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Saturday, 10/13/2012, 09:42 pm

UFC 153 Results: Silva Victorious In Round 1, Brazil Goes 4-2 In Main Card Action | UFC NEWS

UFC 153: Siva vs. Bonnar has come and gone and in the main event Anderson Silva proved why he is considered the best fighter in the world.

It took the middleweight champion just 4:40 to defeat the larger Bonnar in a light-heavyweight bout.

In other action, Brazil’s Demian Maia, Glover Teixeira & Rodrigo Nogueira all took victories during the evening’s pay-per-view portion of the card.

Your full UFC 153 Results are as follows:

MAIN CARD: (Pay-per-view, 10 p.m. ET)
Anderson Silva def. Stephan Bonnar via TKO (knee and punches) – Round 1, 4:40
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira def. Dave Herman via submission (armbar) – Round 2, 4:31
Glover Teixeira def. Fabio Maldonado via TKO (doctor stoppage) – Round 2, 5:00
Jon Fitch def. Erick Silva via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Phil Davis def. Wagner Prado via submission (anaconda choke) – Round 2, 4:29
Demian Maia def. Rick Story via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 2:30

Rony Jason def. Sam Sicilia via TKO (punches) – Round 2, 4:16.
Gleison Tibau def. Francisco Trinaldo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
Diego Brandao def. Joey Gambino via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Sergio Moraes def. Renee Forte via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 3, 3:10

PRELIMINARY CARD: (Facebook, 7 p.m. ET)
Chris Camozzi def. Luiz Cane via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Cristiano Marcello def. Reza Madadi via split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)


52 Responses to “UFC 153 Results: Silva Victorious In Round 1, Brazil Goes 4-2 In Main Card Action | UFC NEWS”

  1. ku says:

    The spider is the greatest of all time. He would destroy Jbj gap better not even try

    • Michael says:

      Man im sick of silva honestly. His opposition at 85 has been a joke with the exception of hendo and sonnen. His “13″ wins were against a bunch of irrelevant journeymen. Now his has his sights on gsp which is a joke. #1 we all wanted this fight three years ago, at that time silva didnt want anything to do with gsp. So when Machida came along and won the belt he said he wouldnt fight machida because they were friends but he would fight anybody else at lhw. Now Jones is champ and for some reason silva wont fight him. So he throws gsps name out there to try and avoid a fight with Jones. Who cares if he beats gsp which i think he would gsp is small the man could fight at 55 if he chose to. 170 is stacked with hendricks, penn, mcdonald, diaz, kos, fitch, when he beats gsp 170 would be so uninteresting. Honestly fight Jones and stop ducking elite fighters that are your size case closed….

      • bestp4p says:

        dude sorry to tell you but you’re retarded

      • Fab says:

        Dude!!! You are jealous!!!! Hahaaha

      • Xaninho says:

        I’m sorry but you’re clueless….Belfort who was nice enough to let Jones keep his arm was KO’d by Anderson Silva.

        Silva has fought the best fighters there were available in his era, the man is 38 years old, 185 is his natural weightclass he weighed in at 202 being out of shape……So I dunno wtf you are talking about?

        • Michael says:

          Yes 202 out of shape, the man e
          Walks around at 240 off season check it. And secondly he fought recently against sonnen. These guys are always training just not running full camp.

        • Xaninho says:

          So Anderson Silva told YOU he walks around at 240? If he didn’t you’re just making it up on the spot.

      • Tempt says:

        I have to agree with Michael. I love watching Anderson Silva fight, he puts on great performances but who has he fought that was actually good in the past couple years besides Belfort? Chael is not as great as people come to believe, Okami is also very overrated, Demian Maia? Please… Until Silva fights good competition at 205, JBJ will be the best p4p fighter. Plus if you watch the UFC 153 post fight conference, Silva shows no interest in fighting JBJ which is disappointing.

        • Kong says:

          He fights all the top contenders in the middle weight division. Who do u want him to fight? I mean Chrissy wiedman just came along and that fight will happen sooner or later, bonnet went the distance with Jon jones, just because he isn’t fighting the number one contender in the light heavyweight division doesn’t mean he isn’t fighting anyone. He fights and destroys the best opponents in the middleweight division time and time again. He makes other middleweight champions look terrible, for example rich Franklin.

