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Monday, 07/09/2012, 06:25 am

EDITORIAL | UFC 148 is over, will Chael keep his word and retire?

Chael Sonnen may have been selling his rematch with Anderson Silva when he made his now infamous stipulation. After his fight with Brian Stann he said that if he lost to Anderson he would, “Leave the UFC forever”. So the question remains – will Chael keep his word? Should he may be the better question.

For the first round of his rematch it looked like he was going to repeat his previous dominant performance. He took Anderson to the ground, and worked his gameplan very well. However, as everyone saw, Silva obliterated Chael in the second round. His knee (which was clearly legal upon replay by the way) landed squarely on Sonnen’s chest with the force of a bullet and Silva finished the fight. With that shot the air out of the middleweight division was collectively let out. Sure there is still the winner of Munoz and Weidman. Sure there is still Michael Bisping waiting in the wings. Both fights would be interesting to say the least so Silva himself doesn’t need to retire yet. The question, as I stated before, is should Chael retire now that he has been finished by Silva twice.

Sonnen now faces what I call “The Franklin/ Ortiz Syndrome”. Both lost to the champion of their division twice decisively, and both weren’t seeing another title shot any time soon. Instead of becoming a gatekeeper Franklin moved up to light heavyweight, and Ortiz continued to be the gatekeeper for the light heavyweight division. Chael now sits in the gatekeeper position at 185. Does a guy like Sonnen accept this fate or does he do what he initially promised and leave the UFC for good.

The first option for him is to stay where he is at. Before he decides to make any decisions he should consider two very big paydays that still sit in the middleweight division. Two Brazilians still have a beef with Chael and would love nothing more than a chance to punch him in the face. Vitor Belfort has repeatedly stated he wants to fight Sonnen as has Wanderlei Silva. Sonnen fired back with some words of his own and the beef grew even more. Those two fights alone could headline a pay per view in Brazil and I definitely would pay money to see them. They are reason enough alone to stay.

Another option is to move up to light heavyweight and try his hand there. Eventually he would face Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and that would probably be a lot like his second fight with Silva. Jones is on another level right now, and Sonnen would be facing the near impossible task of defeating Jones. A move to light heavyweight would be to kill time until Anderson retires or enough time has passed for him to get another shot at Silva.

The final option is to simply hang up the gloves. He has nothing to be ashamed about should he choose to do so. A loss to Anderson does not mean he isn’t a great fighter. The internet forum dwellers may want you to believe that, but they’re irrational almost all of the time anyway so it’s okay. Chael is an incredible athlete and has accomplished more than most will in the sport. He could walk out now with his head held high and that would be acceptable. Do I think it will happen – no.

Right now Chael should be taking some time off before making any decisions much like BJ Penn did. He has done enough where he could come back and be a featured attraction. He would be main eventing whenever he fights just like Rich Franklin, and just like BJ Penn. I for one hope he stays in MMMA because Chael Sonnen still has a lot to offer the UFC and the fans.


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  1. bxer says:

    As a politician,wrestler,real state and anything he has done in life he has allways fail there for Chael sonnen need to retire, he is not good for the sport, Imo he is the most disrespectful. Fighter in UFC history, am sure 90% of people paid for that fight just to see chael sonnen getting his ass kicked,I pre order the fight since day one and I cancel a week before and know am glad I didn’t waste my money, he talk all that shit he need to make good on his word, specially when he constantly said he meant every word he said,yea chael sonnen fans wan to lick his balls a little more, but let be real who can be a good match for him? Wanderli? Lol, I like wanderlust but he is done and what vitor? Vitor the only reasons vitor wanted ti fight chael was to get another shot at Anderson,he is too big for the www division,and he is scare to go up, chael need to go hang out with Joe Rogan and do comedy,I be more successful at it,or just simply go fuck yourself

    • Jagerface says:

      Well if you bothered to watch the press conferences, Chael took that offer off the table a long time ago. It was never excepted. He is still ranked #2 and he made a mistake trying for that backhanded punch and fell to the ground, Silva shot for a knee which still grazed his chin and knocked the wind out of him which gave Silva the advantage. He lost but he did 10/8 rounds with the supposed “Greatest fighter” in the world, in the weakest division, I mean who has he really fought that was that great, give me some names, and if you say Vitor Im gonna puke.He had to pick this fight and trash talk to get Silva to sign the contract, Silva was not gonna fight him again, so he did that to entice it enough where they would have a huge event. If you ever watch Sonnen behind the scenes he is a nice guy, I think you will come to find that the UFC is a lot like WWe when hyping fights, All the weigh in stuff, and trash talking was probably more acting than you think, these guys do this for money, and a lot of it. If you think chael is done your stupid, he is still one of the best in his weight class in the world.

