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Saturday, 02/18/2012, 01:22 pm

UFC 145 Coverage | Jon Jones And Rashad Evans Go At It Hard (Video)

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans took to CSSSports and got into a very interesting verbal argument. Check out part 2 on page 2.


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79 Responses to “UFC 145 Coverage | Jon Jones And Rashad Evans Go At It Hard (Video)”

  1. Francisco Enciso says:

    HA! Nice last words by Bones, I think the stragety of tryingto get under Jone’s skin is going to backfire!

  2. the original steve says:

    oh nigs

  3. DLau says:

    this arrogant prick lol

  4. Ruben says:

    God that faggot Jones sucks donkey dick, hes so arrogant and full of himself. I love how he’s making up all these so called prophesies that his destiny is this and his destiny is that. As if he was given a vision from god that his destiny is to be the greatest fighter, but the problem is that there isnt a vision, he just made all that shit up himself. And you can tell hes very aggravated despite him saying hes not. Phony Bones Jones

  5. bj nutthugger says:

    jon jones has inspired me alot, as well as bj penn. rashad hasnt inspired people for shit. i like jones. he speaks the truth and says who he rally is. the video proves it all.

    • Ruben says:

      you think he’s the only fighter in the world that inspires people? get out of her with that shit. Rashad has fans that look up to him as well. And if you had a brain you would be able to see past all the mystique that jones is trying to create, its all fake. when he first started in the UFC he had his whole humble act on and now he dropped that and hes blatantly acting arrogant, its clear as day, he’s in love with the attention. He’s nobody special, he thinks hes some sort of messenger who is here by gods commands to spread a revolutionary message, its all crap that he is making up in his head and stupid fans like yo fall for it

      • Frekklz says:

        You have to admit it is working. Look at how Rashad is trying to get a word in but Bones just keeps on rolling with what he is saying.

        Yes he is cocky, yes he is confident, yes he is arrogant but it works so well to frustrate someone like Rashad.

        I’m not a big fan of Bones but c’mon… haters gonna hate. Like he gives a shit.

  6. usman says:

    boy ruben your a faggot ass pussy licker. jon jones is a guy and speaks who he really is. he inspires many. who does rashad inspire other than ruben?

  7. usman says:

    boy ruben your a faggot . jon jones is a guy and speaks who he really is. he inspires many. who does rashad inspire other than ruben?

  8. slacker says:

    They both have good points and maybe Jones is trying to come back down to earth, but it’s true he has said things and had a spirit that is very arrogant. Rashad is probably a bit envious of him but either way they just need to fight and put their squabbling to rest. But Rashad is right, Jones needs to be humbled and he will be humbled – this year I think.

  9. usman says:

    slacker, he is pretty humble, he wins and he backs up his talk. you think you should be humble to a guy who talks trash to you.

    • NON*BIAS says:

      non of this guys are humble to start off. I heard Jones calling himself a humble man !! that itself proves he’s not humble. Real Humble people are not even aware of their “humbleness” because they are too humble to think much of themselves. They should just fight and walk the talk and let the cloud of witness call humble the one who is really humble

      • joshuah says:

        Exactly, Jon was. = brookins till that belt was wrapped around hos waist, then he turned into Hughes in his prime.

        I hate bones, but if he beats Rashad & hendo he has already done more than ANY LHW ever! He will be GOAT LHW & he can move up to HW where he will be a force.

        I love Rashad, & I honestly think he can win this, but Rashad has a BAD habbit of allowing guys to put his back to the fence & out work him.

        I think of Jones like Forrest Griffin without the weak mind that breaks if u yell at him & allow him to punch you or grab your nuts & blow a kiss.

        Some Guy earlier said jbj is ‘nothin special’ lol anyone from lol nog up is “SOMETHIN” SPECIAL, but Jones is very beatable Rashad has the head movement needed to cancel out Jones striking (a lot like page did in 1st 2 rnds) I can’t wait for this fight, but its going to be VERY much like Rashad/page diaz/condit LOTS of build up … not a great fight

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          You’re wrong man this is a 5 rounder and Jones I think only has one decision on his record other than that its finishes. Somebody is getting finished and I hope its Jones. This fight is gonna be ugly.

    • slacker says:

      I don’t find it very humble when you are quoted as saying, that after you beat Rashad and Henderson, and a third guy, that you told Dana you want to have a heavyweight match. Don’t try to tell me that is just confidence. That is arrogance, pure and simple. He is getting too far ahead of himself and it will be his downfall. As champions, you never heard Silva, GSP, or B.J. talk like that. They always focused on the fight at hand.

