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Monday, 07/09/2012, 04:04 pm

UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Salary Report | UFC NEWS

The Nevada State Athletic Commission released the official list of disclosed salaries for last Saturday’s UFC 148 pay-per-view event.

UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II took place from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada last Saturday. In the main event Anderson Silva successfully defended his middleweight title for the second time against his bitter rival, Chael Sonnen.

Leading the list of disclosed salary recipients are co-main event fighters Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin. Ortiz walked away with $250,000.00 while Griffin took in just $25,000.00 more than him.

The full list of disclosed salaries is as follows:

Anderson Silva: $200,000 (no win bonus)
def. Chael Sonnen: $50,000

Forrest Griffin: $275,000 (includes $150,000 win bonus)
def. Tito Ortiz: $250,000

Cung Le: $150,000 (no win bonus)
def. Patrick Cote: $21,000

Demian Maia: $96,000 (includes $48,000 win bonus)
def. Dong Hyun Kim: $44,000

Chad Mendes: $36,000 (includes $18,000 win bonus)
def. Cody McKenzie: $10,000

Mike Easton: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Ivan Menjivar: $13,000

Melvin Guillard: $72,000 (includes $36,000 win bonus)
def. Fabricio Camoes: $8,000

Khabib Nurmagomedov: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Gleison Tibau: $31,000

Constantinos Philippou: $32,000 (includes $16,000 win bonus)
def. Riki Fukuda: $28,000

Shane Roller: $46,000 (includes $23,000 win bonus)
def. John Alessio: $10,000

Rafaello Oliveira: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Yoislandy Izquierdo: $6,000


43 Responses to “UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II Salary Report | UFC NEWS”

  1. sean says:

    50,000 for sonnen ya right! if so this makes me not want too see a ufc fight agin! they get made ripped off

    • Chris says:

      They didnt mention his ppv cut so, dont trust the salary.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Good thing the UFC’s pay scale aint based on HEIGHT because Mendes would owe them money

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Alessio aint worth 10 bucks. anyone who admits they do ROIDS and calls themselves “THE NATURAL” desereves to always get his ass kicked and have the lowest pay in MMA

      The UFC pay scale is exactly why we will never see Eddie Alverez in the UFC. Bellator pays him over 100K a fight and the UFC won’t give him a PPV percentage like they gave Lombard. Rebney was crying like a bitch about that while back because he said that was why he couldn’t compete with UFC to keep Lombard around. Alverez will continue to fight “CAN” and lose to any (ALL) D 1 wrestlers that come thru Belaltor. If Alverez does get picked up by UFC it will be because Alverez doesn’t want to fight Chandler and or they won;’t make an exception to let Eddie have a rematch with chandler without going thru the tourney and having to beat 3 otehr fighters to get the remacth. Eddie doesn’t think he should have to start at the bottom and work his way back up (kinda agree with him) but Bellator’s titles are based on having to earn your way to title thru tourny format

    • vancouverism says:

      I agree. $50,000 minus his coach, trainers fee, etc. Doesn’t leave much for the fighter, even with the ppv cut. I think the real winner is Dana and the Fertitti Bro$..

  2. WrestlingRules says:

    These salaries suck…Now are you Boys getting to understand WHY they hype the fights??? That’s right…the PPV cut bitches…..So Silva the supposed BEZT gets paid 200K!!!! rofl….

  3. I Never Asked For This says:

    So Dong Hyun Kim gets $44 000 for falling over but Nurmagomedov gets $20 000 for fighting ferociously?


    P.S. Tibau, (the loser of Tibau vs Nurmagomedov) got $31 000…

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      Love the name dude. Replaying that now.

      But guys like Tibau have been in the UFC for forever. The hype some guys bring or history should get them more cash by default (sometimes questionable though).

  4. John says:

    Wow UFC fighters getting crumbs.

  5. cant get no respect... with my paycheck says:

    This pay structure makes absolutely no sense. Its hard to fathom how the best fighter in the world makes less off the purse than a guy in his retirement fight or a fighter of questionable quality in griffin. i dont understand how they can pay fighters so poorly when they are raking in millions upon millions of dollars.

    • jdog says:

      Don’t blame those who negotiate a high salary, if Anderson Silva wants more then he needs to negotiate more. FYI I was offered a contract to fill a spot a while back and if you get no win bonus you get a bigger starting salary, and the main event fighters get a cut of PPV depending on how they negotiate.

  6. FALSE says:

    Guys now be SMART Here, thats not what any of these guys made, not even close. Chael must have made 1 million, Silva about 3-5 million. Forrest and Tito 500 each. GSP Makes 5 MILI a fight, where have u ever seen the UFC disclose that ever?? These guys get PPV cuts. plus UFC keeps their money private so that they dont get no heat from anybody.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Agreed, I’ve heard Dana White say before how the UFC has made at least 8 millionaires and that was a while ago. Just recently he made a statement about Rory McDonald not wanting to fight GSP and he said that if Rory were to see his bank account he would fight him tomorrow. I’ve seen Rashad Evans, Forrest Griffin, Jon Jones, Quinton Jackson, and Anderson Silva’s houses and they are all living nice as hell. PPV cuts are definitely not included in the salary report, the numbers for this event must have been off the charts!!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        You’ve SEEN their houses??!!!! I knew you were creepy, but now you are an mma stalker creep!!! No Surprise here.

        • Nuitari X says:

          You hang out on this mma site all the fucking time don’t you? Do you not watch videos and interviews of fighters? That’s where I seen their houses, stop acting stupid. Oh that’s right, it’s not an act.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      GSP only fights every few years and makes all his money off sponsers. GSP has no balls and milked out a 6month injury to a year. GSP doesn’t take a dump without stalling and having a PUSSY ass gameplan first. GSP fights less than any other champion. Hendo is 41 and fights 3 times as much as GSP. GSP needs lots of down time to get all JUICED back up just like Sean Sherk

  7. I feel sorry for the fighters especially to Sonnen, $50k! oh men an absolute BS! He undoubtedly bring in the cash in this event.