      • Chael never promised to retire if he lost this fight says:

        If Silva had lost, would you have expected him to leave the middleweight division? NO. It was a propostion, an offer. And Anderson did not accept it. So there was no promise. Basic contract law.

        • Breeze says:

          Chael never promised to retire if he lost this fight

          Are we talking about cheal sonnen? because cheal sonnen made that promise twice? And the only reason anderson didnt accept it because he takes sonnen as a joke and obviously AS knew that chael was full of shit because he made that promise the 1st fight and didnt keep it? common ppl if someone was on top for me for 5 rounds, going full hard throwing everything he could and then i attack pretty much once and they tap out? And after the fight his face looked like it just got smashed by a truck when i pretty much only hit him once and he hit me for all 5 rounds and i looked like i just came from watching a movie? I dont think i would be scared of him so ppl who think anderson silva was scared of chael? (You are out of you fukking mind) Also in the 1st fight anderson silva claimed that he will make chael sonnen tap out (make him quit) In respect to the nogueira brothers and that exactly what he did, If you watch the 1st fight properly AS full setted up the submission, He didnt drop from sonnen he actually went to the ground himself to set it up. Watch the fight again you can full tell that AS droped to his back from his own will to set up the choke, I do agree that sonnen did take him down most of the time but that last one that setted up the sub was not a takedown nor did AS get dropped. Now we have the 2nd fight and yeah the short holding was dirty and the grease shit at the start was dirty aswell and yeah sonnen would of won if it was a 2 round fight and he didnt get finish because of the disqualifed points but that didnt happen and as beat the shit out of him instead and now theres excuses the knee was illegal when it clearly wasn’t and AS only won because of that illegal knee? Open your eyes ppl the knee was legally to the mid section and Sonnen got up after that knee and he then got droped from a right hand and got finish… It was not the knee that hurt sonnen it was the right hook that droped him and As finished him off with the GnP! Open your eyes you americans! And stop making excuses because the usa way is always the right way?

        • Breeze says:

          Trust me my friend is Anderson Silva lost chael and you sonnen fanboys would of went off. Sonnen beat anderson and AS the faker is not leaving! you guys would of went off about anderson so dont give me that shit! Sonnen is the one that made the bet and lost! there are always excuses and now the bet wasnt on because they didnt shake hands?1. AS would never shake his hand or agree with anything he says because he takes sonnen as a joke and knew even if he made the bet and lost wouldnt keep to his words like always and then he will make an excuse like always! Then you have uneducated people thinking he is right! Because he is an american!

      • Kaos says:

        Agreed, I think Chael is a very good fighter who figured out early on that most of what gets fighters title shots is ‘heat’ and the fastest way to get that is to be a villain so that’s the persona he adopts. Anderson took the bait on that.

        Really it’s very clever but I’m not sure what it will bode for the future as we may see lots of fighters trying the same tactic although Chael is particularly good at it.

        And yes, Anderson never agreed to the challenge of ‘loser leaves UFC’ and that was when Sonnen was still trying to GET the fight, he said himself long before the rematch was ever set that the offer had expired. I don’t think he should retire, I think he’s a good enough fighter that he could still take a shot at gold if he wants to. He made a mistake after a dominant first round and Silva capitalised (as he does because he’s the best all-round fighter in the sport so far – you can’t make mistakes against him). But that first round told us that Chael is still a beast in the cage and I think he has a long career still ahead of him, he could work his way to another title shot or jump a weight class for a while but I don’t think he will or should retire.

        Plus he’s an entertaining figure, even though I disagree with 90% of what he says in character, he has a brilliant way with words and goes for the jugular. Shame all of Brazil seems to want him executed, but still, great fighter, great character – not quite the best in the world… yet.

