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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 11:09 am

UFC 151 Event Cancelled: Hendo Injured, Jon Jones Turns Down Sonnen Match, Books Machida In Sept. | UFC NEWS

For the first time in UFC history, the UFC has cancelled an entire event due to an inability to book a main event.

Dan Henderson was forced to pull out of the UFC 151 main event due to a torn MCL and the UFC put together a deal with Chael Sonnen to come in on 8-days notice and fight the champ, Jon Jones.

While on today’s media call Dana White had the following to say.

“This is probably one of all-time lows as being president of the UFC in the past 11 years. For the first time in 11 years we are going to cancel an event.

Dan Henderson has a partial tear in his MCL and couldn’t continue. HE tried to train he tried to continue to work out. He saw doctors and there was nothing we could do.

For someone to fight Jon Jones on 8 days’ notice is tough to do. But to be totally honest with you guy’s one guy did. He said I would fly to Las Vegas tonight and fight him. Chael Sonnen accepted to fight Jon Jones, wanted to fight Jon Jones. As of 8 o’clock last night we had a fight. We started working, I was going to do this call and it was going to be a different call.

The one thing in a million years that happened happened. Jon Jones said he would not fight Chael Sonnen. A guy who is a world champion and one of the pound for pound best fighters turned down a fight and that has never happened.

It will be Jon Jones vs. Lyoto Machida Saturday Sept. 22 at UFC 152

… Greg Jackson is a sport killer.”


178 Responses to “UFC 151 Event Cancelled: Hendo Injured, Jon Jones Turns Down Sonnen Match, Books Machida In Sept. | UFC NEWS”

    • Magoo says:

      Looks good on you Dana maybe you’ll stack the PPV cards in the future instead of relying on the main event to carry you through…..that’s what the undercard is for. And Ellenberger/Heiron co main event what the fukc were you guys thinking? And one more thing I don’t blame jones for declining the fight against what the hell have you done lately Chael Sonnen, even though Bones would destroy him!

      • dan the man says:

        thank you.. “what the hell have you done chael… “

      • asian kid says:

        jon jones is a pussy for not taking that fight a real champ would of fought anybody

        • Kenshiro says:


          Jon Jones is a B*tch!! a p*ssy ass n*gga..
          for turning down that fight and Chael Sonnen….
          Chael F*cking Sonnen is a MAN… a real f*cking
          MAN with Cojones of an Elephant!!! I have a new
          found respect for this MAN… offering to step up
          and fight this KID….

        • mike says:

          Well said

        • Funnyuashell4u says:

          Says’ the bitch from behinh hic computer.. JBJ can choose to fight who ever he wants. Chael just wants his name back in lights, HE LOST HIS LAST fight he doesn’t get to fight the champ he gets to sit on the sidelines and cherp like a bitch

      • MMA Mario says:

        To MR. Magoo , Really I think jone jones is a punk for ducking Chael .

        • magoo says:

          I like that, heavy on the MR super Mario! Where in the fukc were all these Chael Sonnen fans 6 weeks ago? Why in the hell would JBJ want to fight an unranked 205er in Chael ?
          He’s finished shogun, he finished Rampage, he finished machida all #1 contenders why in the hell would he want to go backwards? Oh I know so all you cry baby whining fans have an event Sept1, you wanna lay the blame, blame Dana White and the UFC for putting together a lame ass card!

        • Yo says:

          Jones is a bitch,shit if hes that good then why not clown chael and let the world know THIS IS WHY IM THE BEST,but nope he got that Nike money now fucking wit his ego.

        • Karey Morgan says:


          Plain simply JBJ should do want to do it to shut Chael up number one. Chael talked a bunch of shit and then Jones talked a bunch of shit back and told Chael if he is going to disrespect him to do it to his face and then he doesn’t accept the fight (JBJ is being a bitch). Another reason he should accept it is because Chael is not much different from Dan Hendo. I’m not saying Chael is better but they are essentially the same fighter stylistically. If anything negotiate with Dana to make it a non-title fight. Three, JBJ was given a shot at the title because Rashad Evans was injured. He should remember the opportunity given to him and he was not a number one contender (remember what got you this point). I’m not saying Chael deserves it by any means but if he stepped up and said he would take the fight then kudos to him. Four, if JBJ was so confident he would just fight him and kick his ass (I know he could destroy Chael). 5. I was getting the Hendo/Jones fight and I would purchased the Sonnen/Jones fight but I will not purchase the Machida/Jones II fight.

        • ahem... says:

          You really think bones is ducking him? he didn’t duck shogun, machida or hendo, but he’s scared of chael….?

          I’m guessing its probably because Jones thinks chael doesn’t deserve it, and be fair… he doesn’t at all.

        • JC says:

          He is an employee of the UFC. He shouldn’t be allowed to pick and chose who he fights. If you want to be the champion, beat everyone they put in front of you!! How long will it be before Jones becomes the new Mayweather? He says he only fights for money… Jones v Sonnen on 8 days notice would have been huge!! More than enough time for Chael to drum up the interest. But instead he misses his payday for a cheaper one in a few months. For a fight he has already said wasn’t worth it for him!!! Open your eyes!!! The “champion” is ducking challengers. That is a disgrace to the sport!!!

      • Heath says:

        Chael would destroy John Jones. Jones would spend the entire fight on his back and he knows it. Real Champs fight ANYONE they are offered. PERIOD. Run Johnny Run

  1. xleanx says:

    jon jones is a fucken pussy

  2. the original steve says:

    jon jones said he would not fight jon jones? proof read

    • the original steve says:

      1 i don’t understand why people duck sonnen. he creates great hype which creates great money and jones says he fights for the money. and sonnen has 12 loses is he really that threatening to one of the best fighters right now. 2 everyone calling jones a bitch is a bitch. the guy could ruin all of you. i don’t like jones i don’t like what he did but have some respect for someone who fights trained fighters for a living

    • J says:

      Proof read your inability to proof read. That sentence was a continuation of Sonnen’s desire to fight JBJ.

    • The King says:

      Steve O will not stand for imperfection. STEVE O is the perfect Human Being.
      Give them a break ass hole. Nobodys perfect except you.

  3. Robert Wilkie says:

    As much as I don’t think Sonnen deserves to fight Jon Jones, the man offered 8 days notice and Jon Jones ducked him. Period, this is unacceptable of a champion and he does not deserve to hold the title.

