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Sunday, 07/08/2012, 06:57 am

UFC 148 Full Results: Silva stops Sonnen in 2nd

Main Card (Live on PPV, 10:00 PM)

-Anderson Silva defeated Chael Sonnen by TKO (Ref Stoppage, 2nd Round, 1:55)
-Forrest Griffin defeated Tito Ortiz by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
-Cung Le defeated Patrick Cote by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
-Demian Maia defeated Dong Hyun Kim by TKO (Injury Stoppage, 1st Round, 0:47)
-Chad Mendes defeated Cody MacKenzie by TKO (Ref Stoppage, 1st Round, 0:31)
-Mike Easton defeated Ivan Menjivar by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Preliminary Bouts (Live on FX, 8:00 PM)
-Melvin Guillard defeated Fabricio Camoes by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
-Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Gleison Tibau by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
-Constantinos Philippou defeated Riki Fukuda by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
-Shane Roller defeated John Alessio by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Preliminary Bout (Live on Facebook, 7:30 PM)
-Rafaello Oliveira defeated Yoislandy Izquierdo by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)



0 Responses to “UFC 148 Full Results: Silva stops Sonnen in 2nd”

  1. Chaelisdead says:

    HAHAHAHA RIP SONNEN!!! SILVA destroyed you motherfucker now retire as you promised and go fight in a circus. I cant believe how bad sonnen is he is just a wrestler which is not even martial art just some sort of gay hugging hahah. Go fuck yourself sonnen. And now for all sonnen fans go fuck yourselves too! Where are u all bitches that suck sonnen tiny steroid balls?? Hahahaha its too funny what u gonna say now? Silva is the greatest fighter in history sonnen is just an amateur. Go kill yourself sonnen gay motherfucker!!!!!! SILVA THE BEST EVER

    • Yo Daddy says:

      Goddamn hop off that black cock already shit. It’s one thing to be a fan, but it’s another to suck his dick while you post about him websites.

      • Chaelisdead says:

        Yeah and go fuck yourself. You are as pathetic as sonnen in a cage fight. I mean the guy can’t even fight he tried a pathetic move and fell what a loser i cant believe he got two title shots. Wrestling is the gayest type of fighting its not mma it’s just hugging a dude on the mat as long as possible. Hahahaha go fuck yourselves chael fans you absolutely SUCK

        • wow says:

          LMFAO Sonnen really got to you huh? Go outside loser..

        • B-rad says:

          bro, you need to learn some respect for these guys… Hes a fucking PROFESSIONAL FIGHTER hes had almost 50 pro fights..that is a shit to say “I mean the guy can’t even fight” is just absurd, i promise you wouldnt have the stones to talk that kind of shit to ANY fighter let alone a two time title challenger, and if you did he would wipe the floor with you. So learn some goddamn respect fucking keyboard warrior…and im a Silva fan btw

        • Chaelisdead says:

          You’re talking about respect?? Sonnen doesn’t know what respect is. He is a convicted criminal who cant fight unless he has the testosterone of 17 men.. And even then he loses. He is the biggest loser fake dumbass racist american fuck. That’s why silva said he doesn’t deserve a title shot. I hope he retires as he promised. So for all of you sonnen’s groupies go watch some other sport like GAY wrestling hahaha

        • jones says:

          @brad…why should anyone give sonnen respect for that complete joke of standup…h is soo rookie he fukin fell down doing a spinning back fist….he dont deserv any respect…how can u respect cheal after he talked shit about brazil and about legends of the sport and mst of all talking about anderson silva wife…cheal deserves zero respect…after 50 fights he sould know things not to say when selling a fight ..and family is off limits..cheal sucks anyone can throw a backfist

        • B-rad says:

          I know what you guys mean by him not being deserving of being respected because of the things he says. But i look at it from a fighters perspective anyone who has the courage and skills to step inside a cage and fight let alone the UFC, has my respect already

        • No worreh says:

          Wrestlimg is a tool to take the fight down or to keep it standin ur a dummeh ur probly some guy who never fought a wrestler ha ha ha ha ur og bmdude pal

        • Chael Sonnen threw the fight says:

          Funny how Chael gave up in the 2nd round. Was he paid for losing? Would you put that past him? I wouldn’t.

        • B-rad says:

          Im not saying you have to respect his personality.. but you have to pay respect to his skills.. I use to think Chael was a scumbag and all that too but if you watch the video with matt serra and he goes to west linn, you see the real chael, not the fight promoter so dont get caught up in all that..point i was makin is the guy is a professional fighter and yeah, that backfist was a really bad idea, but hes beaten a lot of guys to get to the point for silva to put a hurtin on him

        • Yo Daddy says:

          I never said I was a Sonnen fan, just announced that you should get Silva dick outta your ass you cock riding faggot. Silva is scared of Bones, how you feel about your hero now? He’s a pussy.

        • stiffler says:

          bones is far bigger than silva and that makes him a pussy for not fighting him? u wudnt fight someone much bigger than urself.. thats y there is weight divisions dickhead

        • Chaelisdead says:

          Haaha you look mad that silva won. You’re probably a little bitch like sonnen go to wwe a faggot like u would love it

        • aaxantonio says:

          just like he is afraid of sonnen? he would destroy jones, jones is a great fighter, but no where near the talents of anderson silva

        • Yo Daddy says:

          Looks like someone is just too fuckin stupid to see that Chael is trolling and tryna sell fights. Get silvas dick outta your ass and come at me when he grows enough balls to fight Bones faggot

        • Yo Daddy says:

          You can’t even use that whack ass different divisions excuse. Silva moved up to LHW twice and ko’ed both opponents. He fights at 205 just fine. But as soon as jones comes into the picture he says ‘ I’m not going to LHW anymore’ that’s not something the ‘best p4p fighter’ inthe world says. That’s what a puss that’s scared to lose his sacred undefeated record in UFC says.

        • aaxantonio says:

          wheres all the chael fans that said he was gonna take silvas belt? chael sucks

    • Chaelthebraziliankiller says:

      Anderson is just another stupid spic!!!!! CHAEL IS THE GREATEST

    • Matt says:

      Yes i agree. “Wrestling Rules” has decent and balanced commentary should stay but “Keep Fitch” is a straight up cunt webtroll and needs to kicked off this website. You got that cunt? Change your pen name and stop ‘copy n pasting’ the same comments on articles that are completely irrelavant or get the fuck off the site. Savvy?

    • Mike b says:

      Grow the fuck up man.and yeah I wanted silva to win and thought he was gonna win by tko.but stop acting like a immature idiot come on bro….

    • NickTheSpick says:

      Look if Chael, as he always does for some reason, didnt do spinning shit and kept to his TDs and GPs he would win. But he didnt, thats why he wont take Silvas place and that fake belt he has is still fake.

      Also Nick Diaz had the 1st 2nd 5th round. Fuck all of u good night..

