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UFC 152| Hatred for Jon Jones is Unwarranted

It has been roughly two weeks since UFC President Dana White did the unthinkable and completely cancelled UFC 151 when light heavyweight champion Jon Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen on 8 days notice.

Immediately after an infuriated White blasted Jones and his coach Greg Jackson in the press conference, an extremely large percentage of the MMA community took to social media to do the very same. In fact, the hate mail has become so overwhelming that multiple media outlets have vilified “Bones” as the most hated fighter in the UFC today.

If you walk up to a group of fight fans on the street and ask them their opinion of Jones, I guarantee you all or most of them will describe him and coach Jackson as the “scum of MMA” and every other word out of their mouth will probably be a curse word of some sort.

The truth is, and don’t get out your pitchforks when I say this, Jones is not a bad guy and neither is coach Jackson or Mike Winkeljohn. I am not supporting his decision to decline a fight with Sonnen nor am I blaming any of you for being frustrated with the entire situation but let’s take a deep breath and analyze it like mature adults for a second.

It is very easy for any of us to say that Jones should have just agreed to fight Sonnen on a week’s notice when original opponent Dan Henderson fell out with a knee injury.

After all, Jones was in fighting shape and would have been in much better physical condition than Sonnen. You can also make the argument that Sonnen is a less dangerous matchup than Henderson, that he doesn’t possess the power to damage Jones and would have been the perfect stylistic matchup for the youngest champ in UFC history to impose his will.

You could also use the line that as a champion, Jones should be willing to take on any and all comers on any given notice. These are all somewhat valid points but when you really delve into it, they are merely assumptions.

We are simply assuming that Sonnen, a man with nothing to lose and a guy that nearly defeated the seemingly unbeatable Anderson Silva two years ago, would have absolutely nothing to threaten Jones with. We are assuming that because he comes from the same Team Quest camp as Henderson that Jones would already have a gameplan set, even though Sonnen is a completely different fighter than Henderson.

We are also assuming that Jones, who has finished four former champions in dominant fashion and is close to breaking Tito Ortiz’ all time record for 205-lbs title defenses, should just blindly risk the position he has worked so hard to achieve, just because he is a champion and as a champion he should not hesitate to fight anyone on a moment’s notice.

Again, I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with Jones’ refusal to fight Sonnen. If you want to be mad at him for that, go ahead and be frustrated but the man is still one of the most dominant champions in the world and he made a decision that he and his coaches felt were in his best interest. You can’t blame Jones for looking out for himself in that regard. This is such an unpredictable sport where any competitor can defeat another on any given night so specific preparation for every opponent is crucial.

As far as the cancellation of the entire event, if Jones knew ahead of time that the whole fight card would get scrapped if he didn’t jump in there with the former middleweight contender, I am sure he would have made a different decision.

Several fighters that were supposed to compete on the card, most notably Charlie Brenneman, have been extremely harsh with Jones but have said absolutely nothing to the man who actually decided to call off the show or the matchmaker who failed to book a solid co-main event that could have potentially saved the pay-per-view.

I’m not saying we should all send nasty tweets and emails to White or Joe Silva because they didn’t do anything wrong either. The UFC is pumping out fight cards like nobody’s business and with all of the injuries and fights it is very difficult to stack every single pay-per-view with two massive main events.

They are doing a brilliant job of running and booking the largest MMA organization in the world but I am just pointing out that Jones shouldn’t be blamed entirely for UFC 151 not having another fight to keep it on PPV.

Speaking of blame, why isn’t anyone saying anything about former champion and perennial contender Lyoto Machida turning down a fight with Jones both at UFC 151 and UFC 152? It’s perfectly ok for Machida to turn down a fight on 3 weeks’ notice but Jones is a terrible champion for not fighting a new opponent in 8 days?

That makes about as much sense as Henderson telling the UFC of his injury two weeks after it happened. With all due respect to Henderson, the man is a legendary fighter but he should have alerted his bosses when the issue first arose rather than having them scramble around to try to save the show with a week before the fight.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not encouraging you to direct your frustration off of Jones and pour it on White, UFC matchmaker Silva, Machida, Henderson or anyone else for that matter. What I am doing is encouraging you to stop the hate all together.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are all fans of the greatest combat sport in the entire world. In two weeks, at UFC 152 we are going to see Jones defend his crown against former champion/devastating knockout artist Vitor Belfort and even though the pairing is a bit strange it would be a miracle if that fight didn’t deliver fireworks.

On that very same card, the UFC will crown its first flyweight champion as Joseph Benavidez battles Demetrious Johnson. Top middleweights Michael Bisping and Brian Stann will collide in what should be a barn-burner and a ton of exhilarating matchups fill out the rest of the card.

What exactly are we complaining about? Don’t let negativity consume the sport that we love.


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  1. Alex says:

    Good point. I just think if you are paid to fight and considered one of the best in the world you need to be willing to fight anyone anytime anywhere. If I had thousands of fans I sure wouldn’t want to let them down. Regardless of what the outcome is. Even if you lose you still have the satisfaction of not ducking anyone and fighting your best. Jones is absolutely one of the best fighters today but I truely wish he would have taken the sonnen fight.

    • DMAC says:

      If u were a fighter lmao! Fight anyone anytime lmao ok tough guy! If you lose you still have the satisfaction of not ducking lmao does satisfaction pay bills and keep big sponsors? So basically you wouldn’t mind being broke for the satisfaction of not ducking someone, lol damn you’re a success.

      • Not You says:

        Good point. Except when your Sponser is Nike. The last thing you are worried about is “paying the bills”.

