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Wednesday, 09/12/2012, 07:20 pm

UFC 153 Gets A Facelift: Anderson Silva Steps Up To Save Event, Will Face Bonnar In Headliner | UFC NEWS

UFC 153 has now received a complete reshuffle after losing both its main and co-main event this week.

UFC officials, after being forced to cancel UFC 151, put together what is likely even a more intriguing card following this week’s fallout.

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has agreed to move up a weight-class to face long-time UFC journeyman Stephan Bonnar.

In addition to the new main event, as reported earlier on BJPENN.COM, “Big Nog” is now set to return to action against the always dangerous Dave “Pee Wee” Herman on the evenings main card.

Glover Teixeira who was originally scheduled to face Rampage Jackson will remain on the main card and will now face Fabio Maldonado in the evening’s co-main event .

UFC 153 is set to take place on Oct. 13 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro. The pay-per-view event boasts an electric six-fight main card.


109 Responses to “UFC 153 Gets A Facelift: Anderson Silva Steps Up To Save Event, Will Face Bonnar In Headliner | UFC NEWS”

  1. DMAC says:

    Lol UFC making some funny ass match ups…

  2. Zack says:

    This is gunna be ugly. Talk About a sacrificial lamb

  3. Corndog says:

    I guess Kenny Florian didn’t want the fight?

  4. gsp's mother says:

    gsp’s mother gsp’s mother

  5. West says:

    I guess Stephan Bonner finally gets his wish for that perhaps last Big Fight to go out on, too bad its against the Spider

  6. Bryan Fury85 says:

    Zack and Mike, I said the same exact shit! lol. They should’ve put Anderson against Glover instead, Bonnar will be like Griffin vs Silva part 2

    Though it would be funny if Bonnar pulled the ultimate “fuck yo couch nigga” upset.

  7. Pepper says:

    Really think american phsyco has a chance but who has he recently beat?

  8. Mug says:

    What the actual fuck?

  9. The Ass Murderer says:

    One word………. RETARDED!!!!
    (but im still watching it)

  10. mean170 says:

    Props to Silva for saving the card. Even more props to Stephan Bonner for agreeing to take a beatdown on such short notice. The American Psycho is the man.

  11. Sgrulez1 says:

    I will be buying this card for the pure hilarity

  12. Kevin says:

    This is a joke right? Anderson won’t fight Weidman or Jon Jones, but Bonner is OK. What????

    • Wsheets says:

      Those two are kind of irrelevant. He took this fight to save the card.

    • Bob'O says:

      Exactly. It’s a joke match up. Respect Bonnar a lot, always liked the guy, but Why not have Silva fight a top light heavyweight like Shogun? Hell, even Rampage Jackson? Or wait, he’s injured now, but you get my point.

      Personally, I would like to see Silva face Rashad Evans at 205, but the UFC is not making the fights that the fans want to see happen, they are just cashing in on big names and former big names in order to protect there fighters with Nike contracts.

      It has become a joke, and I am a life long fan from the very beggining of the UFC back in the 90’s when guys would fight anyone, and a lot of the time 2 or 3 times a night.

      Bonnar most likely will be payed to throw the fight. 😉 If Bonnar won somehow, it would kill any future Silva vs Bones $uper fight. Ain’t gonna happen, no way, no how. It will be a repeat of Silva vs Griffin, which amounts to absolute garbage.

      On his way out, make some $, perfect canidate.

      Strange how Sonnen is fighting Griffin and Silva is fighting Bonnar. Are you fucking kidding me, I mean really? Talk about Bizzaro world. ~Bob’O

  13. jbeamazing says:

    so my man bonnar was the only one with balls or did anderson pick him


    i cant wait to see the preview for this, i bet it will be joe rogan laughing for a minute or 2.

  15. xhoochiex says:

    I’m really hopping boner can take the beating

  16. Jeremy says:

    The UFC doesn’t seem to have any control anymore, the last couple of cards have been disasterous. Jones is being a cry baby and wont fight because “he wouldn’t have a just chance to prepare…” Most of the champions below middleweight or recovering from injuries and will not be heard from until probably UFC 158 which means the options for fights are severely low. The fights that have been put on have been boring fights with little to no contest. The worst part about all of this is that this card is shaping up to be another boring card and will probably be yet another dissapointment to the UFC fans.