      • Breeze says:

        you are crazy my friend, i dont understand how people dont realise that sonnen made that bet twice, he made the bet the 1st fight and didnt leave and he then made the bet again on the 2nd fight. Clearly he didnt keep his promise the 1st time and obviously he wasnt. Anyone who takes his words serious has a mental problem, cheal is all for show. In all honesty sonnen is a actor /wrestler nothing else and he is not #2 contender he is #1 shit talker which turned him into the #2 contender. If you pay attention to what sonnen actually says his always a liar. There are so many examples everything he says he doesnt do or vice versa. 1. ill never wrap my legs around another man and then you see him in a clip wrapping his leg around another guy in training? common crazy sonnen fans you guys are full up a guys ass that carries around a fake belt? that just shows us the level of your integrity you sonnen fans have! dont get me wrong i like sonnen but as a actor and nothing else, I could watch him talk shit all day and i love it too because it take it for what it is. (Comedy) if i was to take him serious i would fully hate him but im not that stupid! 2. After the 1st fight sonnen was like he hit me hard i felt his punches and it hurt, dazed me and the the next week anderson didnt do shit to me i smashed him for 5 rounds and he didnt do anything to me? And if you realise its pretty much only americans that take what sonnen has seriously! doesnt matter who it is, if theres an american talking shit about someone from another country then to some stupid americans they are right! LOL

    • mike69 says:

      Hey bxer, wut you tulking about hommie? You sai Chael is fail at evrythang such as “politician,wrestler,real state” but he hass dun more in hiz life than yu have….

      oh shit, it’s too damn troublesome to talk and type the way you do. I might as well speak proper english…. Sure, Chael lost to Anderson, but the two fights that Anderson had with Chael have been the most exciting and anticipated fights that Anderson has ever had. Thanks to Chael, Anderson has been able to shake the criticism that he’s been gathering over the last few years. Aside from the Belfort fight, people have been getting bored as hell with Anderson. Anderson should be thanking Sonnen (he probably has, why else would you invite the guy to a BBQ lol)

      Chael is still a good fighter, still beating top guys. I think Sonnen should stay at middleweight. He could beat up Vitor and Wanderlei and make good money doing it. IF he decides to go up to LHW he would still do well, but I don’t think he would have a shot at beating Jones.

      I guarantee you that now the Sonnen vs. Silva rivalry is over, people are going to tbe BORED with Silva’s next fights. Unless he fights GSP or JONES in a superfight, there will be almost no hype or interest in Silva.

      What are the possible fights for Silva:

      Silva vs Stann
      Silva vs Bisping
      Silva vs Kampman
      Silva vs Munoz
      Silva vs Weidman

      Do you think any of those fights are going to create even HALF the interest and attention of Silva vs Sonnen? NO WAY. Unfortunately, Silva is going back to be a lower level PPV draw.

      • Nuitari X says:

        I disagree, I believe that his next PPVs might not be as much of a draw as him vs. Sonnen. Although I don’t think he will ever be a low level PPV draw cause people always want to see if he will lose. I for one personally want to see him beat the shit out of everyone put in front of him just like he has been until the day he retires. I would like to see him compete with Hendo for the best knockout on Bisping. LOL

      • jones says:

        clearly mike has no idea of ayone in ufc and what draws attention…the next bg anderson graw will be champ vs champ to unifie the title…hector lombarrd moron…mike69 keep your comments shut

        • Mike69 says:

          I guess you aren’t aware that A Silva is continually a low PPV DRAW? Consistently lower than: GSP, BJ PENN when he was champ, Lesnar when he was champ… for a guy who has been champ for as long as he has, his numbers have been poor. Title defence vs Thales Leites, maia, Cote, Marquardt, Okami. Poor. Belfort was a draw because of Fellow brazilian, but aside from that not high in any sense. IF Silva starts promoting and talking like he did for the Sonnen fight( and YOU can thank Sonnen for that) people are not going to be as interested. And unify the title…lol, yeah, tons of interest for that one. By the way, Silva is really overated. Uses long reach to just stay away and triw punches . He requires opponents to move forward in order to use his reach. Thats why he wouldn’t finish Maia. Maia wouldn’t move forward to just provide Silva the advantage and Silva, the “greates of all time” had a temper tantrum in the Octogan.