        • IT'S SIMPLE says:

          I’m gonna tell you right now why he didn’t take the fight. HE DIDN’T WANT TO GET EXPOSED. Would he have won the FIght? MOST LIKELY. WOuld Sonnen Have put him on his ASS in the fight a few times MOST LIKELY. JJ is Prideful and he is that way because he DOMINATES EVERYONE. HE was afraid he would not only NOT dominate that fight BUt he was afraid SONNEN may expose a LACK of GROUND GAME ON HIS PART.
          ASIDE from that. I don’t blame him for not taking the Fight. Its irresponsible for DANA WHITE to put his CHAMPION ON BLAST. AND there’s NO WAY i would have put my title on the Line TO SOME BIG MOUTH that hasn’t earned it. NOt only coming off a LOSS but NOT HAVING A WIN IN MY DIVISION. DANA should be fucking apologizing for such a decision. HE should’ve just Created an ENTIRELY NEW MAIN EVENT. SONNEN VS WEIDMAN- SONNEN V. EVANS WATEVER but not try to force his champion to give Sonnen a free Pass. EARNED NOT GIVEN.

        • chris hyde says:

          if i recall jons didnt earn his shot either evens got hurt so shugun said he fight jones shugun didnt half to but did because thats what you do

        • Ice Cube says:

          Finally someone who see’s the truth and not blinded by social media. Sonnen got a rematch with his big mouth and didnt come close to winning. Now his big mouth is giving him more credibility than a DOMINATE CHAMPION. Why whould any champ give a lower weight class current loser to a Title fight another TITLE FIGHT in an upper weight class he hasn’t even proved himself in. Anderson came up a weight class and fucked up Forrest. but no immediate title fight, although at the time he would have smashed whoever was the LH champ at that time.
          leave JJ alone he is still a badass.

        • Rjshadley says:

          IT’S NOT HIS TITLE IT’S THE UFC’S TITLE. He does not choose who a worthy opponent is the UFC does it’s their belt people. Same way as if he went to go fight in some lower promotion he could not say ” your a worthy opponent so I will let you fight me for my UFC title” It’s not his to choice. The only option he has is to say “yes” I will fight or “no” that’s it. So if he is deciding who he fights by what he thinks their worth is he has lost site of what this sport is about showing you are the best no matter who is in front of you. So guess what if this keeps up we will have boxing all over again ducking people, or complaining about money and what not it will be the same thing. Do football teams get to say “don’t put that team on our schedule because they are last in the league and we won the Super Bowl last year” No They play who is put in front of them. Should be the same here.

        • greenBELT says:

          Yes jones stepped up when Evans got hurt but he earned #2 SPOT and thats why he was called on. Sonnen is not #2. AND SHOGUN had to fight him because he was next in line. The PEOPLE who are Saying “be a COMPANY MAN, BE A FIGHTER, fighters fight anyone,” are the people who are directly making money off of the situation win or lose. HOW CONVENIENT. The UFC doesn’t lose anything but they GAIN EVERYTHING. JON JONES would be risking Everything for the sake of a company he doesn’t OWN or like you said has no control over. BOY YOU GUYS MUST BE REAL GOOD COMPANY MEN for your personal jobs. COME WORK FOR ME i could use guys like you. Unselfish. hard workers willing to put their families a side for a company that would turn on them as fast as Dana catches a tantrum.

        • Sorta says:

          I dont agree with everything you say but I do agree with Chael not earning the fight because he really didn’t. If you want to fight for the title you have to beat some of the best to fight the best.

      • u should shut the hell up i’m a fighter and also a 205 champion for 221 in mt the same thing happend to me my guy back out 5 days b4 the fight and i still took on the other fighter they found for me thats what champions do we fight anyone that fights for the title and i dont do this for money i do it bc i love the sport ur just a fan boy so shut the fuck up

    • MARV3L0US says:

      Sonnen should fight phil davis, sonnen would get steamrolled back to mw.. Sonnen would take that fight cause he’s scared.

  2. CMUSMC says:

    What about the fans? Don’t we pay Jon jones indirectly for him to fight? Didnt we get robbed of an MMA event because him Dana and hendo made lots of bad decisions? They all suck. Maybe we shouldnt hate jones but we should lose respect for the man afraid of losing to a smaller fighter with no tools to threaten him. Bet you all jump on GSP for using his massively dominant style even tho that’s good for him as he can’t be beaten when he uses it. But at least GSP shows up and fights.

    • Jones is not afraid of losing to Sonnen says:

      Who in the UFC is afraid of another fighter? Jones is afraid that all his hard work to get to the top and to remain there and to gain all the sponsorships and endorsements he worked so hard to get would take a hit to a guy who didn’t do shit at all to reach the title fight, other than bullshit his way.


      • CMUSMC says:

        So he is scared all his hard work would be taken away by winning a fight with sonnen?

      • Yeah? says:

        So exactly what did Belfort do to earn the fight besides step up? I’ll wait…… Your defense is null and void. Jones was scared, because Sonnen is in his head. That’s all there is to it. Who asks their boss to get a guy to stop making fun of them?

        Open your eyes and see it for what it is. Why would all his endorsements or whatever you were ranting about take a hit, unless he didn’t think he could win?

        How can you support this whiney kid?

        • Between Your Ears says:

          there’s a HUGE VOID if you think any UFC fighter is afraid of anyone, especially Jones.

          How can you have so much hate for someone, unless you really cared for him?

  3. chicken bone says:

    seriously im sick of this guy , he is fucking anoise . whatever he do , i just hate him . wish someone kock his teeth out . let talk about someone else for change , will ya

  4. Former U.S. Airman says:

    With regards to this situation with Jones, “mature adults” have been lacking on both sides of the arguement. The “hatred” for Jones shown by White himself along with many others is ridiculous. You would think he was America’s Hitler by the way people have villified Jones.