      • Trent says:

        Your an idiot man! Gsp is still p4p one of the best in the world andfor you to say hes small :/ what does that even mean in mma anymore gsp is huge for a welterweight jones and silva are good friends which jones has said not just silva the silva and jones fight might be more obvious but face it its a tough fight for either of them plus silva is 38 why would he wanna keep moving up and down hes not anymore he says hes gonna defend his title which he shud do.. Nick diaz, gsp, thats thefights thats gonna happen and rightly so cos nick and gsp have to prove their at their best still yet silva proves this month in month out and stopping a guy who has never been finished in one round.. A guy who machida, rashad or jones couldnt finish? And your sick of him … Yeahh w.e

      • Mike b says:

        This site is just filled with with ingnorant roaches…….with u being the most pathetic of them all.if one word can sum u up in a nut shell….it would be stupid…….

    • Jasplanet says:

      The truth is that Anderson Silva and Ed Soares was hanging out in a lounge in LV when JBJ and Greg Jacksson walked by without acknowledging Andy. Time stopped and in a quick flash Anderson slapped Jonny soooo hard that it created ripples in our dimensions and the mark that the king of slaps left across bones face made his pigment fade to white and Andy whispered to jonny, zebroes cant hang with horses, with the voice of a ten year old boy. Ed Soares translated for the hotel lobby with a ten minute speach about the greatness of Brazil.
      And that was that.
      And that was that.

    • magoo says:

      Props to Silva the man is amazing! Glover looked great, Maldonado can take a shot unbelievable. Nice to see big nog get a W after his rehab, and damn did Fitch get it done against Erik Silva,it’s what the kid needed!

  2. ku says:

    Gsp not gap spellcheck

  3. Clay says:

    Bonner threw the fight obviously. But congrats to menitaro for showin Herman what’s up

    • Josiah says:

      herman also threw the fight. its not like him to just stand in front of his opponent like that.

      • B-rad says:

        It absolutly is like him to stand in front of his opponent like that. Did you see when Roy Nelson nuked him with an overhand right? He looked like a robot when he fought Steven Struve also. Just not exactly a high level striker.

        • Josiah says:

          probably not high level but not that lame either. i mean the guy is not attacking, he even sets up himself to be submitted. Nogueira is well respected man in brasil. he cant lose to guy like herman. i say, brasil bought herman.

    • B-rad says:

      Yeah he suffered for weeks just to make weight, pay a bunch of money for training partners, coaches, and traveling expenses. All to just “throw the fight” What world do you live in? Do you not understand or realize the preperation these guys go through just to make it to the fuckin weigh in ceremony? If you did, you would realize how stupid it is to say he threw the fight? The guy was headlining a PPV card, the biggest oppurtunity of his life. Why in the fuck would you intentionally lose? Unless he was gettin an even fatter check

  4. Lmao says:

    Haters!!! Lmao.You guys are sad!! Simply pathetic! Except for the first comment. Anyone that hates on Anderson is either retarded or a pure racist. You guys can eat a dick! Get a life.

  5. Pancho says:

    It’s not racist to dislike Anderson, that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. The cocky shit he pulled on Bonnar is the reason. And I agree he should fight Jones, a lot of people would pay to see that fight. And I believe Jones is the one that could beat him.

    • Michael says:

      Pancho your the man. These new age mma fans dont know what their talking about. This guy silva cherry picks his opps man. Hes fought bunch of journey men. Hey look I think anderson is awesomd absolutely. But he needs to stop makinh excuses to fight elite fighters.

      • B-rad says:

        What exactly is your definition of a “journey man”? Cause a journeyman is someone whose record is like 15-20 and fights every other weekend so he can get by. Who has Anderson Silva fought inside the UFC that fits that discription? No, he demolished Franklin 2 times, Nate Marquardt, Damein Maia (though that was lame fight) Point is he wasnt always fighting guys like Bonnar.

        • Michael says:

          Rich franklin? The guy who has wars with wandy washed up silva thats who your talking about? Do you forget lutter had him mounted and should have put him out. He had trouble with patrick cote for gods sake, this guy fought the sandman? Name me one fighter that he fought thats currently relevant other than the guys I mentiondd and yes belfort which I forgot to add.

