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Saturday, 04/21/2012, 11:32 pm

UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans | Lackluster Main Event A STALEmate

Jon Jones defended his belt against who was supposed to be his biggest test Rashad Evans. Instead of it being a test or a highlight reel of strikes and domination it was a lot of sparring. One pressed forward while the other backed up. It is easy to say that this fight did not live up to the hype, but before you start throwing your mouse let me explain.

The build up for this fight has gone on for over a year. The trash talk has gone on more then a year. Both fighters claimed they were going out to destroy the other. Both claimed that the other would be humiliated vengeance would be achieved. When in truth it seemed both were a little gun shy, and hesitant to throw strikes.

Of course you can make the argument it was out of mutual respect for the others talent. But let me remind you about UFC 141. The build up was only a few months. However both Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem came to deliver, and one of them did. UFC 137 had BJ Penn and Nick Diaz scheduled to fight each other in a month and a half. Both of them delivered and fought the entire fight. Despite the mutual respect they both came to deliver.

So why did this fight lack the explosiveness that was supposed to be there. Jon Jones is unpredictable and complex as a fighter, and Rashad has shown a few different styles. With as much bad blood as there was supposed to be why did it fail to deliver? Respect cannot be an excuse.

“There was a lot of energy, and a lot of buzz for this fight.” Dana White said at the post-fight press conference. “I think this fight was good for Jon Jones, going five rounds.”

Of course giving credit to Rashad for being a tough fighter, but if you say your coming to fight then come to fight. “I had a couple of moments in the fight were I felt I could of taken advantage of the situation, but I didn’t do it. It was my mental block and I didn’t go out there and perform the way I wanted to.” Rashad talking about his performance.

“I learned I need to just trust my stuff a little more. And not be intimidated by people and what they have and just trust what I have.” Jones talking about what he learned from the fight. “I felt gangly and uncoordinated at some points and I know that came from slight insecurity in my attacks.”

So both fighters were off a beat and felt they didn’t perform well. The fight showed that very much, and we can credit a good amount of it to respect. However with Jones now facing Dan Henderson next he better not miss a step or get gangly because Hendo will not hesitate to capitalize. “I will finish Dan Henderson.” Jones referring to his thoughts on fighting Henderson. And if there is anything we know about Henderson is that he has Olympic worthy wrestling, knockout power, and one hell of a chin. With Jones healthy, we could be looking at a fight possibly in July or August. Hopefully this time, it wont look like a sparring session.


70 Responses to “UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans | Lackluster Main Event A STALEmate”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I felt like they were afraid of each other not unlike the Jones vs Rampage fight. Still an entertaining fight though.

  2. david says:

    i didnt see anything wrong with the fight , the last two rounds were a little slow but what you expect rashad was tired, ppls fucking expectations are getting ridiculous, not every fight is going to be like dan henderson and shogun so people should chill the fuck out

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Amen to that.The hype for this fight was too much to live up to.

    • Elgallo619 says:

      Really they are professional fighters. That fight brought in millions of dollars for the UFC and fx. Expectations are: if both fighter say they are going to end each others carriers at least finish the fight!!! Biggest let down. This feels like wwe now.

      • Swanky says:

        if these are your expectations you are not an MMA fan. you just want to see a street brawl. they both fought smart. sorry someone didnt die

      • Jim says:

        You talk as if finishing the fight is something entirely within their control. Funnily enough, this isn’t planned or fixed like WWE which you rather ironically mentioned.

      • showus-howitzdunthen says:

        Of course, El Gallo could show everybody how to finish Jon Jones. Go ahead, el gal, get in the octagon and show how you would finish Rashad or Jon Jones.

      • Kevin D'Amour says:

        This was two top level fighters going at it. There isn’t going to be a finish every time, some of you fans have ridiculous expectations. Can almost guarantee if you were in that situation you wouldn’t stand and bang with Rashad Evans let alone Jon Jones. Seemed almost as if Evans was trying to survive those last two rounds

        • vincejai says:

          you guys are giving Evans to much credit. as much as i didn’t want Jones to win. it was clear Jones had the advantage in every department, and he rocked Evans with elbows all second round, and didn’t jump on the opportunity. In my opinion… Jones deserves the criticism for a boring fight. he IS the hype, his striking and unique style IS a hype, but he barely used it.. boring as shit.

          i agree with the el gallo guy. You promise the fans one thing, and doing the other isn’t really in my books as professionalism. Just like Condit.