    White needs to stand up and take responsibility for this mess because it’s not only bad against Jones, but the UFC, and MMA as well. White needs to come clean and tell the entire MMA community how many fighters were actually contacted to fill the void of 151. It is difficult to believe the entire card had to be scrapped because because of one fight. If White didn’t come out so emotional (like he usually does) and throw Jones out for sacrifice, the hatred towards Jones wouldn’t have reached the level it has. When the top dog says it’s okay to act on emotions instead of rationale, you can bet the worse in people will come out. And that’s what’s happening.

    • CMUSMC says:

      White and the UFC deserve most of the blame. Jones and Hendo second most for cancellation. Jones deserves 100% of the blame for not being a People’s champion. That’s what this sport and all sports are really about. The Fans.

      • Mayor of Deviance says:

        Totally disagree with that last part. It’s about being the best fighter in the world. Of course Jon Jones fights to hold onto his title and make money though; so either way the guy is no good.

        • David RT says:

          Lol Yea..sure Mayor of Idiots. Your one of those guys who believes a champ should preserve his record and not fight. Listen I come from a tough neighborhood and have had more fights then I wanted. All these stupid “fighters” Boxing, MMA,K-1, and etc… If you have to watch a persons videos to fight them, in my eyes your a turd. Only thing worse then that is Jon Jones. “I dont want to fight Chael on 8 days..I need time time to train ” You mean youtube his fights so you can game plan= being a fagwad. Also your wrong. You forget how he gets paid and who makes him famous His yea your suppose to be a “People’s Champion” not Floyd Mayweather your way out of a fight.

        • Not You says:

          We don’t pay JBJ. Nike does.

        • mrsoulo says:

          Funny how nobody mentions that FAIL SONNEN…ooops, i mean Chael Sonnen turned down a fight against Jones for UFC 152.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Not You

          How do you think Nike get their money? Maybe the magical money fairy?

        • Mayor of Deviance says:

          Boo-hoo. What’s your “life in the hood” got to do with this? These are PROFESSIONAL Organizations. Not streets fights at the park down the block promoted by teenagers through Facebook, Twitter, and cell phones. You forget the guys JJ fought to gain and defend the title weren’t chumps. They ranked among the BEST. He refuses to fight Chael (someone who lost a title fight in another division and hasn’t fought to prove himself in another and DOES NOT DESERVE a shot) all of a sudden Jones is not Champ-,material? And look, ppl who hate AND love JJ are still gonna flock and pay for his fights because people are wanna either watch to see him win OR lose. And he (just like Mayweather) will get paid just fine. AND DO NOT compare pro fighters to busters YOU fought (or got jumped by…whichever). Get real, man smdh…

        • Real Mayor of Deviance says:

          First off, please don’t use my name other guy. Second: David RT, were you hit in the head too many times in your “tough neighborhood” to notice I exactly said that I do not like that Jon Jones fights to hold onto his title?

          I agreed with you smart guy, and you went on a rant. Congrats.

    • TigerBallz says:

      Good post brother.. I’m across in England and can’t believe Jones is getting slaughtered like this??? I may not be up to par as some of you MMA fans in the US. but it really is a surprise to me how much flak Jones is getting for making an obvious decision. Dana hanging him out to dry must have definitely affected public opinion..

  5. StoneDaddyUSMC says:

    I have been a fan of MMA since UFC 1 and have watched many a fighter come and go without feeling the need to voice my opinion about any of them one way or the other. Jon Jones however, has inspired me to speak out against him. Jon Jones is a very talented fighter and I have nothing but respect for him in that regard but I see him as a threat to the sport. One of the things I always loved about the MMA and the UFC in particular was that it was far less political than Boxing. I see Jones as someone that is pushing the MMA the way of boxing and I really do not want to see that come to pass. I for one do not look forward to a sport that a Champion hand picks his opponents so that he can achieve some sort of record for being the champ the longest.

    • CMUSMC says:

      Well said. But it’s enevitable. We are in the golden age of MMA right now. In 2 decades the sport will be a joke like boxing.

      • Well said? What part? says:

        Stone Daddy might be stone if he thinks Jones has the power to direct the entire sport of MMA in the direction he wants. If you’re thinking that, you might want to look towards Dana White, Lorenzo Fertita, and Frank Fertita, who own the biggest MMA organization the world has ever seen. They’re the ones taking the sport all over the world. Jones is just a very small part of the UFC master plan. Jones isn’t directing the MMA ship: Dana White is.

        And if Jones had any say in handpicking his opponents just to break the UFC record of most defenses of a championship, why would Jones choose Rampage, Machida, Rashad, and Belfort, four of the toughest dudes in the UFC? Total nonsense.

        Do all Marines think this?

    • Just a person says:

      …. Hey isn’t that Anderson Silva guy turning down people in his own division to fight smaller guys? The UFC in general has lost track because they have no proper ranking system, they should honestly go to a tournament style like bellator. Its too much about money now instead of the best fighter fighting the best fighter. I understand that isn’t always going to give you the most glamorous match ups but at least that way it removes the arguments of who is the top guys in whatever division they compete in

  6. The Writer of this Article says:

    Don’t get me wrong, don’t think I’m taking sides, don’t get upset, but seriously I am taking sides while leaving out many points of the arguement and really encouraging the same kind of behavior I claim to be going against. Just don’t get upset.

    Really trying to make news on a completely different subject would have a much greater impact on whether or not people hate D-Bag hypocrite Jones.

  7. almighty says:

    everyone should stop bashing jon jones ….how is it that chael jumps in front of everyone in line after not even fighting a single light heavywieght?? they offered machida like the article said and he turns it down ,how come no bashing there…people gottah understand that a fighter trains for a certain style of fighter and every fighter is different..of course chael is gonna say yah to fighting for a title , who wouldn’t..if anything shogun should get a shot at the title before vitor and chael because he was the last champion and never got a not trying to start anything just my opinioun on this subject ..