      • jbeamazing says:

        the spinning back fist was fucking retarded if someone told me that’s how it would of ended i would of told them to eat out of the dumpster at a sperm clinic but it happened in the first I was speechless and seen a repeat happening

      • Nick says:

        Did you not see Andy’s takedown defense early in the 2nd?

      • aaxantonio says:

        are you an idiot? in the second he couldnt take him down, he tried, and in the first he did nothing. heres what it is, chael had a dominate position for six different rounds, he couldnt finish anderson, anderson had a dominate postion for 1 min, and he put chael away, chael sux, he shouldnt of ever been in that fight he lost to bisping. Anderson Silva = G.O.A.T

      • Shawn says:

        The only reason I can think of why Chael did that spinning back fist following the right hook, is because he panicked. He got flustered that he couldn’t take Silva down in the second. I’m sure it was Silva’s plan to allow Sonnen to take him down, or not trying to defend a take down. Smart mind game on Silva’s part. Obviously worked. I’m sure Silva’s blow ups before the fight had a lot to do with getting into Sonnen’s head as well. Hell, he even got some other MMA fighters to believe Sonnen got into his head, and that he wouldn’t perform as well as he can. Now I’m looking forward to seeing him take on Lombard.

    • T.DADDY says:

      look sweat cakes if you think that was Chael as a person talking and not chael the entertainer making people laugh making mainstream media pay attention you should kill yourself chael is taking up the load of people like anderson and myself i think anderson should be known just off of his fighting he is a genius in the octagon but guess what peoples attention spans are shorter the danny devito or maybe your lunch you hold in them shorts you wear to fat camp!!! we need guys like chael to brang mma to the next level and he has played his part he is all over tv I even seen him on the lame home tmz show and thats great for mma so don’t kill yourself just think about were you aim your hate by the way I love dick in the 4th eye yep the brown eye

      • bxer says:

        I think chael sonnenl can be funny he is smart guy, but when you involve family in your trash talk, you step into the otherside cheap sonnet deserve. What he got. He put too much pressure on himself basically he talk too much, I respect chaelss skills but not his person, in many Latin American country s many people die because someone disrespect theirs wife’s or a families member, he is so lucky the fight was not in brasil, so if anybody thinks chael was funny talking about Anderson Silva’s wife tuck you too am proud American and I feel disgrace by chael sonnen he acts like some Nazi politician

        • Gabi says:

          Thank you. I’m not the only person who thinks Chael is a biggot racist. Yes there is the hype bs and character but he gets to involved that sometimes he doesn’t know when to turn it off. A lot of fighters know this so they weren’t so upset until the end. Like when Chael got that call from Gracie. Also idk why this was turned into a USA vs Brazil type thing. That was so dumb. Chael talked shit about Brazil, Anderson didn’t say shit about America, kept it professional, only said facts about Chael, can’t deny that and saved it for the ring (Chael did cross the line w some statements and the family things). How Chael dick riders turned this into more then it was extremely stupid and immature and honestly kind of a disgrace to MMA how the Chael American dick riders acted. Very girlish and so much unneeded drama. Anderson telling the Brazilian to show manners and not boo was dope and showed the state of mind set the fans had as well as how they approached the fight as seeing a fight and cheering on there fighter of choice. While embarrassing Anerican fans where racist and very immature about the fight. It’s not an olympic event. It’s a fight between 2 men. Country had nothing to do w it until brought in by Chael dick riders (which was adding to the fucked up things Chael said. How bitches sometimes get guys to fight because they cant shut the fuck up adding fuel to the fire, go to a bar on the weekend you will see it happen. You guys also know w your outstanding logic you can not like any fighter besides an American fighter, even if he has to juice and is embarrassing to America/the sport. Also yes people do die over things like that in Latin countries, family is nothing to joke about. I know I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and have seen shit like that and also currently all my Mexican friends who are the same w family, so I know. Family is over everything in Latin countries like I’ve never seen before and I have been to or lived in quite a few places and traveled a lot (I am very fortunate). Now it’s over and done w and people can go back to normal. Oh yea I was like a minute and some change in time and had KO not TKO . Got 7 of them right on that card. Not bad huh?

      • Shawn says:

        While I agree with you in Sonnen’s ability to hype up a fight. I also believe he went beyond the trash talking. Even I found it entertaining in the beginning. But Sonnen started pushing the boundaries more and more, till it was just ridiculous and disrespectful. There trash talking and then there’s belligerent and being a douche bag. I thought Koschek was bad, but eventually Sonnen got so bad, he made Koschek look like a choir boy. lol I’m just wondering now if Chael will take Silva up on that BBQ. Steak…medium rare wasn’t it? lol

    • jones says:

      your right…this is great now all the sonnen fags are finally quiet…there like sonnen humbled like bitches

      • Xaninho says:

        imagine if Sonnen had won, the Anderson nut huggers would’ve commited suicide! They’re acting like they never had sex before!

        • Xaninho says:

          You do know posting comments under someone else’s name is lame right?

        • Xaninho says:

          well you better get used to it, cause i’m confisfagging…i mean confiscating it. and stop using my name, douchess!

    • nick says:

      I understand the whit about sonnen but you need to calm down on the wrestling is gay whit cause I bet you don’t even do a martial art

  2. Mo says:

    Chael Sonnen, you absolutely suck ! hahahahhahahha

  3. stephen riddle says:

    He will probly do a interview with a fake belt again,smh!

  4. Shonan says:

    It seems like there were a lot more comments before this fight. I could be wrong, though.

    • Respect says:

      The reason why there aren’t that many comments is because this website dropped the ball. This website always have the most current and up to date news, but this time around there was nothing. Not to mention even after the fight there was nothing. Things are slowly being posted about last night, but it’s too late. All the hype has worn down and people have went to bed.

  5. Xaninho says:

    First round did worry me a bit, but The Spider did what he always does….. winning!

    I said said before Sonnen would tap out to strikes and he was about to, but Lavigne stepped in already.


    That’s what wrestlers do. Curl up and stop fighting.

    I think the Sonnen fanboys are still curled up crying under their blankets lol.

  6. KIDD433 says:

    Chael thought he was gonna HUMP and FITCH his way too a decision.HA HA HA sadly mistaken.Told all you fag Chael fans,No steroids-no power.Anderson wasnt injured this time either.See what happens?

    • Jiu-JitsuRules says:

      FITCH is irrelevant so STFU! He just pulled a chael that’s all.

      • Gabi says:

        No he pulled a wrestler like he is. Seemed like Anderson let him have the first. Then toyed w him a bit. Then went to work. Lol. Really didn’t break a sweat in that fight. I bet he had worked more in the warm up then the fight. At least Chael admitted he lost again and shut the fuck up. Thank god, seriously thank you big guy upstairs.

  7. Majestyk says:

    A sad night indeed, but respect to Anderson’s undenable supremacy. Additional respect to Anderson’s decision to take the high road, and BBQ offer.

