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Monday, 02/20/2012, 02:24 pm

UFC 144 Coverage | Mark Hunt Believes He Is Better Than Kongo In The Striking Realm

“I know (of) Cheick Kongo — he’s alright, he’s not a bad fighter … As a striker I’m better than him, of course. That’s the way I look at it. That’s (attempting takedowns) what he’s gonna be doing. Once he realizes he can’t dance around or play around with me he’s going to be trying to take me down like the rest of them.”

Cheick Kongo has made a name for himself in the UFC’s heavyweight division by using his knockout power punches to dazzle fans for many years.

In his next outing however he will absolutely need to rely on a more-well-rounded skillset.

As Mark Hunt points out he is the more credentialed “striker”. For those who do not know, he is one of a rare breed of MMA fighters to capture a K-1 grand prix championship. Check out his fan page for more info on his credentials Here.

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11 Responses to “UFC 144 Coverage | Mark Hunt Believes He Is Better Than Kongo In The Striking Realm”

  1. Nick says:

    I wank Kongo to knock this dude out. I like Hunt…. but Kongo is just one mean looking dude.

  2. danriverapvNICKSSMART says:

    i want HUNT to knock out Kongo! kongo is a kitty cat, watch i guarantee you that Hunt will be the one to engage and kongo wont do jack about it. he GON’ get KTFO.
    if kongo was hesitant to strike with Matt M. (whom is a good striker but no where near elite like Hunt.) hes going to have big trouble with Mark Hunt. remember kongo may have had that super sick ass KO over Barry but it was Barr’y right hand that gave Kongo that amazing COMEBACK win.

  3. MMACRAVER says:

    Mark Hunt came back on that Aussie Card out of nowhere.

    imho he’s a fucken badass and such a game fighter hope he gets the W and makes a bit of a run for himself in the UFC.

  4. lol says:

    For those who dont know who mark hunt is please dont let his record fool you. Hes fight a ton of elite fighters such as fedor, overeem cro cop at his prime ect. He was dominating all the fights he lost but got caught in a submission so other than 1 time he got KO he never lost convincingly. No excuses tho but Mark Hunt is very underrated and can and will easily KO chieck if he decides to strike with hunt. Kongo will have to try to work on his wrestling and takedown to win this and if Hunt doesnt take cardio serious Kongo could steal it with ground and pound but still put my money on Hunt in a 1st round KO.

  5. magoo says:

    Knock his black ass the fukc out….Hunts gonna do it!

  6. Mike O'Dwyer says:

    Kongo’s reach is 82″. Hunt’s is 74″
    Kongo’s height is 6’4″. Hunt’s is 5’10”

    This is going to put Mark in very dangerous elbow range of Kongo every time Mark tries to land a punch. Mark will be lucky to ever even land a punch on Kongo’s chin let alone come close to knocking out a veteran kick boxer and muay thai fighter.

    Kongo has constantly been improving his game to become better versed in the wrestling and body control aspect of mma to help add those skills to the already versatile kick boxing and muay thai he possesses. I see Kongo destroying Mark just like Werdum destroyed Nelson. Only worse because Mark doesn’t even come close to being able to take as much of a beating as Nelson. Easy win for Kongo in my opinion. More of a stepping stone fight so they can hand Kongo off to fight Werdum or Cain.

    • Harmz King says:

      Hunt’s reach and height are very similar to Pat Barry’s though. And Barry is also a very good kick boxer and we saw what Pat did to Kongo until he got caught. I doubt Hunt will make the same mistake as Pat Barry. In saying that though, anything can happen….

  7. kongo smash says:

    Kongo mush be shittying his pants.

  8. Devilock says:

    Hunt also got ktfo’d by Melvin Manhoef. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Hunt’s. I’m just sayin’.

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