    • MMA Mario says:

      I agree Robert Wilkie , This guy (John Jones) got all big headed to quick to fast, I mean c’mon if he thinks its a such easy fight , why not fight the guy and get it over with. I think jone jones has bein talking to Anderson spider sylva. For support. F.. those two grease monkeys

  4. 123 says:

    ffs all they had to offer was chael sonnen? ufc is going downhill fast!

  5. mts267 says:

    No reason for Jones to fight Sonnen. He is not a contender, he needs to earn his shot..

    • Jibba says:

      I agree, this fight would be lose-lose for Jon. The champ shouldn’t have to game plan for one guy for weeks and then be expected to take on whoever challenges him the loudest.

      • Ly-er says:

        Yah, I get everyone’s point that Sonnen didn’t earn his shot, but this is exactly the point where this was the only way to save this event. I’m pretty sure they asked all the other viable 205 contenders & they declined! And Sonnen, even though isn’t the best substitute, I would have bought this fight, if he actually was to replace Hendo. I’m looking at it like, if you’re the champion it doesn’t matter who u’re fighting, u’ll win regardless because u’re the best. Also, both guys have the same amount of notice time! 8 days is 8 days watcha gonna do about it! Its just my opinion.

    • Brian says:

      Ok so when Kenny Florian moved down to get a shot at Jose Aldo, did you complain then too? You really think Chael at 205 wouldn’t be a contender? lmao. You’re retarded.

    • Jbizzle says:

      That would make sense if the fight was a few months away and the UFC is trying to find Jones an opponent but that’s not the case. Jones is a champ and should step up to save the card the please the fans, this business is about pleasing the fans since Jones now wants to talk about the business side of the sport. Jones did the opposite. He turned down a fight, and the card was cancelled.

  6. Jb says:

    Jones is a bitch. All you fan boys can talk of the crap you want. Hendo had a better chance than Chael and still wouldn’t fight? And don’t tell me Jackson controls him, he’s a grown ass man. If you don’t see jones devolving than your not paying attention. Chael hasn’t been training for a fight but willing to take it on 8 days. Just sad to see this turning more and more into drama. Say what you want but fuck jones. Simply for the fact that he’s the reason they canceled the first UFC ever

  7. xleanx says:

    you guys smell something? i diffidently smell something..yup its jon jones vag

  8. Me says:

    BullShizzle!! Sonnen offered him his purse and was willing to fight on 8 days notice and Jones bloody says no? Now the whole card has been cancelled…Way to go chump lost a lot of respect for you here.

  9. birdcitybutcher says:

    Bones vagina is peaking through his gym shorts

  10. This Sucks says:

    This is crazy. I don’t understand why Jones would not take this fight. I am a JJ fan but this is ridiculous. Shogun didn’t turn down the fight when JJ was offered the title shot on short notice. And to turn down Chael… Chael is not that different from his previous opponent Rasahd Evans. These two in my opinion have the best take downs in the UFC along with a few other fighters. Chael however doesn’t have the same level of striking as Rashad. On paper at least it would be an easy win for Jones. One that would sell a lot of paper view and make fans happy. To refuse is just not acceptable…

  11. Jim says:

    Much respect for Chael for stepping up. Lost a lot on JBJ. COWARD!

  12. paco says:

    jon jones is a bitch! and i just respect sonnen even more each time cant believe he stepped up for that!, although… why dont they try and get lyoto for this one? o at least not cancel the event they still had great fights besides jones- henderson… damn hendo… i love that guy but why’d he have to get his shit torn intead of jones’s?!

  13. Jon Bones Jones is a classless champion who has officially ducked Chael Sonnen. 8 days notice Chael was going to take to fight him and he said no (1st champ in history to do this) causing for the first time in history, a whole ufc card to be cancelled. *Slow clap for JBJ*. You’re a douchebag

    • Jim says:



      Way to go, champ. Thanks for screwing the fans.

    • ballsackface says:

      theyve never cancelled on a main event failing before….. shows that the card was week and would have poor ppv attendence. it would be a loss of money as everyone was gonna buy just for hendo vs bones and nothing else

      while its a bitch move, the same reason bones wont fight chael is the very reason why every other fighter didnt step up to fight bones.
      any of the other 205’s could have but its too last minute as it would damage their chances when they feel they are actually ready and have already lost to him so they get ignored.

      jones has done what the other 205ers have done, he didnt sign to fight chael

      i would like to see them fight though

  14. Mentoazz69 says:

    LMFAO tell me Dana really said that Jackson is a sport killer, that is fucking funny as hell.

  15. TowerPower says:

    Thanks to Jon Jones……I know at my job I really dont have much say as what activity I take on next. So now that he is the champ, he will continue to pick who he wants and maybe even start to do the “lay and Pray” stratagy…#UFCchampsbecomingpredictable.

  16. WTF! JBJ declining to fight Sonnen. I agree that Sonnen has not deserved this opportunity, but he was offerred it and accepted on 8 days notice. My respect for JBJ has been lowered. I feel for the fans, and the other fighters on the card, that JBJ pussied out, and now an entire event is down the tubes. JBJ, you are a pro, and the champ, wtf you scared of? You would probably have given Sonnen a whopping, or would you have. Un freakin believable! Grab some balls JBJ!

  17. Carwoo says:

    Sonnen said Jones would not want to fight him, ever. And looky looky.

  18. WOW says:

    That is fucking brutal…………..

  19. Themenacekiller says:

    That is some bull. Maybe sonnen doesnt deserve a shot yet but if he is willing to fight they should fight. Jon Jones has disappointed me today. I am a big fan but when it comes down to it if you consider yourself the best of the best then you should be willing to fight anybody at anytime. Chael way to step up on 8 days notice. I am so frustrated by this it sucks i wanted to see either one of these fights.

  20. fapo says:

    jon jones is such a little bitch! much respect for sonnen taking the fight on 8 days notice! damn henderson why’d you have to tear your shit up intead of jones’s?!

  21. T.DADDY says:

    After all that shit bones talked about Sonnen and he won’t fight him??? DON’T BE SCARED HOMIE! Bones don’t want it with The American Gangster… Hendo gets injured you fight a replacement.. Sonnen.. how did you get ur title shot? Oh yeah an injured rashad gave you his spot but you don’t wanna do the same for Sonnen… Ur weak.. machida will get yo ass this time

  22. 123 says:

    i liked jon jones but not anymore, defend ur belt u awkward person!

    • Itsthatguyagain says:

      First time post just to say awkward person is the best insult ever!

      But while I am at it, as someone said they both technically had 8 days notice … seems fair.
      His job is not to hold the title, his job is to entertain. That is what keeps the UFC on top and rolls in his pay checks, needs to grow a pair and be a true champion.