  10. John says:

    You guys forget that Rashad KNOWS him. He trained with him, he was friends with him. He literally witnessed him change over time into a person who acts completely different than he always did. That’s not to say Rashad doesn’t have some insecurities, but at the same time, Jones definitely is floating a little bit high. Both of them are semi-accurate about each other, but they’re also both exaggerating each others position.

    Rashad just knows what it’s like to have that mindset, because he was there, and he despises it in himself so much that he hates it in Jones too. It’s a pitfall many fighters fall into and it always bites them in the ass. Even fans who don’t even know Jones have noticed that he has become a little bit arrogant. It’s a slow but sure decay of his humility, and if he doesn’t catch it and stop it, mark Rashad’s words, it’ll be what loses him the belt.

  11. says:

    Shut up Rashad…………….jealous fuck!

  12. WHISHBONE says:

    hey when you destroy everybody the way Jones has, you deserve a little arrogance…his elbows, front kicks and chokes are danderous…..His fights are great to watch…….Its going to be a good fight….

  13. tim says:

    Jones is arrogant and a megolomaniac.. that is clear and obvious. Someone who isnt.. allows another to speak when its their turn regardless of what they say. as a fighter, jones is probally better in a lot of ways. but rashad is more down to earth

    • goonninja says:

      how exactly is telling a NCAA national champion and four time all american his technique is trash down to earth? all this talk about Jones being arrogant… Rashad is just as much if not more arrogant than Jones. Rashad is one of the cockiest pricks in mma and i hope bones lays him out like Machida did

  14. AnonymousE says:

    If you feel that Jones is being arrogant, there is something in yourself that feels Jones is addressing and it’s making YOU feel inadequate or insecure. If Jones made me feel that way, I would evaluate myself immediately and make a change. But nothing Jones said made me feel that he was arrogant. Strong feelings for me are normally addressed to people I actually care about, like my family.

  15. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I don’t care what anybody says but if you declare you are the greatest you are not humble!!!

    • joshuah says:

      I agree Jones says it like Hughes did, it would be different if he was trying to play a character like chael or even Ali.

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Greg Jackson must roll his eyes every time Jones opens his mouth. Let the fans decide who is the best. Idk if I have ever heard Anderson Silva declare he is the best or use the word destiny. Though his actions against Maia said differently, but that’s besides the point.

  16. Jon evans says:

    It puts the lotion on its skin or else is gets my hose again

  17. Nick says:

    It’s pretty funny how Jones has the ability to out smart Rashad with what he says. Evans better be careful. He might end up playing himself.

    • Ruben says:

      Evans knows the truth, saying all these fancy prophecy lines about his “story” and his “destiny” are all irrelevant, they are not real its just something he made up to massage his ego. Fools fall for his fake rehearsed lines but smart people can see right through his act, i realized he was all an act almost as soon as he started getting popular. When he was new in the UFC i believed his humble act but soon realized that there is nothing humble about him, and as each fight went on he started getting more and more arrogant, he will pay one day

  18. Donnybrook says:

    Check out part 2 on page 2…. I would if it was fucking there!, all there is a white screen with writing above and below. Your MOBILE THEME sucks!, it gives you very limited access to your site and you can’t turn it off. This website’s starting to blow… FIX IT!!

  19. rightsaidfred says:

    Bones may or may not be the best at LHW. I still have my money on Hendo to beat him. As for him being any sort of dominant force in Heavyweight, I’ve got one word: Reem. Jones may be Mr Awesome, but if he was reckless enough to jump up a weight class, The Reem would remind him why he’s dominated the Heavyweight division in every organization for the last 5 years.

  20. drew says:

    i agree with jones 100% who cares what people think

  21. drealldeal says:

    He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow lol

  22. says:

    the only one here who deserves recognition is me. yea baby give me that reco-suave followed by the words rooky and poopoo.

  23. cody says:

    dude anyone who says jones is humble and this respectful down to earth guy is either lying r is a idiot u can not take what hes done away its awesome but the dude is seriously full of himself how can it not get under ur skin a little bit i used to be a huge fan of him but now hes just annoying i mean hes comparing himself to ali and saying what the american people can learn from lmfao he needs a publist and some handlers to teach him what to say and hed have a ton more fans

    • cody says:

      and just to add on u can tell in the interveiw shad knows what hes talking about ive seen u in life so many of us on this site alone have been calling jj a fake and rashad knows it personally wtf has jj done to inspire people what hardships the guy is just a oversize lhw and hes going to lose sooner r later maybe not to rashad but he will goddamn hes so annoying im gonna go beat his ass on ufc3 since no one else can seem to

    • Matt says:

      can you listen? he didn’t compare himself to Ali nor did he liken himself to him. He lives by his motto, he is inspired by Ali and the ways he went about his greatness… what do you want a fighter to do, be modest and say, im very beatable and im a bunch of hyped up trash??

