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Thursday, 02/23/2012, 08:13 am

UFC 144 Staredown Pics | Edgar vs. "Bendo", Rampage vs. Bader, Akiyama vs. Shields

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7 Responses to “UFC 144 Staredown Pics | Edgar vs. "Bendo", Rampage vs. Bader, Akiyama vs. Shields”

  1. Say "No" 2 Steroids says:

    I’ll be there in Saitama Super Arena with my brother in Sunday.
    We are gonna watch the whole event from the first fight of the undercard to the last fight of the main card.
    We’re gonna cheer for Gomi, Kid, Mark Hunt, Rampage.
    And Sexyama too!! I dont care if the whole arena boo’s him, I’ll still cheer for him!
    And we are expecting many good fights!
    Bendo VS Edgar, J-Lau VS Pettis, Sexyama VS Shields, etc.
    We won’t boo boring fights. We will appreciate the art of it.
    Me and my brother will have a good time.

  2. CanILive says:

    why do i have to go to 3 different pages to see a single photo?

  3. jester says:

    I know all the major sites do this now. At least I can skip the ones I don’t care to see.

  4. YEAH RIGHT says:

    HAHA Dana White is looking at Akiyama like he doesnt have enough flair

  5. Dezz Nutz says:

    Bendo looks so much bigger when they are face to face. I see Bendo taking this fight not just because he is bigger of course. Bendo has fought fast fighters before, been able to catch them and take them out. If Edgar does take this it will be like the Diaz vs Condit fight where he is going to strike and move all 5 rounds and that could happen for sure. I see Bendo having the edge on the ground and on the feet. We all know Edgar can rally after being hit hard but then again we see that it just takes one decent hit to put him on the ground trying to figure out where he is. If Edgar loses this he will go out as one of the weakest LW champs ever. Its never happened before where a fighter has fought 2 people twice (wait for it) twice in a row. He barley took the title, then went to a decision on a fight where he never had a slight chance of putting the fighter away, then a draw, then pulled off a KO after being almost put away in the 1st. While he is talented and has heart he will never be a true great and a P4P Champion. While he could go down a weight class he would be put face to face with someone that is use to smaller faster fighters but with KO power. I dont write Edgar off completely as he could take out his next 5 opponents and wow us, but I just dont seeing that happening. Taking out Bendo in a highlight fashion would be a great start for him I believe he will be on the other side of that highlight real with a TKO in the second and after that I say we dont see Edgar for a while. Good luck to both fighters.

  6. Adrian Williamson says:

    “If Edgar loses this he will go out as one of the weakest LW champs ever.”






    Did you really type that?


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