  8. B-rad says:

    you know everybody on here talking shit about wreslting doesnt make sense.. Although iv never really been a fan of it, it is a HUGE part of mma and a lot of fights are won and lost because of it. Wrestling isnt why Sonnen lost lost night, its why he almost won the first fight and its why he won the first round last night….He lost the fight because he decided to be dumb and throw a spinning back fist, so really he lost because of his striking.. Dont get me wrong im no Sonnen fanboy, but i do like him. I think if Andy and Chael fight 100 times Chael will win about 10 or 15 times with his wrestling, but his striking just wasnt near enough to face anderson

    • Xaninho says:

      Sonnen was trying to mix it up because Anderson was stuffing each and every takedown in the second round. That move showed how one dimensional he is.

      Wrestling has a few techniques that are definitely useable. But wrestling is not nearly as important to MMA as the wrestlers claim it to be. It is NOT the basis, striking is the basis of every fight.

      • B-rad says:

        i aint a wrestler myself mane..but i have trained with top NCAA wrestlers and iv been taken down and not be able to do much..Id rather train kickboxing and muay thai 7 days out of the week instead of grapple because thats what i love to do, if you have good TDD with striking, yeah its not as important. But if you cant stop the takedown is when it becomes a huge factor.. Dont be so quick to discredit Sonnens striking though he does have pretty good boxing its just a spinning back fist is so easy to see coming and avoid, and you shouldt be throwing fancy stuff against a much superior striker

        • Xaninho says:

          I’m really not impressed by Sonnen’s boxing. There’s some fairly new guys here at the gym who have been here for a few months and have far better boxing skills. Sonnen has been in the MMA scene forever and still can’t throw a decent punch.

          And yeah the takedown and takedown defense are basically the two wrestling techniques I consider useful in MMA.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          …your right he’s not that good at boxing, but he’s got some ‘Great White Ninja’ skills for sure. These moves are reserved for elite all American fighters that pick the purple flower and climb to the top of Mount Rushmore. lol

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahaha that’s hilarious!

  9. Mike b says:

    I called it..silva by tko nuff said….

  10. Mike b says:

    Who the hell can stop this guy.he might have to move up to fight jones or gsp might have to move up a weight class to fight silva.he might have to retire with the fucking belt.i just don’t know!he truly is the best in the world.

    • T.DADDY says:

      GSP or Bones wud beat silva cuz they wud take him down over n over

      • Xaninho says:

        That’s what you said about Sonnen.

        He basically finished 1 takedown, he did manage to hold Silva down the entire 1st round though. Gotta give him that….But then the 2nd round each and every takedown was stuffed by Silva.

        Sonnen’s main weapon was neutralized….That’s why Sonnen threw such a desperate spinning backfist.

        • T.DADDY says:

          Silva was holding sonnens trunks in the second.. I watched the fight 3times

        • jones says:

          yes anderson held his trunks..and sonnen held andersons also….that has nothing to do with why he lost like bitch

        • Zack says:

          And the two seconds he held his shorts is when chael was running away from him cuz he was rocked

        • jones says:

          tdaddy your an idiot…you will always have an excuse….maybe jones would win cuz he fukin huge and very young…but gsp would get killed…his wrestling is not even close to cheal…anderson has been trying meet gsp at 18 fr years and gsp has all these bs excuses…your a fukin idiot..juts accept anderson is goat bitch

        • GRZ says:

          Then I guess that’s even for having to fight that TRT monkey

        • aaxantonio says:

          are you serious? yeah chael lost cuz of trunk holding, had nothing to do with the fact silva was pounding his face, you are an idiot

      • Mike b says:

        I mean I don’t know bro…who else is there.stann,bisbing,munoz,belcher,there all good fighters and are at the top of the heap but I don’t think they can beat silva.gsp or jones seem like the only ones that can challenge this guy.i don’t know just my opinion.

        • Shonan says:

          How do you feel about Hector Lombards chances? The guy is pretty serious from what he showed in Bellator. Provided his transition to the Octagon goes well, i think he might stand the best chance.

        • nemo says:

          I like hector but I don’t think he can challenge anderson right now. Jake Shields was supposed to be GSP’s hardest test but he wasn’t able to do anything. GSP, Anderson and Jones are the best, unbeatable in their weight class and the only 2 fighters with the skill and paitience to beat Silva. Sonnen showed some weaknesses in Silva’s game and put Jones/GSP in the ring and anderson will have a tough night. Anderson might not be unbeatable but he’s definitely the #1 P4P.

        • Mike b says:

          Oh yeah I forget all about that dude man shit….if he gets past Tim yeah that might be a possibility.

        • Shonan says:

          This is true. First things though with Tim. As he showed he has amazing boxing, his ground game is damn good, and he can stuff the takedown. He has the style to do what Sonnen did and then some. I just hope he doesnt end up the way Shields did against GSP. After him, i really dont know who can stop Andy at this point

    • A.James says:

      Rashad can take Silva. He’s a wrestler who knows how to strike with excellent athletic attributes.

    • Thomas says:

      JBJ would kill Silva. He’s to big and equaly good!

      GSP will loose by TKO. He’s to small and not that good a ground and pounder. He wears people op by beeing fast with dominating jabs. But Silva has a much loonger reach and is as quick as GSP.

      The closest fight will be against GSP though…

  11. T.DADDY says:

    Did they change the rules??? Cuz silva clearly kneed sonnen when sonnen was down… And silva was grabbin sonnens trunks to avoid the TD… Silva is a beast but I think that knee was illegal and that knee changed the fight

    • Xaninho says:

      knee was into the chest. Kneeing the body is legal to a downed opponent.

      • T.DADDY says:


        • dee says:

          What replay were yoi watching? They showed the replay ovet a 1,000 times and it showed a cleam knee. Even Chael admitted it was clean.

        • Chaelisdead says:

          Daddy you are the biggest dumbass on this forum. Do us a favour and Go kill yourself

        • 16v149 says:

          Can,t the trailer park upgrade the 12 inch B&W.

        • Xaninho says:

          Did I say before Sonnen’s fanboys were delusional?

        • kw says:

          watch the replay of the knee over and over again, then stfu

        • QuitCryinLikeABitch says:

          excuses excuses excuses, if you watch the replay you can see he kneed him in the body and they were both gabbing each others shorts so shut the fucc up you whining like a fuccin bitch you pussy ass fanboy

        • Jiu-JitsuRules says:

          U guys r forgetting about the grease Andy had b4 he whooped chaels ass!

