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Saturday, 08/11/2012, 10:15 pm

UFC 150 Results: Benson Retains Lightweight Title, Cerrone Picks Up Two Bonuses | UFC NEWS

UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar has concluded and in the main event champion, Benson Henderson, was able to successfully defend his lightweight world title for the first time in his rematch against former champion Frankie Edgar.

In the co-main event Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was able to finish former training partner, Melvin Guillard, in the first frame of action via Knock Out. The one-round bout earned each fighter “Fight of the Night” honors and for his efforts Cerrone also took home “KO of the Night”.

Your full UFC 150 results are as follows:

Main Card: (pay-per-view)
-Benson Henderson def. Frankie Edgar by split decision (49-46, 47-48, 48-47)
-Donald Cerrone def. Melvin Guillard by KO at 1:16, R1 *Fight & KO of the Night
-Jake Shields def. Ed Herman by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
-Yushin Okami def. Buddy Roberts by TKO at 3:05, R2
-Max Holloway def. Justin Lawrence by TKO at 4:49, R2

Preliminary Bouts: (on FX)
-Michael Kuiper def. Jared Hamman by TKO at 2:16, R2
-Dennis Bermudez def. Tommy Hayden by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:43, R1 *Submission of the Night
-Erik Perez def. Ken Stone by TKO at :17, R1
-Dustin Pague (11-6) vs. Chico Camus def. Dustin Pague by unanimous decision (29-28 30-27, 29-28)

Preliminary Bouts: (on Facebook)
-Nik Lentz def. Eiji Mitsuoka by TKO at 3:45, R1

* “Fight of the Night” honors earned each recipient an additional $60,000.00


55 Responses to “UFC 150 Results: Benson Retains Lightweight Title, Cerrone Picks Up Two Bonuses | UFC NEWS”

  1. antwon says:

    close fight but benson all the way bring on nate diaz but hopefully hell throw some more strikes rather than playing safe

  2. Mark says:

    I hope Diaz murder him

  3. stonerman says:

    im glad frankie lost, at least diaz will come to fight henderson. Didnt understand ed hermans game plan. he had the advantage of the striking but always went into the clinch.

  4. Anthony says:

    I scored it 48-47 for Frankie, but it was a very close fight… How the judge could have scored that 49-46 Edgar I will never understand.

    Henderson will destroy Diaz.

  5. M says:

    Judging was bad. I thought the title fight was razor thin one way or the other…

    Was hoping they gave max the Ko of the night.

    • sxpstl says:

      I was hoping they would give Max the KO of the night too. He did well, I like that kid. His body shots are nasty. I hope he keeps fighting well and improving. He is a great prospect for 145 and eventually 155.

  6. WhoThe Man says:

    Was close fight, but gave Henderson 48-47. Surprised that Henderson wasn’t more aggressive, seemed too passive.

  7. shit cards lately says:

    jake shields fucking sucks, fitch style, should bring in new rules DQ for boring cunts.

  8. kill fitch and shields says:

    jake shields shouldn’t be in the ufc i could of fell asleep at any point in that fight, ufc should make a new rule DQ’s for boring ass fitch style fighters…

  9. Murphy says:

    I really don’t see how bendo won that fight

  10. Pancho says:

    I thought Edgar won. At least Nate will shut down Bendo. Did anyone else hear about a fight breaking out at the post fight press conference?

  11. Mick says:

    Edgar won that fight and THAT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT

  12. Bob'O says:

    Nate’s gonna submit Henderson. ~Bob’O

  13. BJ is KING says:

    thatll teach frankie not to end fights the first time round instead of fighting lethargically and leaving it to the judges. I thought it was 50-50 and the last round could of gone either way (leaning more towards frankie). Henderson was a bit hesitant too.. hopefully he beats the shit out of crybaby diaz (in a beautiful fashion).

  14. Xaninho says:

    Shields looked great tonight! Middleweights beware!!!!!

  15. Xaninho says:

    Shields looked great tonight! Middleweights beware!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sully says:

    I had Edgar winning. Loved the Cerrone – Guillard fight though.