  17. bjj BB says:

    Ok now all the Jones haters gonna start saying how Silva stepped up to fight at the last minute? Why, because he had NOTHING TO LOSE unlike Jones who was too intelligent to make a bad decision and fight a guy that doesnt even deserve to be in the UFC. Chael is a guy who should be in prison, but because of your ignorance you choose to attack the CHAMPION> A fight against a loosing ass need to retire soon nobody with zero risk to his title. See the difference faggots?? I’m not anti Silva, just that he shouldnt get props where Jones didn’t get what he deserved. I dont see Silve fighting Jones because he’d get his ass whooped bad, but that’s ok. But if you notice he’s not even fightiong a guy that’s close to being a contender but no one is calling him unprofessional or a coward. Different rules for the BEST in the world because you loosers couldnt acomplish ! HALF yhe shit that Jones has done…and NEVER will, so suck a dick!!

    • mean170 says:

      Did Jon Jones kick you from his right nut to his left nut? Why are you so mad? I’m just happy i get to see a great fighter fight. You sound like you need a hug. Or maybe a front kick to the face, not sure which.

    • Zack says:

      What are you jones’ body guard. Not one word was mentioned about Jon jones. Ya big cry bb.

    • Whatever says:

      I don’t see Jones fighting Silva either. That works both ways. And nothing to lose? If you loses to Bonnar, I’d say he will lose quite a lot. So, in closing, as you so eloquently put it.. suck a dick.

    • Hiiipower716 says:

      Nobody said anything about that guy.

    • bjj BB mama is a man says:

      your mom would have to drop her pants and pick her belly up for someone to suck her dick.oh by the way how does she taste.

    • Jay says:

      What an idiot. Jones said he wouldn’t fight silva either their desire not to fight is mutual. Also Stephan is the only one to take jones to decision. He has a good chin and is much bigger than silva. This is a tougher matchup for silva than chael is for jones. I mean bispings counter wrestling on short notice was enough to slow chael, jones could have destroyed him and made a big pay day as chael is a big ppv. I don’t hate him for not taking a fight on short notice I just respect Anderson more

    • dre the nitemare fane says:

      fuck jones point blank period. i fight im 4-0 right now also i hold the middleweight belt in missouri. i believe if you are the champ you dont get to choose who you fight if the boss wants you to fight someone you do it. if you not gonna man up then give up that belt champs fight all comers

      • mmft says:

        your mom was the champ…. until i took her down…

      • Shonan says:

        That’s an easy choice to make when you font have millions on the line, trying to get to the big show. You can say what you want but at the end of the day a good portion of these guys do it for loot. There could however be that one championship fighter out there who sincerely loves beating the religion out of or into people for free…

    • Xaninho says:

      Silva is going up a weightclass on 4 weeks notice without a proper trainingcamp.

      Jon Jones had a full trainingcamp, was in great shape and still refused to fight Sonnen who had 8 days to prepare and go up a weightclass. I think there’s a distinct difference.

  18. bully4me says:

    Really Am I one of the only people that think this is going to be a brawl. Bonnar’s last time being KO was almost 10yrs ago against Lyoto the Dragon, if you don’t count that ridiculous stoppage against Krystof with the headbutt. He is one of the few guys that has made it to a decision against Bones Jones and is on a three fight win streak. He also is a very big LHW with better wrestling than most people realize . This could be a great fight. don’t get me wrong I’m not saying he’s going to go in there and whoop Andersons ass but he does have a chance and is VERY hard to finish. Better matchup than most theres days at LHW.

    • BiggoTrav says:

      I totally agree. I was actually thinking this card was coming together nicely. Would’ve definately liked to have seen Aldo/Edgar, but it’s still gonna be an exciting card!

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I was thinking the same thing man. Actually, his loss to Machida was due to a cut as well. Griffin is probably my favorite fighter, but I think he’s nearing the end of his career. Bonnar, however, seems to be getting better with age, on a 3-fight win streak. The guy is an animal. He’s a bloody mess at the end of mostly all his fights, and he always puts on a great show.

  19. Nando says:

    *Anderson shrug*

  20. Snake says:

    you know what? this might be interesting. Ill watch, hopefully hooters will have the fights.