        • Tempt says:

          Exactly, Belfort is the only “GOOD” fighter Silva has fought recently. Look at all his opponents track record. I love Anderson Silva because he always put on an impressive performance for the fans but he hasn’t fought anyone the caliber JBJ has. Defeating 5 ex UFC champions in little over two years.. I hate Jones as a person but you can’t deny his accolades.

  6. Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

    Pound for pound king is still up for grabs, and as great as The Spider is, unless he fights Jones we will never who the best fighter is. These debates will continue about who is P4P the best fighter in the world. I’d say let these two incredibly gifted fighters give back to the UFC by figting each other. An MMA fan’s dream bout. I think both of them are scared of losing to one another.

    • B-rad says:

      If you had a time machine that could send anderson back 8 years then it would be the fight your talking about. Anderson Silva is almost 40 years old! His time competing is all but done, Bones is young as shit, not to mention, should be fighting at HW. So dont hold your breath waiting for this fight to be announced, One guy at the end of his career, and another guy is really just starting his. Not gonna happnen

    • Trent says:

      You cant say unless he fights JBJ he isnt classed as the GOAT cause he is.. Hes a middleweight he only goes to light heavy for Dana to save the card.. Every fight hes fought at middle weight has been a top contender and for you to say he hand picks his fights is a joke Dana has specifically said hes had bad times with Silva like when he embarresed mia and wouldnt finish him so he wouldnt exactly let him hand choose his fights the fact is every top fight whos faught silva will either move up or down untill he retires cause they know they havent got a chance.. Thats why bitch ass Sonnen is fighting Forrest up at light heavy weight but lets face it that wont last long.. Silvas record proves he is the greatest of all time.. And when Jon wins a few more guys with a few more spinning elbows he wil be classed as the greatest light heavyweight of all time, well he probably already is.

  7. Jasplanet says:

    If theres anyone who gets to choose opponents its Silva cuz he proved himself. And jus cuz u fat cheeze gobbling mounyaingoat s wanna see jbj and AS fight dont mean they will. Don Frye said that fighters should tell ufc to shove their demands, if tha Don sais it then thats that. And as long as your not an investor, sponsor, owner and ur jus a fan, then shut the fck up n earn ur right to tell fighters what u think is best for them.

  8. Bitch Ass Greg J. says:

    What d fvck is a fat cheese gobbling mountaingoat? Lmfao, dude you’re a damn idiot, get back to sucking ur momma’s tities

  9. Zack says:

    Jones couldn’t finish bonnar. If Anderson kneed jones like that you would see jones all curled up too. And stfu sayin he’s cocky. Bonnar said he wanted a war and comes out and immediately tried to take him down. It’s called getting clowned on. Jones would get his cocky ass beat the same way.

    • Michael says:

      Jones was inexperienced when he fought bonnar #1. #2 jones doesnt really ever ko anybody besides shogun. Styles make fights man, look I habe a purple belt in bjj and sometimes certain blues catch me its just their style but I can tap guys they cant, its how the fight game works

  10. Come at me bro says:

    I like bonner but to say anderson isn’t the greatest fighter walking the earth now would be a joke I have wanted to see the spider lose his last 5 or 6 fight and everytime he comes out and wins he stood in one place for bonner and still beat his ass Anderson is a beast he will go unbeaten in the UFC

  11. Haha says:

    They gotta make the spider vs bones fight. Its the only fight that will make sense for both of them. Anderson silva will go 100% againts bones because he probablly take him seriously for once and bones can get his doubters out of the way IF he wins. Anderson hasnt showed his super sayan yet, cuz he knows the fighters in his weight class cant stand with him since he pretty much cleared the most worthy fighters in the division. To me, it looks like Anderson is bored in the ring. Like its too easy for him already. Giving his opponents free shots, not circling out, back againts the cage, handles down, loose collar ties and under hooks…he pretty much gives his oppenents big advantage position wise and capitalizes on every mistake. Imagine seeing the spider going 100% kill mode, I think the jones fight will bring that out of him. Idk…thats just what I think.

  12. Bob'O says:

    LMAO! Other than Belfort and Sonnen, lately Silva fights bums! JBJ would smash Silva, and Silva knows it.

    First card I didn’t order in years, and I am glad that I didn’t.

    Griffin, Sandman & Bonnar at 205? LMAO! Talk about just building up your resume with easy wins!

