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Saturday, 09/22/2012, 10:28 pm

UFC 152 Results: Jon Jones Survives Early Scare To Retain Title | UFC NEWS

UFC has come and gone and in the main event, UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones proved the oddsmakers right and methodically broke Vitor Belfort down to retain the UFC light-heavyweight title.

In the first round Vitor Belfort slapped on an armbar that popped Jones’ arm but didn’t break it or force the tap. Jon was able to maintain throughout the rest of the fight, but at the conclusion Jones told UFC ringside commentator Joe Rogan that his arm took severe damage.

Your full “UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort” results are as follows:

Jon Jones def. Vitor Belfort via submission (americana) – Round 4, 0:54 – to retain UFC light-heavyweight title
Demetrious Johnson def. Joseph Benavidez via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46) – to become inaugural flyweight champion
Michael Bisping def. Brian Stann via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Matt Hamill def. Roger Hollett via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Cub Swanson def. Charles Oliveira via knockout (punches) – Round 1, 2:40
Vinny Magalhaes def. Igor Pokrajac via submission (armbar) – Round 2, 1:14
T.J. Grant def. Evan Dunham via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
Sean Pierson def. Lance Benoist via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Marcus Brimage def. Jimy Hettes via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Seth Baczynski def. Simeon Thoresen via knockout (punch) – Round 1, 4:10
Mitch Gagnon def. Walel Watson via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 1:09
Kyle Noke def. Charlie Brenneman via TKO (strikes) – Round 1, 0:45


145 Responses to “UFC 152 Results: Jon Jones Survives Early Scare To Retain Title | UFC NEWS”

  1. fist says:

    jon jones is d best fighter right now..haters gonna hate

  2. fist says:

    jone jones is d best fighter right now..haters gonna hate

  3. bones knows says:

    jbj gonna kill all your favorite fighter..more haters to come hahah,,machida and spider is his next meal

    • Bob'O says:

      You bumped your head brah, Silva would knock Jones out. Unless all of a sudden Bones just decided to change his style and became Chael Sonnen by just charging Anderson and going for the immediate take down.

      Actually, That would be his best chance. Hell, I bet Machida will knock Jones out next time. Quit bouncing on Bones sack though,Yeah Jon is good, but he’s not unbeatable.

      He couldn’t finish Rashad, but Lyoto put Rashad to sleep. Silva took out Vitor in the 1st round, so it’s all about match ups and sometimes who is just on their game that night.

      Every dog has his day. ~Bob’O

  4. Hook says:

    Jon Jones can lick my shnuts! Just cause he won doesn’t mean I’m gonna jump on his bandwagon. He was a pussy before the fight and he still is now IMHO!

    • bones knows says:

      haterrrrssss!!! grow up kid..hahaha bones the serial killer

      • DBKlein69 says:

        bones knows how to duck sonnen. im glad he has nerve damage. serves him right for using bible verses as a punchline. im glad his big-mouth mother is blind too. ha! blind bitch.

        • Nick says:

          As you have a picture of him

        • DBKlein69 says:

          yea because he used to be my favorite fighter. i haven’t got around to changing it.
          @rapid, i agree brother. jon jones is a moron for turning down sonnen fight. hopefully he’ll get wiser as he grows older.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          ahaha @Douchebag you bandwagon fruitcake. first you’re all over his stick and put a picture of him up – then what happened…?! Did he show too much class for yah? make up your mind schiz-o…

        • DBKlein69 says:

          Gay Roy Tranny 3000, i did make up my mind. jones is a self-centered, arrogant, bible-quoting fraud. once this became blatantly obvious, i can no longer be a fan of his, regardless of how much i liked him. he uses christianity as a prop.
          quick example. jon has Philippians 4:13 tatted across his chest. not surprising, as he often quotes bible verses and claims to be a christian. the problem is, jon has either never actually read Philippians, or he picks and chooses which bible verses he will obey, and which bible verses aren’t really suitable or important enough to obey.
          had he read Philippians, before he even got to chapter 4 verse 13, he would’ve stumbled upon Philippians 2:3 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”
          jon has been very open about his selfish ambition to become the greatest fighter ever. his decision to turn down sonnen was because he was concerned with what was best for him, not the company, the sport or the fans. it’s perfectly ok to not be a christian. pretending to be one for PR, however, is not ok.