      • Brian says:

        He’s a fighter, not an entertainer. He’s also a champion. His job is to defend his belt, which is what he specifically is NOT doing.
        You got it ass backwards dude. The fans want champs who defend their belt against all challengers, not sissies who pick and choose their fights so they can retire with a strong “legacy”…

  23. stegough says:

    destroyed a whole card cos he woudnt fight a guy who came in with no preperation and offered to fight him who is a far smaller guy anyway,so what if he didnt earn it he was told there was no1 else and there would be no ufc without the fight happening,was a big fan now ur the biggest douchebag in mma to me

  24. dante080 says:

    Say what you want about Chael. But he wants to fight. For a guy as imagine conscious as Jones is, this is a terrible move

  25. DMAC says:

    Lol so glad JBJ didn’t take the fight!!! Chael leap frog everyone for a title lmao, what is this WWE? Hendo sit your old ass down already, you know damn well you been hurt and it was a plan that back fired on Dana, Chael and Hendo. Damn dummies!!!

    • Dagnag says:

      You could very well have a point there. That would be the reason Sonnen has been talking so much trash to Jones lately. Trying to amp up tension and start a rivalry.

  26. lionstrangler says:

    Dana White is a bastard for even introducing the premise where a champion has to take a fight against a new opponent IN 8 DAYS! If the card has to be cancelled, then so be it. Unfortunate as it seems,it is what it is. Jones hasn’t trained for Sonnen. How do critics of the sport take it seriously when something so unprecedented and unusual is put forward basically to make an event work. This isnt the chicken wing eating contest of easter New York, this is the undisputed Light Heavy weight championship of the world. Give the man time to prep. He has destroyed everyone put in front of him.

    • adam says:

      Seriously buddy? Do you even watch mma? Jones got his title in the exact same way you just described and called BS. A champion should be gracious, fearless and a leader of the organization he/she represents. JBJ has shown his true colors today… As a self interested, selfish, bitch of a champion

      • lionstrangler says:

        @Adam, the difference between me and you is that you are reading this on your computer and I am writing this in my gym where I train athletes and fighters. It is beyond preposterous what Dana is trying to do. I understand he has to recoup monies and try to save the event but he threw JBJ under the bus by throwing in that Sonnen caveat. I have booked my fighters in 2/3 days notice for smokers and small events but I am completely small fry in comparison and if I was Jones’s adviser, I would laugh in Dana’s face and call him a moron for even suggesting that. Again, this is for the Championship of the world. Why do you think the champion of the world doesn’t need time to prep, doesn’t have doubts, doesn’t need to build strategies for his opponents? My anger is most directed at Dana because only the very stupid would ask Vladimir Klitchko(Boxing’s HW champ) to take a new opponent on 8 days notice. Dana should try to treat this less like a circus act and more like a sport. Fighters aren’t machines.

        • wookie says:

          as a fan, im angry as i was looking forward to this but after reading Lionstranglers post, i can partially understand the business aspect which is something I don’t usually think of. Thanks Lion. Still disappointed but your post has me thinking about this in a different light.

      • Tim says:

        Since when is 8 days and 42 days the “exact same way”? Seems like a pretty big difference to me but I’m no math wizard.

      • KingKamehameha says:

        So JBJ got his title shot on 8 days notice? Cause I swear Shogun needed time to recoup from destroying Machida???

  27. lionstrangler says:

    Of course Sonnen would take the fight. He has nothing what so ever to lose.

    • Shameful says:

      That’s what I felt when everyone was giving him props for courage. He’s got two good built-in excuses with the step up in weight class and the 8 day’s notice.

  28. maurice says:

    IM HAPPY AS FUCK THAT JONES TURNED DOWN THE CHAEL FIGHT. i think its a damn shame that dana is riding chaels nuts this hard. the dude cheated just to compete with anderson. then he literally gets kicked out of mw by anderson in humiliating fashion, and he automatically gets a shot at the lhw crown? wat shocks me the most is that u dumb ass fans are mad at jones for turning down sonnen? jones did wat anderson tried to do, and thats never allow a cheater another big money fight and chance at gold when the dirty mother fucker doesnt deserve it. i really cant believe chael was even an option. im truly disgusted. fucking DISGUSTED.

    • what? says:

      Since when is it ever humiliating to get knocked out by anderson? Are you retarded. The point is they found a man willing to accept a fight with a very dargerous opponent on 8 DAYS NOTICE. Thats no preparation whatsoever, especially when dealing with JJ. So the least he could do is man up just the same as chael and support the organization that pays you big bucks to wrap your bently around a pole…

    • Dagnag says:

      +++++10000000000000000! Agreed! F*ck Chael! How in the hell do you even fix your mouth to even ask for another shot at a title in a totally different weight class after you lost BAD to Silva just last month? Must be out of his monkey ass mind! And these fools are just as stupid. I know NONE of these Chael nut-suckers would have given him a shot either if they were in Jones’s position!

  29. T.DADDY says:

    Wow I still can’t believe bones is scared to fight Sonnen.. Sonnen don’t deserve a title shot but it wuda been a big draw and bones was just talkin about how he only wants big fights.. you coulda had one with Hendo and now you could have one with Sonnen.. so why not fight him… After all the trash talk between you two and ur scared now?? You knew Sonnen wud get ahold of you and rag doll ur skinny ass… AMERICAN GANGSTER ALL DAY!

  30. Kingron84 says:

    I can’t blame Jones, sides the fact that the card sucked overall anyways he should not have to face some one who just lost his shot to Silva by getting TKO’d.

    This card was maybe going to pull 300k, now the Toronto card sill do around 800 k because lets face it Johnson vs Benavidez was not going to sell well.

  31. sting says:

    EFF all these belt holders. Everybody’s ducking evrybody, Dana White, your best bet right now is to book Sonnen vs Nate Diaz. Aint gonna be no ducking in this fight for sure.

  32. A.Rosa says:

    Maybe Rashad Evans was right all along…Jones is as fake as you can get….Hoefully he won’t be champ for long….

  33. Jeff says:

    Even if Jones is a “grown ass man,” you can’t blame him for turning down the fight at the advice of his coach. As a fighter myself (albeit an amateur one) the last thing I would want to do is go into a big fight with the people who are in my corner shaking their heads at my decision to go into battle. Going into a fight with a guy as potentially dangerous as Sonnen without his team’s full support would have been the mistake.