        • Lycheborne says:

          I agree with all your points bro, but I honestly believe that Vitor is an actual threat to Silva. The first fight, that front kick was a money shot that I believe would put most fighters on their ass. Other than that, Vitor just defeated Anthony Johnson, whom I know is not the caliber of Silva, but the guy cut weight and still weighed 198. Vitor beat him, and has the power to put large men to sleep. I think a part two is due and I think even with Silva’s reach it will end much differently.

          Lombard is another fresh name in the division that will be arriving this July. He lacks reach, but the man is a powerhouse, will hopefully prove that in his fight with Boech.

          Other than that, I think they will bring Silva up to 205 and let him work his way to Jones. That is a fight that would be nice to watch.

        • jones is an idiot says:

          Yeah except you’re speaking hypothetically because that “super fight” will never happen. I like how Mike’s comment has got your pink Anderson Silva panties in a bunch.

      • the Natural says:

        I don’t get how all these people on here say these fighters done more then these keyboard warrior wen u don’t no who we are. Any person In the world has done more then chael has yes he’s an established amateur wrestler. But everything chael has done professional he has cheated, disgraced, lost and made himself a fool. Maybe he shld go get caught doing something else retarded I make alot more $ then chael has ever made and ever will. I compete I compete to destroy there’s competitors and there’s violence that can’t be legal in a cage. Chael has cheated in mma broke laws in the real world and carries around a fake belt with his wwf attitude has looked like a fool. Can’t wait for him to actually stand up for something he says and retire go away go be a wwe superstar were Kurt angle or broke can beat ur ass

        • Mike69 says:

          Yeah, I’ve heard you are a kick ass backup dancer for Justin Timberlake

        • naturalsmatural says:

          I highly doubt that you make more money that Chael unless you do high profile gay porn. Your grammar and spelling gives insight to your knowledge, and it looks limited. Keep lying to everyone while you ride out your pathetic life.

      • Jeremy says:

        Next time you try to defend someones position on any subject. Please use proper english. Reading your post was like trying to read the h and righting of a two year old…

        • Xaninho says:

          I’m sure what you meant to type was hand writing?

        • English says:

          Just to define your point – if you’re going to, “write” that spell, “writing” correctly.

        • Yeahrightman says:

          Lol. Hilarious. Hassling someone’s spelling and you have the spelling ability of an IHC kid.

    • James Troy says:

      u are the perfect example of why the UFC / MMA is not for 12 year old retards. please never comment again for the love of humanity.

  2. Dumb ass writers says:

    These writers are lame. But what else is new. “What I call the Franklin/Ortiz syndrome”… give me a break.

    Chael can still whip a lot of asses and he is responsible for truly exposing Anderson’s weakness. But; unfortunately for Chael and any other wrestler in 185 even after exposing him they still cannot do enough to win.

    So thats it. When will a wrestler at 185 come along that can do what Chael did in the first round and actually cause damage?

    • jones says:

      whats the franklin/ortiz syndrome???? tito was clearly done…he cant win shit and got reallllly lucky to beat bader…he should be gone long long ago….he could not even beat fukin mat retard hamill…..but anyways this article is so so so stupid bjpenn needs new writers..cheal withdrew is off to retire long ago…like 1 minth after he made the offer he said anderson took to long to answer and the offer expired…why the fuk are we talking about this…..cheal belongs in wwf…i wanna see cheal vs hector lombard and if hector wins give him a title shot

      • dogfart says:

        lol lombard, i like watching him in bellator however i dont think hell fair well against well balanced opponents.
        hell gas at the pace most of ufc mw’s fight

        • DewYouknow8 says:

          Agreed.. he’s a kick-cung-le’s-ass-but-somehow-lose-to-bisping kinda guy I think

      • Chris Normal says:

        I think the this editorial is fine.

      • Gabi says:

        Articles are generally fine overall. Some are a little weak but overall ok. Matt Hamil would fuck you up. He’s not a retard he’s deaf. He finished college and competed in the UFC, wtf have you done in your life that’s greater then he has? I bet he’s also smarter then you after reading your post with all its mistakes in it. So really who is the retard? I think you are fuck wad.

    • blahblahblah says:

      You don’t remember the Silva-Hendo fight? Hendo took round 1 with his wrestling, then Silva came back after adjustments and submitted him in round 2.

      • jones says:

        yeah blblablablabla whats your point?? i dont even kno why your talking about hendo and silva…the same happened again ….but what is that have do wth anything…im lost,,,,pls kill yourself

    • california grown says:

      yes, the author, sean mcclure, is an amateur and his reporting sucks.
      never heard of him.

      bj penn, please hire the right people to run your website. there are too many other sites out there to compete with. be the best.