  8. Daddy of u says:

    That is not including sponsors and ppv cuts! fuck off nsac

  9. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Wow Chael got $50,000 fuck that. Chael deserves much more considering he carried the entire card on his shoulder. He promoted this fight since last 2 years and got $50,000 thats gay, fuck this pay scale.

  10. jones says:

    i dont understand here…tito got paid 250k….and forrest 275k////and the goat of all time anderson silva makes 200k????? is there somethings wromg here e???? an i reading thi wring ///someone

    • adam says:

      Goat of all time? Redundant much?

      And it’s already been said that they get extra bonus cash and incentives after fights. Watch some of Dana’s interviews where people claim they are fat cats living large. He explains they are only required to disclose their fight salary, not any incentives or performance bonuses. Rumor has it, Dana gave Forrest and Stephan 250k after their TUF Finale fight just because he knew they started something big.

      Guarantee Sonnen walked out of that fight not hurting for money one little bit. Silva too. Both probably made a mil at least in sales and merchandise.

  11. B-rad says:

    Apparently after Anderson KO’s you with a jab you get a bigger fucking paycheck than he does a few years later LOL Dana needs to spread out his massive salary maybe and give these guys more! Compared to the average 9 to 5 job they all make good money but compared to other Pro atheletes its not even close. MMA fighters might as well be considered homeless compared to guys in the MLB or NFL

    • Luke says:

      I’m pretty sure Dana doesn’t pay the fighters. I think it’s the fretittas that do. But, either way.. MMA fighters get underpaid big time.

  12. i know this doesnt include there PPV cut or sponsors wich i know Anderson has like 8 and 2 of them are BK and Nike wich are huge but Anderson 200,000 Brock Lesnar last fight not even the champ won 400,000. thats BS

  13. Nick says:

    I hope Chael made at least a million for this fight. For everything he’s done he deserves it even though he lost.

  14. LMBO As we speak23 says:

    Hahahahah Cody Mckenzie got paid 10 g’s to get absolutely OWNED!!!

  15. diehard ufcer says:

    I seen koschecks house on cribs n all his sick ass rides….millions of dollars for him just in house n toys. Chael n silva will get a couple mill out of the biggest ppv for sure. These guys gets tonna dough its just not publicized.

  16. Johnny says:

    All I can say is it will be nice not to have to see how much Tito made to loose ever again.

  17. Gabi says:

    Umm yea this isn’t really close to what they even get. Do you think people would spend so much time training and dedicating their life’s to it if that is what they got? Be real they get way more then that. The UFC gives really nice checks after the fight if it was something good. Chael got 50k to just walk in. Think about it. Fighters can just walk in tap when the bell rings and get paid (a fighter could just cut the weight and tap w cutting weight being the hardest part). Yet they don’t, I wonder why, if they’re just looking for money. Lol I think it’s dumb Anderson didn’t get a win fight bonus and that Forrest walked out w the most known money. Don’t worry about fighters making money, they make well more then enough or they wouldn’t do it. Why risk your life for nothing? Use common sense here people.

  18. Ryan says:

    Man Chael got shit all for hyping the fuck out of this fight, gaurenteed it wouldn’t have made nearly as much if he wouldn’t have hyped it. As well did Anderson get penalized for the illegal shoulder strike at the staredown? Or was that just him not getting a win bonus?

  19. 3starsndasunn says:

    i hope CHAEL will bring his talent to the WWE.. I thinnk Vince will pay him higher than the FERTITA boys.Just bcoz CHAEL isnt DANA’s bitch cmon..

  20. Me says:

    Joey Beltran got 100k just to fight in C3 (An unknown MMA organization vs an unknown opponent) Eddie Alvarez gets about 250k for fighting cans, Chael Sonnen just fought in the most anticipated fight & Rematch in the UFC history. He practically self promoted this fight for the last 2 years doing a ton of interviews to hype up this fight, So I really do hope Anderson & Chael got much more then what it says here.

  21. Rick James says:

    DaFUQ?!!!?? $50,000.????

    I make that in 2 seconds!

  22. redz says:

    UFC really under pay their fighters.. especially the unfamous one..

  23. joseph says:

    The fact that Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen, and all of the top level fighters make such a relatively small paycheck for these fights is a complete joke. The UFC over the last 7 or 8 yrs has become so incredibly profitable and popular that I can’t see any way that the Fertita’s can justify paying their fighters so little. Think about it, the top level fighters in the boring, unorganized, and antiquated sport of pro boxing like Manny P and Mayweather make 10s of millions per fight. I just can’t believe that Anderson Silva made only 200,000K for his fight against Chael Sonnen last week.

  24. shane says:

    Chael carried this promotion for two years, how does he only get 50k, wtf?

  25. shane says:

    Still cannot believe he through a spinning backfist, then sat on the cage without either trying to role away or cover up, what was he thinking? Or was it a big scam? Either way, both are dissapointing options!!!

  26. chedz says:

    ufc fighter have been getting the paid like this for as long as i can remember, why do you think Floyd Mayweather talks so much shit to Dana. Anderson should have got at least a Mill. off that fight, But take this for example…Back when cotour fought James Tony, Tony got half a mill for getting his ass beat and Randy walked away with half of that for winning. DANA WHITE IS THE BIGGEST CROOK IN AMERICA BESIDES OBAMA!!

  27. Nick says:

    PPV cuts guys, PPV cuts are ALL that matters.

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