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Wednesday, 02/22/2012, 09:20 am

UFC 144 Pre-Fight Interview | Rampage Jackson | Joe Rogan Does Nut Ride BJJ Fighters

In this pre-fight interview conducted by former UFC light-heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson explains his prior remarks about Joe Rogan and counters Joe Rogans response. He also discusses what fighting in Japan means to him and what he thinks of his upcoming opponent Ryan Bader.


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11 Responses to “UFC 144 Pre-Fight Interview | Rampage Jackson | Joe Rogan Does Nut Ride BJJ Fighters”

  1. cody says:

    i can agree if u ever notice he gets soooooooooo damn excited when a guy goes r gets a sub hes always been a little bias not just towards bjj but fighters too but hes still one of the best imo always trys to keep it real

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Rogan and Goldie are so full of SHIT ie: HYPE its hard to even listen to them anymore. TURN DOWN THE VOLUME Rogan gets too carried away with BJJ and Goldie is just down right fucking annoying calling everyone world class. NOONE in MMA has world class boxing, very few have world class wrestling, very few hav e world class maiu tai but if you lsiten and believe Goldie everyon eis world class in MMA. Example Fitch was like 40-68 in college wrestling and Goldie says Fitch is world claas wrestler. there’s a big difference between world class wrestling and world class lay n pray

  2. Anthony1994 says:

    I like Joe Rogan but I agree 100% with everything Rampage said! War Rampage!!

  3. Rambling Gambit says:

    I think we need a poll…
    Should the UFC offer viewing options?
    Such as
    1) Regular with Rogan/Goldberg
    2) SAP
    3) No commentary, just the crowd and fight
    I think it would make for an interesting twist to TV and the sport.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      That’s actually an excellent idea. I dunno if I’d be able to turn the commentary off though. I’ve been watching televised sports as long as I can remember, so the commentary has meshed into the sport itself for me. Even video games have the commentary. It’d be difficult to watch without hearing the commentary, but great ideas nonetheless.

  4. Gil says:

    Joe is not a nut rider when it comes to commentating. Joe has to educate on the intricacies of the ground game and grappling. It does not take much to describe a punch or a kick. stop whining Rampage

  5. DroDiego says:

    Damn rampage said it straight up, I don’t even like rogan as much, Every time he commentates he say more negative things and things the fighter should have done and tries to exploit their weakness, it can get annoying. Mike is allot better because all he says are their attacks/attempts and that’s it. I think in the Future UFC should have an option for commentary. I know it sounds silly but if your actually at an event as in the crowd , from that perspective its a whole different Fight and the way you view it.

  6. Steve says:

    Turn down the tv

  7. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    Yes best idea I’ve heard we need El Guapo back i love his commentating always informative and never bias he had it down

  8. Pijan says:

    Honestly I don’t even notice the commentating when I’m watching a fight. Only time you really notice it is when the fight is boring. I don’t watch the boring ones though.

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