        • jon4es says:

          TDADDY is clearly a faggot retard…he wemt str8 to the stomach clear as day….and anderson grabbed shorts for second offf reflex as did fheal…the only thing to possibly complain about was the stoppage what bit fast i wanted see cheal get fucked up worse they should have let anderson beat on him longer… hahaha u complain about all the wring shit….maybe if u watched ufc 2 years ago the gsp vs serra 2 u would see that gsp gave serra many knees to the body on a downed opponent to end the fight,,,learnt the rules you clown

        • JusBrawl says:

          What replay were you watching jackass!! Chael went turtle bottmline so he lost…

    • ballsackface says:

      silva didnt grab it to avoid the take down. he had rocked sonnen and sonnen was backing off. he tried to grab him to stop him running away

    • jones says:

      t daddy does not even know the rules of mma….your a rookie…member when gsp kneed mat serra in the ribbs in there rematch to finish the fight/??? gsp kneed him many times in the side when mat turtled…maybe if u watched ufc for more then 6 months you would now that u just cant knee to the head moron

  12. Noel says:

    Gotta love the crowd 1st round Chael humps Silva… USA,USA,USA 2nd round Silva finishes runs around with his Brazilian flag getting adored n Sonnen gets booed!? Respect to both fighters tho with all the hype wasn’t sure whether it’d be another Guida/Maynard but they went to fight, congrats spider yet again!

  13. 16v149 says:

    Chael,s long time coach , told us the truth Chael is just not tough enough.

    In america being tough enough is not necessary, being White was.

    Google bottom of heap in USA , whites are now at the bottom of the

    education system in USA. Were are we to go, blacks dominant pro

    sports. In the Olympics , white are not longer dominant , even with all

    the government support. Save the white man from all his greed,and hate.

    Yes Sonnen what goes around comes around , it time for pay back .

  14. Milkman says:

    Matt sucks balls.

    Chael got what he deserved for talking so much smack. Glad he lost cause he would be a boring champ, watching him lay on people for 5 rounds.

  15. JONES says:

    I LOOKING FOR KEEEPFITCH an WRESTLINGRULES…on here 2 months running there mouth like little loser alll months,,,,and now the stfu…they got nthing to say,,,the goat did his job…sonnen cant take body shot…i agree they should have let anderson beat on sonnen 10 seconds longer well he lied there turtled like a bitch……TITO GOT TORBBED,,i dont even like tito but he won 1 an 2

  16. jbeamazing says:

    the Chael haters act like Anderson wasn’t favored to win and Chael wasn’t the major under dog.The reason why people wanted Chael to win is because of his cockiness and it was a act he was joking Anderson is a prick Demian Maia said he wanted to fight for the tittle and Anderson said he disrespected him just by wanting to fight for the tittle and acted like a 6 year old that’s who Anderson is Chael is just a entertainer and if you can’t see that you might be the one with issues

    • ballsackface says:

      thats cos mia shouldnt of been there. hes no where near andersons ability. not remotely
      same when they sent in this “ultra dangerous brasilian” Thales littes. who sat on his arse for 5 rounds cos he didnt dare stand with him

  17. Milkman says:

    Chael is a cheating dilusional loudmouth that has mostly boring fights. He pretty much never finishes or even hurts his opponents. Pure wrestler=boring. At least old George will break an orbital bone or cut someone’s face every now and then. And Damian Mia is not in the same class as silva btw.

  18. Niio says:

    For those saying GSP will take down Silva at will..I don’t think that will be the case because we don’t know how his knee is going to be after the injury. Plus I see him fighting Bones Jones anyway. I don’t think GSP will move up in weight he just don’t seem like the guy willing to move up in weight to fight a bigger fighter. He had a chance to move up in weight for 2 years now, he’s already cleaned out the WW division twice already.

  19. GRT 3000 says:

    well there you have it. an ocean of Chael psychos stfu in under 2 rounds…it was an easy mark though. anyone with half a brain knew that Anderson was going to destroy him.

  20. Xaninho says:

    Yeah nobody won the bet about Sonnen’s teeth though, none of us bet on Sonnen keeping all the teeth.

    And yeah most of the Sonnen fanboys are very quiet as expected. The ones with the biggest mouths are the most quiet..

    Wrestling Sucks!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      classic wrestler scared to get hit in the face. Chael couldn’t get the takedown in 2 & looked panicked on what to do. He was like oh shit, I can’t hold him down and wait for the round to end (DANGER!) I actually have to stand and fight this guy. did a fancy ballerina back-fist (fell) & the rest is history.

      I like when someone asked him if he’d consider being a stand-up comic at the presser! lol hey maybe a circus clown!

  21. punchkick says:

    chael should go to anderson’s bbq

  22. Jason says:

    That knee took the wind out of sonnen..

  23. Xaninho says:

    I don’t see that pretentious righteous little fagget with the House avatar either!

    Where you at faggets!

  24. WrestlingRules says:

    Ok Bitches I’m here now so back the Fuck Up….Go ahead and have your fun you deserve it!!! I’ll be posting my comments later today about this fight…..Stay Tuned you won’t want to Miss This One!!!! rofl….

  25. Dlo says:

    I wish we can get to the point where we can analyze and discuss the event instead of being so crude and disrespectful towards the fighters and to each other. Didn’t anyone listen to Silva’s post fight interview?

  26. BigPapi says:

    Just wana say FUCK all those faggotass ball lickers that were deepthroating Phael Sonnen talkin bout how wrestling will always beat a striker, how Americans should vote for that fuckin felon Phaeland hating on Anderson as if he really wasn’t shit hahah pussyass bitches like @wrestlingrules and @keepfitch, you two fakeass pussies acting like “fighters” can go suck eachother off in a corner while the rest of us celebrate . I’m glad all that bullshit talk is over now we know one-nut sonnen is full of shit he can finally quit and go sit on his couch or join WWE while Anderson Silva continues his legacy as the GOAT.

    • Xaninho says:

      You go, Big Papi! Your angry talk is exciting me to no end! You and I must meet soon.
      I’m a fighter. You? I like to sweat.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      BIgPapi awesome post well done sir. wrrestlin rules and his butt buddy Fitch lover talked a mile of shit daily and their lay n prayer_ROID monkey got his ass handed to him

  27. John mecker says:

    I have to admit I was worried in the first round, sonnen took him down fairly easy, but didn’t really do any damage. Sonnen made a mistake and paid for it, I didn’t agree with the ref stopping it that early only a few of silvas punches were getting through, but I don’t think he would have gotten back up. As for you ppl saying having a wrestling background is dumb you pll are idiots. There are many fighters with wrestling backgrounds, Cain, rashad, Jones, to name a few. I am a silva gan btw.

  28. WrestlingRules says:

    Ok here is my analysis of the fight and other such things.(I promise I will not talk about the metric system here) I am not going to bring up the shoulder punch at the weigh-ins or the vaseline in front of the cameras or the shorts and cage grabbing or the knee to the chest(it was actually a knee to the sternum/throat and thigh to the face) whether or not it was an early stoppage, but whose counting. What I will say is that Silva beat him and proved he is the BEST effective counter-striker and can take advantage of another guy’s mistakes better than anybody. I see why you guys like him as a fighter. He is mentally smart and knows how to win fights. I also agree that he is the best mma champion to date. Albeit in one of the arguable weakest divisions until Sonnen came on the scene. I hope he fights until he loses.