  34. SY Jaquez says:

    I can not believe this ,Why do they give chael sonnen such a hard time this guys fights any body and to fight Anderson Silva he had to fight everyone again he get a call on 8 days notice i will fight this guy lets go ,you think we want jones and machida a reapeat noooo chael vs jones is an exiting fight hendo vs Jones is an exiting fight i can not believe this so disappointing

  35. BT says:

    Wow…first Bones says he doesn’t want to fight Machida because it won’t be a good money fight for him and then refuses a fight with the greatest fight promoter the UFC has ever seen in order to fight the guy he said wasn’t a good money fight for him…whatever, JBJ, I think you’ve lost whatever credibility you might have had.

  36. The King says:

    I wonder what Mr. Magoo’s take is on all this. According to him Jones is the best thing since sliced bread.

    I hope all of you see now that Jones doesn’t give a rats ass about you.

  37. Dagnag says:

    What in the hell makes you think that Chael even deserves 2 back to back title shots? F*ck that! I’m convinced that Dana and Chael are butt buddies or something. I wouldn’t give him a shot either, especially after just losing to Silva A MONTH AGO! Dana should just dig a little deeper and find someone else for Jones to fight.

    • T.DADDY says:

      Its not about deserving a shot.. Dan is the deserving one but he got hurt.. next best thing Dana could do was find a opponent for bones and he did.. bones is screwing the fans and all the other fighters on the card.. F him and his fake ass persona..

      • Mach00man says:

        Hell yeah it’s about deserving a shot and Chael doesn’t deserve one. Not right now. Dana OFFERED Chael, but did he ask anyone else at LHW? No. Why? It’s not like Chael raised his hand and was like OH OH I’ll do it. When Dana asked Machida and Machida said no, he should have went to the next LHW in line.

        • ballsackface says:

          yes he did, he clearly stated that only one person wanted to step up at short notice (meaning he put it out there)
          and of course it was chael, chael wants to chase the dream before its too late

  38. wtf says:

    Why has there been NO CHANGES on They have no mention in their news section and are still advertising the event AND pre-order to watch it online. Also, how the bloody HELL did Dan do such major damage the WEEK of the biggest fight of his career?!?!! How come their trainers and coaches allow them to train that hard?? FUCKING STUPID!

  39. Sonnen a True GANGSTER ! says:

    Who’s the Boss here and gives the final say, I thought it was Dana White. Obviously its Bones. What a chump, Sonnen you the man, stepping up for your boy Hendo an willing to take care of his light work a True GANGSTER ! Bones dont be SCARED HOMMIE !

  40. bryanw33 says:

    all the idiots calling Jones a bitch and a puss for turning this fight down are idiots. This isnt some undercard fight between two up and comers, this is the main event and a world title fight.
    Usually Im not a Dana hater, but he announced that part just to be inflammatory and to make his champ look bad, real douchebag move’

  41. donkeyballs says:

    Ok, for people not in jones position you seem to know everything about it. Sonnen is a goid fighter but why should ge be rewarded . Sonnen is now a hero? Id question if hes even clean right now. The event sucked besides the main card and stikl loooked to lack ppv quality. Ufc needs to chill out on 3 events per month. It is watered down.

  42. punchkick says:

    on the other article, bones said he fights for the money. strange not to take this fight, considering chael will even give jones his fight purse.

  43. billy blanks says:

    Chael Sonnen is a bitch. What does jon jones get out of beating him? nothing. How the hell is chael considered anywhere near a contender at LH? He may be exciting in the build up, hype bullshit, but in the cage he is one of the most boring fighters i’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t fight him either if i was jones.

  44. Mitch says:

    Wow! Isn’t this exactly how jones got his shot? He just screwed every other fighter on the card out of a paycheck

  45. Jay-Z says:

    the only sport killer is the greedy ass baldy. He loved bones for saving his ass with all those main events he stepped up for him in only 8 months.. But now he’s mad cause he wants bones to fight who he says to fight just so he doesn’t lose money. You would never see boxing try to change a main event in 8 days. It’s a ppv card there should be no excuse for a co-main event not to be worthy of a main event..

  46. warrior808 says:

    How bout chael EARN his title shot first by fighting someone like shogun. Then bones can face machida and the 2 winners face each other.

  47. Bob says:

    I really don’t want to see JBJ fight any of these guys. He is at such a higher level of skill than Hendo and Sonnen. Having said that, he should have taken Sonnen, KO’d him in the 1st and moved to HW

    • Diaz bro says:

      Higher level of skill?He is a freak of an athlete, who Is long, has a huge reach, but higher skill? Where, wrestling? His awkward striking? Hendo has one pinch ko power, JJ doesn’t, I would give the edge to Jones as an athlete, with reach, and youth, but skill over a veteran , and Olympic wrestler like Hendo, no way .

  48. 123 says:

    why not keep the event & bring michael bisping vs brian stann a few week early as a 5 round main event?

  49. Scotty says:

    This article doesn’t even report how everything went in the conference.. They were trying to get ahold of Machida before Sonnen but he was in the air going to Brazil.. Which then decided to call Sonnen who accepted the fight! Jones turned down the fight because good old Jackson said “It would be the biggest mistake of his career and not to take the fight” so Jones didn’t take the fight.. Which then they finally got ahold of Machida and told him September 22nd in Toronto!

    And also said “He wouldnt fight Sonnen on 8 days notice” but why not sonnen and henderson are going to try to do the same thing.. Accept u dont have to worry about a huge right hand! Also I thought Jones was all about the money, this would have been bigger than the henderson fight! Sonnen could promote this fight in 1 day to make it bigger.. Jones says one thing and then does another! Lost all respect for him now and actually gained more for Sonnen!

  50. Jonbonershrinkerjones says:

    Wow. I guess the rest of the fighters on this card (especially the undercard) aren’t going to be eating this month. Fck you Jones, eat a dick!

  51. Chael may not be the #1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 contender at 205, but there was no one else avalible on the short notice willing to step up and fight JBJ in orfer to make the card survive, so much respect to Chael. Not his biggest fan, but he earned some love from this. Lost a lot of respect for JBJ. Just a selfish and scared fighter. The whole card is canceled because he can’t find the string on his tampon? All the other fighters busting their a**es trying to make a living…and now they have to suffer because Jones is a pu**y? JBJ is the CHAMP! Now…if only he fought like it. He is such a pretender.

  52. Justin says:

    Chael sonnen isn’t even qualified to carry Jon jones’ jock strap.
    Why on earth would anyone expect bones to fight this chump, when he has machida (a legitimate competitor) waiting for a shot?
    Might as well throw Justin Beiber in there…he’d have just as good a shot at beating jones as sonnen does.

