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Thursday, 08/09/2012, 12:08 pm

UFC 150 Co-Main Eventer Donald Cerrone Promises ‘Strictly Business’ Brawl

Top UFC lightweight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone says his UFC 150 showdown with friend and rival Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard will be “strictly business” but –motivated to impress his hometown fans – the Cowboy added he will go all out for a KO in what he expects to be the fight of the night.

Cerrone collides with friend and rival Guillard in the co-main event of the UFC’s return to the city of its birth, Denver, Colorado, this Saturday.

The Cowboy said: “I’m from Colorado Springs, and all my aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of friends live right here in Denver. I kept calling the UFC to get me on this card, and thankfully Melvin stepped up and allowed me to have a great fight in my hometown.

“I am honored Melvin stepped up. He could have said ‘We trained together, we’ve sparred, he knows my style, it is in his hometown…’ but he stepped up right away. He’s a warrior. He’s a man. When I heard he’d stepped up I called him up to thank him. I was like ‘Thanks for being a warrior and letting me have this fight that I wanted so bad’.

“We hang out, he’s a great guy. He’s been over to my house for barbeque and, after this fight, he’ll be welcome back again. This is going to be a war, he’s a tough explosive guy and he wants to get to that title shot as much as I do, but it is nothing personal. I will try to knock him out, he will try to knock me out, it is just business. We both said ‘Hey, let’s earn some money together and get the Fight of the Night’ bonus.

“It should never get personal with fights. The one time I got personal was with Nate Diaz. Diaz did a great job of getting me angry, getting inside my head, making me get emotional. He had my number that night for sure. I learned then never to let emotions into it. I like Melvin, but I am going to beat him up like he’s any other fighter.”

In the main event UFC lightweight champion Benson “Smooth” Henderson and former UFC lightweight titleholder Frankie “The Answer” Edgar rematch to decide who is the best lightweight on Earth.


9 Responses to “UFC 150 Co-Main Eventer Donald Cerrone Promises ‘Strictly Business’ Brawl”

  1. Xaninho says:

    Can’t wait to see my boy cowboy kiss some ass

  2. EP says:

    im a huge fan of both fighters.. they are both real fighters and warriors… but i definitely got to go with my boy Cowboy Cerrone in this one. he has Too many weapons for Melvin… but Melvin def has that 1 punch KO power in both hands. Going to be an awesome and explosive fight either way.

  3. Xaninho says:

    Cowboy looks hot in the picture

  4. EP says:

    not really sure, thats something ur probably into and you would want to know… but i can tell you who the biggest TOOL on the BJ PENN website is… You. You use a fake name to try to impersonate someone else on here. Biggest fkn tool bag on here. You have nothing else better to do with your life pathetic life than to come on to an MMA website and spew stupid meaningless shit. haha what a loser man.

  5. Ryan Prieur says:

    That’s what i love about MMA. two mutual friends get ready to step up, beat the shit out of each other, then go have a beer together. I hope the fight is epic and not to short.

  6. stephen riddle says:

    Go get em donald!

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