  21. Noah says:

    Round 1:Spider moving back and forth, dancing around the octagon..American psycho trying hard to take Spider down..shoots and misses and shoots misses..over and over again,,,Spider gets frustrated..gestures to Psycho “c’mon bring on!!!” Psycho shoots again and misses..clock ticking…1:40 min marked….Spiders hands down…motionless..staring at psycho….Psycho seems like this is big opportunity..throw right hand …spider moves and misses…Left hand..oh! again misses…a sharp hard right jab from spider lands on psycho’s chin…whopples…Spider sees it…thai clinch and lands vicious knees to the body,,,psycho on canvas…Harb Deans steps in and waves his hand…Mike glover says “It’s all over” end of the story…lasts only 2 min…

  22. Dan Rod says:

    This fight scares me more than any other fight. Mainly because Bonner is a dog. He’s going to come out swinging. It’s like a bigger version of Chael. I think this fight is going to be a lot closer than people think. Silva really needs to retire because he’s getting closer and closer.

  23. Mug says:

    A very stiff opponent for boner

  24. Milkman says:

    Wow, April 1 already. Man time flies!

  25. some dude says:

    Im calling it now bonner takes this i dont know how but im calling biggest upset in ufc history.

  26. d-squad says:

    and i thought jones vs belfort was bad

    • BX81 says:

      If you don’t think belfort has a chance to win, you’re insane. JBJ has won and looked good but he’s fighting a guy with crazy ko power and who has seen JBJ same moves over and over again. If Rampage (who is slower) could gage JBJ timing like that then Vitor stands a good chance. I’m not saying he’s in fact going to win but he has a damn good chance. As for the Bonner vs. Silva, I think Bonner could push this to the later rounds. He has the ability to take some punishment and kinda wear on you. If silva plays it smart he’ll pick apart bonner on the out side. I do for see a silva front kick. lol

      • d-squad says:

        im not counting out anybody thats why mma is so great anything can happen but jbj had an extended training camp and he has something to prove with the dwi and turning down sonnen and who knows maybe jbj has an amazing chin but if he does get tagged i see him taking the fight down to the ground like he did against machida who is also a bjj black belt and got tapped out so i predict jbj by tko but who knows maybe jones will try the front kick as for silva and bonnar i mean bonnar has the size he could take silva down and he is also a bjj black belt but hes the brawler type and thats the type of fighter silva excels against so i predict a 1st round ko after silva counters him but like i said before this is mma anybody can win on any given night

  27. doug253 says:

    is this real??

  28. Doug253 says:

    I realy dont understand this?? can someone explain how any of this makes sence besides silva gettin paid?

  29. mike says:

    Lol can you imagine the hilarity if Silva were to slip and like fall into an oncoming punch and get KO’d

  30. bahahah says:

    never count out bonnar, that fuckin guys been in some wars, wont be any different with anderson, might come out a crazy man and catch silva

  31. dieselman says:

    What kind of matchup is this??? What’s next…Joe Rogan vs Kimbo Slice??

  32. stephen bonnar VS Anderson Silva is like Tito Ortiz VS Jon Jones, the winner is obvious and it makes no fucking sense, im gonna buy this for the laughs though, respect to bonnar.

  33. Doug253 says:

    I love bonnar , I just dont get it. Think the ufc is fuckin up. Should have tossed in Chael, I dont think any one want to see Chael griffen, Maybe bonnar griffen 3 , silva sonnen 3 at brazil 3? All I know is I dont think I will buy this one

  34. Just Sayin' says:

    This fight is….interesting. My initial reaction is “Holy fuck! This is the most one-sided fight the UFC could possibly promote! They may have well as threw my little sister in with JDS and locked the gate until her head gets beaten off her shoulders!”
    But now that I’ve had a minute to process it all, I can see how this all make sense. All anyone can talk about the last few weeks is 151 and the willingness fighters should have to fight whenever, wherever. Obviously this is going to spark plenty debate in comparisons to Bones’ (& Greg’s) decision to not fight Sonnen. The two circumstances are not the same. There are not even many parallels between them, with the exception of both scenarios being caused by the dreaded (and increasingly more common) injury. Besides, 151 already happened, and if it weren’t for the last few weeks, there is no way to know if Anderson makes the call to ‘save the day’. Silva has to know that doing this (regardless of how easy the fight is) will make him look like he is a company man. And that is one thing he hasn’t been able to show the world, that he is a “Team Player”.
    Lets compare the 151/153 situations:
    -Silva 31 days mental preparation
    -Jones 8 days mental preparation
    -Silva 4 weeks physical preparation
    -Jones fully prepped and ready to fight
    -Silva is not risking his title
    -Jones gives up a shot at the belt
    -Silva will fight a guy UP a weight class
    -Jones would have fought a guy DOWN a weight class