    Really, it amazes me that there are people stupid enough to think he’s ducking sonnen. That would be an easier payday than Henderson was. At least now he’ll have a legit threat in Lyoto and make his traing camp worthwhile.

  53. wtf says:

    Why has there been NO CHANGES on I am suspect about this. They have no mention in their news section and are still advertising the event AND pre-order to watch it online. Also, how the bloody HELL did Dan do such major damage the WEEK of the biggest fight of his career?!?!! How come their trainers and coaches allow them to train that hard?? FUCKING STUPID! Feed him Gustafson or Phil Davis. Hell Davis is in shape and NOT hurt. Sure, Davis may not be top 5 but at least he HAS FOUGHT at LHW! It would just be for S&G but at least they would be fighters that have DONE something in the LHW division!

  54. Dee says:

    So disgusted with Jone Jones. And Greg Jackson has shown that he is the mastermind behind GSP’s butt humping, Guida’s crackfiend foot movement (whatever the hell you call it) and Condit’s curtailing.

    I can’t understand why Dana doesn’t work something out with the venue and see if he can postpone the venue for another date and change the main event. This also happens in boxing and they’re able to avoid big major losses, then again they also take last minute fights.

  55. AnyRandomHero says:

    Dana White is a dick! At the end of the day there were no real light heavyweights available to step up? That just shows how weak his division and the planned event is and because it makes Dana look bad he deflects that onto Bones. Bones said he didn’t want to fight Machida but he hasn’t ducked that fight, fact is Sonnen is just talking his way to a fight he deserves as much as I do! Now if Bones ducked a real light heavy weight like Gustaffson I’d agree with some people on here – fact is Dana is to blame not bones

    • Scotty says:

      What are you talking about? Know the whole story before accusing Dana for being a dick on this one.. Dana called several fighters and the only one who accepted in time or got ahold of was Chael Sonnen.. Jones being P4P in the world, turned down a fight against a MW! He turned down a fight, cost the company who made him what he is right now alot of money, and everyone else on the card now cant get paid.. But i thought Jones was all about providing for his family? What about others in company that he works for? Some of these guys will be luck to walk out with 5k in there pocket, now they get ZERO!

  56. PredictablePunkassJones says:

    Is it just me, or do the few people defending Jones sound like uneducated, unintelligible negros? Must be because only that sort would condone what amounts to sheer cowardice. If you fight, you fight. I have fought, as have lots of my friends. Sometimes the call comes at the last minute to step up, and you step the fuck up.
    I have seen my bros step up to fight out of their weightclass on less than a weeks notice, for money, honor, or just for fun. To duck a guy like Sonnen, who is willing to fight with no camp whatsoever, is classless. He would have had to spend the next 8 days cutting weight and resting, and probably would have been walked right through. But he was willing, cause Chael has heart. Jones is just another professional black athlete, trying to figure out a way to never hold a job outside of sports again. Weak, Jones. You are forever a bitch.

    • Darkness says:

      wow racist much. look i understand your upset about the fight not happening but this is definitely not a bitch move on JJ’s part. 8 days is no time at all and before you say he got his shot that way it was a month and a half prior to the fight. Yes i am pissed that the fight is not going to happen but clearly you should rethink your statement along with most of the other people posting how much a bitch jones is. Also this mostly falls on the training camp of Hendo why he is inlvoved in such training that could cause that type of injury this close to the fight is beyond me, and why is it that the rest of this card was so lackluster. UFC back in the day had an entire fight card to keep your attention. Maybe Dana should have done more prudent planning so if something like this happens that the show could still go on.

  57. juanito says:

    Jon Jones BEAT someone to get that short notice title shot. Shogun had months to get ready. Chael just LOST AGAIN to Silva, so he runs his mouth and gets a title shot? Fuck Chael, not worth Bones’ time.

  58. asd says:

    To even think about giving sonnen a title match at LWH so soon is ridiculous. Dana and Sonnen got something gay goin on, real gay.

  59. Mach00man says:

    Has anyone noticed how Chael has been verbally ripping into Jones in the last few weeks or so? This was planned! I smell conspiracy! What if Hendo has been injured for a while now and Chael was asked by Dana to pick a fight and ease his way into UFC 151? The same way that the UFC asked Josh Koshcheck to stir up something with BJ Penn?

  60. Chaz says:

    Wow, I understand that Chael hasn’t done much, but turning that fight down basically contradicts ol’ Bones stance on only fighting for money/purse.

    • Ly-er says:

      I know this is messed up to say, but I wonder if Nike will drop their sponsorship on him later??!! I just saw this funny tweet: “How to duck @sonnench …. #BonesKnows”!! LMao

  61. jbeamazing says:

    Jon Jones is scared of gangsters

  62. drew says:

    a champ should accept a challenge from anybody in the top 5 and not outside of it…sorry chael your a middleweight and havent recorded a win in LHW in a long time but its a fight people would buy…yet jones and many others along with myself in some degree believe chael is a cheater…16:1 ratio of testeserone for anderon 1 is a fucking joke

  63. drew says:

    a champ should accept a challenge from anybody in the top 5 and not outside of it…sorry chael your a middleweight and havent recorded a win in LHW in a long time but its a fight people would buy…yet jones and many others along with myself in some degree believe chael is a cheater…16:1 ratio of testeserone for anderon 1 is a fucking joke

  64. Nathan says:

    Jones is a bitch? Wow… he’s only beaten like 5 former champs in a row now, easily. He may have lost one whole round in the UFC. Yeah, he’s a bitch because he won’t fight someone who keeps talking his way to title shots and could barely beat Bispbing. He ruined it for the fans? That card was gonna suck ass except for the Jones fight… The only reason I would pay for that card is because of Jones/Henderson. So all you dumbasses still wanna shell out 55 bucks to see Jones/Sonnen? Really? Fuck that save your money for September to see someone who at least has a chance fight Jones. Jones won’t duck Sonnen if he actually beats some people and earns a shot first. But he hasn’t, and can’t, and won’t. He can’t beat anyone in the top 6 or 7 at 205. Not a chance. So fuck his title shot… I’m glad they canceled that weak ass card.

  65. Nathan says:

    And no, I am not unintelligent or negro. How much money would you pay to see the Lakers play a high school team? The same as you would pay to watch a Lakers/Heat finals game? Hell no, of course not. Nobody would. Would the highschool team “have heart” just because they say they want to play the Lakers? I guess, but who cares? Stop acting like Sonnen is some badass because he is trying to stay relevant after getting handled by Silva. If the UFC was gonna charge 19.95 for this card, then fine… I’d still prob buy that. But why would I want a terrible, uninteresting, garbage main event for the same price as the original one? Guess what, I don’t. And neither should any of you if you are real UFC fans. Jones is not a bitch because he doesn’t want to fight in a lose-lose situation. And he is thinking about the fans… he’s trying to save yall money.

