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Monday, 02/27/2012, 08:09 am

UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans Video Preview

UFC 145 is set to go down from Atlanta’s Phillips Arena on April 21, in the main event light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones will attempt to defend his UFC title against bitter rival Rashad Evans.


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6 Responses to “UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans Video Preview”

  1. aaxantonio says:

    damn evans i dont know jones is nice, but then again so is rashad, cant wait for this fight

  2. Pijan says:

    I’m not a fan of wrestling. I hate wrestlers, they put on boring fights. Jon Jones is an exciting fighter, always goes for the finish. Honestly though he needs to be humbled, his fans that think he’s ‘Superman’ and ‘unbeatable’ need to realize no fighter is unbeatable. His hype train needs to be derailed.

  3. Shawn says:

    I don’t believe in that “unspoken rule” of teammates shouldn’t fight each other. In the fight game, we are all just fighters in the end. With one goal…Championship. Fighting teammates doesn’t mean you don’t like each other. If anything it means you respect each other more, because you want to test yourself against the BEST. If that means having to fight one another, so be it. May the best man win. With that being said, both guys were humble guys before winning their belts, but like many before them fell victim to fame, money and arrogance. Jones is at the place now, and I’ve lost some respect for him because of it. Just like I lost some respect for Rashad when he was champ. Both guys need humbling, but Jones needs it more. Not picking on this one. Just want to see a great fight. And both guys bring 100% aggression.

  4. donkeyballs says:

    is it me or is that one guy huggin rashads nuts…. seemed like a biased host i never liked him of first take

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