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Saturday, 07/21/2012, 07:39 pm

UFC 149 smashes Saddledome record

UFC 149 takes place at the Scotiabank Saddledome and according to UFC President Dana White the event’s attendance has set a new record.

White once again took to Facebook to express his excitement.

UFC #149 Faber vs Barao breaks Scotiabank Saddledome gate record @ 4.1 million beating The Rolling Stones”


18 Responses to “UFC 149 smashes Saddledome record”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    Hack tor looked like a scared school girl

  2. Akid says:

    Lombard was a let down.. I’ve been watching and following him for years so was shattered with his performance but fuckin’hell.. he won that fight!!!

  3. B-rad says:

    Lol people callin him HACKTOR.. the guy seriously is like “fuck footwork, il just stand here” I remeber thinkin that to my self last time he fought in bellator dude is seriously the most flat footed fighter in MMA

  4. B-rad says:

    And one more thing im so fucking sick of hearing Americans sayn brazilian fighters names weird.. THE MANS NAME IS RENAN WITH A R NOT HENAN WITHA FUCKING H!!!!!! I know thats how they say their R’s in brazil, but really its making fun of it when Americans say it like that.. No different than when someone with a thick asian accent says their L’s like R’s so they better stop this shit unless they do it for all of them.. “Herro now makin his way to the cage, CUNG REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” seriously tho, cut the bullshit idk its so annoying to me BUT IT IS GRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHh;jkfj;lj;lkja;lfkja;lkfjk;ljkldjk;lafj!!!!!!!

    • bobby says:

      That’s how you Properly pronounce his name, moron. Just like Royce Gracie is pronounced hoyce. Their J’s are also pronounced like an English H, so when they type out laughing they type jajajaja. You’re dumb as a brick if you think they spend their whole lives mispronouncing their own names.

  5. jbeamazing says:

    HACKtor BUMbard

  6. zk says:

    lombard won that fight, lackluster or not that was a terrible call by the judges

  7. NiggerDick says:

    Hector, lost. End of story pussys’. He beat guys like Jared Hess. Who is Jared Hess you ask?? Exactly.

    • jbeamazing says:

      1 guy said he won but it’s not that serous guy and what if your mom seen you wrote pussy on bj you might get grounded to your room kid

  8. Bad Intentions says:

    Just got home from the fights. Worst main card ever. Straight up. Thank god for the two fights in the stands during the main event. Gave the crowd something to cheer for instead of what everybody had been doing… chanting REFUND!

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  10. the Natural says:

    Dana liying his ass off maybe because they gave away so many tickets. But I didn’t no one person who really cared to order this fight I assumed it was going to have new record lows not highs Danas smoking crack

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