  17. Dee says:

    I hate to say it but Frankie won that fight. I hate his style. Nevertheless, I felt in rounds 4 and 5 he landed the more significant strikes. Benson was in a shell. He was afraid of being countered, and he was only throwing one shot at a time. He needs to work more on putting punches and kicks together and work on his boxing. Saying that if BJ would work his fat ass out who would be the best lightweight in the world again. None of these guys can come close to BJ. Frankie has great boxing, but the guy does more running than countering.

  18. derp says:

    seriously i second that notion, why is jake sheilds in the UFC? his stand up looks like my trying to shove the turd i just took back into my ass…AWKWARD

  19. Noel says:

    Not an Edgar fan n sick of lightweight rematches but… I scored that 28-27 to Edgar n as for Henderson he’s not all that hope Diaz ko’s him!
    N Dear Joe I can slap my arm n it goes ‘red as hell’ but it’s certainly not ‘all banged up’ like Frankies calf supposedly was suprised he was standing in the 1st round nevermind bouncing around in the 5th after those few pussy kicks goin off his commentary

  20. Jason Peloquin says:

    IMO fight of night should of went to fight jarred messenger was in, that was a war

  21. YoMama says:

    All these people complain about Sheilds stand up, YET he outboxed GSP for 5 rounds. Go figure.


      No he out poked GSP… and that’s the only reason he had any success in the standup with him. Try sparring with one eye and see how that works out for you.

      • Yo says:

        I mean really?and this guy suppose to be p4p best?hilarious.I see silva,jones,aldo,edgar all still outstriking their opponent if it was a striker like shields poking their eye.Gsp is like little girl in the mma world.Hardy even said he smelt like flowers in the cage lol.

  22. Castro says:

    Thats what happens when fighters leave it to the judges.They both lost to themselves

  23. T.DADDY says:


  24. 11BangBang says:

    Time for BJ to move back down to LW after Rory in December. I could see BJ smashing Bendo. Thoughts?

  25. 11BangBang says:

    I’d like to see BJ back at LWnow that his Kryptonite is gone. I can definetly see BJ destroying Bendo? Thoughts?

  26. Jeremy says:

    There’s no way that Henderson won that fight. I was going for edgar, but i judged the fight round by round with a non biassed opinion. some of the rounds were close but if you judge the fight on a 10-9 round by round scoring Frankie clearly won the fight. The only round that i gave Henderson was the 1st. The only indecisive round was the 3rd. Neither fighter did much but Edgar did more. Therefor giving him the round. The judging in MMA is absolutely atrocious. It’s ruining the sport. too many horrible decisions. I can understand why Nick Diaz wanted to retire after loosing a fight he should have on. It seems like the guy who really wins winds up loosing its total bullshit judging. it happens way way to much!!

  27. stan871 says:

    if Frankie goes down to 145, he will own that belt, i guarantee you, i dont give a fuck what the haters say. And fuck the judges, their scoring system is fucking asinine. I like Bendo too man, im not even scoring this fight, its ridiculous.

  28. scotty says:

    People can say who ever won but it doesnt matter cause after watching it, there is no way either Bendo or Frankie is going to beat Nate Diaz!

    • mj says:

      Benson vs Diaz is a much easier fight for Henderson. Just because we didnt see a KO doesnt mean these guys didnt fight. They are just that good, Diaz is predictable and willing to exchange. Ben lands legs kicks at will and TKO´s a angry frustrated Nick in the 3rd after he starts throwing wild shit and get caught. So, I just said it.

  29. Murphy says:

    I wish bj would just get back in awesome shape and beat Frankie and bendos ass

  30. slacker says:

    Extremely close fight to call. I can’t blame the judges either way in their pick. One difference in this fight though, was that Frankie improved in his octagon control. He had Henderson thinking a lot in the 4th and the 5th. For some significant spaces of time, Henderson was doing nothing. Apparently, all 3 judges gave Edgar the 5th round, but I thought maybe Edgar just blew winning it by taking that good left and grazing kick to the face in the final minute. I have no idea how 2 judges gave Henderson the 4th. I thought that was pretty decisive for Edgar.

  31. derp says:

    jake shields might be the most over hyped failure in the UFC. his bread & butter is his grappling/bjj but he has yet to finish a single fighter in his 5 UFC fights nor finish any fighter for that matter since 2009. i cant wait till his next fight because im looking forward to taking a nice 15 minute nap.

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