  5. jbj is stupid says:

    palhares has d best chance to beat jbj

    • Holy Crap says:

      crap being pulled outta left field now that Belfort has gone down…Palhares? Please. You may as well say Sam Stout or Leon Spinks…..just as ridiculous…

      Jones has standards when he fights: they gotta be a current or former champion….

      “The Champ Is Here!”

      • Frankie says:

        how WWE of you to say “The Champ is Here”, I guess after John Cena made that phrase popular everyone uses it. I only know this because my 5 year old loves watching wrestling and John Cena. I just watch it for the divas but on a sidenote yeah Palhares that is total left field name drop

        • WWE? Retard, Please. says:

          Or maybe, just maybe, that is the title of the Jadakiss song that Jones walked out to when he fought Rashad Evans. You think?

          The Champ is here!!!

        • King Prodigy Levreau says:

          I though it first came from Bundini Brown when he would yell that about Ali…could be wrong!

    • Khaos969 says:

      You may have a good point there…jones would squeal from his heel hook !

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      This is a joke right?!?

      JBJ would mince him, Palhares got destroyed by Belcher, did you see it, one of the most one sided fights ever. Palhares has leg locks and a haymaker and that’s it. You’ll never see him in the ring with JBJ. Not in the same weight class or league.

      IMO Gus or Machida has the best chance at upsetting Jones at 205lb. I personally think JBJ would beat Silva if they ever meet. I just think his wrestling and ground and pound and size/strength advantage would nullify Silva.

  6. Big papi says:

    What happened to everyone saying Jones would get ktfo?

    • life is meh says:

      There’s a difference between hope and prophecy.

    • mmafanboy says:

      Those kicks to Vitor’s knees were just effin pansy if you ask me. He was obviously worried about getting ktfo why he resorted to bitch tactics. Not saying they arent legal or effective, it’s just a bitch move.

      • Big papi says:

        Haters will use any excuse they can. Jones was dominant as usual. Jones > Silva.

        • life is meh says:

          Other than when Vitor almost snapped his arm you mean…

        • exactly says:

          not a perfect fight, but a perfect ending for Jones.
          oohhh, … belfort ALMOST got the Jones’ arm…
          Machida almost beat Jones….everything is almost when it comes to Jones…. that’s the hope haters hang on to. pathetic.

        • life is meh says:

          I must be missing something. Claiming Jon was dominant except for the moment when he was in trouble with the armbar in no way shows hate for Jones or support of Belfort. So I’m not really sure what you’re objecting to…

        • Xaninho says:

          How does a tough and difficult win over a guy who got quickly taken care of in the first round by Silva make Jones better than Silva?

          If you’re taking Belfort as a reference the logic thing to say would be Silva>Jones.

          Besides that I don’t see why you’re draggin Silva into this storyline, he has nothing to do with this fight.

        • Lol says:

          He needs to step up not down. Silva is 37 and past his prime. jbj needs to move up or JDS (real champion) needs to come down to knock out jbj

  7. yeahrightman says:

    What are you talking about no one thought he was guna lose to vitor they just “hoped” he would. Result was exactly the same as everyone knew it would be, except closer.

  8. fapo says:

    JBJ still sucks and, i would’ve really loved to see that arm pop!! i just really think the dude is an asshole.

  9. Bjj BB says:

    When people compare jbj to the spider makes me laugh, anderson silve did not finish a bunch of ledgend’s like jbj did, he simply beat guys that had there shot comming, well he did finish vitor and dan but when you compare the talent level on who beat who and finished then, jbj got one up on the spider, but the spider been doing it longer and jbj has much more to prove to be as great as the spider, untill that happens the spider is the best and im a huge jbj fan, and to say jbj has to beat siva to be #1 is like saying, well lets say fedor never lost and was still fighting, thats like saying silva has to fight fedor and beat him to be #1, lets say aldo is starting to creep up on silva as being the best, you guys gonna say aldo has to move up and beat silva to be #1? Who ever wins the longest and beats the best at the end of there fighting careers are the best, fedor is not the best anymore simply cause he lost, so that goes for gsp, silva, aldo , jds and jbj.

    • Ripshot de la Culebra says:

      A lot of fighters duck middleweight because of the spider. They feel like they have a better chance against GSP or Jones.