    —But another piece that cannot be forgotten is that Jones did say that he would whoop Sonnen anyplace, anytime because of the smack Chael was talking. (that fact IS hard for me to ignore)

    As for the Silva/Bonnar match-up; I like it. We all like highlight real performances (don’t lie!) and this should fall under that category! But Bonnar wont go out like Griffin. First off, that already happened. Surely Bonnar will attempt to make it to the second round. Hell, he went the distance with Bones! Also, Stephan has been begging for a grand finale; one last big name. No bigger name than Anderson Silva! And the key word is LAST. He knows this will be his final performance in the UFC Octagon. He will lose. Undoubtedly, he will lose. Most likely in spectacular fashion. But mark my words, Stephan Bonnar will take one hell of a pounding on his way to defeat! Silva is going to have to damn-near kill The American Psycho.
    I’m pumped. I always look forward to The Spider’s “Ballet of Violence”. I wasn’t expecting to get another display of it until next year. And although I am sad that Aldo/Edgar is gonna take a few months to happen, it could be worse. The UFC could have left us with Nogueira/Herman, and I’m sure that would have us bitching a whole lot more than “…the most one-sided fight the UFC could possibly promote!”

    Just Sayin’

    • mmft says:

      yeah… jones would whoop him any place, anywhere, except for in the octagon…..when sonnen didn’t even have a training camp….. yeah…… can ignore that….
      and silva steps up to face one of the lowest ranked lhw in the ufc…. yeah…
      pretty sure they both look like pussies. nice try though.

  35. Sugar Ponybear says:

    I don’t even think Silva fans will understand this. I understand why Glover – Silva won’t happen, but Bonner? Big Nog could use a step up in competition too.

  36. Goof-Nutz says:

    WWOOOWWWW!!! What a good joke?? Wtf has been going on?? Terrible cards/matchups/ all year. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse Dana comes up with this crap. I’ll make sure I make plans this night.

  37. TheWholeTruth says:

    Bonner vs Anderson? Dana has sunk to an all time low. This really pisses me off. I will not watch that crap. Bonner should not be fighting a title holder. This shied how much dana respects his fighters. Jones didn’t go for stupid s h i t like this. Dana, if you ever read this, you’re an a s s h o l e.

  38. wut in the fukkkk ??? r we serious right now ?? jeez ufc step your damn game up

  39. Clay says:

    Smh. They are making matchups the will have big names for ppv. But they don’t make sense. Noone gets anywhere. Why not have Diaz face silva?? Dana said that matchup didnt matter.. He just don’t like diaz

  40. drew says:

    glover vs anderson

  41. murray says:

    I was torn but now im convinced silva is created by the ufc he belongs in lightheavy weight him & jon jones r a couple of poofs i’ve lost all respect 4 both of them,atleast they still have alot of dumb people who think their real fighter’s its not fake but it might as well be.we should introduce height restrictions this is how u stop cowards from taking titles

  42. Xaninho says:

    I would have liked Wandy-Sonnen better. I guess Sonnen doesn’t like the idea of being in the same cage with a non-dehydrated 195 lbs. Wandy ready to tear his head off.

  43. jbeamazing says:

    what about chris weidman

  44. punchkick says:

    could be a really long shot but i hope the american psycho wins!

  45. Mike b says:

    What the fuck?????lol.hey the UFC really don’t have much options so they gotta do what they gotta do.but bonnar?i luv bonnar but that match is so irrelevant.big nog is gonna wreck pee wee.Lol…hey it’s a lot better than having no card again.and I’m looking foward to see glover fight again.WOW!

  46. Greedydanawhite says:

    Y didnt they do silva vs. sonnen 3 in brazil as it was supposed to be originally?? I think thats more interesting than jones vs. sonnen. They have a month to train unlike 8 days.
    Now bonner vs. silva…wtf?!!…dana is sooo greedy!! Dana thinks Ufc viewers are ignorant idiots!!! PLEASE BOYCOTT ALL UFC EVENTS!!! We work too hard to burn our money on trash events like this!!!

  47. I feel bad for Bonner. Nobody is giving him a chance in this fight, myself included.

  48. Kingsforge says:

    Silva’s on a roll. Sounds like he just wants to fight lately, which in my opinion is only a good thing. Sure the match-up doesn’t make sense, but who cares, watching Anderson Silva tear people apart is always fun to watch.

