Saturday, 08/11/2012, 09:30 am

UFC 150 Weigh-in Video

Here we go! The Highlights of UFC 150’s weigh-ins.


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  1. Random Troll says:

    Cerrone is going to beat Guillard down and then submit him. Edgar loses another decision and drops to 145 and gets KOed by Aldo. Then Edgar drops to 135 and gets outpointed in three fights agains Dominic Cruz and gets to feel what its like to have somebody run around him for a change and outpoint him for 5 boring rounds. THen he drops to 125 and nobody watches that weight class so he cant make any money and opens up a gym that nobody goes to. Edgar falls off the face of the earth and his wife leaves him when he ulitmatley runs out of money and she starts trying to hook up with other fighters but just becomes the locker room cum dumpster.

    All because he loses this decision again to Henderson. Who himself will not hold the belt long either. 155 needs BJ Penn…

  2. Bjj BB says:

    ^^^^lmmfao!! +1, ohhh i can see the haters below already!! Haha!!

  3. 94block says:

    Good one troll!

  4. Bjj BB says:

    Wut up 94block!! Waipahu all day!!

  5. slacker says:

    Winners – Herman, Cerrone, Edgar

  6. maurice says:

    i think nate or pettis will bring the next true dominance to the lw division.

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