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Sunday, 02/26/2012, 03:37 pm

UFC 144 Coverage | Post Fight Interviews (Video)

The UFC’s return trip to Japan has come and gone. For the first time ever the UFC put on a four-hour pay-per-view event featuring seven main card fights.

In the main event it was Ben Henderson who proved to be the better man and secured championship gold around his waist. The main event went the distance but it was the former champion, Frankie Edgar who looked severely damaged after his 25-minutes in the cage with the new champion Benson Henderson.

You can find the rest of post-fight interviews on the following pages:


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9 Responses to “UFC 144 Coverage | Post Fight Interviews (Video)”

  1. MMA FAN says:

    Ryan Bader still sucked. He is NOT one of the top contenders. Rampage looked horrible.

  2. he won but boring fight.
    Oh well;)

  3. And I hope people will stop short changing Mart Hunt just because he’s not super ripped or whatever.

    • Dan says:

      not ‘super ripped’???? hes not even close to looking athletic….

      It’s as simple as this: It is just NOT RIGHT for a fat guy to be called an ‘athlete’. I was gutted he beat Kongo on that simple basis. Kongo clearly works hard to be an athlete, to keep himself in good physical shape, and that should be appreciated – hard to do when mr blob KO’s him.

      • Murad says:

        “I’m not an athlete, I’m a gladiator. People play baseball, nobody plays boxing.” The point is that skills and mental condition play as big of a role as athleticism if not bigger. Just because somebody is ripped and athletic doesn’t mean they are better fighters.

      • jonsey says:

        u stupid..kongo is a monkey nigger they are narural muscle annd hunt is somaon they never muscle..sorry sooene need say it…roy nelson is athlete an mark hunt too..i would love to see you keyboard coward tell them they are not..

  4. lsiskdjdfdifd says:

    bader is definitley a contender.
    rampage just fought for the title and bader make him look like an amateur.
    there’s no way that he’d beat jones, but he deserves to be in the top 10;
    he could beat a lot of the guys that are ranked in the top 10.

    and what does being ripped have to do with being a fighter?
    this is a sport, but it’s the ultimate FIGHTING championship;
    not the ultimate BODY championship.
    if hunt is comfortable looking like that and can keep getting wins,
    than the way he looks should have little to do with anything.

    • jonsey says:

      norampage was not motivated or injured…he was serious motivated for the jones fight..he only cut 3 poubds,,,bader is not in top 10..but mark hunt is somoan an they are never big muscles but are all tuff.. i really like hunt man of few words aand also had chance to get paid and not fight u gotta respect that

  5. jim says:

    Just watched Boestch’s fight. Simply awesome comeback. Gnarly KO. ON a side note, I don’t hate Joe Rogan, but I would love to hear someone else call a fight.

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