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Tuesday, 05/01/2012, 06:50 am

UFC 150 | Jake Shields Set For Middleweight Bout Against Ed Herman | UFC NEWS

By Lewis Mckeever:
Since joining forces with the UFC, Jake Shield’s welterweight stint has been some-what underwhelming. The Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu student has decided to switch up his tactics and make a return to the Middleweight division, where he is slated to face “Short Fuse” Ed Herman in Denver for UFC 150.

UFC kingpin Dana White confirmed the bout through twitter:

Denver’s Pepsi Centre is scheduled to host the UFC 150 card on the 11th of August.

Before his UFC inception, Jake Shields had amassed a 15 fight winning streak against some of the most pioneered athletes in the sport. Shields hopped from organisations such as Hawaii’s own Rumble in the Rock, EliteXC and fellow ZUFFA companion, Strikeforce.

Since collaborating with the UFC, Jake has gone 2-2 in his last four outings, clocking up respectable wins over Martin Kampmann and Yoshihiro Akiyama but falling short to pound for pound icon GSP and “The Juggernaught” Jake Ellenberger.

Shields’ claims victories over Middleweight titans; Dan Henderson and Yushin Okami and will be striving for a title shot in his transferred division.

After a devastating knee injury which put Ed Herman on the shelf for two years, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt has been smashing through his Middleweight adversaries. “Short Fuse” is currently high on a three fight winning streak, finishing all of his opponents in emphatic fashion.

He displayed heavy and technical hands in his bout against Tim Creuder, blasting him into oblivion towards the end of the first round. Herman then went on to flaunt his black belt level Jiu-Jitsu talents, submitting both Kyle Noke and Clifford Starks. The Colorado resident will be looking to elevate himself into the division’s deep end with a win over Jake Shields.


14 Responses to “UFC 150 | Jake Shields Set For Middleweight Bout Against Ed Herman | UFC NEWS”

  1. Monkey juice says:

    I hope shields juices. He’s a fucking boring fighter. I wanna see veins popping out of his head and blood shot raging eyes….Yeah I doubt it.

  2. Jb says:

    I’d like to see shields get knocked out. Kid has been saying he’s in top five for years. He maybe in bjj but not mma

  3. upunk says:

    u both stfu, jake shiled is a good fighter !

  4. TRUTH says:


  5. The natural says:

    I hope he’s able too submit him being hermans theory is jujitsu doesn’t wrk in mma but I doubt he’ll be able too sheilds always sucked

  6. The natural says:

    Never mind wrong herman

  7. Dick Diaz says:

    i think ed herman’s going to take it…

  8. The realest says:

    I guarantee that all under card fights will be more exciting than this. Jake shields is boring.

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I had no idea he beat Yushin Okami. Lol I hope he fights Mayhem again.

  10. RFK says:

    Jake is a beast fuck Ed Herman he is gonna tap out

  11. Michael hamlin says:

    Jake is weak and will never be a top fighter anymore !!!

  12. Matias says:

    Unfortunately this is just a waste of fight for Shields..a lose-lose if you will. Shields should dominate Herman all day every day but if he has a “bad” day he could be in trouble. But jake took the fight so will have to suffer the consequences of the loss. If jake loses it will be the most devastating loss of his career and he will be lucky to get one last redemption fight prior to getting booted from the UFC. That said, i think shields comes correct “finally”, outgrapples and then swiftly submits his outpowered vegan foe

  13. MCKREEPER!!~!! says:

    How the fuck does a pedo like mckreeper get a job here? Some filthy brit with yellow teeth and looks like he should be kept away from schools, oh not to mention his articles SUCK.

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