    • ravi says:

      no one is bashing machida b/c he lost decisively already to jones. he has a good reason to be scared of defeat considering he was choked out in round 2.

      jones on the other hand is much bigger (saying he would fight heavyweights), and a lot more powerful than sonnen. i don’t see how he could lose that fight considering he’s already beat the top 205ers who are more skilled than sonnen. with the exception of brian stann, all of sonnen’s fights have gone to decision almost all of jones’ fight were won by KO or submission.

  8. Rob says:

    Dana calls fighters to see if they want to fight, most refuse because they feel that they’re not yet ready for that kind of challenge, chael happened to be the guy that accepted

  9. Bjj BB says:

    @ stonedaddy, how does jbj hand pick his fights? Cause he said no once? And back in the days the ufc was filled with only a hand full of fighters that had skills and it was more like a hobby then a career for most. Now days you just dont jump in a fight on a weeks notice cause thats what they did back in ufc1. The difference now is that every fighter can really fight so any1 can lose at any time therefore you need to train properly for that persons style. You have to get your movements right, timing and you have to switch up work outs……..ect, based off what that guy can do to you. Im sure when boxing 1st started there were alot of guys who just went in there and fought, as years went by the sport got more serious and all fighters got better, thats why there called “ranks” in sports. You just dont throw away everything you have built based off the guy you were gonna fight pulling out only 8 days b4, and he knew 2weeks b4 that he should of said somthing but never did. How is that jbj fault? I understand as fans its hard to see the whole picture cause we want to see a fight but its wrong for sonnen to have talked about jbj mom, silvas country and his wife and a whole bunch of other things but he did, and ibj turns down a fight with a guy like that who he had never signed a contract with for you to come out only now and voice your thoughts? And you say you been watching the ufc since ufc1? The word is called “evolve”, every1 else is including the ufc but its ppl like you who are afraid of change and dont understand it so you criticize it. Its and “ART” and any true artis knows it takes time to perfect your art, and thats why machida said no, shogun said no and jbj said no.

    • StoneDaddyUSMC says:

      @Bjj BB, Thanks for taking the time to write such an articulate response to my post. Much of what you wrote is true. With that said I want to point out that I am NOT a Sonnen fan and do not agree with the way he chooses to use his first amendment right. You say that I am afraid of change and in this case you would be right as I do not see it as a positive change. To suggest that I do not understand the change is naive because I am well aware of why Jones chose to turn down this fight. It is however, equally naive of me to think that all fighters will hold to the idea of fighting anyone, anytime, anywhere. Though that was one of the great selling points of the UFC to me. Over the years I have rejoiced as the sport has evolved and have enjoyed watching the skill levels of the fighters grow with each passing year. I would like to make it clear that I do not blame Jones for the cancellation of UFC 151. Dana White is the man in charge of the fight cards. One would think that there would be a contingency plan in place in case heaven forbid both fighters got hurt and would not be able to fight. I still think that Jones should have fought Sonnen. Though you and I do not exactly agree on this I do thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter and you have given me a bit to think about.

  10. Has Been says:

    Jones should have taken the fight.
    I hate watching Greg Jackson fighters. The couldn’t finish a bowl of frosty flakes and that’s because their camp are told to do this.
    ‘just scrap’ don’t be scared homie!!

  11. Xaninho says:

    I think UFC and Sonnen knew Dan Henderson was injured before we did. I have a hard time believing Sonnen’s twitter war with JBJ a few weeks prior to the announcement of Hendo dropping out had nothing to do with it.

    Jones should have accepted the fight though. UFC sponsored him, they stood behind him after he messed with the dui thing. He could have shown a bit of gratitude for that and taken a slight bit of risk.

    After all he became champ after Shogun showed he was a man and accepted him on short notice.

  12. pk9grrr says:

    there are some decent arguements for both sides,but i look it at it like this …i used to be a huge fan of gsp until greg jackson apllied the fight smart and safe mentality ,i hope jones doesnt go down the same allyway

  13. Irishfan says:

    I disliked him before all of this & like him even less now. It’s not the fact he didn’t take the fight although I think he should, it’s the fact that he constantly talks shite. Contradicts himself in every interview he gives. He believes his own hype but won’t go to heavyweight where he belongs & is generally a arrogant arsehole. Honestly thinks he is bigger than the sport & doesn’t need the fans backing, if everyone refuses to pay for his next few fights he’ll soon change his tune

    • Johan says:

      Do you personally know Jon jones? Who talks more shit, jones or sonnen? Arrogance and confidence are two entirely different things. Jones has the right to be both. He has destroyed several top names and hes only 25. Your perception is biased.

      • ravi says:

        it’s ironic this is being posted on bj fought anyone in any weight class and never turned down any fight. even when he lost decisively (ie. 2nd GSP fight) he was still down to fight that same person again

  14. bunkylomax says:

    to the editor of this can you compare machida refusing a fight with jones on 3 weeks notice to jones refusing to fight Chael on 8 days? First of all jones was in fight shape and had a full training camp…that’s way different than asking someone to fight with a three week camp…if machida was training in a camp for another fight and this opportunity came up then I say yes he should’ve taken the fight but machida and shogun had not been training for a fight…Jon jones is a fraud! The problem people have with him is how he continues to contradict himself…he’s better off not saying anything at all…who is he to say who deserves a title shot? He doesn’t pay the bills..he gets paid because of the fans..we pay to watch ppvs’ if people want to see him fight Chael on short notice so be it..he was interviewed by aerial and said a lot of stupid stuff like Chael is 5-6 in the UFC and lost his last 2 fights..he actually lost one fight…he beat bisbing before losing to silva…so how is Vitor deserving of a title shot? Jon jones is a hippacrit and doesn’t have the heart of a champion..he def has the skills but he will never be a chuck,rampage,randy etc..anyone of those guys would’ve taken the fight. He also said Dana never hinted he would be cut if he refused machida…he needs to listen to the phone call because it sounded like Dana would’ve cut him if he refused…you work for the UFC..they gave you the opportunity to make millions and they even gave you a shot at the title under similar circumstances..I.e Rashad getting hurt therefore he jumped the line as he likes to call it…I’m pulling for Vitor! Jon Jones is a fraud

