbage….Nick Ring is fighting on the main card….enough said.

  10. allmightysandman says:

    yeah not sure that Ring deservest to be on the main card.

    I think the betting odds pretty much make sense…maybe the lawlor odds are a little bit skewed but not too bad. I do think Carmon will destroy him but there is a chance lawlor has something for him and could win.

    all in all probably pretty good odds.

    GSP all day.

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