      • king says:

        just like silva ducking light heavyweight..he just want a leftover in LH division..give him rashad or machida even shogun i dont thiink silva can dominaten that 3 just like what jbj him or hate him jones is the complete fighter right now.

        • ballsackface says:

          hes been over and fought 2 205ers before and destroyed them
          hes destroyed dan
          hes destroyed vitor where jbj went 4 rounds with him and had to submit him.
          hes beat people in 185 that were naturally 205ers and have since fought at 205.
          people say about him going up to fight, why dont they comedown if its so easy to cut and be gangsta and MW?

        • Big Papi says:

          He’s fought two 205ers that aren’t even top 10. Wow good job. Lmao. Just like king said he needs to fight Rashad or Shogun. Lyoto probably wouldn’t happen because they’re friends

        • life is meh says:

          You do realize Forrest was top 10 when they fought right?

        • Big Papi says:

          @life is meh Forrest top 10? xD LOL.

    • life is meh says:

      Bones only has the chance to beat legends because he is relatively new to the division. When you’ve ruled your division for as long as Silva, you’re going to be the only legend left. Last option for Silva is LHW and he should go after that belt as soon as possible.

    • Your comment would make sence but you don’t know what your talking about pretty sure Hendo beat Shogun,Silva beat HendoSilva dismantled Vitor,Jones is rehabing a injury from Vitor currently.Machida lost to Shogun again he lost to Hendo,Jones couldnt finish Bonnar Silva will.Bones beat Evans who lost to Machida who lost to Rua who lost to Hendo your laughter is questionable Fedor?WOW His last legitament win was against Mark Hunt.Oh yeah whats the name of the guy that beat Fedor that Silva beat..?And yes to be the man you gotta beat the man an Anderson Silva is the man..The fact that they could meet up at a lightheavyweight makes this subject legitament.And Jones ducked Sonnen Silva beat him twice.Is your statement legitament,don’t answer that its a retorical question.

    • kook says:

      Hendo beat Shogun,Silva beat HendoSilva dismantled Vitor,Jones is rehabing a injury from Vitor currently.Machida lost to Shogun again he lost to Hendo,Jones couldnt finish Bonnar Silva will.Bones beat Evans who lost to Machida who lost to Rua who lost to Hendo your laughter is questionable Fedor?WOW His last legitament win was against Mark Hunt.Oh yeah whats the name of the guy that beat Fedor that Silva beat..?And yes to be the man you gotta beat the man an Anderson Silva is the man..The fact that they could meet up at a lightheavyweight makes this subject legitament.And Jones ducked Sonnen Silva beat him twice.Is your statement legitament,don’t answer that its a retorical question.Can Jones beat Silva we won’t know until they fight and Silva has records and acommplishments that make him a legend compairing the two is disrespectful.

  10. The Truth says:

    Jones is a polarizing figure for sure. As an older martial artist I can surmise many points to create a negative opinion of “Bones”, and create fictitious scenarios as to why he should not be considered in the ranks of P4P greats with much lengthier or storied careers. However, that would not be The Truth. Artists search for Truth. Truth is, no-one has beat him yet, and until he is defeated, he is the top of the food chain. This doesn’t mean I have to like him, but I can still respect the man for his skill and accomplishments. As far as Anderson Silva, we’ll just have to wait and see… That fight should be epic.

    • Deebolt says:

      Exactly, these morons take our hate for JBJ the wrong way. We dislike jones, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great fighter, close to the best atm. I haven’t watched the fight yet, not paying for it thats for sure, but I’ll give it a better watch, heard JBJs arm almost snapped or something? The mystique of JBJ is fade over time, but it sounds impressive if he survived a locked in armbar.

      • dude please... says:

        “Take our HATE for JBJ the wrong way???” What a fckn dumbass statement. Hate is hate. What is positive about hate?

        “Jones is afraid of Sonnen.” “Jones doesn’t care about all the othe fighters from the 151 card.” “Jones is fake.” Pure hate is all that’s left when you try to apply logic and reason to such statements and are unable to.


  11. Silva is scared to fight jones cause he knows he will get killed

  12. TRANCEANGEL says:

    Doesn’t anyone see that JBJ is supposed to fight at heavyweight ? That he doesn’t want to move up in weight to fight bigger guys or guys that are of the same weight and size ? Seriously people. JBJ fighting the other light heavyweights is like Cigano fighting Middleweights.