  15. saiasaka says:

    The truth is that it’s fucking disapointing to wait until septembre 23; that’s the reason why fans hate Jones…

    • TigerBallz says:

      That IS the real reason people don’t want to admit…Pissed because they cant see the fight then it somehow turns into “JBJ is a fraud?”… lolol.. “We pay JBJ so he should risk everything with a weeks prep”… ???? Bollocks!! So he should stupidly jump when Dana says so because some spotty teenager ufc fan claims to pay his bills *cough cough Nike cough cough*. That same teen probably downloads the torrent the next day anyway..

  16. Bjj BB says:

    @bunkylomax, every fighter contradicts themselves, no fighter is perfect, and when you hear jbj talking shit he is simply responding to the person that talked shit 1st. Tell me when did he talk shit for no reason? and what he ment by sonnen loosing twice, he was talking about his tittle shots with silva and when he mentioned his loosing record he’s talking about how good chael is at talking his way into fights. and thats one of the reasons why he would not fight chael. And when you say jbj jumped the line is bullshit cause he was next in line, he did not cut or talk his way up to get a fight like chael did. its funny how the mistakes jbj has made is the sum of how and who he is as a fighter, then you got guys like sonnen who talk shit wayyyyyy beyond the lines that should not be crossed and you guys love’um? r you into mma for the personal drama that the fighters go threw everyday in there “PERSONAL LIVES” and really care about the things they say in an interview while your trying to see if they back it up and if they don’t your gonna label them as hypocrites? or sum1 that contradicts and is a fraud? then you are watching mma for the wrong reasons, it should be about the “ART” and thats it. you fans are acting like you knew any mma fighter for years or were best friends and he just stabbed you in the back, is it that hard to understand that all the fighters are only human like we are and all sin and are all fraud cause we are all not perfect? if you were a true fan of the sport you would understand that instead of acting your shoe size!!

    • Majestyk says:

      @bjj BB…As usual, your arguments are as weak as hell. Sonnen’s statements have never incurred as much wrath from the fans because he has never disappointed them. Though some people might not find his anti-Silva and anti-Brazil comments amusing or appropriate, they can’t blame him for contrbuting to the cancellation of an event. He’s always ready to step up. People are going to have more tolerance for someone they see as a cocky, delusional, annoying a-hole than for someone who is a selfish, drunk driving, going back on his word, event cancelling, back-pedaling, contradicting himself liar. P.S. “Loser” is spelled with 1 “o” you f***ing dumbass!

      • I'm surprised.... says:

        that he can’t spell “loser” correctly, considering it’s the word people call him the most often.

      • There goes Majestyk again says:

        spouting off hatred towards others ! Keep holding on to your beliefs, you lost soul. Hate came out of the woodwork for Jones as soon as he won the belt because he dominated one of the most dominating LHW of all time.
        The one thing people hated about Jones from the start and continue until today: he brings his belief in God everytime he steps into the Octagon and he’s not afraid to share it.

        All Christians believe the Devil is real and makes himself known through people like you. Right now, he’s having a field day at Jones’ expense.

  17. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    We all saw greatness in jones in probably only his 3rd fight in the ufc. We were right about that one. He became the youngest champ in ufc history dominating all opponents and previous beltholders in the process. Now we’re seeing changes in him and again voicing our opinions about him. Can majority of us that’s bashing him be right about him again, or is it a matter of us misjudging him this time? Recent events involving jones indicate that he is part of a new breed of fighters, one that can change this sport. For good or bad, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  18. Jimmy joe says:

    I think that the reason jones gets so much hate , has little to do with him turning down the fight after being fully conditioned to fight but much more to do with his lack of humility and his arrogance and not backing it up against sonnen. I actual think that he thought sonnen was a real threat and dodged him. Is that a real champ? Is that his destiny?

  19. grandma killer says:

    Who ever wrote this gay article should be euthanized.

  20. Dee says:

    It’s time to move on. I’m tired of hearing about this. It’s the UFC’s problem not Jones. Shows are scrapped all the time. Promoters find another way of solving this issue. That’s the job of the promoter. I’m tired of people blaming Jones for the UFC’s fallacy. This is a learning experience for Dana.

  21. Phantom weight says:

    What if coach jackson was the coach,and strategist for the top pride fighters back in the day?would the UFC even exist today?We love this sport because of the fighters spirit,& heart.not their gameplans

  22. Smackuround says:

    Bottom line is he got in a war of words with Sonnen and your gonna lose.Sonnen even offered the pussy his fight purse. No matter how long of a dissertation you try to justify it. He lost a shitload of fans!!

  23. Phantom weight says:

    +1 word

  24. MMAGUY says:

    I just have to chime in here and say that what Jones did was not true to the sport that was started by people like the Gracie family & on the SPIRIT of true martial artist like Bruce Lee who took on all comers, & did not have to consult a coach first or check the temperature for that matter to see if it was ok to fight. Jones has expressed over and over again he would fight anyone anywhere, which most UFC fighters do the organization so good. Is Jones smart for not taking the fight with Sonnen….YES….does it prove he is the best….NO…plain and simple he is afraid…maybe not afraid of Sonnen, but of losing the belt, so he knows he will and can be beat! Jones & Jackson are turning the sport into Boxing…and in that case we might as well watch boxing where they know how to throw a punch, but for me I’d rather not watch either if this is what the sport is coming to….pretty boys and politicians (no slight to Chris Lytle…a real fighter & politician. Jones needs to take not from him as to how to balance the two). As for the other fighters on the card….shame on Jones he was there too. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF HE DIDN’T KNOW THE CARD WOULD BE CANCELLED, HE CLAIMS TO BE A REAL FIGHTER & TRUE STUDENT OF MARTIAL ARTS!!! That is obvious a false claim & he is at fault for the loss of the other fighters on the card! Regarding Dana White…he’s has done more for this sport than anyone & it’s ridiculous to dump this on him. As far as the volume of fights put on the UFC….they are putting fighters on the map and giving them jobs…what have you done for them Jones???