  24. Steve dobson says:

    Bones can be cocky all he wants. Has he not EARNED the right. He took the belt fm the champ in an easy 2nd round ko. He wasnt supposed to beat Rampthebage, yet he made him tap. Didnt evn bk a sweat. Then came Machida, bam, put him to sleep. Agn hardly breaking a sweat. Rashas has no chance. Im not on the jones wagon, but hes legit. Hes the best in the ufc. ANDERSON cldnt beat him. Some ppl just have it, he does. This fight will be over in late 1st or mid 2nd at latest. Thhis will be very very easy for jones

  25. Anti Rashad says:

    Rashad is going to fall……………hard! What the hell is Rashad gonna do after he loses to Jones? Move to HW? MW? Strikeforce? Rashad is going to lose his next fight and he’s lucky it’s been delayed about 2 years.

    Rashad: practice and actual fight night are worlds apart.

  26. VegasBeast says:

    Rashad is gonna get fucked up. I hope he gets hit square in the mouth. Oh and to the people on Rashads jock, get off his and get on mine!

  27. Shawn says:

    This kid has gotten to be pretty arrogant, and he doesn’t even know it. A young mind. The ironic thing, Rashad is the same way too. He’s just being out “arroganced”. lol

  28. Pijan says:

    My problem isn’t really with Jones, it’s with all these people riding Jones so hard. Yeah, the kids good. He’s no Anderson Silva, it’s not so much as he’s arrogant (after seeing this video though it’s hard to argue that.), he’s just too over hyped. Anyone can lose, he’s not the greatest, there’s still a lot of people out there to beat. He’s got a way to go before he’s in the same running as Anderson.

  29. wayne wheatley says:

    Jones is confident, if you beat shogun rua, rampage jackson and then lyoto machida you can be as arrogant and confident as you want too be. He knocked out and submitted all of them. So all you eople who think its cockiness hey he can be cause look at the names he has defeated in the first and second rounds. Jones is gonig to smash rashad evans period..

  30. Wife Chat (MMA Style) says:

    Honestly, for those saying “Jones won the argument”, watch part 2 and bear witness to how badly Rashad got under his skin.

    I used to be a huge Jones fan. It’s exciting to see someone so young accomplish so much. Sadly, he’s let the fame and fortune get to his head.

    I’m rooting for Rashad in this one. He’s acting like the slightly bigger man. Can he win? Sure. Will he win? Who knows, Jones is the favorite going into this and for good reason. Should be a pretty good fight anyways.

  31. Matt says:

    Rashad Evans is trash.. people hate Jones because he is a nice thing to hate right now, a fantastic athlete with confidence and the wins to support it, your different if you hate him. Rashad is giving out BS excuses and rambling incoherently, “You haven’t been humbled” what, do you want him to go into the ring and get KTFO like you did against Machida? Jones has beaten some of the best already, smashed some of the best, finished some of the best… let it go you idiots and let the dude fight, if he does lose eventually, I’ll be the first betting that he destroys next time… been a jones fan since his first UFC fight, knew he was the next guy… hes fun to watch and doesn’t fight like your GSP’s and other Jackson fighters running around the octagon trying for a decision.

  32. kofe says:

    a matt your an idiot to i lyk to smash your face,every tym u fight sumone it might b a different fight, his got gd stand up skills but his just lyk every athlete that comes out fo da first tym ,lyk rashad said u betta humble your self and slo yo roll every one gets knocked out sooner or later especially cocky idiots lyk jones.

  33. bart says:

    It doesnt matter how fake Jones is or isnt. It also doesnt matter how How full of himself he is or isnt. Jones is the real deal and the next big thing……thats what really matters

    • Pete says:

      yeh thats wat Jones is looking at in the big picture.. knocking off a 4th former champ n cleaning out the div.. bigger than a personal grudge that Rashard is grinding on n thinking that Bones is full of himself or fake.. it doesnt matter jones thinks of himself hes still gonna absolutely destroy Evans

  34. elijahhawaii says:

    sorry! wrong thread!

  35. erick says:

    body language tells me evens is gonna beat ass

  36. donkeyballs says:

    no one really knows anything. We can only guess whats in their heads. I just want to enjoy this fight and hope its good enough to become something like Ali/Frazier.

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