    What I also have come to know now for sure is that BJ Penn is the real GOAT. the real p4p. BJ would not shoulder punch someone at weigh-ins, he wouldn’t grease up against a wrestler, he wouldn’t do any of the things Silva did in this fight. BJ also has gone and fought bigger fighter’s and won in 2 divisions. Silva;s answer to fight Jones was….nope….When has BJ ever said nope to a fight?? Yes BJ is the real GOAT and NOT Silva.

    Silva is great at what he does in the cage at 85 but he isn’t the GOAT. His instincts and counter-striking are THE BEST in mma. He wins and deserves to be considered one of the best but NOT the GOAT or p4p. In my book that is reserved for fighters that have risked much more than Silva has.

    Sonnen is Great and I WILL always support him, but last night he made one mistake and the Great Silva beat him for it.


    But admit it, you bitches were worried after that first round?? Weren’t You??? lmao

    • Xaninho says:


      I KNEW you wouldn’t full heartedly admit he is the better fighter and the GOAT. This was an incredibly weak attempt to sneak in the excuses.

      He’s an incredible striker period. Not a just a counterstriker.

      The division is actually not that weak. Silva is just in a league of his own and makes the rest look weak.

      Yes the first round worried me slightly, I hoped he would calm down inbetween rounds, which he did. Second round Sonnen had nothing on him. Every takedown was stuffed, that’s why Sonnen got into desperation mode and started throwing odd strikes hoping that would divert Silva’s attention from the takedown defense and maybe hit him with a lucky shot.

      Silva was master of the cage in round 2. The knee was perfectly legal. you say his thigh was in the face, but that doesn’t matter rules don’t say it’s illegal to hit downed opponents with the thigh…….

      Come to think of it…That might be one of the techniques Seagal was talking about.

      And the stoppage was good. Sonnen was about to tap anyway.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        So it was too long??? Man you should read Gabi’s shit. Man that girl puts me to shame….But don’t get me started on the metric system, I would really get long then…hehe

        • Gabi says:

          Not a girl dumb ass. In real Spanish there is no Gabe like in English.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          In Spanish it’s Gabriel…It would be better if you use Gabe…Gabi is the girl spelling…Just sayin’…

        • Gabi says:

          Actually in Spanish they use Gabi for short. And the girls spellin is gabby. Mine is spelled just how it sounds in Spanish. And yea that’s my middle name but I grew up w Gabi. So learn the culture before trying to sound like you know it. In Spanish it’s unisex like Kelly and spencer and other names are in English.

    • Nuitari X says:

      Still not giving the man the credit he deserves. He has the longest win streak at 15 and the most title defenses at 10 in UFC history. That in itself says GOAT. Not to mention he’s the most accurate striker in UFC history and a submission master. He has all the tools, he has all the class, he’s undefeated and he’s 37 years old!! He’s the GOAT. And don’t even try to talk about the level of competition he’s faced. This is the UFC people, these are the best fighters in the world and the man takes out everyone put in front of him. PERIOD.

      • Nuitari X says:

        Even when he went to 205 he beat a former champion in Forrest Griffin. He’s makes everyone he fights looks foolish in one way or another.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Then why did he say nope to fighting Jones??? Hell Rashad called him out, will he fight Rashad….my guess it would be nope again.

        • GRT 3000 says:

          hey Sensei WWERules…is this a wrestling technique they teach on some snowy mountain top in the U.S.???

        • Xaninho says:

          Why should he fight Jones? Jones is not only fighting at 205, he’s a huge 205. He’s 24 years old, Anderson 38.

          They’re two different generations of fighters.

          This whole Jones-Silva discussion would have only made a little sense if Silva was 10 years younger. I’m sure Silva would accept if Rashad can make 185 and UFC wants to make that fight happen.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Here is what everybody reads when they read your commentary: “Excuses, Excuses, Excuses, oh and MORE Excuses……” Hendo is smaller, shorter, and not as long armed as Silva is and he is fighting him, Oh yah and he is older too. What 40-41 and Silva supposedly the GOAT by his delusional fans WON’T fight Jones??? What GOAT says no to a good matchup with a chance to win in 2 weight divisions?? That’s right someone who IS NOT A GOAT!! EXCUSES!!!!! No??????

    • ballsackface says:

      hang on, so someone who has never lost in ufc and has held the belt for 10title defences. knocked out 2 people in 205 as well is not the greatest of all time however someone who has lost a handfull of his fights in the ufc and mostly goes to decision is GOAT?

      i like Penn but lets be realistic here, hes a legend but he HAS NOT achieved what anderson has with in UFC and thus cannot be coined GOAT

    • Yo Daddy says:

      Agreed @WrestlingRules. Silva is a pussy

    • Matt says:

      Haha Yeah laugh it off bitch. youre right just keep explaining it to yourself and eventually you’ll believe your own bullshit. Speaking of bitches where is your cunt friend “Just Fitch”?

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Why do you take this shit so serious Matt?? Its not that big of a deal….It’s just my opinion, why does that bother you so much??? You have yours and I have mine……….none of this amounts to a hill of beans….or don;t make a mountain out of a mole hill..or other such sayings…..cheeesch…

        • Matt says:

          You’re right br, im sorry. I th

        • Matt says:

          You’re right bro, im sorry. I thInk im comparing you to “just fitch” too much and that is not fair to you. While many of your comments against silva were over the top, you always had a balanced way of delivering commentary/jokes. But i still take issue with that cunt “just fitch” cuz the guy was “copy n. pasting” the same anti-silva rhetoric and placing it in every single thread (the majority of threads having do with sonnen vs silva at all.) Whether you agreed with some of his commentary or not, you have to admit the guy is a webtroll and a bit of cunt no?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          That;s cool Dude, you are passionate about what you believe and like and I can’t fault you for that. Silva is one of your favorite fighter’s and he is not mine. I think he has a shitty character and is a lowlife as human being, but he definitely can fight…..

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I just think it shows alot about your character rooting for such a piece of SHIT-SCUMBAG ROIDED UP FELON. I’m not even a big Silva fan but i would root for Fitch over the biggest CHEATER ROIDER-FELON to ever set foot in the cage. Sonnen is a FRAUD and without his JUICE he is an average fighter at best.

      wrestling rules you need to check yourself at the door because being a fan of Sonnen is nothing to be proud of.

      BTW Silva won that fight fair and square and Sonnen was clearly hurt and not getting up. I watched knee 10 times slo mo replay and it was 100% LEGAL and nothing touched his face. IF Sonnen would have even tried to move an albow would have crushed hi face. Sonnen had gthe wind knocked out of him and was done and he took shots to face-temple and everyone knows SIlvas punches are far more devastating than they look.