  25. Boring says:

    I think the blame for the collapse of ufc 151 is entirely the fault of the UFC for putting on a rubbish card. The editor says that he is trying to stop the hate, but how can he say that when he is giving different opinions about who should be blamed i.e different fighter like Machida. I except his point that Dan should have informed the UFC earlier about the injury and maybe this could have been avoided. As for the reason that JBJ should fight anyone anytime, those people need to get a reality check, cos nobody with half a brain is going to risk their reputation and livelihood for someone who is a liar, cheat and a theif which has been proven in a court of law as well as in the UFC. The final point I like to raise is that the ufc should put quality cards on show and not base the card on one main event in order to make money. I think that if they had done this for ufc 151 then the card would have been saved.

    • MMAGUY says:

      Oh pls with the liberal bull crying wah wah wah! He’s a fighter in an organization that has specialized in fighting since it’s inception. No news flash there. If he want’s to use the UFC as a platform for his modeling career or just rake up endorsements on his hype, then go into another profession. That’s why real fighters like the Diaz brothers, BJ Penn, Bisbing and countless others aren’t afraid to fight anyone. And one fighters and fans are becoming disillusioned with the sport. White and the Fertitta’s have made amazing strides to clean the sport and image up. Joe Silva is the best match maker in the business. No other organization out there puts on more top notch fights and cares more about the fans AND IT’S FIGHTERS..hint 1st to offer health insurance, so all Jones had to do is do what he’s paid BIG money to do…that is fight. He’s risked his reputation by not fighting in a fighting sport. People just want to put him on a pedestal like they did with Emelianenko (at the end of his career that is) & call him a champion on what he did…past tense. If he want’s to be a Current champion based on PAST fights or only money fight then retire and get out of the sport and he can say he was undefeated. At least Nick Diaz had the balls to say it and leave because of it. Sonnen may not have been the #1 contender @205lbs but he is definitely qualified & has fought at the weight before. If Jones can’t face a moderately threatening challenger for the “risks” you mentioned, then he’s in the wrong profession!

  26. T.DADDY says:

    They should fire the guy that wrote this BS.. we hate jones cuz he is a big headed A-hole.. period

  27. Bob'O says:

    This really is a condescending article full of contradictions. Apparently we are not grown Adults if we do not see it your way.

    Nice lecture, but Bones still made a very bad decision and no amount of yeah but this, or yeah but that, is gonna change that fact. ~Bob’O

  28. Tank Gracie says:

    Agreed he says Sonnen lost to Silva twice so he doesn’t deserve a fight and hes a lefty,8 days notice guy gives you his purse dissing a legend,no reason my ass!He lost to Silva cause Silvas the best keep hiding behind managment maybe his next fight will be with Lidell that will make way more sence then Sonnen and que the sarcasm…

  29. big nutts on jones face says:

    @bjj bb I like the book u just wrotei remember when a comment would be like 1 sentence u guys are writing novels on here fuck Jon Jones he knows Chael woulda put em on his back.

  30. DMAC says:

    All the haters write big ass comments all day everyday about Bones, like as if someone reads it. Obsessed with hating on someone successful is hilarious, and guess what he doesn’t give a shit about you or how you feel. Make sure you buy that $55 card doe doe brains!

    • Nicain says:

      Na, I’ll just stream the event so Jones can fight for me for free.

      I’ll gladly pay to watch real fighters fight, wont be putting down any cash on that punk. I hope you enjoy giving him your 55 dollars so he can run over some kid drunk.

      Some people are such losers they need to latch onto any “Winners” regardless of how the winners conduct themselves.

  31. Not You says:

    I’m sorry, but all that “taking a chance” at losing excuse doesn’t fly. Jones would have handled Sonnen EASILY.

  32. Null says:

    Doesn’t matter, won’t be buying his PPVs so he hurt himself in the pocket because anyone with half a brain can find an stream these events.

    I tend to buy all PPV’s minus Jones and GSP headlining fights. Vote with your PPV buys.

  33. Still a selfish SOB… My opinion has been the same since he rock the spotlight…

  34. GREENBELT says:






  35. Jb says:

    Great fighter=shitty person. Period. Get over it.

  36. tomw says:

    jon jones is the man fuck all you haters why would he fight sonnen, sonnen is horrible he just got his ass beat by silva lets move up a weight class to fight the champion all these hater are idiots….I would like any of you fuckers to say that to his face he is the best champ in the UFC, if you want someone to hate go hate Anderson Silvas cocky ass

  37. ya herd says:

    I hope vitor knocks him out cold, this would hunt jones forever and maybe he will leave the most boring camp in the world, jon jones probly wrote this statement, know matter what he does in the future or what anyone says i will always look at jon jones as scum to the mma world familys fighters and the ufc got hurt very badly by your antics mr jones u could of and should of took the fight enough said its that simple

  38. ben kline says:

    What a bunch of nut-huggers!! So Jones is using his connection to turn the tide of his pussing out. And you sheep just take the bait. Please. A Champ will and should always regardless of anything else….Take on every Challenge. If any of you chumps had seen Sonnen almost beat Silva, how the hell can u say he isnt worthy!!! Just a bunch of idiots that agree with any post. This is a stupid ass article. Like adults. As an adult I dont have a choice to go up against what stands in my way or comes at me. And neither should an overpaid snot-nosed brat that thought “Hey if i get knocked on my butt and dont totally dominate I might look like I am mortal like the rest. And damn Sonnen exposed Silva and I sure as hell dont want him to do this same thing to me.” Thats about it. All about HIM. Not the fans that got him his leapfrog over other contenders that deserved shots at the title. Remember that? He was not the next in line but got a title shot because WE the FANS wanted to see him fight the Champ.