          “i promise the fans this is going to be a war, i will stand and bang with nick Diaz”

          fight time comes: “i will now run away and pitter patter my strikes, and disregard my verbal promise to my fans”

          the need to separate the sports UFC and UPFC

          ultimate point figthting championships. hahahaha 😛

        • Jack says:

          You are almost retarded, you shouldn’t even be aloud to comment on this website. Condit fought a great fight, the right fight, and who won? Man go watch WWE you fukking idiot. And jones has destroyed everyone, you should be put down..

        • Jacob says:

          If you don’t like how the main events are going in the UFC, then watch another sport you bandwagon fuck. I can tell that you’re just one of those people who started to pretend to like MMA all of a sudden because they saw a few action-packed fights. Learn to appreciate the technique and respect that the sport has always embodied or stop fucking watching it.

      • AJ says:

        Anyone who found this fight to be boring, or a let down because it wasn’t “finished” knows next to nothing about MMA. Their intentionas were to finish the fight. But they are both dangerous fighters, and going for broke was too big of a risk in this case, especially since they both know each other better than most opponents in the octagon. You should stick to discussing WWE rather than MMA, since that’s clearly what you know more about.

    • Anti-Hater says:

      Amen. All this flash, money and hype. People expect two guys to just swing until someone gets knocked out period.

      It was a great fight, I found the clock flying by. But so many others complain that it felt like forever. It’s unfortunate for the sport, as it’s unrealistic expectations that make fighters compromise skill and ability for some flashy/risky moves.

      I’d rather see the full talent thank you.

  3. TrigenicKin says:

    It was a boring fight, nothing really significant happened so I guess we have the right to be disappointed but we shouldn’t be. A fight is a weird thing, sometimes shit goes down and bombs go off everywhere. Other times, things are kinda chill. I was hoping Rashad would win but I kinda had a feeling in the back of my head that he wouldn’t want to really get into it with Jones and that the fight would go to decision. Whatever, still a pretty good card. Anyone else agree?

  4. Swanky says:

    I wish they would hire and editor for this website. most of these articles are poorly written, as if they were all middle schoolers. i dont like to be a grammar nazi, but it just makes seem quite unprofessional. A writer should know when to use commas and question marks. This fight wasnt that bad. Jones has no power to finish, and Evans couldnt get in range. I think rashad made the wrong choice in not trying to take him down and test him on the ground

    • WaG kA nA ! ! ! says:

      …they would hire “an” editor. Beginning of sentences should start with a capital letter. “Don’t”, “wasn’t”, “couldn’t”. Your last sentence should have ended in a period. – Grammar Nazi

      • Swanky says:

        Typos are different then having a poorly written article from a professional website. I dont proof read my comments, but if I am writing an article for a website, i woudldnt have sentences like “Both claimed that the other would be humiliated vengeance would be achieved. “So why did this fight lack the explosiveness that was supposed to be there.” If you are writing comments, idc what kind of words or grammar you use, but if you are writing for a “professional” website, shit should be proofread..right?

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          I agree with your point. I like the site’s new format, i.e. I like the full articles opposed to a quote and a small blurb, but they should be proofread to look professional. However, if you intend to offer criticism, you should probably follow your own advice. Take your last comment, for example. It includes mistakes aside from typos.

          The first sentence: You say, “Typos are different THEN.” The proper word is THAN. Next, eliminate “than” and “having.” The word “different” signals you’re making a comparison, so there is no need to be verbose; just use the word “from” because the sentence has the same impact dulled down.

          The article appears “on” this site, not “from.”

          “Website” is two words with the “w” capitalized: Web site.

          You later imply that you are comparing language from an article to language in a comment. Clarify that in the first sentence so the reader knows what you mean.

          Thus, the sentence should read, “Typos in my comments are different from a poorly written article on a professional Web site.”

          There are more mistakes, but I think you should read through it and figure them out for yourself. Practice makes perfect. Sorry for being an “edit nazi.”

        • Jim says:

          Lame. Plus, ‘website’ is a perfectly acceptable spelling in modern language. There is no need to separate the words.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          What’s so lame about it? It’s a response to a criticism. I will concede that “website” has a few acceptable spellings. It’s the drafter’s choice.

      • Charles U. Farley says:

        I think someone just got a job offer… Well played, sir. Well played.

      • A.James says:

        A lot of the articles on this page are coming out at a fast pace to beat the other websites to the punch. Who cares about grammar when we’re getting the news almost immediately? I think it’s a good trade off.

