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Saturday, 05/26/2012, 09:01 pm

UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir Main Card Results & Recap | Cain & Dos Santos Take Home Wins | UFC NEWS

UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir went down tonight from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the main event JDS was able to take out Frank Mir via TKO in the second round to retain the UFC’s heavyweight title.

In an awesome first ever all-heavyweight main card the action delivered in a big way.

The full main card results and recap are as follows:

Lavar Johnson vs. Stefan Struve:
The first bout of the pay-per-view opened up with Johnson moving forward with punches and backed Struve up against the fence. From the clinch Strive pulls guard and forced Johnson to follow him down. From there Struve grabs an arm, goes for the armbar and taps out Johnson fast and likely caused some damage to the arm.

Stefan Struve def. Lavar Johnson via submission (armbar) – Round, 1:05

Shane Del Rosario vs. Stipe Miocic:
Miocic starts the first moving forward while Rosario content to throw kicks. Miocic unafraid of the striking game of Shane and answers with a few solid combinations of his own. Shane working the body well with kicks. Shane goes high with a kick that lands than follows it up with a straight left that staggers his opponent but Miocic circles out and resets. After a few exchanges Shane lands a solid left that backs up Stipe, he runs across the cage swinging away but Miocic isn’t going anywhere and stays standing. 20 seconds left in the round and Stipe clinches and takes him down but opts to let him back up and the round ends shortly thereafter.

The second opens up with a lot of more kicks from Shane but Miocic throwing big punches. 45-seconds into the second Miocic grabs a leg, takes him down and tries to work from top position. At the 3:30 mark Shane is still on his back and Stipe lands a few hammer fists to the face of the Huntington Beach native. At the midway point Shane is still on his back and Stipe is landing short elbows and the blood starts to flow. Elbow after elbow after elbow landed on the face of Shane and the ref is forced to stop the action.

Stipe Miocic def. Shane Del Rosario via TKO (ref stoppage) – Round 2, 3:14

Dave Herman vs. Roy Nelson:
Thirty seconds into this third heavyweight bout and not a punch has landed. Herman using his height well to keep Roy off of him but one heavy overhand right from Roy and Herman falls to the mat and gets knocked out.

Roy Nelson def. Dave Herman via KO (punch) – Round 1, 0:51

Antonio Silva vs. Cain Velasquez:
The crowd is wild for the former champ, Bigfoot throws a low kick but Cain grabs it and takes him down fast. He maintains top position and triest to work some distance so he can land some strikes from the half guard position he rests in. A short elbow lands and Bigfoot is gushing blood. The ref jumps in and halts the action so the doctor can check the cut but the doc is OK with letting the fight continue and the ref puts Cain back on top. The ref signals go and Cain unleashes punches. Midway through the round and Cain is Tee’ing off on the Brazilian. Bigfoot shrimps up and Cain goes to the back and continues to punch away. Silva goes back to his back and Cain continues to land until the ref pushes him off and stops the bout. Cain is back!

Cain Velasquez def. Antonio Silva via TKO (ref stoppage) Round 1, 3:36

Champ Junior Dos Santos vs. Frank Mir (for heavyweight title):
The fight opens up and they posture but 15 seconds in and Mir shoots for the takedown, he presses the single with all he has but Dos Santos will not give in and scrambles out. The go back to the center and trade shots but nothing significant. The jab of JDS is finding its home but it’s a real tentative pace two minutes in. Midway through the first round and it’s still a real tentative pace. JDS slowly picking him a part but not committing to any combinations or flurries. With 20 seconds left in the round Mir gets hit hard with a right hand that wobbled him big time. The 10 seconds blocks knock and JDS unloads but doesn’t have enough time to seal the deal and the bell sounds.

One minute into the seconds and not much action but shortly after JDS lands and drops Mir. He lets Mir back up wanting nothing of the ground with his opponent. Mir gets back up but at this point the only real offense is coming from the champ, Mir seems content to just stand in front of him and use his face to block the jab. A big right from JDS and Mir dropped again. JDS pounces on him lands some shots but decides to get back up. Mir doesn’t follow, roles over and JDS goes in for another shot but the ref jumps in and stops it.