      I think wrestling is a great base but a fighter like Sonnen who has been in game since 1999 has very weak alla round skills just like Jon lay n pray fitch. Most of my favirate fighters began their careers as wrestlers and now are complete well rounded fighters.

      Lay n pray and wall and stall and Greg Jackson track meet gameplanning is ruining MMA . I htink Guida should have been released for ruining a main event. Condit lost to Diaz but judges never give bad guy decsions.

      Diaz gets 80k fine for pot and sonnen gets $2500 fine for having highest TESTOSTERONE levels ever recorded. go ask your personel doctor whgat he or she thinks about a 3400 testosterone level. most avergae males are no higher than 400-500
      Sonnen’s advanatge in first Silva fight was so far and above what most fans could ever comprehend. Even justa 700 testostrone level makes you feel like Superman and gives you endurance a natutal fighter could only dream of. It would be like fighting a gorilla going against somoene with that much JUICE

      • WrestlingRules says:

        That;s cool. I agree with much of what you say for once. A great wrestler with great boxing will be hard to beat and you are going to see these guys in the very near future. I have personally trained with a couple of guys who are boxers first and D1 wrestlers second with great transitions. Yah and Silva did beat him fair and square, I just have issues with some of the bullshit stuff he pulls, but its a fight and these guys aren’t gentlemen. I think Silva is a scumbag, but I give him his due. He;s good at what he does and nobody has quite figured it our yet. The formula is there, we just haven;t seen some one who has better transitions than Silva. If he keeps fighting he will be beat and I think it will be soon. But he maybe able to fight into his 40’s who knows. I think he would do a disservice to stop now, he should fight until these other guys can surpass him.

  29. grandma killer says:

    Chael bet on anderson and took a dive. Easiest money hes ever made.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Not to mention the millions for his PPV cut…

      • Zack says:

        He took a dive alright… Right after he tried a spinning backfist

        • WrestlingRules says:

          That was NOT his finest moment…Just like when Silva came out in round 1 throwing goofy ass punches in the air and Sonnen easily took him down….Two bad moments. The only difference is that Silva knows how to capitalize and finish a guy that makes that mistake and Sonnen doesn’t in top position. But admit kid, you were afraid after that first round??? I know Silva was when he scampered back to his corner, The look on his face was priceless. He needed alot of encouragement after that round.

          Is it just me or did it seem weird that Sonnen just sat back on the fence and waited for that hit? It seemed like he had plenty of time to get up and or move forward with his head and There is no way Silva could have thrown that knee. Maybe he felt Silva would punch him though??

          Oh well, I look forward to seeing Silva get beat up by the next guy??? Let’s hope they don’t match him up with Patrick Cote…lmao…

  30. Furby8704 says:

    when has Chael ever thrown a spinning back fist??
    for a moment there i felt the fight was rigged, such a bizarre ending.
    anywho congrats to the champion Anderson Silva

    • ballsackface says:

      im not the only one that thought this then.
      i like silva, i wanted him to win. i did find this strange though.
      i think chael verbally tapped on last strike too where anderson caught his nose. if you watch it again (pvr) then you can see him make mouth movements when he connects and immediately ref calls it off

  31. DBKlein69 says:

    lol all u andyboy nuthuggers acting like u never won a fight before! i was standing next to a few anderson silva fanboys at the bar last night and the looks on their faces at the end of the 1st round was PRICELESS!! i even heard one of them saying “oh no not again” lmao it was great! then the look of relief on their faces after it was over they looked like anderson’s kids crying like bitches. then after a lil while they started with the “i told u anderson would destroy him” …LOL thats why u guys were shitting yourselves after round 1 !!!!!!
    oh and nice try by anderson to rub the vasoline off his face and apply it to his chest before yves lavigne caught him and wiped it off. also very nice grabbing chael’s shorts to avoid being taken down again in the 2nd. what a grimy cheater

    • GRT 3000 says:

      another cowardly post by a sore loser. you and all your bullshit @Douchebag69; why don’t you man up and admit that Andy is the better man. you hawk for any little discrepancy and use it as ammo to discredit the GOAT, but pay no attention to the fact that Chael was 17:1 last fight and Anderson was injured.

      …blab all you want. they met twice and Andy won both times. next!

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Sonnen nuthuggers are crying like bitches and they can’t even say judges got it wrong because CHEAT Sonnen was finished in both fights. Damn wouldn’t it be nice if all the FELON-ROIDING CHEATING Sonnen fans would just go back to where they came from when Brock came from fake ass wrasslen. Brock is gone time to go abck to scripted bullshit. I know you fell in love with a ROID CHEAT and scumbag FELON and you felt like you were still watching wrasslen. PLEASE GO AWAY and take fitch lover and wrasslin rules-layn pray-leghumping bitch with you

        • GRT 3000 says:

          Hey buddy – we got @WWE rules calling Andy the Great One and BJ the GOAT. both strikers, and BJJ practitioners; apparently ‘wrasslin’ doesn’t rule.

          …and all the rest? just butthurt fanboys lickin’ their wounds like kittens. they know what time it is.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Never said that Silva was “The Great One”, I said the the Great Silva….He is Great, he;s just not a GOAT….Do you get it now stooooooopid??

        • GRT 3000 says:

          I got it a long time ago Junior…you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

          …but I suppose nothing is inconceivable right?

    • Xaninho says:

      Hahaha! I can just LOL at this moronic display of denial!

      So you’re happy that your hero Sonnen managed to Lay n Pray one round? hahaha!

      I admit I was worried after the first round. Anderson came out swinging which was wrong. Fortunately he calmed down inbetween rounds, so the second round was just as expected.

  32. maurice says:

    ^^ wow man u just cant give the man his cred. anderson did grab chaels trunks and attempted to hold him still and knock him the fuck out. its wrong, but thank god the punches missed. and anderson has applyed vaseline b4 to his chest and arms, he does that a lot. if the comission dont like it then they should intervene, in which they did. and wow, ur laughing at silva fans for being nervous after the 1st round? well im laughing at ur dumbass for believing chael could beat a HEALTHY anderson silva. and im laughing real hard at sonnen folding up like paper in the cage and getting beat like a bitch just like his teammate okami. anderson silva, still the best mmartist of our time. anderson lost the 1st round, and i was nervous, but after anderson ran back to his corner like nothing happened i knew he wasnt even getting started yet. never once did i think chael would actually win last night. first fight in years that i actually didnt get the nervous pressure of a loss. i knew a master like silva would never lose to a sloppy fighter like sonnen.

    • ballsackface says:

      lol are you dumb. people are fans of fighters. they stick to them as with any sport
      of course they are gonna feel bad when hes on the losing end and feel happy when he wins
      thats what makes a sport enticing and watchable you moron.

      as for the greasing. the amount on his face is hardly anything to be concerned about. if they put so much on his face that he could coat himself so hard then he wouldnt be able to breath or see lol

      • Matt says:

        I do believe we’ve located that cunt “just fitch” renamed as “ballsackface”..keep changing your name you daft fing cunt, we’ll still know its you. Are we clear cunt?