    If he is aiming for retirement soon then dropping a few middle tier fighters for an extra payday makes perfect sense. Why just retire as the best when you can retire as the best and rolling in money.

  49. Sasquatch says:

    I’m speechless….

  50. CombatRusse says:

    Hopefully this will last more than one round
    The spider should allow Bonnar to take him down just to give us a show lol
    But anyway this is looking like WWE

  51. 123 says:

    what a load of shit. he’s the no1 p4p fighter in the world & he’s fighting bums compared to jon jones. jon jones opponents… rashad evans, lyoto machida, rampage jackson & shogun rua. whos anderson silva faced thats dangerous… vitor belfort? jon jones is fighting him in 10 days.

  52. Bob'O says:

    Sonnen would smash Wandy. It’s just reality bro. ~Bob’O

  53. Mike Beltran is The Sh@$iest ref ever says:

    Bonnars on a 3 fight win streak, he went the distance against Jon Jones. Everybody complaining about him fighting, I don’t ever recall your name ever fighting bonnar! Can b#%ch from outside a cage, but anybody that’s whining, Go on up to Bonnars camp, and try your luck. Silva isn’t training right now, and that the whole point of him fighting @ 205. Doesn’t have to make a drastic weight cut, and he will fight somebody who will make an interesting fight. So many armchair fighters on here, come on down to my gym, and I’ll hook you up with some ammys, and will see if you think your still tough and know everything…

    • Bob'O says:

      Calm down tough guy. Remove Silva’s sack from your throat. 😉

      I like Bonnar too, but you need to hop up off of his sack as well. If Silva had any balls he would fight Shogun or Rashad Evans at 205! ~Bob’O

  54. 123 says:

    shutup, wanker. theese people are fans of mma & wanna see the best fights.

  55. macheetah says:

    Why does Silva always move up to fight cans?!

  56. maybe just do 1 pay per view a year??

  57. AndrewJ says:

    what did Stephan Bonnar do to piss off Dana White this isn’t a main event this is a slaughter we all seen what Silva did to Forest Griffen a man who beat Bonnar twice your all saying Bonnar is a has a chance that’s a good joke Silva will mess around for the first 3 mins dodging everything then 1 punch later and Bonnar is on the matt and fights over this is no main event sure Silva steped up but the UFC just pretty much said ok well since hes moven up a weight class lets not give him anyone that can maybe beat him you want a real main event then make it something like Reshad to fight Silva someone who could maybe beat him i see there is 0 point on making this fight with Bonnar sure he hasn’t had a fight in awhile but again this isn’t a fight this is a slaughter

  58. KIDD433 says:

    This is the dumbest match up IVe ever heard of!!!!

  59. I think I sharted on my self the moment I read this

  60. Clint says:

    Lets all think about this for a second… isn’t it funny how they asked Chael Sonnan to fight Jon Jones to save the card, but they didn’t ask Chael Sonnan to fight Bonnar or Chael didn’t even come forward this time.

    The thing about UFC and Dana White is that they want to put a Title Belt in Chael Sonnan hand’s so bad it’s crazy. It will most likely be a good fight if Bonnar comes hard like he usually does, and if Silva is in shape with good conditioning.

    This can be a good thing though, because GSP has a fight coming up soon as well, this will give both of them one fight each until they sign the contract to fight each other.

  61. Dan Rod says:

    Bonnar is a big guy. He’s not a blown up 205 pounder. He’ a big guy that has never been submitted or knocked out. He was stopped due to cuts buts that’s it. This guy will be like a dog. He’ll probably work to take Silva down and try to submit him which he has 7 submissions. You guys are thinking he’s going to be slow and robotic, but he’ll probably push Silva to the cage and work him that way. This is a tough fight make no mistake about it.

  62. Dan Rod says:

    Bonnar is a big guy. He’s not a blown up 205 pounder. He’ a big guy that has never been submitted or knocked out. He was stopped due to cuts buts that’s it. This guy will be like a dog. He’ll probably work to take Silva down and try to submit him which he has 7 submissions. You guys are thinking he’s going to be slow and robotic, but he’ll probably push Silva to the cage and work him that way. This is a tough fight make no mistake about it. By the way. Silva took this fight at 205 for probably 2 reasons. 1. He can avoid weight cutting in 4 weeks. 2. To see if he can fight a big guy at 205 (think about that one).

  63. HulkaMania says:

    Bonnor will juice up real nice for this one, he’s already a bigger version of Sonnen, that knee to the chest thing would just bounce off of him.

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