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Monday, 09/24/2012, 10:22 am

UFC 152 Aftermath: Igor Pokrajac Bitter Over Submission Loss To Magalhaes, Complains About Grappling In MMA | UFC NEWS

The top billed bout on the UFC 152 preliminary card special on FX was a light-heavyweight bout between the surging Igor Pokrajac and the returning TUF runner up, Vinny Magalhaes.

In the second round Vinny was able to do what he does and finish his opponent via armbar to make his return to the Octagon a successful one.

Igor, apparently didn’t like the Brazilians strategy and took to twitter to voice his complaint.


23 Responses to “UFC 152 Aftermath: Igor Pokrajac Bitter Over Submission Loss To Magalhaes, Complains About Grappling In MMA | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bobby says:

    MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts. If you dont like grappling go do kickboxing.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I can see a fighter complaining if his opponent won via Fitching ie:stalling but Vinny flat out schooled Igor and submitted him. Anytime you take it out of the judges hands its a good ending.

      I can promise you this if it was Vinny that had Jon JOnes in an armbar his arm would have snapped. No i’m not saying Vinny can beat Jones who is by far a heavyweight in every possible way. Same day weigh ins and Jones would have a hard time making 225 lbs. I will repsect Jones once he fights guys a little closer to his own size. JDS, Cain would KO him along with Cormier who will prove one of these days that he is best 205 lber in worlda s well as being only a natural 185lbs

      Igor needs to go back to fighting outside bars

  2. Seeyo says:

    you got tapped out, shut up, lol..

  3. Xaninho says:

    He has 8 submission wins on his record. Did he bitch about those too?

    • Guss says:

      Of course not. Only when he’s on the receiving end and losses. Guys like this always have an excuse when they lose. As much as I’m a Rampage fan, he’s started bitching about that to. Left me disappointed. Maybe the UFC should pit ‘Page and The Duke against each other.

  4. Westside Daddy says:

    wow this guy is such a joke I hate sorryass fucks like this fool he started the second round by shooting a takedown on vinny, the multiple time world champ and gold medalist in bjj, and got immediately triangled, flipped and armbarred to submission and looked like a novice. Take your sorryass off twitter and get your bitchass on the mat and practice some jits bitch

  5. hi yup says:

    you got tapped out, shut up lol..

  6. jamesg685 says:

    If you fight in the ufc and dont wanna be taken to the ground get your defense up looser :) If you wanna just complain go to boxing.

  7. dante080 says:

    Then maybe you shouldn’t have tapped like a little bitch and fought tour way out of it.

  8. LEON BJJ says:

    You have lost a lot of respect from a lot of fans. For a professional “MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST”
    Those comments are ridiculous…you knew his Jiu Jitsu is no joke.. You took the fight and
    Now your goin to complain.. Shame.

  9. Adam says:

    thats how stupid fighters lose fans. BJJ is a giant part of MMA, and this fool sounds so ignorant.

  10. dastuka says:

    Next well hear ‘My Twitter got hacked’ or some nonsense. What an idiot.

  11. 808 says:

    Well, Igor just lost one more follower.

  12. Shawn says:

    What a whiny baby. Duke, just a reminder, grappling IS part of MMA. And if your not training to defend or use it, you shouldn’t be fighting MMA. Go to K-1.

  13. Dee says:

    Wait a minute. He took Vinny down. lol He can’t get mad for being submitted when he took the Jiu Jitsu black belt down.

  14. Tom says:

    Bitchassness syndrom

  15. TylerRyan says:

    Don’t complain about it, just get better at it. If you don’t wanna grapple and you still want decent competition, try K1 or something. I don’t believe your mentor, Cro Cop, did any complaining.

  16. DMAC says:

    Nah Igor, Vinny broke you off super quick when it hit the mat. Take your L graciously and go train.

  17. CombatRusse says:

    Fuck this guy!
    It isn’t as if Magalhaes stole the submission, or caught him on a mistake or outpowerd him
    It was pure technique, fucking beautiful move. Pure Jiujitsu!, pure art!

  18. Jc says:

    This has to be the first bj penn article where every one agrees. Well done guys

  19. Kender says:

    I didn’t see this fight but now I have to see it. He initiated the take down and now hes crying about being submitted. HaHaHa…Searching youtube now!

  20. Sasquatch says:

    Way to put your head in the noose Igor.

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