    • Oscar says:

      Y is he suppose to fight HW?

    • Me says:

      That’s a pretty silly comment. Why would Jon Jones want to move up a weight when he can make 205. Listen buddy stop complaining Jones is not the only champion cutting weight. Anderson, Gsp, Benson, Aldo, Dominick and now DJ are all cutting weight to fight smaller guys. Now look at some number 1 contenders Joseph had to cut weight yesterday, Renan, Edgar, Nate, Condit, Bisping/Boetsch/Weidman, and even Rashad have to cut weight. Its a sensible thing to do. If you can cut weight why not fight the smaller guys so you can have a strength advantage. I’m far from a JBJ fan but common to make it seem like he is the only fighting in their appropriate weight division is foolish.

      • Irie nation says:

        It won’t be long before we see jones move up….first of all it looks like he’s just getting a bit bigger in each fight like maybe the weight cut is getting tough for him….second if you watched the fight you would’ve noticed how heavily he was breathing with his mouth open….it’s in his family genes to be a big black dude…look at Arthur he’s a 320 lb lineman…the weight cut may begin to be tougher for jones as time moves forward…soon he will fight the likes of cigano, cain, and the reem

  13. TRANCEANGEL says:

    Oh and another thing. It’s funny how when Fedor beats everyone put in front of him he’s fighting old washed up fighters that were great and legends in their time but when JBJ does it it’s a different story. Machida, Shogun, Belfort…. all these guys are beyond their prime. JBJ is good but he’s far being being great.

  14. Mustardmilk says:

    You can call yourself the best when you are actually in the weight class you should be in.

  15. Kong says:

    I wanna see Alexander gustafson and bones fight. Two sick strikers. I wonder how bad that arm is hurt. I think vitor put up a good fight. It looked like he gassed out after putting everything into the arm bar.

    • Brend0magic says:

      Yea Vitor looked like he was done after the armbar didn’t pan out. Too bad he’s too nice of a guy, anyone else woulda ripped Jones arm off in that position, but even Vitor said he let up after he heard it pop. I wish he would have though. But props to Jones for toughing it out and then pounding Belfort out.

  16. Boom goes the Dynamite! says:

    You know what is weird if you think about it. Jones said he was waiting for his arm to break because he wasn’t going to tap. Ok armbar breaks are really horrid and cause alot of internal damage. He would be out for a while and would of still lost his belt. Yet he wouldn’t take a fight with someone on 8 days notice because he could of lost and would be a huge mistake. What kind of logic is that really? I don’t know if anyone will agree with me or not.

    Also if you look at it when Greg Jackson was walking with Jones and he was holding his arm Jackson had that face like “damn I might have to ol’ yeller him if that arms jacked”

    • Obviously says:

      never fought in your life.

    • lifeisallaboutme says:

      Dana White himself said Jones was excited for the fight until he spoke to Greg Jackson. I don’t know if he was telling the truth, but if that was the case then Jones is putting the blame on himself so that he feels like he is a man who made the decision, but honestly he wasn’t the one who made the decision like a man. Greg made it for him.

  17. RowdyRodd says:

    Well said.

  18. DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

    lol @ everyone saying Jones would kill Silva. Let’s look at how their fights went against Vitor Belfort……. Silva KO round 1… Jones Submission round FOUR… Silva would obviously outstrike Jones and wouldnt be a pussy to strike like Vitor was this fight. We ALL knew Vitor would lose because he was not the aggressive fighter we know him to be.. Silva isnt scared of anyone, quit your bitching.

  19. Tom says:

    the fight with victor belfort shows that jbj has a weakness and that going for the long limbs. i bet he is going to be beat with in his next couple fights. someone need to bring the fight to him.

  20. Isaiah D says:

    Lets forget the main event for a second here and talk about the “big” story which is the number one contender at Anderson’s crown. Michael Bisping ….. Right? This baffles me. Watching Bisping fight stan its clear to see they were very equally matched and we all know Stans atleast 3 huge wins away from ever even smelling a title shot. So in my mind Bispings still gotta beat a legit contender himself. Weidman, Vitor, Chael, Okami, Botsch and Belcher are all ahead of him. I see how they have arranged the fighters to best give Michael the shot but we the ppl wanting to see him get Hendersoned again is not reason enough to ” hook a brother up” and give him a shot.

    • DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

      Um, Vitor and Chael both got destroyed by Silva. they are not ahead of Bisping. Weidman beat an overweight Munoz and now people claim he’s #1 contender? Let him fight Bisping for the shot at the title.

  21. DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

    Vitor Belfort was horrible last night. He wasn’t aggressive like he SHOULD have been. He pulled guard 3 times only to get Ground n pounded with elbows. He fought like a dumbass and deserved to lose. Doesn;t mean Jon Jones is better than Anderson Silva… nobody is better than Anderson Silva.

    • Hear Hear! No one is better than Anderson, dammit ! says:

      ..except Jon Jones…

      • jbj rules says:

        yeah..if you were going to analyze spider and jbj skills jones had a huge advantage coz of his wrestling and ground game which is spider weakness..

        • Pancho says:

          Jones reach > Silvas reach
          Jones wrestling > Silvas wrestling
          Jones ground game > Silvas ground game.
          The only place I see Silva having an advantage is the Muai Thai clinch, which still isn’t an advantage because Jones would Greco throw Silvas ass into next week.

    • 757 says:

      Ok asshole ^^^^you are the only one that doesn’t realize that he moved up to fight not just a Light heavy but the champ of the division. You are a stupid mother fucker. John Bones is not my favorite guy. I think he is an asshole but he will pound Anderson period. Vitor moved up when all your pussy favorites played with themselves. He fought and lost but he fought and got paid. ….dickhead. Good big guy beats good little guy all the time. That is the rule in fighting. Ask around, read a book on it, do something you dummy

      • Pkq says:

        You are too invested in fights when you feel the need to attack someone over an opinion. And if you had been watching mma for long enough you would realize vitor looked hesitant, timid and non agressive. Everyone think jbj is unbeatable but not one person has come in and ACTUALLY fought him yet

  22. Pepper says:

    Jones should move to heavyweight and fight fighters his own size.
    Jds would smash him

  23. Whatever says:

    It’s funny everyone on here is comparing who beat who and would beat who. You can’t look at that you need to look at how each fighter matches up with one another. Anderson wont be 5” inches shorter like almost everyone else JBJ has fought. He is faster a better striker by a mile and has fought way better wrestlers than JBJ. But if you won’t to look at who fought who and all that BS then it took Anderson about 3 min to do what it took JBJ 4 rounds.

  24. Drew says:

    Yaaaa gotta agree with big Papi I didn’t c vitor at all beating him besides possibly throwing some punches while in the clinch but figure jones would win

  25. Wsheets says:

    Like I said, “As soon as he wins all of you people talking shit will jump on the wagon.” And sure enough, look what happened!

    Respect greatness.

  26. ya herd says:

    jones would get killed if he moved up,, if u take away jones reach he would of got knocked out by now!!!! Moving upto heavyweight isnt smart if i was jones id stay at 205,, he wont have a very big reach anymore… on average im guessing heavyweight s have a reach of 77 inches+ and in a frame of 6″2+ means jones wont have as much ability to use his reach… I still havent seen jones take a flush 100% power punch yet so im not sure about that chin… very long neck with skinny face and legs dont mix well for taking a bomb to the face

  27. Saber says:

    Jones has been speaking of trying his hand at HW for a long time now, Dana was actually against the move. Also, if you look at the caliber of fighters that Jon has faced compared to who Anderson has fought, he’s already fought just as many, if not more high caliber fighters. Jon Jones has fought almost entirely against former champions, Ultimate Fighter winners, and top contenders since entering the UFC. After all this time, Silva still hasn’t fought Bisping? I think Jones has proved himself to be a viable opponent to Silva. I believe Shogun, Machida, Rampage, Rashad, Bonnar, Matyushenko, Hamill, Bader, and Vera have all been impressive opponents. Aside from Franklin, Hendo, Belfort, Forrest, Okami, and Sonnen who has Silva beat? According to Weidman haters, Maia sucks, and apparently Cote has fallen off. So whose list of victims is more impressive?

    • Zack says:

      Why don’t you watch all those fights and see who wins more impressively. It ain’t bones. Jones ( a heavyweight) just went 4 rounds with a middleweight. Silva knocked him out in 2 minutes fuckboy.