    • VoFire says:

      You are right, Chael probably doesn’t deserve a title fight. He is a great talker and probably would of lost to Jones BUT Jones should have taken the fight. This just screams I am too AFRAID TO FIGHT SONNEN. END OF STORY.

  66. Damnu says:

    Jackson an jones are together a fucking cancer to mma! Fight sonnen you scared little bitch!! Guaranteed jones vs sonnen brings more money than jones vs machida. Will not buy thus one…streaming

  67. Mike b says:

    That fucking sucks man I was looking foward to this fight.respect to chael man he wanted to take the fight,I got the ump most respect for chael he’s a fucking warrior and a true fighter,can’t say the same for jones tho,ur supposed to be the champ and u turned down a fight,I know I know ur Nike deal ur sponsors ur money ur reputation,u weren’t training for chael and 8 days is not enough to switch ur training camp…blah blah blah…ur not a real fucking fighter.if u had true fighter mentality u would fight anybody,anytime,anywhere… excuses.

  68. Steampunk Samurai says:

    Wow. I’m a Jones fan, and I just lost almost all my respect for him. I’m a Chael hater, but I have nothing but respect for him after this. If you had told me yesterday I’d feel this way today, I’d have laughed in your face.

  69. maybe jon jones broke a ball in training or maybe he tore his egg sack?… right guys…

  70. slacker says:

    What a lame response from Jones in a desperate situation. He should have taken that fight. Very selfish!! No loyalty to the fans who bought all those tickets, as well as the organization. He going to lose fans fast!

  71. People on here are ridiculous. Sonnen doesn’t deserve to fight for a title. He hasn’t fought In tr weight class, jones at least fought and won to earn his shot. And people don’t understand that you don’t understand, they most likely would he went to Vegas tomorrow and started the press stuff for the fight. Of course Sonnen would take the fight, he has nothing to lose, and he just moved up weight class and he gets a shot. Who wouldn’t have taken the fight. Everyone hating on jones for turning down the fight you are just stupid, he wants to fight people who deserve a shot, who are big names in the lightheavy weight division not someone who hasn’t earned anything. I don’t blame him for saying no.

    • Unarmed Spectator says:

      Read between the lines they looked for someone and the only one to step up was Sonnen! You say “who wouldn’t step up!” no one else did. And regardless of all things said Jones just killed fight purses for a shit load of dudes on the undercard who might not get a reschedule anytime soon. So JBJ can suck a big one, freakin douche!

  72. Steve Eschleman says:

    Don’t understand this at all. Jon Jones is paid to fight. You refuse you should be suspended fired stripped of title, SOMETHING! Shit I miss fighting! I’d fight on a day notice if I’d be asked to. I mean it would be my job my obligation. Hell I’d fight for what I make now in a year which is so far less than what they make for one fight. Damn I’d honestly fight for free if I could hav one chance in the UFC. I mean that!

    • Dagnag says:

      So you think Condit shout be stripped of his interim title for waiting until freakin November to fight GSP? Instead of allowing a deserving fighter challenge him for it right now?

  73. maybe jones broke a ball in training or tore his egg sack…

  74. Maurice says:

    I see dejavu again, it’s ufc 140 all over again. I don’t think Machida is going to be prepared enough for this fight.

    • Dee says:

      I agree. Machida is the one who keeps getting screwed. He had a short notice the first time, and now he has another short notice, but this time he has 30 days to get his camp together and organize a fight plan and prepare for the fight. According to Dana Lyoto was on the plane to Brazil earlier today.

  75. MMA Mario says:

    Wow I can’t believe Dana White and Zuffa allow this to happen. I watch every UFC paper view fight an I cant believe Dana allows a fighter to make up the rules. If i recall is’nt it the second time that John Jones refuses to fight somebody, Fire his ass. Let him go fight somewhere else, who the hell does he think he is. He does’nt deserve to fight for Zuffa(UFC). Dana talk to your fighters , put them in line. Your losing alot of money. Not good for the sport and defintely not good for business. Fights like this could affect your reputation in the mixed martial fight world. This is starting to smell like WWF or a DON KING promotion. WTF

  76. Tyler Smith says:

    jon jones is the man i would give chael sonnen a chance either he is a loud mouth bitch

  77. jp says:

    I can understand Jon Jones not wanting to fight chael Sonnen. he has not earned the shot yet in the 205 division. Chael also could possibly be a problem if he is able to take home down, but this is a chael on 8 days. There is no strength training or sparing with Huge fighter to try and emulate Jones. Jon johns is just a pussy and a little bitch because he feels he is the greatest and can’t even fight a Chael Sonnen with no camp.

    Oh and to those that say chael Sonnen got destroyed by Silva he won the 1st and the fight would have kept things going if silva didn’t grab fence and shorts…. Not making excuses just saying what happened…

  78. 123 says:

    whats going to happen to ufc 152 now, hes fucked it all up!!

    • Dee says:

      No he actually sold the event because he will be the main event then featherweight title is on the line, then Bisping vs Stann which is a pretty decent card.

  79. Johan says:

    I must say, mr jones possibly just lost all his fans.

  80. Big G says:

    I can’t wait for what Sonnen has to say now, he’d already started stokin the fire. This will prolly set things ablaze.

  81. JUST A FAN says:

    Wow ! What a pussy jon jones has turned out to be! How is it that Chael Sonnen will fight at a moments notice , But the Champ refuses??? Granted Jones was training for Hendo , …………BUT Chael has just been training for no one in particular. Lost ALL respect for Jones ! and oh yeah ! FUCK GREG JACKSON TOO!!!

  82. john says:

    You guys saying jones is this or that are crazy. you all are eating up the chael train of hype. look at the record. chael is living off his mouth right now. i have seen so many say that should stop posting stuff abou tlesnar are the ones eating the chael hype.
    i dont like jones at all but i think he has it right. chael doesnt deserve to b in the octagon with him. chael is a mouth and nothing more. please tell me i wouldnt say it to his face. drop your email on here and i will send video of 6 years ago in texas when i knocked him stupid while we were sparring. he is nothing.
    dana white is pushing him because he sells, not his skill set. he didnt beat bisping adn if it werent for a referee he would have been killed both times he fought silva.

  83. Brian says:


    How those ducks doing Jon Boy?

    Some champ you are, ducking challengers. Guess that’s what you learned from your pals GSP and Anderson.