  3. lex walker says:

    I doubt he is and plus he said that he took back that offer when anderson didn’t accept it.

    • Anti-Hater says:

      He did redact his statement. That’s why I don’t know why there’s an article about it…

      It’s more like the Koscheck effect. A very skilled wrestler in a division where you will never beat the champ, and the champ doesn’t want anything to do with you.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Irrational? Stating he is a great fighter would be irrational based on nothing but gutfeeling.

    He is a mediocre fighter. He has the record to prove that, numbers don’t lie Sean McClure.

  5. Justsaying says:

    Heres the thing, he put the offer to Anderson, Andy said NO so he had to beat Bisping to earn shot. Thats it, He doesnt have to retire, if Andy agreed when he offered it, that would have been legit.

  6. Get new writers on this site says:

    If the writer did their homework, they would know Sonnens offer was invalid after the 24 hour period he gave. Andy didn’t accept until months later. These editorials should be on amatuer, not BJPENN.COM

  7. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Mr. McClure is acting like he’s a good writer with such quotes as “The internet forum dwellers may want you to believe that, but they’re irrational almost all of the time anyway so it’s okay” and something else about a made up “Franklin / Ortiz syndrome”. Umm…I read this on the internet by you Mr. McClure the author and a lot of us “internet dwellers” know way more than this crap that you try to encapsulate and rationalize. Come on, this sounds like a Chael fan writing an article about his options and possibilities that he has left in his fight game career. Mr. Sonnen is a great character and one of the best at building up the hype and intrigue around his fight, but to think that he can become a champion in the UFC someday is “irrational”. WAR BJ WAR!!!

  8. DewYouknow8 says:

    Really DUMB article. He obviously won’t unless he feels like it. Anderson in no way agreed to this offer. “I bet you $100 Anderson wins” (you don’t agree to it), 2nd rnd tko.. “You owe me $100!” – No


  9. DewYouknow8 says:

    and also poorly written article btw

  10. Dana White tells the champions who they have to fight, they don’t get a choice to duck or dodge so to say. Anderson never said NO he has to fight Bisping first. Actually Sonnen probably would have fought him sooner had Silva not had the shoulder injury so then he fought Bisping. The fighters don’t make the calls and turn down fights as champs, the owners of the UFC tell them who they are fighting they dont get a choice. Silva tried to say no because he finished him once and he’s so disrespectful but why did they fight a second time? Cause Dana said so.

    Also my personal opinion. Bisping deserves next title shot he’s been on a tear other than the bad decision in the Sonnen fight. Then Munoz gets the next one. Then Lombard IF he beats at least 2 people in the UFC by the time all those fights went down the timing would be perfect. I don’t think a newcomer like Lombard deserves a title shot after one fight. I mean c’mon yeah he has an awesome record and for some reason everyone thinks he’s unstoppable but people like Fedor everyone hates now cause of 3 losses Fedor was 31 – 0(not counting the kohsaka cut) when he beat Rogers. But no theres no way he’d stand a chance in the UFC. it’s laughable really. some of you have no knowledge of this sport.

    • jon3w says:

      ohhh levi stephens…no one gets a ttile shot after entering the ufc and jjust beating 1 oponent??? hmmmm whats about reem u gooo dofr nothing shit,,,,lombard v s bisbitch i think winner get silva….ps shutup u idiot

  11. maurice says:

    did anyone realize how chaels back looked smooth as a baby ass the other night against silva? if i remember in the first fight his back was a mess and he didnt stop with his aggression. bad time to come off them roids sonnen.

  12. jones says:

    where the fitch lover snd the wrestling rules fags who were saying silva fans were going make excuses?? loooks like silva did have hurt ribs..

  13. Joe says:

    Come on now, obliterated Sonnen in round 2? What fight were you watching? Sonnen missed a punch and he took himself off his feet, after Silva grabbed onto his shorts to delivers a few punches, Sonnen beat himself, again, Chael Sonnen OWNS Anderson Silva, both of Silvas wins were luck.

    • Dude Manguy says:

      It’s true. Not to mention he cheated in that feet anyway. The knee may not have hit Chael on the chin but his thigh did and that’s still an illegal strike. I mean cmon, people didn’t really think those pitter patter punches are what hurt CHael do they?

