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Friday, 09/07/2012, 10:33 am

UFC 151 Costs UFC $40 Million I MMA News


Since the cancellation of UFC 151, blame has been tossed around to everyone from our light-heavyweight champ, to his original opponent and even to Dana White and the rest of the UFC brass. Now, though, with the event date behind us the UFC must rebuild revenue in a year that could easily see some of its lowest numbers for the company.

Aside from the company, the town of Las Vegas also loses tremendous amounts of money for its economy and before you harangue me on the comment section for shedding a tear for a loss of revenue in Vegas, consider that not everyone in Vegas is making the same amounts of money as the town economy as a whole.

Their are individuals who help set up the arena, sell merchandise, taxi fans to and from the arena, and house fans in any one of several local hotels that need that revenue to ensure a solid earning year, thus the trickle effect takes care of the employees. Also, the small restaurants and businesses who enjoy a huge boost in revenue with the influx of tourists can know expect smaller totals at the end of the month as that potential revenue is gone. In all estimations for the total loss between local businesses and PPV buys climbs to a staggering total of $40 million.

This is a huge blow to the economy and one that won’t soon be forgotten. Especially because up until just two weeks before the event, this was still a go as fans and city officials planned in patient anticipation for a large chunk of extra revenue to be funneled into their economy.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Dana White stated that the UFC spent $2 million on marketing costs alone for the UFC, save fighter payrolls, bonuses, etc. While this may seem like pocket change, this is just a portion of the losses that the UFC has suffered. One source close to the UFC has stated that they lost nearly $20 million in revenue.

Now this is just the UFC as a company. While the total fighter payrolls are much less than this, they mean so much more to the fighters that have to avoid injury in training to rack up a few fights a year to make a living. Now, their fights have either been moved or cancelled, negating the chance of a fight paycheck or sponsor money for the fighters.

UFC 152 will take place not in a different state but instead in a different country—Canada. Jon Jones will take on Vitor Belfort and the city of Toronto will take in an even greater revenue with the addition of another title fight to the card, pushing fans who were on the fence about buying the tickets and the PPV, over the edge.

Although this is great for Toronto and for all the fighters of that card, Las Vegas and the UFC, along with the UFC 151 fighters who were transferred to smaller shows, will suffer.

People can throw blame on the weak card, a hesitant champ, or an old man with a bad knee but the truth is, a situation of this magnitude can not be caused by one person, one incident or even one accident. This is a collective disaster that was unforeseen and heartbreaking for the fighters who now suffer the consequences based on the actions of others.


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18 Responses to “UFC 151 Costs UFC $40 Million I MMA News”

  1. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    All jones cares about is HIS money, f*ck everyone else’s!

    • BiggoTrav says:

      What gets me though is this; If he had fought Chael Sonnen, his cut of the pay-per-view would be HUGE. He would’ve certainly been the focus of some verbal slams by Chael, giving him an opportunity to play into his “good guy” image. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY would pay to see that fight. Let’s say he (Jon) loses (which seemed to his biggest fear). He still pockets HUGE pay-per-view dollars. If this happened, there would be a HUGE rally to watch Jon’s next fights so he can come back and avenge the loss and make RIDICULOUS pay-per-view sales! Truthfully, Jon Jones may actually be the one screwed hardest by his turning down the fight!

    • Johan says:

      Most people only care about their money.

  2. Joshua C says:

    I love MMA and was one of the many that was looking forward to this card. All you noobs can suck it and hate on the card all you want but there was a simple solution to the “disaster”. Air the whole card of FX or something of that nature. No PPV revenue but you don’t lose the “estimated” $40million.

  3. "UFC 151 Costs UFC $40 Million" ...... Hold on.. says:

    “In all estimations for the total loss between local businesses and PPV buys climbs to a staggering total of $40 million.”

    Is the loss for the UFC alone $40 mil? If they projected revenue loss was $20 mil, did the UFC already spend $20 mil just on UFC 151 alone?

    And if this much was at stake (the livelihood of an entire American city), why didn’t Dana White do everything in his power to keep the card and save his hometown?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. HaVaginaButts says:

    Horrible headline writing and deceptive. The economic impact of BOTH local business and PPV’s add up to $40m. That’s not a burden carried by UFC alone. Further, the local businesses never received this money. You don’t lose something you never received. They missed out an opportunity to make money.

    • Dale Waldren says:


      Misleading headline….
      Shoddy article from top to bottom

      • Bbbbbbb says:

        Who are you to judge the author. It was a simple piece sure but an informative one. Headlines have to grab attention and this one got mine. It cost the UFC as in everyone involved. Titles are just to reel in readers

        • Stop stuttering...bbbbbbbb boy...... says:

          And read your post again to come to the realization that you’re an idiot for what you wrote!

          Attention grabber is what you want? How ’bout the headline

          “Dana White to have sex with a donkey at UFC 152″

          as a headline and then write about how the UFC lost $40 mil ! Mental….

  5. Yeahrightman says:

    Between Jones, Dana white and whoever else has handled themselves like a tool through this process, they need to know that the fans are not lackeys to their own whim, but intelligent people who know a good fight when they see one. As far as I am concerned Belfort in his prime when he was juiced to high heaven at heavyweight might have stood an outside chance, the dilapidated ex-steroid users’ physique he has now hasn’t a shot in the world, and Jones knows it. Do not buy this card.

  6. The natural says:

    They spent 40mill on what I hope they paidthe fighters at least

  7. Johan says:

    ..and I only care about having sex with Boner Jones. I love you Johnny!

  8. bunkylomax says:

    dear editor…there and their are two different words…just saying

  9. Gil_B says:

    Vitor should look for the RNC, and when he gets it slip his kok in johnnys butt..Than ,rhonda will run down to the cage in her undies to save him..but then decides to just sit on vitors face. The End.

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