    Seriously, tired of these “champions” who won’t fight all-comers. You’re no champ in my eyes unless you defend your belt whenever challenged. Only true champion in the UFC right now as I see it is JDS. The rest are just primadonnas.

  84. Scotty says:

    I think Jones has finally became the guy he always was or wanted to be and was always trying to hide it.. He first said he wanted to be a role model, then crashes his car while drunk.. He then said he fought for the love of the sport and then just came out saying he does it for the money.. He always talking about respect and morals but when the company that made him needed him to do one thing for them, he turns them down! All those people who were always saying he was fake, really did see through the BS!

  85. H says:

    Well now we can talk our way to a title fight?…Dana should tell people to just get on twitter and they are the next in line lol…You want a title shot earn it thank you !!!

  86. Striker17 says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! I hope Machidas beats JBJ ass!!!!! This Fkcued other fighters out of a pay day!!! Other fighters that probably needed that pay day!!! Not all of them can drink and drive and get a NIKE contract. Fcuck JBJ!!!!!!!!

  87. Of Course says:

    Of course Chael would take the fight…he needs the money after his money laundering fine and lack of work last year. I would take the fight too for championship fight money. He obviously doesn’t mind getting TKO’d and his grabbing and L&P style might get him a decision for the title. There are a lot of people in this world willing to lay down on their backs and get paid for it…but that doesn’t make me respect them.

    • Brian says:

      Get some facts before you talk as if you know what you’re talking about.. otherwise someone like me will come by and make you look like a total asshat…

      Chael reportedly got around $4.5 million for UFC 148
      Chael was only fined $10,000 for his laundering conviction and paid $69,000 to plaintiff.

      Now do I have to do 4.5 million minus 79,000 for you also? Or do you know how to operate a calculator?

  88. Brian says:


    Looks like we got another “UFC champion” who DUCKS challengers.. guess Jones finally got to the point where he thinks he can pick and choose his fights from here on out. What a joke. He’s learning fast from his pals GSP and Anderson.

    I’m sorry but a champion, to me, is one who accepts any and all who challenge his belt (and are worthy.. not saying he has to accept from randoms with 1 fight under their belt.)

    The champs in the UFC are a joke, the only one worthy of the title is JDS because he does not shy away from fights, and will take the harder challenger any day.

    I can’t blame Dana at all for being upset about this. Jones vs Sonnen would have probably been a top 10 seller card… and Jones turned it down because he doesn’t like his chances.. lmfao. This guy is so cocky too, thinking he is the best. I guess he’s been taking notes from Mayweather.

    Dana should put a clause in all fighters contracts that states a champion must accept any challenge put in front of him by Joe Silva, or vacate the belt. I bet we’d see a lot more fights that FANS WANT TO SEE happening. Getting tired of these guys who become professional fighters and do everything possible to avoid fights they don’t think they can win with 100% certainty.

  89. darney Jeffson says:

    Regardless of whether Sonnen deserves the shot or not. Jones acted like the biggest brat here.what about all the fighters on the undercard that have spent their cash and trained for the last 8 weeks.they now out of a fight and don’t get paid. What about all the fans that spent money on ticketsand airfares and hotel accomodation. Jones pretty much just said ‘F U’ to all the fans and other fighters. Screw this guy. I hope machida takes his head off

  90. Yo says:

    I gotta give it to Chael,atleast he aint scared and takes risk,Jon Jones is just losing respect day by day and now I really hope he gets his ass kicked by anybody,big ass LHW acting like hes 4ft tall,what a bitch,all my favorite fighters wouldve fought anybody and wouldve never let anything get cancelled,bitch move.shit let BJ or Diaz fight Chael I bet they would do it with or with the belt.Nike my ass Reeboks 4life now bitch lol.

  91. Baz Ooka says:

    I think Jones is a fucking asshole either way, I dont give a flying frenchmen’s fuck if Chael deserves the shot or not. Jones being champion should be willing to fight anyone, anytime, PROVING he is the best. Perfect example, Chuck Liddell: “you think you’re the toughest guy? Let’s go.” Fuck Jones. I will pray to the motherfucking god of war that Bones vs Hendo will happen before Dan calls it quits so he can knock Jones arrogans down his throat.

  92. CHARTMONSTER! says:

    Jones is fag for turning down a fight against the Chaelmonster!

  93. jbroce says:

    Didnt Jon Jones just tell Chael Sonnen to disrespect him to his face? Well he just signed up to do it and Jones bitched out. Sonnens balls > Jones VA-J-J

  94. jesus korean says:

    what kind of bullshit is this?!

  95. mahs says:

    Jones is a pussy.

    Most upset that Eddie Yagin won’t get to fight. Dude throws heat.

  96. Kay Oss says:

    I normally try not to root too much for one fighter or another and I like Jones for his talent but I really hope Machida beats him in September… he needs an attitude adjustment and to learn some humility. I appreciate he’s not always had it easy and he’s worked really hard to get here, but if he intends to keep progressing and getting fights and especially if he moves to HW he’ll be up against fighters who are also very talented but still hungry. Can’t imagine Cain or JDS turning down a fight that way

  97. **** says:

    WOW!! what happened to all this so called “fighters” in boxing and MMA picking who you want to fight and giving us lame excuses if it is your night to fight go out and fight and prove that you are a true champion i miss the days of chuck, randy, muhamed ali and smoking joe frazier its unbelivable without your fans you are a NOBODY bones get it right bro if we dont buy your fights you dont make money its that simple

  98. Tyler says:

    I have a few things to say on this one. I understand for people who think Gameplanning is a good idea, and saying JJ doesn’t have time to game plan. But shouldn’t a fighter be ready to fight anyone. Train to be the best fighter you can be, not to be a polar opposite of someone you’re fighting. As people have seen, gameplanning just makes for boring, indecisive fights most of the time. And what’s to change in his plan? Hendo is a wrestler and a boxer….Chael is a wrestler and a boxer, Chael’s just a smaller version. Hell, give him the fight as an exhibition and don’t let him compete for the title. Chael already said he’d give up his purse. You’ve also been in training camp for months, getting into shape for a wrestler. Guy isn’t gonna be near your size, and probably wouldn’t be able to MAKE weight, other than in a very unhealthy way. And if he doesn’t make weight, he probably wouldn’t be given a shot at taking the Title anyway. Take a lesson from a lot of the guys here; Don’t talk shit from your keyboard, then duck back when shit hit’s the fan.