  5. Eric says:

    I thought that it was a great fight… I think that Jones dominated Rashad. Much like GSP vs. Koshcheck. There were instances though, where Jones could have easily capitalized on a finish!

  6. Jon says:

    I was more disappointed with Rashad than Jones. Five rounds of trying to do the exact same thing that all of his previous opponents tried and failed to do, get around the ridiculous reach advantage and strike with him. Where were the takedowns? Rashad talked up his wrestling for so long, and laid on Davis for five rounds, so why not use it here instead of playing Jones’ game? I’m guessing he came in hoping Jones would expect the takedown and so be open to strikes, but it failed miserably. With legs that long, there’s no way Evans could have failed to get hold of something and tried to drag him down if he actually went for it.

    • Pieter says:

      Yeah it must be really easy to take a guy with long legs down? Funny how Jones has never been taken down though? Before this fight, Jones was the guy that nobody could take down. Rashad was the guy that took everybody down. Anybody that thought it was going to be an easy task for Rashad to take him down is ignorant. Jones has incredible take-down defense. Rashad mentioned at the press conference that he was being wary of Jones’ powerful knees. Every time you shoot for that take down your in range to catch a big knee, it’s even a risk for a guy as quick as Rashad. Jones won because he was able to force his game plan on Rashad. Didn’t give him many opportunities to take it to the mat and used his great Muay Thai skills (mainly those elbows) to out strike Rashad.

  7. hawaiianorich says:

    although slugging it out the way penn/diaz did is certainly exciting and a no brainer to watch, the beauty of martial arts is to hit w/o being hit. as far as what was said pre-fight, whether real or exaggerated, that’s solely for promotion.

    • Yarp says:

      Wow, really? You just repeated that crap Greg Jackson threw up after Condit’s running away from Diaz for 25 minutes and then calling it sticking and moving? Get your own thoughts or GTFO!

      Hit and not get hit.

      Houston Alexander did that plan at the Kimbo fight and he got cut from the UFC for it.

      • TheCrippler says:

        Yeah, and Anderson Silva had that plan for Vitor and received knockout of the year for it. What’s your point?

      • david says:

        houston alexanders strategy for the kimbo fight was “circle the octagon like a fucking retard for fifteen minutes and hope that kimbo attacks first so i can get a lucky counter in and hopefully KO him so i dont get cut from the ufc because i lost my last few fights and i suck”

  8. Rob says:

    No way will Hendo let the audience snooze. Win or lose he comes to fight.

  9. Castro says:

    I was not too excited about the main event,but Co main event and other fights made up for it. Plus I was actually there so … Amazing experience.

  10. Garren Beasley says:

    Go Hendo beat Jon “bones” Jones he sucks anyways and I feel Hendo should have been before Evans anyways he earned it

  11. M says:

    Despite the result of a pretty expectable fight, I was more disheartened that there was no gesture by jones to squash beef w rashad. I felt the only thing that could have made up for a “lackluster” fight would be for them both squash it face to face in front of the atl crowd

  12. Whoeverwrotethisarticlesucks says:

    Both guys got staggered by the other’s strikes. How is that lackluster?

    • Charles U. Farley says:

      where did Jones get staggered?? He took a very few decent shots. one or two back him up a bit, but there wasn’t a single moment where he was on trouble or rocked.

      JJ dominated in GSP fashion. Completely owned rash, but it wasn’t too exciting. It even looked like that standing guillotine was locked in like the Machida fight but he let it go.

      Not an awesome fight, but I wouldn’t call it a stalemate.

  13. rog says:

    When you hold a 9. 6″ reach advantage over someone you souldn’t miss over 30 kicks, while the fight didn’t deliver the ko everone hoped for I think it spoke clear on the fact that Jones is fighting in a class (205) that he can win in easy. At some point you have to pick on somone your own size. To hold such a large reach advantage over everyone is like watching a highschooler fight a bunch of 8th graders. I know In fighting anyone can win on anygiving night, hardley ever does the little guy/middleschooler ever win!

    • michael says:

      I dont know if you know this but jones asked to go to heavyweight by the end of this year and they bosses told him no and to give it one more year.

      • Edward says:

        Jones 100% is scared to fight someone his own size. So he’s fighting the small guys. Jones should fight Overeem or Cain Velasquez

        • GreenBet says:

          I thought i was being a hater for thinking the same thing. Jones should go HW after Hendo. He is too big. Rashad is the 2nd best light heavyweight and he made it look like a sparring session. UFC are fucked up. They know he is too big but they don’t care they’re letting him build their brand.