  39. Just A FAN says:

    Fuck Jon Jones!!Would love to see him humbled in the octogan

  40. Make me Crazy says:

    LOL. Sonnen Nearly defeated Silva…. LOL… On Trt…. Yes & without… BUMM tko… I hate the Fucking UFC & all the weiters 4 writing & so Push Sonnen… 4 this 1 Fight… Wehre he use “Drugs”. Ok…? Fuck this Fight b4 2 years DON’T. Talk about… This shit is all you can use to Push & its a Fucking Joker…

  41. joey says:

    look, here’s the real deal. Jones is a champion who fought his way to be where he’s at right now. Sonnen has had a few wins and 2 title shot fights in which he lost. What in ur right mind makes ppl think Sonnen actually has a right at the light heavy weight title? he barely jumped weight class and already he wants a shot at the champ, HOMIE PLZ. all UFC FIGHTERS are not under salary, they get paid per fight or by sponsorship and they have the right to turn a fight down for any reason. Jones fights in the UFC, NOT FOR THE UFC ppl. no paper work was ever signed so DANA WHITE can complain all he wants and ppl, DANA WHITE is the face of the UFC, he’s not the owner. the ZUFFA brothers have DANA as their MAN SERVANT. enough said…

  42. John In Stockton CA says:

    Greg Jackson is behind all this. Mr. “Guido Jitsu” or whatever happy horseshit he made up is just covering his champs ass and padding his wins. You’re a fighter. Do not give me this hypersensitive intellectual argument that it’s the “smart” thing to avoid Sonnen. That’s just another term for ducking. When you are a 3X Defending UFC LHW champion of the world who has already been preparing against one of the best MMA fighters and former champions of the world in Hendo? You are at a 1000% physical, mental and tactical advantage if you’re such a badass. This is the fight game. Dana White has every right as the “Boss” to be pissed. Millions of dollars down the drain for what? “Because Jones doesn’t want to fight Sonnen?” Now Jones is the “victim”. Fighters fight. Everyone else? Get a job across from Kelly Rippa. You owe it to the fans we don’t owe the fighters ANYTHING. Esp when you’re the 3XUFC LHW Champion of the world. But the bright side? Karma is a bitch. Mr. Jones arrogance and lack of concern for anything but himself will be his downfall.

  43. cristiano reyes says:

    Fuck that shit, Jon Jones is the godfather of all mma fighters, and Chael is the one that sucks big time…..

  44. Mustardmilk says:

    Its not just Jones fault for turning down the fight but also Dana depending on one guys fight to make the $ for his ppv. Hes really not good at thinking ahead. If Jones,GSP,Aldo, and JDS were not in the UFC how would he plan on making tons of $ without them?

  45. I cannot remember a time where I have been given more than 15 minutes notice a fight was going to happen. UFC is supposed to be about that. If it gets turned into anything different than that then its not a fight.

  46. Jeff says:

    I think this whole thing got blown completley out of perportion, like seriously the guy refused a fight on 8 days notice, who caes dana white is rediculous to ridicule him and his trainer, and for all the bandwagon riders who hate him step in the cage before you cast judgment. Hate the steroid freaks like thiago alves a opposed to the clean CHAMP of the ufc.

  47. Dzeyenerd says:

    Mitch Ciccarelli,
    In no way what so ever should you claim to have written this. The points brought up are all valid, but every single part of this has been said almost word for word by Jon Jones in an interview with Ariel Hilwani (sp?). Why didn’t you just post a link to the interview?

  48. Jimbo says:

    In what universe did Sonnen even deserve a match with the LHW Champion (and arguably best fighter in the world) ? That’s like some journeyman trying to fill in for a #1 contender against Floyd Mayweather. My hats off to Chael, but the guy would probably shake the coconut off a tree for a good paycheck. Dana and Joe Silva put together a weak ass card , it wasn’t PPV worthy. Shame on them for not being prepared and giving the fans their moneys worth.

  49. KIDD433 says:

    Wow,Jones must be really happy.Hé has 1 nut in DMACs mouth,the the other nut in BJJ BBs mouth and his whole cock down the writer or this articles mouth

  50. Bonershrinkerjones says:

    Nice article faggot

  51. Alex says:

    Jon Jones and Greg Jackson are going to ruin this sport!

  52. brian gee says:

    I stopped reading after the author said, “If you walk up to a group of fight fans on the street and ask them their opinion of Jones, I guarantee you all or most of them will describe him and coach Jackson as the “scum of MMA” calm down bro. Don’t be making such stupid comments. We will stop reading.

  53. Daren Schneider says:

    Jones is a joke. He costs millions of dollars and screwed millions of people and the UFC out of a pay per view on a Holiday weekend. He should be fired.

    No matter how much time goes by, these Articles won’t change the mind’s of the majority. Jones is a piece of shit.

  54. Yeahrightman says:

    Stopped reading at “Jones is not a bad guy.” I can understand why someone wouldn’t want to fight Chael on 8 days notice, I really can, but I hated the guy before that. He’s just not a like-able dude really. Look at that photo, it speaks a thousand words about the guy. Cocky, arrogant, thinks he’s above everyone else. It’s one thing thinking this stuff but just outright saying it for months and when there’s a chance to prove it you back out and then go and fight a has been. And to top it all off he’s a weight class bigger than almost everyone he fights. That’s why people dislike him, you are missing the point mr article writer.