  99. I understand that fighters plan a strategy and train specifically for their opponent. However, in combat sports you train hard, and injuries can and do happen all the time. Getting injured training is obviously not what a fighter wants, especially days before their match, resulting in them withdrawing, but shite happens. This is why replacement fighters step up. Sonnen stepped up and pros to him. So what that he wants a title shot, who doesn’t. So what that he hasn’t fought in LHW in along time, no one else was available for the call, and the call had to be made. Fact is, Sonnen, albeit a smaller fighter is still a good fighter. You don’t get two shots at The Spider if you are a chump. The chump(s) here are JBJ, Jackson and Dana, for having such a weak card. I feel for all the fans and the undercard fighters who will not get paid, and worked hard for this event.

  100. fish says:

    Let me get this straight, people are mad at jones because they want him to fight someone that is a totally diffrent fighter then what he trained for, and someone who doesn’t deserve a title shot get a chance just because he is buddy buddy with the owner? Then for those mad because they dont get to eat this month, perhaps should go after dana white for their money he signed the contracts

  101. Anton Bosnjak says:

    Jon jones you pussy! I love the conference call with Dana calling Jackson a weirdo and then saying no one should interview Hahaha it was gold

  102. Coots says:

    Sonnen would of submitted him with a flying triangle and flipped off machida on the way down! Too bad we will never get to see it… I think cyborg has jones penis I’n between her legs! And jones has cyborgs elongated clit between his! F jj!

  103. Shawn phillips says:

    Tell jones too fight or strip him of his title, if he was a true champ he would fight anyone

  104. Dana, you messed up. You’re smarter than this…you should have had a backup plan going into this. I expected Jones to fake an injury…not for Hendo to actually get an injury. UFC fans would have watched UFC 151 without a main event…especially on Labor Day weekend. Fighter prepare hard for these events…fan wait for them…put it on without that loser Jones. Your second mistake was booking him again so quickly…I know you promised Machida a shot, but I would have let Jones sit on the back burner…let him simmer…let him get lazy…let him stew on is his mistake…instead you set him up right away against a guy that most likely won’t beat him…I would have told him his next fight was Sonnen…it can be in 8 days or it can be whenever you’re ready to man-up and quit being a freaking pussy. Let Sonnen give his purse to Machida for stepping aside and forcing Jones to face the challenge he can’t beat. If Sonnen trains for Jones he will DESTROY Jones. Jones…your UFC stock just plummeted…you have no idea how badly your screwed up. Dana…you screwed up too…you’re getting soft. You ban fighters…then you let them back in…then you handle this matter all wrong…you’ve become the boy who cried wolf and your word means very little…your threats are pointless and carry no weight. I think you need to look back at how you ran this organization years ago…go back to that successful formula or step aside.

  105. jdog says:

    I hate how all YOU Sonnen nut huggers and Bones haters are bashing Jon for turning down this fight.

    Think about it like this, they get paid to fight, they get paid to win, what besides a purse would Jon Jones have to win??? If he beat Chael he should have beaten him. No one would have cared, they would say “OHH CHAEL ONLY HAD 8 DAYS, IF HE HAD MORE TIME HE WOULD HAVE DESTROYED JONES” All you haters know that is what you would have said. Now lets look at the facts

    1. Chael has NOT fought at 205, so he has NO victories and he is NOT even ranked. (Look at the Silva -V- Belfort fight) After the other recent fight where a good ranked fighter moved to a weight class WITHOUT any prior fights steps right in to a championship fight the champ got NO credit for the win.

    2. Bones HAS stepped up MANY times in the past to help the UFC. His turn to say “NO.”

    3. We all say that Dana is a dick so it is about dang time someone showed him how it is and put his @ss in check.

    You might not agree with my opinion or with Bones or you might, this for me is not open for debate. You can think what you want and I will think the way I want. I do not blame Jones for saying no, but I do think he should have taken the fight, because we all know that in 1 or 2 fights he WILL be fighting him anyway. If Jones had taken the fight and destroyed Sonnen it might have been an awakening for Sonnen after all loosing back to back fights to champions in a decisive fashion would show that he no longer deserves a shot and he is no more/better than a gate keeper.

  106. Shawn says:

    Wow. It’s a huge advantage for Jones, saves the event, and proves he’s a champion. No champ has ever turned down a fight. Imo, he’s scared homies. Think about it, if he lost to a non-contender, it would be devastating for him. He fears for his ‘legacy’. Being the premadonna that he’s become, he won’t have that. What a shame for the sport to have such a pu$$y as a LHW champ in the biggest MMA stage. Shame on James and his camp. I can see some of the jackson fighters shaking their heads on his and greg’s decision.

  107. Guss says:

    Maybe the UFC should implement a rule that a champion who refuses to fight an assigned opponent, replacement or not, would forfeit his title. He’d have to be medically unfit to get out of a fight.

  108. BJ is KING says:

    hahaha jones doesnt want to fight chael because he cant study him for 2 months straight. Ofc he would beat down chael, but sonnen knows he has the element of surprise, and he has probably been studying a few weeks after he lost to anderson silva. So peeved atm, really wanted to see hendo fight jon jones

  109. Andrew Brown says:

    iheart man love from Greg Jackson !

  110. Killer Curt says:

    Seriously, guys Sonnen doesn’t deserve a shot. He pummeled Anderson Silva for the best part of 7 rounds. I admit that Anderson won, that he is a true champ because he found a way to win those fights. At the same time, Chael is his own worst enemies and he gave Anderson the opportunity to win, Chael beat himself.

    That Jones says he won’t fight Sonnen is not the sign of a champ, but one of a fucking pussy! Jones has every advantage going for him, except that the fact that he has no balls. Sonnen is dangerous to whoever he fights.

    Jones says he doesn’t want to fight Machida, I know why. He knows that Machida has the tools to kick Jones ass. I hope that Machida kicks Jones ass.

    At first I enjoyed watching Jones, but lately, he has become a paper Champion. I worked as a bouncer in a bar. At 5 feet 9 inches and 185 pounds I was a small bouncer. I didn’t get to pick my opponents or their weight class, but I was and still am game to fight anyone anywhere. Hell if you got the balls John jones give me a call, I think I can kick your ass and I am 49 years old. Jones needs to learn what it means to be a “MARTIAL” artists and what it means to be a “MAN”.

    Pussy, pussy, pussy!!!!!!!

  111. Steve Norris says:

    You guys are a bunch of morons Jones signed on to fight Hendo not big mouth Chael. He has nothing to gain by fighting him on short notice, let Chael climb up the ranks and EARN a title shot not just get one cuz he has a big mouth. For real you Chael lovers need to get his Dick out of your mouths…

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