Champ Junior Dos Santos def. Frank Mir via TKO – Round 2, 3:04

MAIN CARD: (Pay-per-view)
Champ Junior Dos Santos def. Frank Mir via TKO – Round 2, 3:04
Cain Velasquez def. Antonio Silva via TKO (ref stoppage) Round 1, 3:36
Roy Nelson def. Dave Herman via KO (punch) – Round 1, 0:51
Stipe Miocic def. Shane Del Rosario via TKO (ref stoppage) – Round 2, 3:14
Stefan Struve def. Lavar Johnson via submission (armbar) – Round, 1:05

Darren Elkins def. Diego Brandao via decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Jamie Varner def. Edson Barboza via TKO (punches) – Round 1, 3:23
C.B. Dollaway def. Jason “Mayhem” Miller via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-26, 29-28)
Dan Hardy def. Duane “Bang” Ludwig via KO (punches) – Round 1, 3:51

Paul Sass def. Jacob Volkmann via submission (triangle armbar) – Round 1, 1:54
Glover Teixeira def. Kyle Kingsbury via submission (arm triangle) – Round 1, 1:53
Mike Brown def. Daniel Pineda via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


25 Responses to “UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir Main Card Results & Recap | Cain & Dos Santos Take Home Wins | UFC NEWS”

  1. Dude says:

    Cigano!!!! Velasquez !!! Big country!! Good fights!

  2. Joop says:

    fuck u lavar u cost me a lot of money!

    • D-yan says:

      c’mon man you can’t bet against skyscrapper!

      • Joop says:

        fuck sakes parlayed elkins lavar cain and jds

        Lavar was on fire figured he would hit struve and his questionable chin with a few uppercuts and it would be lights out…however i did realize that lavar has shit submission defense and no cardio but i didnt think struve would get him down!! never betting on struve fights anymore, much like melvin guillard i never know what’s gonna happen

        • D-yan says:

          i feel for you bro that sucks. but serously struve is only better. don’t bet agianst him

        • Joop says:

          parlayed miocic and uncle creepy to break even on bets! mccall better beat johnson again! (but thi time on the judges card!!)

        • D-yan says:

          i see what you mean on guillard cuse he always has a good chance to get the ko but always has a good chance to get subbed. so you never know.

  3. marc says:

    what a awesome event, all fights delivered tonight, just great

  4. M says:

    The bloodiest fight ive ever seen. Cain is a savage

  5. warrior808 says:

    it was obvious mir was gonna get KO’d in the 2nd rd. i mean he didnt even know what arena he was in…”Mandalay Bay, May 26th” LOL!

  6. Taylor says:

    Wow…I thought Mayhem said he was looking past Dolloway…what a dipshit…

  7. monkey juice says:

    Mayhem sucks. Showboating fool.

  8. Guy says:

    The whole night went my way. Dos santos vs Velasquez II

  9. DyNoMiTe says:

    Fuckin Dolloway laying and praying. I didn’t see shit from him all night. Mayhem rocked him on two seperate occasions

    • jones says:

      @ dynomite…u idiot i dont even like dolloway but he did not only ley an prey..he almost had the fight stoppen when miller was not answering any shots and dolloway was fukin pounding on him….but you could clearly see mayham was fighting with a bad kneee injury and he culd not even get up using his left leg..its a shame he did not pull out the fight cuz now hes cut from fighting with an injury

  10. D-yan says:

    war skyscraper! can’t count him out he can finish the fight on the feet and both top and bottom. allot of people were after lavar’s last ko but skyscraper beat hd berry 2. i knew he’d pull it out.

  11. I think Mir needs a different camp or retire, cause looked like shit! I want Overeem to fight Junior!Mir just sucks! Even a wwe fake can bet him!

  12. jones says:

    i only saw the pre lims…mayham should get 1 more shot cuz he clearly wuld have finished dolloway if he could walk properly to chaise him diwn when he had him badly hurt….and it sound like mir just gave up…i did not see but it says jds went to let him stand up and he just rolled over? wtf..mir just quit like that

  13. JSP says:

    Mir look like crap he looked like he did in that fight against Big Country. Kinda look like he was drunk and has no conditioning. I doubt he would of won if the fight even went to the ground. Another disappointing outing from Mir. Mir needs to lose that weight he fights like crap at 260 he needs to drop back to 230. JDS went in there and did his job thou throwing some JDS Rocket Uppercutts.

  14. slacker says:

    JDS looked great. Mir was ever so close to getting that take – down – would have been interesting. Cain looked awesome. He worked really well from the half – guard position. Him and JDS gotta do it again soon. Either next fight, or one more each.

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