      • Saber says:

        Because Silva did so great with Maia, Leites, and Sonnen right? Everytime Jones gets in the octagon, he is impressive and dominates. I’d like for you to explain to me how Jones is a heavyweight, but Silva isn’t a light heavyweight. Jones and Silva are closer in weight than Silva and GSP. Silva cuts more than Jones does and has fought at light heavyweight, middleweight, and welterweight, Jon has only fought at light heavyweight his entire career. Please explain to me how Jones is heavyweight and Silva isn’t. People even say that Jones won’t have such a height and reach advantage over Silva as the fighters in the LHW division, isn’t that a little funny. I think the fact that Jones has the height and reach advantage really turns Silva off for a superfight, as he is always the longer fighter. Also, Bones has amazing wrestling, and unlike Sonnen, when he puts people down he does damage.

        • Big Papi says:

          +1 Saber. Very well said.

        • Saber says:

          I have to drop some knowledge, since apparently I’m a ****boy. People that hate Jones yet love Silva are the ones that hate Jones because he destroyed their favorite fighters, not because of the DWI or the way his confidence comes off.

        • cocojojo says:


    • Hey Zack says:

      Belfort was NOT a MW last night, you turd. His fighting weight was reported to be 225 after the rehydration. dufus..

  28. makaveli says:

    I’m disapointed, I really wanted vitor 2 win. But I give credit where credit is due. Jones fought well and made it thru the armbar. I’ve always said jones is a talented fighter, but I still don’t like him as a person his personality just gets on my nerves, but he did win the fight so congrats 2 him and his fans. I still don’t like him tho!

  29. EJ says:

    Jones proves himself again and people are still unsure… LMAO Are you non fighting idoits serious. You don’t have to like him but the man is the truth. No one will beat him in Light heavy like no one will beat the spider. Come on if you have never fought and have no experience kill yourself,

    • DMAC says:

      Exactly EJ! They try to pick at the most miniscule shit and it makes them look completely ignorant in the process. You can’t have decent conversation when it comes to Bones. How can you call yourself a MMA fan yet hate on the best thing MMA has to offer, I don’t get it nor do I care to hear a explanation. But on a more positive note I’m glad Bones had to go through some adversity last night.

  30. Rob says:

    First off if silva wasn’t in middle w there would have been different champs in mw and he would have beat them, silva came wen UFC started to get big and he won the belt and kept the belt so not that much of a chance to fight former champs in mw, next silva could make ww if he wanted but he stays at middle w, silva getn older so it would be kinda hard for him to fight someone younger and bigger than him, silva doesn’t have shity ground he has shity takedown defense , wen he’s taken down he don’t take damage and he submits people!

  31. slacker says:

    Jones is just a freak of human anatomy. There will be a great celebration heard around the world when he loses.

  32. Rasrells says:

    All the champions in the UFC are too big for there division silva at middle should be fighting at light heavy ,bones should be in heavyweight gsp should be in middleweight look at all of the champs that’s why they are soo dominant at there division cutting 15 or so pounds just to be in that division after weigh ins they gain most of it back how is that fair weighing in at 205 and then coming into the fight at 217 while all the guys that belong in there division come in at the exact weight bullshit!!!!

    • d-squad says:

      are you new to this sport? every fighter cuts around 15 pounds usually more and they always come into the fight weighing around 10 pounds more than what they weighed in at i dont think any 205er fights at 205 with the exception of a few people no one fights at what they weigh in at…

  33. bjpenn is were its at says:

    Boring ass card not intresting at all
    john is not the best he is a boring ass fighter

  34. Philly says:

    I hope that Rogan will finally stop referring to Vitor as a ” berserker”. Vitor was patient, tentative, and understandably cautious..
    The exact opposite of a “berserker”. Not that going berserk would necessarily have made a difference. There’s just as much chance of getting ktfo as there is of landing a wild haymaker. Just ask Wanderlei.