        • dogfart says:

          nope hes not fitch, hes twatty mc twatface and his point still stands. i know cos im his brother 😛

  33. DBKlein69 says:

    maurice, wake up. even anderson knew chael could beat him. that’s why he did everything in his power to avoid the rematch. remember dana white saying “u cant say u dont wanna fight a guy because he’s mean”
    lol his own boss making fun of him. then he tries to get himself disqualified at the weigh-ins by striking chael with his shoulder. then when he’s in the cage and there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide…he resorts to GREASING!!!! yes everyone who likes to call gsp “greaseSP” how bout a little love for anderson the greaser? gsp didnt even put the grease on it was his trainer. ANDERSON GREASED HIMSELF!! unfortunately for him, yves lavigne caught him being a grimy cheater and wiped the vasoline off. but that didnt stop anderson from continuing to cheat, as he resorted to shorts-grabbing in order to try and land shots.
    correct me if im wrong, but if anderson is so great, and chael had no chance……why the constant efforts at cheating? is anderson not confident that he could beat chael without cheating??

    • ballsackface says:

      check my other comment,
      theres no way that amount of grease would have helped him anyway
      as for the shoulder check, other fighters have done it. it sells more tickets
      dont buy into the media hype. it was built this way on purpose

      chael lost to a broken anderson, why the fuck would he be scared when he knows he could beat him when hurt

      how you can moan at anderson being a dirty fighter when chael was juiced up to fuck last time and now is on a legal steroid plan


      • DBKlein69 says:

        i saw ur other comment and ignored u on purpose. speak when spoken to. bitch.

        • ballsackface says:

          whos the bitch? a retard who is guided by media hype or someone who knows wtf they are on about???

          if you can honestly say that wiping a small amount of vasoline off your face onto a chest is a cheat then you are to be treated like a moron.
          what he actually does is smooths it off his face and wipes it on his chest so its not all over his palms as he will lose grip in his hands.
          they often put a little too much vas on the face and he was clearly blinking as he had some in his eyes.

          you lot clutch at straws

    • GRT 3000 says:

      ahahah @Douchebag69 is mad so he’s going postal. your little phony got smashed and with that his ocean of delusional fanboys butthurt in the process. I love it.’s off to the Hall of Fame and further greatness for the GOAT…& for Chael? well, someone asked him if he was going to try his hand at stand-up comedy. LOL

      let’s hear it yah big baby…whhaaaa-whhaaaa

  34. Jordon says:

    No shame in admitting i was wrong. You win some you lose some, that’s life. Good fight for both fighters and def got my money worth. Let’s be mature, not act like children… Because the people posting “gay this gay that” “fag” “So and so’s dick in your mouth” “nuthugger” “Pussy point fighter” and my all time favorite “Well, if you dont agree with what i am saying then OBVIOUSLY you do not know anything about MMA” make this site look very pitiful.

  35. saiasaka says:

    I was with Chael but without being a fanboy; I wasn’t a Silva hater however, I have a lot of respect for him and I like watching his fight;

    and my opinion is that Chael did’nt lose like a girl (a bad move put him in a really bad situation). Until now he’s the first fighter to put Anderson Silva in a bad situation; so yeah you can laugh because of all the trash talk, I totally agree but what I read in a lot of comments is just dum… he had won at least against two future title contender in Brian Stann and Michael Bisping so give him some respect…. he did better than a lot of prime fighter against the champ…
    At the end even Silva shows him respect; I think the champ understood what was Chael doing all that time, it’s called PROMOTION; and it’s encouraged by Dana White and all UFC because it sells a lot in ppv.
    Without all the trash talk this fight would have been like an other title defense… and a title defense including a champ with that much of win is always boring… Why the fuck do you think they’re talking of biggest match or anything else….
    That thing between fighters remind me of what was happening between rappers; Eminem talked about it in “like toy soldiers”; there are man that just want that kind of trash talk and rivality because they want to make money… and at the end Silva shows that he’s a smart guy and that Chael is the same than him; he’s a “fighter”; and a fighter live by taking punch in the face (and finish is life with really bad disease like Parkinson); Dana make a tons of money without taking one punch…

  36. silva's a cheap shot cheating pos says:

    pre fight cheap shot. vasoline greasing. shorts grabbing. knee to the head of a downed opponent (and yes, it did strike him in the head as the knee came upwards.. watched it 100 times in slow mo). Silva’s a bitch, and I dunno if all the cheap tricks just got the Chael after the first round but he dominated so hard in the first round that I dunno how anyone can doubt his skills. In both fights Sillva has never been punished as hard as he had in both of his fights with Chael, even though the second fight only lasted till the second round.

    • DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

      You’re an idiot.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      …another butthurt delusional fanboy. dig deep for the bullshit and blog through the pain and anger my friend.

    • jdog says:

      Why didn’t he do good in the second round????????? he wasn’t 16:9-1.

      Sonnen also grabbed Silva’s trunks to help HOLD him down, not like Anderson trying to grab Sonnen to hold him so he could hit him, think of it like Dirty boxing, the ref said stop and he stopped. The Knee you are just blind by lust or hatred of Sonnen and Silva, if Silva’s knee hit his face then Silva has the legs of tree trunks or Sonnen has a elephant man head because in the replays you can see the top of his leg and Sonnen’s arm over the face, that means the knee was about 15 inches from his face, now the thigh part of the leg was closer but still separated by Sonnen’s arms which is about 6 inches.

      Clearly without the TRT at 16:9-1 Chael doesn’t have the cardio to go almost 5 rounds a second time, watch the Stann fight the Bisping fight, and many MANY other Sonnen fights when he PASSED his piss test he NEVER had the same cardio he did when he took on Silva the first time. I am not a Silva nut huger or a Sonnen nut huger, just a realist that looks at the bigger picture,

      Sonnen -v- Silva 1 = Sonnen 16:9-1 TRT and NO cardio issues

      Sonnen -v- Silva 2 = Sonnen so gassed he throws a back fist and falls (huge cardio issue)

      Nothing else needed to say, point made!

    • Xaninho says:

      Ah! There is the House moron!

      Your boy lost fair and square! Deal with it! Better watch the replay 100 times more…..Even Sonnen said the knee was legal. He even said the shorts grabbing was from both sides.

      Dominated hard? The ref should have stood them up in the first round! Nothing was happening! Same ol’ LnP all over again. He wasn’t even throwing the usual pitter patter.
      It was rubbish!

  37. ballsackface says:

    retard alert, short grabbing happens all the time and chael was running away

    he didnt knee anyones head so you clearly didnt watch it or you would have seen the 10 replays of it hitting his chest area

    its ok for chael to take steds?

    hush your gums

  38. stephen riddle says:

    Bj u have to stop letting people post whatever names they want and no one wants to post their own name in fear of revenge of a fighter! Dont let people change their names it is bullshit stop running from the real!