  14. NorCalTransplant says:

    This site is really starting to suck… way to research your material. Hacks…

  15. BJC says:

    Who rights this dribble.Stay in the loop idiots.Chael said that offer was void as greaser silva didn’t take the offer.

  16. nick no hiding gabris says:

    why is there an article about this? This site has failed once again, I think ill stop following now. repoters on here are semi retarded

  17. James says:

    He said “Super Bowl weekend I’m calling you out Silva but I’m upping the stakes” from my memory. So no he souldn’t retire. They didn’t fight Super Bowl weekend.

  18. Pijan says:

    Chaels time is not up. He didn’t beat Silva, nor will he ever. I’m not sure anyone will at this point, unless he pulls a Fedor or Chuck and sticks around til he’s way past due. With that said I don’t think a move to LHW would be a good choice either. He can’t hang with em’, if he can he’d probably fight similar to Rashad Evans, with less GnP (Which we don’t need). I don’t think he’d ever make it to Bones but who knows. What I do know is Sonnen vs. Franklin would be good, Belfort would be a great fight, so would Wandy. Still a lot of good fights for him at middleweight and he wouldn’t necessarily be taking the ‘gate keeper’ route.

    On an unrelated note, Bisping has been waiting in line for a minute, you can argue he doesn’t deserve a title shot, but I think he does. One more fight and he defiantly will. Not to say he would win, he’d probably look like Leben did against the champ, but that fight was a classic anyways.

  19. HexRei says:

    What is MMMA? Mixed Martial Microphone Arts? Because I think that would be a great profession for Chael. He’s certainly a lot more exciting on the mic than in the fight.

    • Gabi says:

      Hahaha. So true and really is a boring fighter. Only reason Anderson fight was exciting was because it was Anderson and he did what no one else had done in the first fight. If you watched the fight w/o knowing the fighters, you would have thought it was boring, be honest. The second one was good. First round was boring but second was good. lol. Had me rofl.

  20. the original steve says:

    well this is a stupid fucking article. taking that on multiple occasions he told the world offer is off the table. but honestly i think he might just because he knows he will never have the title in that division.

  21. tony says:

    Retire? Hell no. He could cut to 170 and beat Gsp. Why doesn’t anyone consider that? He is entertaining and a great fighter. He slipped in the 2nd fight and u can’t do that with the spider. Keep on fighting and keep on talking trash. I love it!

  22. Drake "the wrecker" says:

    I hear ppl crying about the illegal knee. As a Sonnen fan, it sucked to see him lose again, but I wasn’t mad bc the knee was illegal. Don’t look at where the knee hit the chest and thigh hit the face, that’s legal. LOOK AT SILVA’S LEFT HAND HOLDING ONTO THE CAGE AS LEVERAGE AND ALLOWED HIM TO HIT CHEST INSTEAD OF HEAD. SILVA HAS TO CHEAT TO WIN. GREASING, SHORT GRABBING, FENCE GRABBING, AND BEING A BABY ON LEGAL SHOTS TO THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD. I WILL NO LONGER WATCH THE MIDDLEWEIGHT DIVISION

  23. Jon Coloma says:

    Keep what promise? It was an offer with a time limit as i remember, and i do’t think Silva accepted the fight in that proffered time limit. Was it 48 hours or something like that?

  24. Dude Manguy says:

    Whoever wrote this article should be fired.

    An offer goes both ways dipshit. The offer was, to fight at superbowl weekend, and if chael lost he would leave the UFC, and if Chael won, Anderson would have to leave the division.

    Anderson NEVER ACCEPTED THOSE TERMS. Seriously, this is months after superbowl weekend, and you think Chael’s part of the deal is still around?

    Wake the fuck up dude. Instead of believing things based on other poor journalists you heard asking dumb questions at a press conference, why don’t you do your job moron. Research is the most basic part of writing an article, and you completely fucked it up.

    • Jimmy Hanlon says:

      @ Dude Manguy Exactly. There are plenty of people who would love to write for , and this asshole has no idea what he’s talking about. The deal was anderson fight sonnen after the stann fight. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. sonnen had to fight bisping. and this author is a mentally challeneged monkey. who doenst want to write for how did this guy get this job? wtf?!?!

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