  55. mzel says:

    it’s funny cuz if he fought sonnen and beat him then the haters would say that sonnen wasn’t in shape and it was easy and he was asked if he wanted to fight and if you’re given a decision that means you can except or decline, he’s the champ. funny how mayweather ducks pacman but people love him and he’s a champ.
    i liked jones before he was champ and i like him as champ don’t matter and when he fights the haters will continue to hate.

  56. GRT 3000 says:

    well thought out and great points imo…the problem. probably 75% of MMA fans are morons. lol. It uses to be around 10-15% (that’s inevitable in any arena) were chumps but it really shows what clowns like Chael bring to a sport. If you want the sport to be big then let it grow on integrity; it may take longer, but the sport will be better off for it. Want it to grow on hype and dickwads like Chael running his mouth and perpetuating negativity? this is what you get…idiot fans doing the same damn thing.

  57. stan871 says:

    I guess they stopped putting down the people who write these articles, Im guessing its the guy who was writing articles kissing Silvas ass before Silva vs. Sonnen 2. I hate Jones because i think his personality is fake from everything ive seen, i think he really needs to get his block knocked the fuck off because i think it will humble him. The problem is finding someone to do it. Hes good, but he is a fake, selfish, arrogant prick and he would not have paid those fighters before their comments, i dont give a fuck what he says, he just wanted to make them feel bad, bitch move.

  58. Brian Watson says:

    This article is just plain and simple bullshit man! Jones is a dog. Look at all the crap he has talked in the past about what a great young man he is, and what a great fighter he is. The clown hugs his own nuts!! “Im such a good guy, you’ll never see me go for DUI”

    Then 5 minutes later what happens?? DUI. The blokes a wanker, regardless of whether he took the Sonnen fight or not. Also, as far as I know, Dana has said that he let JBJ know that if he did not accept the Sonnen fight, the card would be cancelled, which is why all the fighters are mad at hime (along with the fact that they will not be paid).

    Bottom line is that JBJ needs to pull his head out of his arse, and learn some humility!

  59. Timmy says:

    I agree.
    To add to that: Because each fighter brings their own unique style to the fight, Jones trained specifically for Hendo. To just fight Sonnen without training for it would be unwise – it’s a recipe for disaster and a possible loss of his championship belt.
    Strategy plays a big part of fighting any opponent. It takes weeks to study your opponent and to develop a “game plan.”

    On another note: Even though Sonnen is not one of my favorite fighters, I believe Jones’ refusal to fight Sonnen on short notice is a sign of respect that Sonnen truly deserves. If Jones accepted the fight, it would be like him saying, “Sure… I don’t have to train… Sonnen is an easy win.” But his respect for Sonnen’s abilities should be noted here not his refusal to fight on short notice.

    While the fans may roar with disapproval for Jones’ decision, I applaud him for his humbleness and for the respect that he have for Sonnen.

    But let’s stop complaining as injuries will happen in any combative environment. Instead, we should look to how we can “fix” the problem.

    What if the main event was for 4 fighters? And a random draw (perhaps something like “wheel of fortune”… and the ring girls could be the one to spin the wheel!), visible by the entire stadium (and viewers at home) decided the match up. Then there would be a main event and a co-main event for each card.

    It would bring a new twist as each fighter must be ready to fight any of the other 3 fighters. Plus we get to see more of the ring girls! Hell ya!

    Anyways, we should not belittle Jones for not accepting the fight on short notice, but should look at the humbleness and the respect that he have for Sonnen.

  60. Shawn says:

    Not ‘hate’, but HUGE disappointment. As a fighter, a champ, and a person. A far cry from the guy who burst into the scene. And not for the better. I thought this kid would be the next face and representative of MMA, and true honorable fighters. He just turned out to be just like all those other fighters who think of fame, fortune, and ego.

  61. Tim Key says:

    I think the UFC should start stripping the champions when they don’t want to fight who they put in front of them. Jones is just afraid he would have been humiliated by a smaller opponent in Sonnen. He was also told that the event would most likely be scraped if he didn’t take the fight. Why would people be mad at Machida for not taking the fight? He just fought less than 1 month prior. If Jones wants to be considered the greatest ever then he should have taken the fight. He should be happy that all he is receiving is hate mail and not a bunch of other fighters kicking his ass for screwing them out of a pay check.

  62. JD says:

    AMEN, finally somebody gets it

  63. makaveli says:

    Jon “sissy bones” jones is a disgrace 2 not only the ufc but mma. This guy has tons of talent as a fighter, he is a great mma fighter which only makes this whole thing even sadder because he has no heart, or integrity! The guy should either man up or find something else 2 do in life. The only reason he didn’t want 2 fight was because he is scared, plain and simple. All this talk of endorsements and sponsers is sickning! If you are more intrested in money issues than proving you are the best light heaveyweight in the world by getting in the cage and fighting u should’t be a fighter. Look at chuck liddell, he would fight anyone any where and for free. That’s a true champion! This guy jones walks around thinking he is the greatest thing ever, just look at the picture of him at the top of this page. But now everybody knows his true character, a scared little boy with no heart what so ever! I think its sad that a person with no balls, integrity, heart, or honor should have so much talent. It was wasted on him.

    • Wrong says:

      Jon Jones can’t be scared because he is in the UFC and he is the Light Heavyweight Champion. You people thinking that he should stop being a “Sissy” and fight Chael Sonnen are completely wrong! Chael Sonnen doesn’t deserve that fight because he hasn’t done anything in the division. Also You idiots who think that Jon Jones didn’t deserve his title shot should rethink what they are saying because he was next in line to fight Shogun and he dominated the people he fought.

      People these days need to think about what they say…

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