  35. Jimmy joe says:

    Makes me wanna stop wearing Nike trainers. Jones is a great fighter but as far as his self proclaimed “greatest fighter of all time” , his legacy is gonna be ,biggest self important , douche . Now I’m off to buy some addidas

  36. Cody says:

    Dude no matter what y’all jbj lovers say u know deep down he’s just true hw who makes lhw very well screw the silva fight I just want to so Jon fight someone close to his size once then ill stop “hating” I mean vitor looked so little under him like everyone else he fights its not entertaining to watch bully fighting just saying it is impressive what he does but to be the goat u gotta show me more than ur just bigger stronger faster than everyone where’s the grinding elbows all over guys clearly under sized compared to you just saying

    • Philly says:

      Completely disagree with your assessment of Vitor looking “so little” under JBJ. They were the same size, based on their WEIGHT. The fact that JBJ is taller may give him an advantage, but that doesn’t mean he was “bigger”. Vitor’s arms, shoulders, traps and chest were way bigger than Jones. What Vitor lacked in height and length, he made up for in muscle. My only point here is that credit shouldn’t be taken away from Jones on the basis that he was so much bigger. Taller yes, bigger no.

  37. 757 says:

    jbj is an asshole, Vitor did fight hard. That guy was just way bigger and that’s how it goes. Anderson will get beat up by jones too. That’s just the facts. Get over it and move on.

  38. Christian says:

    If JBJ were to try and move to heavyweight, I really think he would have a fighting chance against JDS, but as far as winning goes, no way. Jones already stated it himself that he knows Vitor is the stronger puncher, but that JDS tho, talk about one hit quit status man! he’d knock that ass out, but this is mixed martial arts and junior does have a solid, so it remains to be seen. and as far as a fight with Silva would be concerned I think JBJ would have it, yeah, yeah, let the hate come in, but Jones is a very young and versatile fighter and is only getting better with these up and coming fights. On another note, only fighter I see being able to move up a weight class and winning a title at this moment, is none other than Scarface, himself, Jose Aldo. ^__^

  39. joe says:

    This is the ultimate rhetorical question without an answer. There is no best of all time it will always be disputable. I think silva will gain more credibility when he beats the 3rd best of all time in gsp. Listen…gsp is twice the wrestler as sonnen with ten times better standup. And though smaller he’s a brick shithouse. Arguably as strong as sonnen. Let’s get xcited for this superfight …it will be as good as any fight in ufc history

    • Philly says:

      Agree,except for 1 thing. He’s not “as strong” as Sonnen. He’s way stronger. The guy does chin-ups with a 100lb dumbbell hanging from his waist. That’s off-the-chart strong.

  40. joe says:

    I know sonne lost but he showed Anderson isn’t super human I think gsp can lay n pray to victory

  41. Xaninho says:

    Since everyone is dragging Silva into this fight I’ll give my 2 cents about that subject.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Anderson is going to fight Jones. I know he said he wouldn’t before, but I have a feeling DW and the Fertita’s told him it wasn’t going to happen because Jones was their posterboy at the time.

    Things have changed in the meantime, so I think they’re alright with Silva knocking some sense and humbleness into Jones now.

  42. Xaninho says:

    By the way, anyone noticed DW didn’t put the belt around Jones’ waist?

  43. Bromans says:

    Jones have to fight guys he’s own size
    He is like s Bully in that division and he knows that

    • FunkyMonkey says:

      Why is everyone so adamant about this fighting someone his own size? I think jbj is an arrogant dude and would love to see him get knocked around. But…against the best fighters in the world, why would one not use every legal advantage in a fight?!? i.e. being a size & reach nightmare for your opponents

  44. Shake688 says:

    Btw Belfort could have broke jones arm but didnt because he didnt want to hurt him so keep that in mind. Another inch on that armbar and he would have been done.

  45. Jorge Rocha says:

    Spider vitor wins in the first round!

  46. CombatRusse says:

    Jones as well as the fans should be very thankfull to Vitor.
    He reminded us about what this fighting business is all about : showing up with determination and not hesitating to try and implement winning strategies, even if it is pulling guard against Jones and his killing elbows.

  47. rapid says:

    Fck Jon Jones. The majority of his opponents are passed their primes. The only one I will always respect is BJ Penn! The only non brazillian who won the world jiu jitsu championship (black belt devision), held two belts in lightweight and welterweight and also faught in lightheavyweight! BJ truly lives by his motto, Just Scrap! Never ducked a fight, will fight anyone! haha… jbonesjones… get the fck outa here

  48. STAND says:

    People have have officially run out of trash to talk…lol.. just accept the fact that JBJ is a beast in the cage….hate him all you want just leave you silly straw man theories at home…

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