        • Pieter says:

          So this is your logic? A guy that walks around at about 220lbs (the same as Evans) before cutting weight should move up in weight division and fight a guy like Overeem (ignoring the recent test fails) that is 255 pounds? 25 pounds heavier than him… And just an fyi, JDS and Cain both have a 77″ reach. So Jon moving up in weight is not going to balance out his huge reach but it will rather greatly disadvantage him in weight. It would be stupid for him to move up now. He did however predict that he would have to move up in weight in a couple of years time because he is still growing. But why should he rush it? Better for him to just stay in the division that suits his current weight…

        • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

          retard, jones wanted to fight up a weight class and dana said no.
          hes not scared at all.
          everyone was hating on him, now he beats rashad and people find a new excuse.

          im a fan of mma not jon jones, jones is a good fighter and people are hating cos they think this is wwe or something.
          go watch wwe

    • Jones to Heavyweight? says:

      That solves the challenge problem for Jones in your opinion? That he will be among people his size? Not many fighters have an 85″ reach and are 6’4″. So, in the HW division, he still will be larger than most. Now, in regards to weight, there will be many fighters heavier than him. But is that what it takes to beat Jones? Jones is so skilled, with his kicks and attack, that I think the only way that JDS, Cain, and Mir can beat Jones is if they tag teamed against Jones… Jones is still young and improving everyday.
      It will be great to witness his climb in the HW division.

    • mma knowitall says:

      This is the most idiotic post on this site, ever.

  14. Nick says:

    The expectations for these types of fights are always way to high. I figured it would be like this. Not the most exciting, and not the most boring. I honestly thought Jon was gonna finish Rashad in the second. But Rashad cracked Jon with an overhand right a few times that could put most guys away.

  15. You MUST be kidding says:

    These were not two fighters new to MMA, ones that swing for homeruns at every at bat. And it’s not like Rashad and Jones can’t take a punch. Jones and Rashad are easily top 10 fighters (not just LHW, but of any division) in the world! If you liked Diaz/Penn more than this fight, then you must’ve liked watching BJ get his ass handed to him (BJ did well for someone who was hit as many times as he was). And the inequality of fighting skill between Brock and Alistair was ridiculous. That is why Overeem sent Brock to retirement.

    Hendo: one of my favorite fighters of all time. But if you think he will do better than Rashad did against Jones, then come and buy some real estate I have for sale on the east rift zone of Kilauea (an active Hawaiian volcano!) Hendo has the big right and is an Olympic wrestler, yes, but Rashad has the same skills and did nothing against Jones.

    Jones is special. He will beat Hendo (is that his next opponent?) and maybe Gustafsson after that. Then, Jones will have to go to HW to build on his legacy. He is ALREADY one of the greatest MMA fighters OF ALL TIME. The challenge for him will be to build on that at such a young age when he is expected to fight for at least another decade or so.

    Shogun. check. Rampage. check. Machida. check. Rashad. check. Unbelievable.

    • Shane Lewis says:

      Agreed, You MUST Be Kidding. Agreed.
      People love to hate a winner.
      24. He’s got plenty of time to shut people up.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You make some good points, both fighters showed a lot of respect for each other. Look at Jones jumping guard in the last 10 seconds in case Rashad started to throw haymakers. I think Hendo is an easier prospect for Jones, he doesn’t have the speed and head movement as Rashad or is as well rounded in his striking. After that there’s only Gus and maybe Davis if he improves massively and a rematch against Machida…

      Jones has done to MMA what Bob Beamon did to long jumping….he’s totally advanced the sport and I can’t see anyone other than a (top) HW stopping his advancement.

  16. Ronda shite says:

    Yawn! Boring niggaz…. can’t fight!

  17. The Diaz bros like it in the butt says:

    This was a typical rashard fight, talk a bunch of shit and do absolutely nothing!! He’s the most over hyped fighter in all of mma, I thought he knew what no one else knew!

  18. mmafan says:

    I loved this fight. Im not sure why people want to see a street fight or rashad and john just punch each other defenseless until someones knocked out….both played a technically sound, respectful gameplan. Both fighters got rocked, both fighters went on a streak offensively, and both fighters showed heart going all 5 rounds. What’s wrong with that?