  39. jdog says:

    I just hope EVERYONE of the Sonnen nut huggers watch this fight again and again and again, because if they do they WILL see that the first fight only went 4 rounds because he was 16.9-1 on TRT.

    Am I the only one who saw how gassed Sonnen looked in the second round when he through the spinning back fist? I am so damn tired of hearing how Sonnen almost beat Anderson the first fight it is total BS! Even if he had won it would have been changed after the fight, and all of his nut huggers seem to forget that when they talk about the first fight. This fight reminds me of the Henderson fight, after all the wrestling does seem to get Silva in bad positions for the first round then after that he takes over, look at this fight then look at the Hendo fight they are very similar, the wrestler gets Silva in a bad position then gasses and gets trounced

    • DBKlein69 says:

      silva got manhandled in the first fight. deal with it. he also got manhandled last night for the ENTIRE 1st round. had he not cheated and grabbed chael’s shorts in the beginning of rd 2 to avoid the takedown, he would’ve been taken down again and abused for another 5 minutes. rounds 3, 4 and 5 would’ve went in similar fashion, with silva lying on his back like a little bitch.
      cheap shot at the weigh-ins, greasing himself in the cage, grabbing shorts to avoid takedowns and to try and hold chael still to land a shot. he showed what a cowardly charlatan he really is. and to further prove it…
      anybody hear the post-fight presser where someone asked silva if he would fight jones?? guess what silva said. “NO”
      what a pussy.
      but if that same reporter asked him if he would fight gsp…no problem.
      thats why he hides at 185. he’d rather fight guys smaller than him

      • jdog says:

        EVEN IF there was NO grease (watched the fight there was VERY LITTLE) and even if the trunks weren’t grabbed (no punches landed while they were in hand unlike Sonnen holding Silva’s shorts in round one while landing punches) Sonnen was still SO GASSED he couldn’t even stand and keep his balance after a spinning back fist! What does that mean??????????? IT means without 19:9-1 TRT levels Sonnen can NOT manhandle Silva for more than one round!!!! Same as the Henderson fight Silva lost the first round and was being handled by the old wrestler, the difference between the Henderson-Silva fight and t he first Sonnen-Silva fight was a TRT level of 16-9-1 and the second Silva-Sonnen fight mirrored the Henderson-Silva fight, the only way to beat Anderson Silva was found not by Chael Sonnen but by Dan Henderson, you have to be able to take Anderson down and NOT gas out, if you do that you can beat him, but Chael has nutz the size of peas because of his steroid use, and without it he gasses, look at his other fights

        Sonnen-Stann Sonnen looked gassed
        Sonnen-Bisping Sonnen almost lost the decision and was GASSED!
        Sonnen-Silva 2 Sonnen gassed after 1 round got his shots stuffed in the second and couldn’t even stand after a spinning back fist, even if Silva had NOT thrown the knee Sonnen was done and DB you cannot deny it without being a liar or talking out your arse and you know it!

      • You Cant Be Serious says:

        Youre an idiot. Nuff said

      • Xaninho says:

        booohooo cry me a river fagget!

        excuses excuses!

        Jones is not only a 205 jones is a huge 205. he’s 24 years old, Silva is almost 38. If Silva was 10 years younger this whole STUPID discussion about a Silva-Jones superfight could have made sense. Now it doesn’t so please stop embarrassing yourself more you sore dickhead loser.

      • punchkick says:

        @DBKlein69 you should report that to the mma police bro.

  40. oldSoul says:

    that was a great fight. silva is the man, i was very worried after the first round but silva looked great in the second and kinda like his buddy okami cheal fell like a sack o’ taters. id love to see sonnen fight again for the ufc. silva is by far the best professional mixed martial artists to date.


  41. Got Truth? says:

    Silva still way over-rated. He has a lot of bums on his record. Hendo is the only impressive win. He is spoon fed opponents.

  42. Steven seagal is a fuckhead says:


    • GRT 3000 says:

      you may be right! I found some very questionable footage that shows THAT ANDERSON MAY VERY WELL HAVE CHEATED!!!!

      you gotta watch closely at abt the 10 sec mark.

      • kw says:

        thanks for this footage!! fucking anderson caught cheating right there. hope the title is stripped away from this cheating Brazilian scumbag..

        • Xaninho says:

          That was a joke….The 10 sec mark shows a nice righthand on Sonnens chin making him buckle.

        • kw says:

          no what ar you talking about ? Chael didn’t buckle. It clearly shows anderson cheating at the 10 mark. watch it again!

        • Xaninho says:

          Are we both looking at the same .gif? Maybe you can tell me what he’s doing wrong according to you?

        • GRT 3000 says:

          naw, he didn’t cheat, I just wanted to show an animated gif of Captain Chael getting his ass kicked (over & over) adds insult to injury for all of these butthurt Sonnen cryers.

  43. Heavy hitter says:

    I cant believe how these peeps keeping making making excuses for chael. He got his ass beat on roids again and these assholes still cant give sylvia his due. Chael is gonna be just like lyle alzadoe from the raiders in ten years from now.

  44. Jayden says:

    I think chael took a fall, but alot of people won’t understand why I say this. Read his book. Watch andersons movie like water. There’s alot more behind this fight than what people saw. These guys are professional fighters it’s not personal. Chael was just a hype guy. Was never meant to win. Imagine how much money would lose if Dana white lost the Brazilian fans. I mean c’mon that’s like half of all mma fans. This sport isn’t about being the best fighter in the world anymore, it’s about being the best represtetitive for Dana white to make millions. Ever thought why nick Diaz hates mma now? It’s because he was told buy Dana to “play the game” or he’s not getting paid. That shit sucks for Somone who is a true fighter because it makes it not real just look at what happened with him and bj, he did look up a bit to bj, he thought he was a cool guy and respected him, he had no joy in that victory. All I’m saying is it’s a sport now, there’s more on the line than who is the best, it’s about how many seats you can fill. It’s not real life fighting and it’s nothing personal they are paid fighting professionals end of story. Fuck it’s just mma sick back and enjoy the show, it’s only the world greatest martial artists fighting for YOUR entertainment. Lighten up guys. Respect for silva and sonnen, for the most epic rematch in history of combat sports!! We were blessed to witness this and if you can see that I feel bad for you

    • Jayden says:

      And btw when did mma fans get so dumb and dissrepectfull. Get off your computer and go train jiu jitsu, go support your local wrestling club. Get of your fucking high horse and give back too mma stop trying to make it full of angry tapout wankers. Anderson is one of Best fighters in the world and so is chael they both deserve respect. Pound 4 pound doesn’t exist. There isnt even a p4p weight division. There is no absolute or open weight. People just got way to attatched to that for this fight and it would have been chaels fight had he not felt the love for mma. But some people won’t understand this. The good guy needed to win, for the sport, for everyone to come together. Go outside and train. Oss.

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