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Monday, 07/02/2012, 04:26 pm


When Chael Sonnen challenged Anderson Silva for the UFC middleweight title on August 7, 2010 at UFC 117, he started the fight as a 4-1 underdog. He is the underdog once again for Saturday’s eagerly-awaited UFC 148 rematch, but the odds this time are significantly closer due to Sonnen’s incredible success in the first fight.

Chael Sonnen said:

“To say this guy is superior to me is a joke. Look at the statistics from the first fight. I out-landed him by over 200 punches, I took him down at will, I passed his guard at will and I beat him on the feet too.”

Sonnen’s boasts are supported by hard data. According to FightMetric, the challenger landed 252 more strikes than Silva, with a total of 320 punches, kicks, elbows and knees finding the mark; Sonnen completed three takedowns in the fight, and kept Silva on his back for a combined 20 minutes of the fight – twice as much as “The Spider” had been on his back in his entire UFC career; Sonnen passed Silva’s guard into side-control six times and swept him as well; Sonnen also out-struck Silva during the three minutes the fight was contested standing up.

However, the champion said the only statistic that really counts is who won the fight.

Anderson Silva said:

“He took me down, he is good at wrestling. Okay. Good. But I punch him in the face ‘BAP! BAP! BAP! BOOM!’ and that is it. I win. That’s it. No different from the first fight on Saturday. I win!”

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  1. NiggerDick says:

    Silva will lose this time.

  2. Monkey Juice (flexing) says:

    Wrong. Nigger will win.

  3. Smeegle says:

    Personally, I think this fight will be a BIG disappointment. How many times have we seen a HUGE buildup….the most ANTICIPATED fight in UFC history….the biggest fight ever? Only for it end up biting, sucking ass, and turning to a a Guida/Maynard match, or a GSP humpfest? I mean REALLY. Think about all the let downs before. Dont be suprised if the fight sucks.

    • Brend0magic says:

      Yea for sure. I could easily see Sonnen just laying and praying this one to a win. With all the shit he talked, he’s gonna need to back it up. And once he gets Anderson to the ground, he’ll have to ground and pound him pretty conservatively or risk getting submitted again.

  4. Sean says:

    I don’t want to get into anything with anyone, and I’m not making any strict claims…but I will be confused if this fight looks like the last one

  5. John M says:

    I have a problem on this website with people who don’t respect others opinions. Lets not forget what tomorrow is, our day to celebrate our independence. Of the many things that means we can have an opinion and are entitled to what we believe in. With that said I believe Chael is gonna win this one, after studying his training lately I believe he has the bigger heart and more guts and this will be the winning factor in this fight.

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