    Try fighting Machida, Evans or Shogun! Nah, cause you only take easy fights at 205 Anderson.

    And whoever said it’s racist to hate on Silva, why don’t you jump off of the stupid wagon you stupid fucking idiot. ~Bob’O

    • 1ne2wo says:

      One of the definitions of a bum : An incompetent, insignificant, or obnoxious person. Sounds like Jon Jones fits a few of those categories.

      At least Anderson leaves his weight class, until Jon Jones or Gsp does they shouldn’t be classed as p4p; However Anderson needs to fight and beat both of them to go hands down the GOAT.

      I’m hoping Anderson’s recent 205 appearance is him testing the waters of 205 to have a shot at Jon Jones.

  13. Michael says:

    Exactly. Dude jones beat machida, page, bader, evans, rua, jesus. This guy cleaned out a division that was known as the sharktank just a while back. Anderson hasnt fought any top level guys they just arent at 85. This guy beat chris leben theres your journey man, guy fights like a drunk man and knocks people out. Look im not on jbj bandwagon, but… What hes acomplished in so little time is more than andersons done in his career.

  14. Silva is p4p best says:

    Wow I didnt know there were so many idiots on thi site. Anyone who does not see that silva is the greatest ever should dtop watching mma. The guy is unbeatable, he annihilated bonnar he even gave him a chance with putting his hands down. Jbj could not finish bonnar remember?? I believe silva would smash jones too, his bjj is way better, his knees are deadly.. Jones is scared of silva, the only reason silva does not fight him is because he respects jones and does not want to ridiculize him while growing in his career. Some of you are morons whinghing about his opponents, but you know he would beat anyone they put in front of him gsp, jbj.. Anyone. And there are chances he will fight these two before retiring so stfu and give the best martial artist of all time some respect.

    • The Truth says:

      Agreed. JBJ is an excellent competitor, but Silva was victorious over Sonnen twice and Jones balked on fighting Chael. Not saying he was afraid, just stating a fact. Silva gave Bonnar every advantage to win the fight and Stephan didn’t even come close. Most of the hate for Anderson comes from people who think fighters and martial artists are the same thing. Kind of amusing really.

  15. Rob says:

    fuck jones straight up and those that think jbj is better than silva, the only way to compare them are from common opponents which are belfort and bonnar which silva finished both ease and 1st round tko, don’t say jbj was young and all that shit u still does the same shit, bonnar was more motivated to fight silva then jbj, silva wants to fight Gsp cause they both had the belt for so long, jones is beating old champs on the way out rua came off surgery rashad was a standing target rampage was only a boxer so it was mma vs boxing he fought machida who IS good couldn’t do shit till he landed a hard shot vitor is fuken dumb for not breaking his arm and couldn’t puch cause ” broken hand” if u say that’s a excuse u r fukn stupid vitor always punches and he didn’t vs jones, goin take nap now , shit that was a lot ! Lol why should a small aging fighter fight a huge young LHW?

    • 1ne2wo says:

      agreed but if for the sake of the sport and mma king crown to forever remain on his head, anderson needs to beat him n then jones can carry on n finish his career as the second maybe third best (we’ll see how his career pans out, might end in a car wreck) in the sports history books.

  16. Lord says:

    Idk man I just want to see Anderson stop fucking around in the cage. His skills are so top notch that it allows him to do that. JBJ will make him be on his toes if the fight ever happens. Make a division where the best fighters fight regardless of weight class. Just Scrap! Nothing to put on the line. They just get paid huge.

    • Bd says:

      Isn’t that what bj penn is all about !! I think Anderson himself has said that bj is the GOAT. Kinda weird when it comes of the mouth of the GOAT himself .. Unless I’m trippin but I heard that in an interview

  17. Michael says:

    Dude jon jones beat several future hall of famers. Anderson is great, hes very skilled yes but his fights have been cherrypicked. He hasnt fought anybody other than sonnen and hendo and yes vitor. That leaves 13 fights against irrelevant 85ers.

  18. Rob says:

    Shut up already they are fighters that’s been around a long time. Not Silva’s fault he makes ppl look stupid well it is but u kno wat I’m talking about

  19. Lu says:

    Andy clowns jbj, gsp, Chris weidman and nick Diaz bet the farm on that.

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