  19. tim says:

    Wanted to see Evans get knocked outand see Jones dominate him, but it didn’t happen. Was a OK fight though. Maybe there will be a rematch or even better would be them both a opposing couches on the next TUF!

  20. GreenBet says:

    John Jones needs to move up to HW. The UFC needs to put more strick guideline for fighters in weight classes. That fight just looked unevenly matched.

    • Pieter says:

      So you are saying that the divisions should now be guided by height and reach rather than weight? Both Jones and Evans weigh around 220lbs before cutting weight… Guys in the HW division can be as heavy as 265lbs but still have a reach of only 77″ compared to Jones’ 84.5″. Jones is just blessed to have such a huge reach advantage. It is abnormal for a guy of 6.4 to have such a huge reach. He should be allowed to use it to his advantage. And it’s not his only tool anyways.

  21. Scotty says:

    Nobody went for it.. Jones had Evans rocked twice and he was rocked good but let him recover.. Evans had Jones rocked and just stood there and waited for Jones to recover.. Didnt really live up to the hype.. Smart fight? Yeah, they both knew what each other was capable of doing so they looked hesitant.. Seemed like Jones after getting hit with that big and head kick he didnt want to get to close.. And Rashad after feeling those Elbows, seems like he didnt want to close the distance anymore..

  22. Mike says:

    I don’t believe it was nerves or respect but more of each having a fear of losing to the other. Especially by ko. I’m a Jones fan but if Rashad was able to land a few over hand rights…it could be lights out against Hendo because that’s his claim to fame. But Jones could completely dominate because you just never know. And that’s why I love MMA. Just ask the hybrid. He thought he was about to finish until big Ben clocked him in the ear

  23. Bear says:

    As a fight, it was good. Martial arts isnt all about flash and big moves. For people who arent knowledgeable about martial arts and watch all the hype UFC puts into the fights, then yeah i can see why they were not entertained. But this is MMA not a Rocky movie, so people have to bring down their expectations, before this shit turns into the WWE

  24. Dissapointing says:

    I saw neither fight go for it. Evans would start going for it, but you would see him just give up and then Jones do some elbows. Both definitely looked gun shy. We have see better from both for the past couple of years/ So I am sorry, but I feel this fight should have been on the under card with as much as both seemed to actually try. Rashad didn’t really try to take Jones down and it was laughable when Rogan came in and interviewed Jones. What Wrestling? Best Performance? Trying to hard to salvage the situation Joe.

    Now one thing I am curious, but am I the only one other than Rogan that thinks if you take on Jones that Round 1 should be just leg kicks? We have seen with Machida and Rampage that he slows almost instantly when you kick his long skinny legs. When will one of these guys actually take him apart instead of going into a boxing match with a guy who has a not only a foot on reach to them, but also throws elbows like they do punches? Love how lately guys look for the instant knock out instead of cutting down the tree to even the playing field. The fact Rashad didn’t even “seriously” shoot and try to get him down was a joke.

    • Jack says:

      Easier said then done, jones has roughly 10 inches of reach on everyone in light heavyweight, throw a kick and end up missing and on your back. Your dumb dude

  25. Jack says:

    If anyone thought this fight was boring maybe the WWE is more for you. We watched jones defeat rashad standing up with some amazing elbows and we saw jones take a massive hit to the jaw and he was fine. This was a great fight. Hendo has a better chance against Jones than Rashad

  26. pat says:

    The divisions are decided by weight, not height or reach. If you have a height and reach advantage over someone that weighs the same, then it is up to you to make up those disadvantages with strength and technique.

  27. T.DADDY says:

    what the fukk is this guy talking about… i thought it was a good fight

  28. Beaner says:

    Im tired of fighters fighting Jones the same way. He likes throwing the same shit and nobody sees it. When he throws those spinning elbows all you have to do is back up,drop down and kick that long legged showoff right in the knee. People do the same thing all the time. Just come at him in a flurry and destroy. Try to actually hurt him. Liver shots, knee and leg kicks sternum shots. Fight as if it were life or death. Don’t think about how to do damage over time but just all at once. It was an okay fight none the less. It went all 5 and showed Jones or Evans couldn’t finish the fight

  29. Mia says:

    Would love to see a rematch between them but do it as a TUF season!

  30. warrior808 says:

    its articles like this that makes me stay away from now days. the author has no idea what hes talking about and is completed uneducated on the sport of mma. even a lot of the comments are just complete trolls that whine about everything. i miss the old!

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